Für geschichtsvergessene Idioten: “The Germans to the Front!”

Der Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs liegt fast 102 Jahre zurück, davor baute sich in Europa der Militarismus massiv auf ( Haben wir nichts gelernt? Fraglos kann man der Bundesregierung keine Kriegslüsternheit unterstellen, aber sie wird uns womöglich durch „Feigheit vor dem Freund“ mit in den Krieg reißen! Nun wird Deutschland wieder gedrängt, den Rüstungswahnsinn in Osteuropa mit zu befeuern:

Es ist die US-amerikanische Machtelite, in der weitgehend die Neocons dominieren, die den militaristischen Wahnsinn vorantreibt ( Und vor diesem „Verbündeten“ zieht die Bundesregierung immer wieder „den Schwanz ein“ (

Ja, wenn Deutschland nicht mitmacht, oder gar Krisen – wie im Falle der Ukraine gemeinsam mit Frankreich – entschärft, dann drohen manchmal „hässliche Ereignisse“ (, der „große Bruder“ droht dann auch mal mit der „Beendigung der Zusammenarbeit zur Terrorabwehr“:



Schon vergessen?

Aber, Mensch, Merkel, was ist das alles gegen KRIEG?!

Andreas Schlüter

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Video-Vortrag: “Der Einfluss der US-Machtelite auf die Internationale Politik”:

Meine Beiträge zu den USA:

All over the world as in the USA itself many people have the suspicion that the democratic cover has degenerated to an empty masquerade. The talk of the elected US President as “the most powerful Man on Earth” is an empty phrase. He might still be “the most glamorous man on Earth”, but nothing more, since the power lies somewhere else, namely with the US Power Elite, which is today much smaller than it was in the days when C. Wright Mills has coined that word:

The power elite is consisting of the wealthiest people together with the heads of “Intelligence” and the military. Coming from what President Eisenhower named the “Military-Industrial Complex” in his farewell address this small class has formed the “Deep State”, the power behind the curtain since long:

The named forces were struggling for dominance already in the times of FDR what surfaced with the aborted “Business Plot” against the President of the “New Deal” in the early Thirties for those who want to see ( Finally the ultimate power of the deep state manifested itself with the assassination of John F. Kennedy ( This was possibly the most important “turning point” in US history, the more since the deed was covered up and the planers and perpetrators hidden behind the smoke screen of the “lone assassin” and the “magic bullet” from behind hitting the President into the front of his head:

Anybody who wants to understand how this hidden power is able to liquidate a President running “astray” by taking world peace serious and by not allowing militarism to run into the danger of “Armageddon” can rely on at least three books revealing the scary truth:

Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker:


Mary´s Mosaic” by Peter Janney:



The Devil´s Chessboard” by David Talbot

Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker – a renowned investigative journalist – deals a lot with the events directly connected to the murder of the President. It connects a member of the most prominent dynasties of the US more or less directly to the assassination: George H. Bush! The book reveals a network of culprits in the oil industry, the administration, in the “Intelligence” and the Mafia – connected to the project of toppling Castro´s regime in Cuba – being linked to the ruthless murder. Though not being the first book on the topic connecting the “deep state” to the murder this monumental research work demands a lot from the reader since an enormous number of people, their backgrounds and intermingling are presented. And it offers more to the reader since it lays the family history of the Bushes before and after Kennedy´s assassination bare. The insight is as frightening as necessary to see clearly: the assassination was an “inside job”.

The book “Mary Pinchot Meyer” shows another facet of the Power Elite´s ruthless attitude. Even people who were individually not involved into politics but have crossed the way of the slain President could easily be targeted if asking too many questions and knowing too much, so Kennedy´s mistress of his last years, Mary Pinchot Meyer. She has obviously been an inspiration to the late President and didn´t want to accept the cover up of her lover´s murder. That was her death sentence.

See also ).

The Devil´s Chess Board, Allen Dulles, the CIA,
and the Rise of America´s Secret Government”


The third book, written by David Talbot, goes deep into the planning center of the murderous activities and gives a view into the secret power from another perspective. At the center of the group, that planned such brutal actions stood the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles.


Allen Dulles as a Young Man

This man, who could rightfully be called a devil, looks on a photo taken around his wedding in 1920 very harmless, sensible, in deed almost pious like a clergyman and not like the future director of a “Murder Inc.”. But so should the CIA, founded in 1947, in deed be called. In fact long before the foundation of the CIA Dulles was involved in secret service operations and to a high extend in deep cooperation with the German Nazis. The law company – Sullivan and Cromwell – which Allen and his brother John Foster Dulles – later Secretary of Foreign Affairs – served was closely linked to German capital. Those interests had high priority for the brothers even in times of WW II.


Allen Dulles

All this not really astonishing taking into consideration that parts of the US Power Elite did a lot to bring the Nazis into power, well exposed by the book “The Wall Street and Hitler” by Anthony C. Sutton ( Those circles used the Nazis to kick the British out of the imperial competition and to make sure that the Soviet Union would be bombed into Stone Age. Surely they didn´t want the Nazis to rule the world but stopped the “Show” when the aims were reached, leaving millions dead.

Intrusion: When Netanyahu claimed that Hitler wasn´t originally planning the total extinction of Europe´s Jewish population but had been convinced to do so by Jerusalem´s Mufti (, the absurd smearing of a Palestinian who could hardly have had such influence on the Nazi No 1, might have covered another cabal. The close contact of Dulles and his like with high ranking Nazis in Switzerland might have had its influence on the Nazis perception of US politics towards the European war theatre. The Dulles brothers hated the FDR administration and their New Deal policy, which had a whole number of Jewish supporters. They might have tried a lot to make the Nazis believe that it was the “Jewish influence” that made the US supporting Great Britain and the Soviet Union and prevent Germany´s victory over them. The Dulles Brothers and their associates could thus keep their good business relations with big German companies which in fact prevailed during the war almost to the end. That this might have had a strengthening and fatal influence on the monstrous Nazi extinction agenda is much more likely than Netanyahu´s absurd allegations of the Mufti.

Anti-Communism was the dominant guide line of the Dulles gang. In fact Allen Dulles wanted former Nazis to play an even more important role in post war Germany as “junior partners” than in fact they did. So was Nazi General Gehlen used to organize the German secret service. US secret services helped high ranking Nazis to escape via the “Rat Line” especially to South America (like Barbie, the “butcher of Lyon”), were in fact a whole number “served” them well in supporting fascist regimes at the strings of the US. Latin America was considered the “back yard” of the US by the power elite and any shift to socially oriented policy was dubbed socialist or communist. This Jacobo Arbenz, the President of Guatemala had to learn in 1954. His fate was later on a lesson for Castro and the Cuban Revolution.

In fact the concept was clear: wherever the arm of the US power could reach, socially minded concepts wouldn´t be tolerated. Wherever people wanted to free themselves from exploitation US interests were “at stake”. They planned many times to kill Castro. In case of Congo´s Lumumba they “succeeded”, plunging millions of his country men into misery and death. They followed the principle: “if you don´t want to be exploited by us, you´re our enemy!” Dulles and his circle were not saving their West European allies from brutal methods to keep them “in line”. They build the “Gladio” network, using terror attacks to be blamed on leftist organizations. De Gaulle kicked the network out of France. The CIA undertook a number of attempts on his life.

How ruthless Dulles was is also to be seen by his readiness to use people whom he even knew personally for his plans at their cost. The Quaker relief worker Noel Field was a harmless idealist. He got a call for a teaching job at the University in Prague 1950. Dulles used his contacts to make Eastern intelligence belief Field would head a US spy ring. This triggered Stalin´s paranoia. It did not only lead to Field´s long imprisonment as well as of family members but to a wave of increased repression, which was Dulles aim in his concept to nourish Eastern resistance.

A special “case” for Dulles was John F. Kennedy, whom he got to know as a young Senator. Dulles thought the young man would remain “his pupil” as Kennedy liked to know the views of the Dulles brothers. But by the time it turned out that Kennedy was of quite different views. And when Dulles CIA organized Lumumba´s assassination, Kennedy was highly upset, in fact getting to know about the event much later. And then there came the “Bay of Pigs” disaster, which was sort of a trap for the young President who had fallen to the idea it was rather a “Cuban affair”. Seeing the full dimension of the affair he deposed Dulles as head of the CIA.

This decision didn´t mean Alan Dulles wouldn´t have had influence in the CIA anymore. The organization was already too much of a Dulles Mafia as to submit to formalities. But it was the right instrument for those circles in the US Power Elite of the type which today are called “Neocons”, to deal with the President according to their fury over Kennedy´s peace orientation. Kennedy´s wise decision to end the Cuba crisis by also taking nuclear warheads out of Turkey instead of allowing “Operation Northwoods” and his stand against the “Military Industrial Complex”, expressed in a famous speech, drove those forces mad:

It was the determination of the President not to allow power and profit thirsty war mongers to gamble with the fate of mankind that sealed his fate. Another detail is also very special. Vice President Johnson – being near to the US oil barons – was asked why he was accepting to be Number 2 “on the ticket” for the election with Kennedy by one Clare Booth Luce. He answered: “One out of every four Presidents has died in office, I´m a gambling man, darlin´.” He “won” the bet!

In fact Dulles was Johnson´s first choice for heading the commission to “investigate” the President´s assassination, but then Earl Warren was made head to deflect liberal skepticism. Nevertheless Dulles hardly missed any meeting of the commission he was part of. The results were as ridicules in face of the “Zapruder Film” as can be seen. The President´s head thrown back by a mysterious projectile “from behind”:


For the conspirators – Dulles being one of their heads – JFK´s brother Robert was the most dangerous person, not only as Secretary of Justice, but the more when he decided to run for President, determined to find out who really killed his brother. On June 4th 1968 he had to share his brother´s fate. The said assassin was so disoriented that the likeliness to be a “Patsy” seems overwhelming. One might well think of the CIA´s programs for “Mind Control”, Project MKUltra.


James Jesus Angelton

Unlike those men Dulles hated so much, he died a “natural” death: on January 29th 1969 Dulles died of a complicating pneumonia. Also his devout henchman and CIA´s counterintelligence “wizard”, James Jesus Angelton (what a name by the way) and deeply involved into the death of Mary Pinchot Meyer, died of lung cancer in 1987. But he must be credited for knowing what kind of guy he was. Short time before his death he talked about Dulles and the associates Wisner and Helms and that they “would deservedly end up in hell”. And he added: “I guess that I will see them there soon”!

Andreas Schlüter

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Ist der Paragraph 103 StGB ( falsch und muss weg? Ja, auf jeden Fall.

Kann man einen Staatschef, der die Meinungsfreiheit unterdrückt, der nachweislich die Terrororganisation ISIS unterstützt und sich als präfaschistischer Tyrann aufspielt, beleidigen? Kaum, aber man kann mit Anwürfen, die sich rassistischer und ethnozentrischer Klischees bedienen, Übles anrichten!

Das aber hat dieser durchgeknallte Komiker gemacht. Sein Erdogan-Text ist nicht nur geschmacklich „ein Griff ins Klo“, sondern geeignet, durch das Spielen mit gängigen zentraleuropäischen rassistischen Klischees, die sich auf Menschen türkischer oder orientalischer Herkunft beziehen, eine völlig kontraproduktive Solidarisierung von Menschen türkischer Herkunft mit dem Sultan-Verschnitt zu bewirken, da sie sich verständlicherweise kollektiv ethnisch herabgewürdigt fühlen müssen.

Ich bin jederzeit bereit, Erdogan als Tyrannen und Terror-Unterstützer zu bezeichnen, aber so etwas geht eben nicht! Genausowenig, wie es akzeptabel wäre, den Drohnenmörder Obama mit antischwarzen rassistischen Worten zu belegen, oder genausowenig, wie es akzeptabel wäre, die rassistische und kolonialistische Regierung Israels mit „althergebrachten“ antijüdischen Klischees zu belegen. Die Sprache Böhmermanns erinnert aber genau an „Stürmer“-Sprüche.

Ja, der Paragraph 103 StGB muss dringend weg, aber diesem Anliegen hat der Medien-Clown keinen Dienst erwiesen. Ich habe die Empfindung, der soll mal seine Suppe selbst auslöffeln! Er hat das umfänglich verdient.

Was mag ihn getrieben haben? Nun, Wut und Ärger über und schärfste Kritik an Erdogan sind mehr als berechtigt, aber der Böhmermann dürfte intelligent genug sein, um zwischen schärfster Kritik und rassistischen Klischees – die er fleißig „hoffähig“ macht – zu unterscheiden. Wollte er durch den Skandal seine Bekanntheit erhöhen? Das wäre ja nichts Ungewöhnliches, aber er hat doch gerade einen Preis bekommen. Ist ihm der zu Kopf gestiegen? Oder haben ihn irgendwelche Leute „inspiriert“?

Mich erinnert die Klamotte stark an die „Mohammed-Karikaturen“, die eine gezielte Provokation mit berechenbarem Ausgang waren, um den „Clash of Cultures“ zu befeuern. Nun werden die Menschen türkischer Abstammung in Deutschland nicht so übertrieben reagieren, aber es ist gesellschaftlicher Sprengstoff geschaffen, die „Strategie der Spannung“? Zudem ist kräftiger Zoff in der Bundesregierung geschaffen.

Wodurch zeichnet sich die „Strategie der Spannung“ grundsätzlich aus? Dadurch, dass „interessierte Kreise“ dafür sorgen, dass Menschen in wie auch immer unterdrückter Situation sich gegeneinander wenden! Hier ist dafür gesorgt, dass Menschen türkischer Abstammung – die durchaus Ausgrenzung erfahren – und linke und für Meinungsfreiheit kämpfende Menschen – auch verständlicherweise mit dem „System über Kreuz“ – gegeneinander gehetzt werden. Auch trägt die Sache zur generellen Ausgrenzungs-Stimmung bei. Ein „Pseudo-Konflikt“, der von den brennenden gesellschaftlichen wie weltpolitischen Problemen ablenkt, ist „erfolgreich“ erzeugt worden. Die berechtigte Debatte über den anrüchigen „Türkei-Deal“ ist mit einem bedenklichen Nebel überzogen. Da steigt mir mehrfacher Geruch in die Nase!

Ich habe das Gefühl, hier wird nicht mehr „gerecht abgewogen“ werden, sondern die juristische und gesellschaftliche Diskussion wird zur Schaukel umfunktioniert, mit der wir eben mal wieder „verschaukelt“ werden!

Andreas Schlüter


Wachsende Spannungen in der Zwischenseenregion Afrikas und unsere Verantwortung


Dieser Brief ging in ähnlicher Fassung im Januar d. J. an die Kanzlerin, den Außenminister und den Minister für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, ohne je einer Antwort gewürdigt zu werden!

Sehr geehrte Frau Bundeskanzlerin,

insbesondere angesichts der immer noch dramatischen Flüchtlingskrise erlaube ich mir, Sie auf bedrohliche Entwicklungen in Afrika anzusprechen, die zwar wohl nicht kurzfristig zur Flüchtlingsbewegung nach Deutschland beitragen könnten, langfristig aber sehr wohl diese Bewegungen verstärken würden. Diese Entwicklungen bergen auch die Gefahr vieler weiterer Toter und ungeheuren Leides in der Afrikanischen Zwischenseenregion und darüber hinaus in sich. Über eine Million Tote in Ruanda und mindestens sechs Millionen Tote im Kongo innerhalb der letzten zwei Jahrzehnte gehen im Wesentlichen auf das Konto Kagames, Musevenis und damit auch ihrer westlichen Unterstützer, sprich der US-Politik (

Auch die neuen Gefahren gehen tatsächlich wieder von der Kagame-Regierung Ruandas aus. Grundlage für dieses ungestrafte Treiben ist die „offizielle“ mediale Darstellung zur jüngsten Geschichte Ruandas und der DR Kongo. wie auch zu Burundi. Diese ist vorsätzlich irreführend, wie z. B. der ehemalige Mitarbeiter des BMZ, Dr. Helmut Strizek, akribisch herausgearbeitet hat:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Ungeachtet der Unterstützung der US-Politik für das Kagame-Regime ist deutsche Politik sicher auch auf eigene realistische Einschätzungen der Situation angewiesen, insbesondere dann, wenn das Wort von der Bekämpfung der Fluchtursachen Anspruch darauf erhebt, ernst genommen zu werden. Deutschland hat wahrlich das verbrecherische Treiben von Paul Kagame schon viel zu lange unterstützt.

Kagames Regierung schreckt jedenfalls nicht vor Zwangsrekrutierungen von Exil-Burundiern in bewaffnete Gruppen zur Destabilisierung Burundis zurück (, wie auch der Putschversuch im Mai 2015 in Burundi fraglos auf Ruanda zurückgeht. Kagame hat mit diktatorischem Druck die verfassungsmäßigen Begrenzungen seiner eigenen Präsidentschaft ausgehebelt, nutzt aber die tatsächlich falschen Anschuldigungen des Verfassungsbruches gegen den burundischen Präsidenten zur Erhöhung der Spannungen. Wäre es nicht so gefährlich, wäre es eine Farce zu nennen.

Was tatsächlich weiter droht, ist die brandgefährliche Eskalation in Burundi, möglicherweise, um dann die in der etablierten Darstellung auf den Kopf gestellte Tragödie Ruandas zu wiederholen, sie ebenso verzerrt darzustellen und wenn nicht sogar für einen Zusammenschluss der beiden Länder Ruanda und Burundi zu sorgen, so doch mindestens, um Burundi unter die „Obhut“ Kagames zu stellen. Das Ganze mit dem Ziel, die Machtbasis für Kagames „nutzenden Zugriff“ auf die DR Kongo im Interesse internationaler Wirtschaftsinteressen zu festigen und das Leid auch im Kongo fortzusetzen. Ich bitte in diesem Zusammenhang inständig, sich der Kompetenz von Herrn Dr. Strizek zu versichern!

Ich möchte aber über diese spezielle Frage hinausgehen und auf etwas hinweisen, dass uns als Deutschen mit der bekannten Vergangenheit im ehrlichen Sinne des „nie wieder“ wahrlich am Herzen liegen sollte, um uns nicht erneut schuldig zu machen. Dabei geht es um die Haltung und die Konzepte zumindest der Neocons innerhalb der US-Machtelite. Wie stark der Einfluss der Neocons auch auf die demokratische US-Regierung ist, dafür steht u. a. ja Victoria Nuland, die seinerzeit von Hillary Clinton in die Obama-Regierung geholt wurde. Nulands Ehemann, Robert Kagan, ist Mitbegründer des „Project for the New American Century“.

Auf diese Initiative geht das Papier „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“ aus dem September 2000 zurück (Autor u. a. Paul Wolfowitz). Dort findet sich auf S. 60 eine besonders bedrohliche Passage zu möglichen Konzepten der US-Politik in Afrika (und Asien):

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

Übersetzt heißt das: „Und fortgeschrittene Formen der biologischen Kriegsführung, die auf bestimmte Gentypen „zielen“ könnten die biologische Kriegsführung aus dem Reich des Terrors zu einem nützlichen politischen Instrument wandeln.

Hier geht es sicher nicht um den Genotypus des weißen Angelsachsen, sondern Afrika und Asien sind im Visier! Es handelt sich um die direkte Fortsetzung der Träume von der „schwarzen Bombe“ im „Project Coast“ des damaligen Apartheid-Regimes, um „biologischen Rassenkrieg“ (!

Wenn einflussreiche Kreise der US-Politik sich solchen Träumen hingeben, sollten wir  in Deutschland tatsächlich alarmiert sein, zumindest, wenn das erwähnte Nachkriegsmotto “nie wieder” noch irgendeinen Wert haben sollte!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Andreas Schlüter

Linksammlung zu Afrika und Nahost:

Linksammlung zu den USA:

The State of Global Affairs


Division of the World by the US Military

Everyone who is not totally blinded by the advertising mainstream media can see certain things clearly about US politics directed by the US Power Elite:

Obvious are the Western imperial and colonial wars against Africa, Near and Middle East. Obvious is the collaboration of Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the US to destabilize and push Islamist militant fanaticism for example threatening to tear Nigeria apart. Obvious is also the aim to get Africa under US military control by the colonial institution US AFRICOM to handle the problems the US and their Islamist allies have created.

Obvious should also be the usage of African henchmen like Paul Kagame to plunder DR Congo (which led to more than six million dead Congolese in the last twenty years, see Obvious is also the brutal desire to plunge countries like Libya into a barbaric chaos and end the positive impulses the former regime gave to the efforts for more African economic independence. The same tactics they apply in their desire to destroy Syria. And their efforts to create chaos and repression they apply around the World, especially in Latin America and also in parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. It is all meant to prevent non-Western countries to choose their trade partners freely and to make the best use of their recourses for themselves. And the US Power Elite wants to hinder those countries to trade and cooperate with their “main enemies”, China and Russia (

Thus they are also not sparing Europe because their great fear is that Europe gets closer into cooperation with Russia and China (see the “Iron Silk Road” connecting via rail China with the great Duisburg harbor).


And thus the US Power Elite is not at all sad about the economic and social pressure in Europe by the many, many refugees they created by their operations to destabilize and destroy countries. The EU may break up before five years have passed. Well, Experts in Africa, Asia/Russia and Latin America might see this clearly.

Rebuilding America´s Defenses”, “Nine Eleven” and Biological Warfare

Africa, the whole Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all non-Western countries should be alarmed! The democratic masquerade in the USA can not blind the political analyst to the fact that there is a „Deep State“ in the US, run by the Super rich as well as by the heads of „intelligence“ and military (what US President Eisenhower those day called “the Military Industrial Complex”).

This US Power Elite may count between 50 and 100 persons in deed deciding were US politics will lead. Despite all differences between the „Soft Power“ faction (which is an Orwellian name since those are also not shy to strangulate whole economies) and the Neocons (who like the military boot on the ground) about tactical questions ( they are united in the fierce determination to gain or keep full control of the World. Moreover it´s more and more obvious that the Neocons are even to a high extend in control of the US government based on the Democratic Party. And the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is in fact the Neoncon spearhead in the Democratic Party. She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“. 

Anyway, a US President is in office, not in power. The Deep State is the decisive force which is obvious at least since Kennedy´s assassination ( A bit more complicated are things in the Near East, since another “player” plays his limited part, Israel´s Power Elite ( but the global situation is clearly dominated by US politics.

It is crucial for all people who don´t want being dominated by this self appointed small number of “World Rulers” to understand the guide lines, paradigms and strategies of the Neocon dominated US Power Elite to the full extend. In fact the closest military and intelligence association in this World are the notorious “Five Eyes” (, the coalition of the USA, GB, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, all of them countries whose power elites consider themselves (predominantly) White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP), the World must consider them the “Club for maintaining White World Dominance”!


The dominant Neocon faction of the US Power Elite started planning monstrous deeds already in 2000 (in deed even earlier). There is a paper by the already mentioned Neocon “Project for the New American Century” issued in September 2000 (among the authors Paul Wolfowitz) under the name “Rebuilding America´s Defenses”:

It is strange enough that one can find on page 51 something that sounds like the announcement of “Nine Eleven”. After talking about the difficulties to “sell” to the Western public after the end of the Cold War the stepping up of armament one reads: Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. Not too astonishing for those who have studied the absurdities of the “official narrative” about the event. Anyway, Nine Eleven was used to legitimize the “War on Terror” which is in reality a war of terror against the Southern Hemisphere and against civil rights. It did not only kill hundreds of thousands but polluted whole regions by depleted Uranium. The effect is similar to the pollution of Vietnam by “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War.


What is overall alarming is to be found on page 60 of that paper: “And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.

This is a real fascist and racist concept and the direct continuation of those days Apartheid Regime´s concept of biological “Race War” in South Africa, manifested in the “Project Coast” under the notorious Wouter Basson. The contrast to the declarations of US politics of defending Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom couldn´t be greater!

The more or less Hidden Agenda

Actually the covert strategy of the US Power Elite doesn´t only aim at destabilizing and destroying states if they do not totally submit themselves under US control, but it aims at depopulating whole areas of this World. What this “elite” is seeing are coming recourse scarcity and climate collapse. The problem surfaced already for the “Club of Rome”. The Southern Hemisphere has paid for an enormous technical progress in the industrial countries (millions of dead people by slave trade and colonial wars, starvation, super exploitation), but now the Southerners also want their share.

Trying to avoid recourse wars and climate collapse could actually be managed by a more just and fair world order and by ending Western “over consumption” and waste, which would mean in the final analysis some sort of ecological oriented Socialism, cooperating closely with other countries on a basis of mutual understanding..

Such a solution is definitely not to the taste of the US Power Elite and their allies within the “Five Eyes”. They view the problem from another perspective. Anyway, their “scientific helpers” do a lot to deny climate change but that doesn´t mean the Power Elite wouldn´t be aware of it, but are just trying to prevent the majority from the awareness that social action against wild gone neoliberal capitalism is necessary. As said, they themselves are surely aware of the problem.

Today the problem shows itself more acute because science is now more aware of mechanisms of climate change. If world temperature rises four or five degrees it could make the hitherto enormous amount of frozen Methane Hydrate deep in the oceans come up and lead to another five degree warming which would finally damage world climate, because Methane is much more affecting climate than even Carbon Dioxide. Because of such a process the great mass extinction at the end of perm age might have emerged.

Those times an enormous area of volcanoes in what is Siberia today raised World temperature for about five degrees and then led to the coming up of Methane Hydrate. The result was the named Permian mass extinction:


What obviously is the solution in the minds of the Neocons is depopulation policy towards the Southern Hemisphere and East Asia. The West was medially bashing China for its “One Child Policy” (which might have been inspired by Milton Friedman´s “Chicago Boys” influencing Deng Xiaoping´s government in China). But the Western Elites like playing double games and there are growing concepts for depopulation policy, which were surfacing already in the “Kissinger Report” (, further links see down at the end). So the paragraph on page 60 of “Rebuilding America´s Defenses” is the “consequent” step of the Neocons to “solve” the problem “their way” by a strategy of depopulation towards the Southern Hemisphere and East Asia. In the light of these concepts the recent epidemic outbreaks like HIV, Ebola, SARS and Zika makes one ponder whether they really came up “naturally” ( See also:

Depopulation policy:

Depopulation policy:

Looking into an abyss: „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“

Bio Race War? “Zika Virus and a Strange Case”:


Obviously the US Power Elite is choosing the way of Fascism (in this case not the well known type with well known symbols, but “Corporate Fascism”) to solve the problems with the pending risks. They are not interested in a cooperative solution to mankind´s problems. All declarations coming from US politics are thus valueless. No doubt that not only the majority of US citizens might in the end be peace loving people, no doubt even that many in the state apparatus and the US government are not (fully) aware of those monstrous designs and concepts and blinded by the “Terror Narrative”. Often decision makers in other parts of the World are confronted with partially good willing representatives of the “Empire”, which could create illusions.

The deep analysis nevertheless shows the real extend of the dangers coming from the US Power Elite. Those ones know since long how to use innocent people of their own country not being aware of the final aims. The basic principle is the paradigm of “covert ops” is: “need to know. It is in the end like with modern production, hardly anyone knows all about the product to be produced. We have to be clear that the degrading term “Conspiracy Theory” and “Conspiracy Theorist”, now widely used, was in its negative connotation an invention of the CIA. It was invented to smear the skeptics towards the cover up of Kennedy´s assassination ( In fact we have a monumental conspiracy which could cost the lives of the majority of mankind!

If all this is true, the World needs an Anti-Fascist alliance to counter these dangers. The BRICS states have much potential (despite internal social problems) and many countries of the Southern Hemisphere might be well advised to intensify cooperation with them and other countries struggling to get out of “Big Brother´s” grip. It could be dangerous for the time since US “intelligence” knows how to create “Terror”, but the alternative might be to totally fall victim to those concepts. Against those concepts not only military and intelligence cooperation is needed but also published analysis meant to reach the majority in Western countries, because the “games” of the US Power Elite are also meaning great hazard for them.

Andreas Schlüter

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US administrations have competed for monstrosity. And they do not only compete with individual assassinations, dozens of „collateral damages“ in drone attacks or hundreds of thousands of war victims, or possibly eight to ten millions of dead people like in Congo, “thanks” to Bill Clinton, but aiming at many more millions:


In deed US politics makes one look full of sorrow (especially for our children and grandchildren) into the future. The US entanglement on the side of the war mongering government of Israel is the result of two spectacular operations done by the Neocons (the first by those days so called „Warriors“ inside the US Power Elite), giving Israel´s government enormous black mail power over the US Power Elite: Kennedy´s assassination and Nine Eleven:

The world, especially the Southern Hemisphere should be alarmed! The more socially minded Sanders (who unfortunately already supported Obama´s policy towards Russia) has almost no chance and if a miracle would happen he could share Kennedy´s fate very early. Trump is concerning certain aspects almost an open Fascist (by all means a white Suprematist), but „Killary“ is in deed the Neocons spearhead in the Democratic Party and will most probably get the full Neocon support (which she „earned“ for example by her blood thirsty help to destroy Libya). In deed Clinton brought Victoria Nuland into the Obama Administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan.  He was co-founder of the “Project for the New American Century”, which issued the paper “Rebuilding America´s Defenses” in September 2000.  If one wants to know what is in the Neocon „pipe“, one should read that paper. On page 60 you find the announcement of Fascist atrocities! It reads:

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

Surely it should not target white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs)! About the possible consequences: “Zika Virus and a Strange Case”:

& „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“:

It appears that the slogan after Fascism´s break down “Never Again” is blown in the wind!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

US Power Elite Declared War on the Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all Non-Western Countries in September 2000”:


Was wird auf die Welt mit der Wahl zum neuen US Präsidenten neuerlich zukommen? Fraglos würden sich viele sozial und friedlich gesinnte Menschen in der Welt zu Recht einen Wahlsieg von Bernie Sanders wünschen.

Es ist aber wohl leider so, dass Bernie Sanders noch nicht einmal wirkliche Chancen hätte, im Falle seiner Wahl zum US-Präsidenten seine Inauguration zu erleben, da ist die US-Machtelite davor und sie ist noch brutaler geworden, Kennedy konnte immerhin drei Jahre regieren und das Schlimmste von der Welt abwenden!

Kennedys Ermordung: ein halbes Jahrhundert der Lügen“

Es ist zu befürchten, dass “Killary” mit Jubel als “erste Frau an der Spitze der USA” ins Amt gehoben wird. Sie ist aber tatsächlich die Speerspitze der Neocons (US Neokonservatismus) in der Demokratischen Partei. Um die “Visionen” der Neocons zu begreifen, sollte man das Papier „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“ aus dem September 2000 sehr genau studieren (Autor u. a. Paul Wolfowitz). Dort findet sich auf S. 60 eine besonders bedrohliche Passage zu möglichen Konzepten der US-Politik in Afrika (und Asien):

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

Übersetzt heißt das: „Und fortgeschrittene Formen der biologischen Kriegsführung, die auf bestimmte Gentypen „zielen“ können, könnten die biologische Kriegsführung aus dem Reich des Terrors zu einem nützlichen politischen Instrument wandeln.

Hier geht es sicher nicht um den Genotypus des weißen Angelsachsen, sondern Afrika und Asien sind im Visier! Dabei kann die spezifische „Angriffsfähigkeit“ natürlich auch durch eine „Anwendungs-Region“ ersetzt werden. Es handelt sich jedenfalls um die direkte Fortsetzung der Träume von der „schwarzen Bombe“ im „Project Coast“ des damaligen Apartheid-Regimes, um „biologischen Rassenkrieg“! &

Zwei Artikel – leider auf Englisch – zur konkreten Befürchtung eines biologischen “Rassenkrieges” der US-Machtelite:

Zika Virus and a Strange Case”:

& „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“:

Andreas Schlüter

Video-Vortrag: “Der Einfluss der US-Machtelite auf die Internationale Politik”:

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Hillarys Krieg:

Almost out of the blue the Zika virus keeps the public breathless. The more since it is said that microcephaly might be associated with it. But there are also other theories connecting that frightening disturbance with tdap vaccine and gm mosquitoes.

The supposed spreading of the virus over the world to Brazil in deed reminds me a bit of the „magic bullet“ said to have hit Kennedy and Governor Clonally ( as to be seen on the following map:


Understandably there are now many suspicions that the spreading and the behavior of the virus hasn´t emerged without a „helping hand“ either willingly or by careless application of gm techniques. Also as already said the tdap vaccine is under suspicion. As a social scientist I have to leave the proof of such a monstrosity to biologists and genetic scientists, but though not having a picture of the „smoking gun“ I have the proven announcement for the application of „Biological Race War“ by parts of the US Power Elite against the Southern Hemisphere. This announcement is to be found in the paper „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“, issued by the US Neocon Think Tank „Project for a New American Century“ in September 2000, among the authors is Paul Wolfowitz:


This is a really monstrous vision, surely not targeting White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs)! And it is thus that suspicions are emerging on the spreading of virus diseases suspected of having been deliberately done. This could be the case with AIDS, the Ebola virus disease, and SARS, but also other cases. And not to forget, the concept of Biological warfare (for example using Bacillus anthracis) is of age. But the above announcement includes a dimension which is (not that) new to the scene of Bio warfare, the biological “Race War”. This is a real fascist concept and in fact the direct continuation of those days apartheid regime´s concept of biological “Race War” in South Africa, manifested in Project Coast.

I´ve dealt with this also in: „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“

What could be the basis of such madness? The question of the limitation of resources and the climate change at the horizon was growing since many years. The Southern Hemisphere has paid for an enormous technical progress in the industrial countries (millions of deads by slave trade and colonial wars, starvation, super exploitation), but its inhabitants also wanted their share. This could only be managed by a more just and fair world order, demanding a socialist regulation in one way or the other. This problem was also reflected in the so-called Club of Rome. But for the rich and mighty ones of this world the problem is presenting itself from another perspective. Though the West has been bashing China for its “one-child policy“ there are growing concepts especially in the US Power Elite to fight “overpopulation” by a policy of depopulation. This manifested itself also in the “Kissinger Report” (NSSM 200, So the paragraph on page 60 of “Rebuilding America´s Defenses” is only the “consequent” step of the Neocons to “solve” the problem by a policy of depopulation towards the Southern Hemisphere. The announcement of this has to be taken as serious as one would have had to take the announcement of Nazi Barbary in Hitler´s “Mein Kampf” serious.

We should be alarmed!

Andreas Schlüter

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Mass sterilization, depopulation policy:


Das ist eine gute Wahl, Unwort des Jahres 2015: „Gutmensch“. Die einsichtige Begründung:

“Als ‘Gutmenschen’ wurden 2015 insbesondere auch diejenigen beschimpft, die sich ehrenamtlich in der Flüchtlingshilfe engagieren oder die sich gegen Angriffe auf Flüchtlingsheime stellen”, hieß es weiter. “Mit dem Vorwurf ‘Gutmensch’, ‘Gutbürger’ oder ‘Gutmenschentum’ werden Toleranz und Hilfsbereitschaft pauschal als naiv, dumm und weltfremd, als Helfersyndrom oder moralischer Imperialismus diffamiert.”


Vorschlag für das Unwort des Jahres 2016: „Verschwörungstheorie“!

Das Wort „Verschwörungstheorie“ ist heute in seiner negativen Konnotation in weitverbreitetem Gebrauch, als negatives Totschlagargument zerstört es zwei wichtige Kategorien bzw. Begriffe, den Begriff der Verschwörung und die Kategorie der Theorie inklusive der Hypothese. Es soll skeptische Zeitgenossinnen und Zeitgenossen auf den Mainstream einschwören!


Gesellschaft braucht Diskurs und Orientierung, auch Entscheidungen auf eingeschränkter Informationsgrundlage. Wirtschaft und politische Mächte nehmen sich die Freiheit der „Einschätzung“, der „Zivilgesellschaft“ und der „Gegenöffentlichkeit“ will man nur die Wahl lassen zwischen offiziellen Narrativen und „wasserdichten“, „gerichtsfesten“ Beweisen? Was nicht im Fernsehen zu sehen war, existiert nicht?

Wer leichtfertig mit dem Wort „Verschwörungstheorie“ um sich wirft, hat im Grunde jede gesellschaftliche Kompetenz verspielt, denn Politik ist im Wesentlichen Verschwörung. Anders ist es u. a. nicht zu erklären, dass man immer wieder Millionen von Menschen dazu bringen kann, sich in Kriegen zum Wohl einer kleinen Zahl von Leuten „verfeuern“ lassen.

Andreas Schlüter

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Zu Gladio, “NSU” & Geheimdiensten:

Bei aller Empörung über das, was offenbar Frauen am Sylvesterabend geschehen ist, zu Köln nur soviel: Es stinkt zum Himmel nach einer Inszenierung! Das hat der Justizminister wohl auch langsam erschnuppert („organisierte Kriminalität“):

Dabei kann man nicht ausschließen, dass ein nicht unbeträchtlicher Teil der so viel später auflaufenden Anzeigen vielleicht ein weiterer Teil der Inszenierung ist.

Für einen Teil meiner Leserinnen und Leser nicht unbekannt, scheue ich mich nicht, mich „weit aus dem Fenster zu hängen“, was Denkmöglichkeiten zu undurchsichtigen politischen Ereignissen angeht. Ich möchte daher hier Deutungsmöglichkeiten für eine Reihe von Ereignissen anbieten, die sich durch das letzte Jahr bis in dieses ziehen.


Wie sagte ich nach dem vom „großen Bruder“ USA verabscheuten (man konnte den „kleinen Bruder“ Cameron nach dem Abkommen vor der Kamera „schäumen“ sehen) bisher recht erfolgreichen Versuch Frankreichs, Deutschlands und Russlands, mit der Ukraine den Konflikt deutlich runterzufahren ( auf Frankreich und Deutschland werden hässliche Ereignisse zukommen!

Diese Bemühungen waren natürlich längere Zeit vorm Abschluss schon im Gange, daher stelle ich diese Reihe auf:

Charlie Hebdo

(Leider auf Englisch)

Kopenhagen-Anschlag mit dem französischen Botschafter:

Absturz der französischen Spitzensportler in Südamerika:


Absturz des Militär-Airbus in Spanien:

VW-Skandal (Autohersteller sind Banditen, aber der Zeitpunkt!)

“gekaufte WM”

Anschläge in Paris

Köln Sylvester!

Und nun die “Posse” mit dem erschossenen Axt-Angreifer auf zwei Polizisten in Paris, mit einer Sprengstoffgürtel-Attrappe:

Ein merkwürdig irrer Selbstmord! Ich denke bei so etwas leicht an das US-Programm MKULTRA (

Korrektur der Einschätzung des letzten Falles: Dabei scheint diese “Attacke” nun die Vertuschung der absoluten Fehleinschätzung einer Situation durch panische Polizisten zu sein. Da ist wohl nachträglich ein Anschlag konstruiert worden, um die Erschießung eines Verwirrten zu rechtfertigen. Aussage eines Augenzeugen: <<er hat nicht versucht, das Kommissariat zu betreten, er hatte keine Waffe, er hat nicht “Allahu akbar” gerufen, er hatte keinen Sprenstoffgürtel>>

Ich möchte einen Besen fressen, wenn hinter vielen dieser Vorkommnisse nicht das Händchen des großen Bruders hervorschimmert!

Andreas Schlüter

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