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Honestly I have to tell you that – being myself a non-believer – I´m convinced that believing in the Almighty it´s a blasphemy to play God´s protector. Punishment of people who insult him or his prophets can be left to him. Nevertheless I understand your rage and have disgust for those who are purposely indirectly insulting you. But let me tell you that those ones behind that provocation want you to react exactly the way many of you are doing at present! And I fear many of you are involuntarily dancing to the tune of those ones behind.

Be clear what the provocateurs want

Fully conscience that living in the West (Germany) I´m unwillingly living on the exploitation of other parts of the world, for example of the exploitation of the Near East and Mid East oil recourses. So I feel obliged to struggle politically inside my society against Imperialism but likewise I feel it my duty to give those people in other parts of the world my insight into the aims and concepts of the evil doers within the West, and into my insights as far as the structure of Western Power Elites are concerned. Western Power Elites can be seen as the “Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex” which is centered round the big capital. There are differences within the West. The respective complex of the US (and of Great Britain, “51st State”) strives for unilateral world dominance, whereas that complex of continental Europe is more orientated towards a more “harmonious” cooperation with Russia and China but finds it difficult to break away from “BIG Brother” and feels it necessary to dance to his tune from time to time in order not to annoy him too much. The complex within the US also has some divisions as well irrespective of the general aim of unilateral World dominance. The “Trader fraction” working more on basis of “Human Rights Imperialism” is trying to befuddle the world by the believe that US dominance is good for the whole world, their representatives are willing to use the Military but are afraid of “overstretching”. The “Warrior fraction” of which the “Neocons” like Bush, Cheny, Pearle and Romney are true representatives is closely linked to the respective complex of hardcore Zionism. That complex wants open war to terrorize the world. But they also need a certain support from Western public. That´s why they try to create enemies in large numbers. The US “warriors” want direct military access to complete world dominance whereas the hardcore Zionist Military-Industrial-intelligence Complex in Israel centering round Netanyahu wants an extended war in Near East and Middle East as their “last chance” to have the West bank finally ethnically “cleansed” from Palestinians. The Obama administration is more cautious and tries to go a “slow path” to the “New World Order” the Neocons want the “shortcut”.

Why doing what the Romneys and Netanyahus want?

Within the last years more and more people in the West are asking questions about the Afghanistan War, about Iraq and about the Palestinians and war policy in general (for example “No Blood for Oil”). More and more Yews are standing up and are protesting against being occupied by the claim of Israel´s government to represent all Yews in and out Israel. Those brave people are challenging the legitimacy of Israel´s racist and colonialist policy within Western public discussion a lot. The Neocons as well as the hardcore Zionists fear them like hell. Social injustice within the West and Imperialist destruction of the World start being top topics also in the West. “Arab Spring” was very popular in the West. The war mongers fear that public sentiment since it reduces their chance for those evil operations. They (in the US as well as in Israel) want bearded men burning Western flags and attacking Westerners inside and outside the Islamic World. They are happy about the recent pictures and films about that. That is why those forces produced that idiotic film (even fooling the actors and synchronizing their words with different dialogues). They need Western public to believe “the Muslims are mad and dangerous” and willing to “attack us all”, the same way they´re trying to produce “synthetic Terrorism”. It might be a little psychological relieve to burn some Western flags or to attack “Western evildoers” and felt like a little triumph but I swear Saladin would have been shaking his head about an action helping the enemy that much! And I tell you from my experience and discussions the psychology of the manipulators provoking you works on Western public!

And one thing more: even a banning of such nonsense and refutable insults will cover the necessary discussion about war crimes of neocons and Western governments by discussions about “freedom” of speech and press! Any fierce reaction makes the provocateurs win (as far as their concrete aims are concerned).

Well, felt obliged to tell you my insight into the part of the World I´m living in. Up to you to assess my words and use them!

Andreas Schlüter


When I started with Twitter on an advise of a comrade in order to advertise my Internet blog “WiPoKuLi” I didn´t expect too much of it. Astonishingly I found not only many people with whom it´s great to communicate but I realized that despite the limited capacity for letters vivid discussions, lot of information exchange and even cordial links to people on a world wide scale developed. Well, by the time I became sort of a Twitter addict. Surely I realized some very limited brains, some very confused people, some people with whom I can´t agree at all, but I started believing that everything goes on in a human way.

The Other Side of the Moon

A couple of days I saw “the other side of the moon”. A critical remark of a “Twitter Comrade” about the fact that it took the US four killed Americans to see that there is chaos in Libya (which they created themselves) provoked a real fascist minded racist to declare Libyan and in general Arab lives worthless (100,000 of them not worth one American life). A young Lady stepped in calling the guy “crank” whereas I first took it also possible the guy might be sarcastic but in the end agreeing. So a discussion developed that revealed the bitter and brutal disgust for human principles in that man. He exposed himself as someone with the mentality of the cowboy thirsty for Red Indian blood! At the same time I´d bet this man is an exploited member of the working class, for the US Power Elite ( just nothing more than gun fodder. But this is precisely how racism works for the real power. Real power blindfolds those white dudes with the imagination of participating in the power by having the same color like their masters, not seeing that they are not even house slaves but cattle to the power!

Madman Theory

Under Nixon and Kissinger during the early Seventies there was the “Madman Theory” ( developed, counting on the effect that a power which can´t be calculated, which appears brutal and unpredictable could always get what it wants. This was never officially adopted but the world knows that the US is just acting like this. Their policy functions according to the term “Rogue State” (, a term which the US like to apply to others. Officially US politicians today bomb and are killing by unmanned drones for “Democracy and Human Rights”, but they have those racists and fascists in reserve and can always put them to the front as gun fodder or Republican voters. And those ones are willing executors of exactly the Madman Theory. In the final analysis these people are made stupid, they can´t change their own situation because they are unable to ally with other oppressed country men and women because of their dump emotions. Their faces are many times expressing their hatred for life as such.

Republican Dude

This is his Twitter name and he shows all these “qualities” the true power likes to use on the world. And when exploring his “timeline” (where his remarks and those of his companions are to be seen) a bit I saw a whole collection of these types, horrifying! But this is how he wants to appear. If you´re not over sensible and if you can stand horror films, this crank mind should be observed by you.

Have a look at the discussion: madman-discussion (click here)

Andreas Schlüter

Links on US Politics and History:

CIA Coup against Allende

The first 9/11 tragedy took place 39 years ago, 1973. A terrorist organization called CIA backed a fascist coup headed by Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, toppling the elected President of Chile, Salvador Allende. In course of the coup thousands of people were tortured, crippled or murdered, many times their families not knowing where they were buried. It left a country and especially its working class paralyzed and traumatized ( The aim of this terrorist action was to submit the country to Milton Friedman´s and the Chicago school of economics´ “cure” in order to unlash a completely unregulated type of capitalism. This kind of operation followed The Shock Doctrine which is so vividly described by Naomi Klein in her book bearing that very name.


“New Pearl Harbor”

Another terrorist attack of gigantic dimensions took place eleven years ago and officially took 2996 lives as well as leaving a nation paralyzed and traumatized. It is that very Nine Eleven of which almost everybody thinks hearing that word: the attacks in the USA. This was the official reason for the War on Terror lasting till today with hundreds of thousands casualties ( Many believe that this war is just the application of what is called the plan for the “New World Order” as laid down in Neoconservative “Think Tanks” under the name of “Project for the New American Century” (

Was it an “Inside Job”?

As long as one doesn´t believe that a coincident led four planes the same day out of the way Nine Eleven has to be classed a conspiracy. The only question highly controversial is the question which of the respective theories concerning the conspirators is most fitting. The official theory proposed by the US Authorities (the basis of this Wikipedia article: appears as lousy as the “Oswald Single Shooter Theory” in connection with Kennedy´s assassination in 1963 ( In the US a high percentage of people doesn´t believe its own governments as well as the mainstream media, so do many people in many parts of the world. Nevertheless those Main Stream Media dub the doubters “Conspiracy Theorists” in a very negative way. Without doubt the bundle of explanations among those people rejecting the official version is very diverse and some theories display absurd patterns – most loved by the believers in the official one in order to discredit the doubters in general. In the US the Truth Org ( is most prominent among the skeptics. Architects and Engineers (, Scholars (, Pilots ( and Fireman, of whom 343 lost their lives ( have formed their respective sub organizations to find the truth behind the incidents.

Miracles and Mysteries

Either certain people active at the stock exchange must have had highly qualified truth tellers on their payroll or must have had foreknowledge of the attacks: The first case would be rather astonishing, the second one extraordinarily frightening!

It sounds really fantastic that the most powerful state in this world with detailed regulations for the so called Air Policing – which means the tight control of the air and all planes – would not be able to detect those four planes ( More fantastic is the fact that that very morning an exercise “confused” the control of the air having exactly the very same situation of hijacked airplanes as their topic (,_2001) – wonderful! But, didn´t Condoleezza Rice say never ever would anybody have expected airplanes to be used as a weapon?

There was hardly ever a collapse of steel constructions ( because of a long lasting fire except the World Trade Center complex. If one accepts that because of very odd circumstances the Twin Towers collapsed (neglecting the signs of blasts as seen on the films: and is willing to totally ignore the more than strange phenomenon of molten metal and ongoing fire after the collapse ( nevertheless the falling of the famous Building No 7 is almost more difficult to explain within the frame of the official conspiracy theory. The building was not hit by a plane but by parts of one of the Twin Towers. There was a fire not coming from aviation fuel only affecting two or three stores but it collapsed! And it collapsed in a way that any demolition engineer would be proud of for his lifetime. No one having his senses intact can believe that collapse looks so controlled by incident provided he´s not entitled to supply disinformation:

It appears mysterious how it was possible to plant highly effective means of demolition into that building housing a number of important administrative institutions. But there should be facts to explain this “collapse from the book”. Mysterious or better miraculous appears also the fact that the plane hitting the Pentagon hit that part which was recently structurally strengthened and not yet having its full function back. There are many more miracles like unburned passports ( of alleged terrorists coming from the crashed airplanes and so on.

Could they do it?

Is it possible that parts of the US administration would do such a thing to their own people? Could they be unscrupulous enough? Well, don´t forget the Operation Northwoods planed as a false flag operation to be blamed on Cuba. In fact the case is so hot that the very serious and cautious Swiss historian Daniele Ganser ( has taken it up and delivered a highly interesting lecture on it:

Andreas Schlüter

More Links:


on the US Power Elite:

Wo es in der Regel bei den deutschen Fernsehsendern um das gebetsmühlenartige Wiederkäuen der Verse pseudomoralischer Rechtfertigungen von imperialen Gewaltaktionen geht, helfen die „frechen“ Franzosen über den Gemeinschaftssender ARTE den Deutschen manchmal zu tieferer Erkenntnis über weltpolitische Zusammenhänge, US-Politik und Geostrategie. Am Dienstag, dem 4. September, geschah das sogar zur Hauptsendezeit bis tief in die Nacht hinein!

Goldman Sachs

Die erste Sendung behandelte das Wirken der US-Bank Goldman Sachs, „eine Bank lenkt die Welt“. „Goldman Sachs ist mehr als eine Bank. Sie ist ein unsichtbares Imperium, dessen Vermögen mit 700 Milliarden Euro das Budget des französischen Staates um das Zweifache übertrifft“ (Zitat ARTE Text). Seine Kunden sind Riesenunternehmen, aber auch Staaten wie eben die USA. Was nicht explizit gesagt wurde, man muss annehmen, dass diese Bank für die US-Machtelite von strategischer Bedeutung ist. Was aber sehr schön gezeigt wurde, die Europäer sind auch noch so naiv, sich Personen, die für Goldman Sachs gearbeitet haben und der Bank fraglos noch verpflichtet sind, auch noch gegen ihre eigenen Interessen in Europa mit Amt und Würden zu versehen, wie eben Draghi zum neuen Chef der EZB. Der Bericht, ein „Must See“:

Goldman Sachs, eine Bank lenkt die Welt

Erdöl, US-Kapitalisten und die Nazis

Den Siegeszug des Erdöls zeigte ein weiterer Bericht im Anschluss an den Goldman-Sachs-Film, „das Öl-Zeitalter“. Dieser Siegeszug war auch gleichzeitig der Siegeszug der Rockefeller-Dynastie und einer Reihe weiterer Firmen und Figuren. Bald bestimmte das Öl die Geostrategie, spätestens nachdem gerade sie daran mitgewirkt hat, die Eigenständigkeit der Politik und der demokratischen Institutionen auszuhöhlen. Die Ölmagnaten spielten eine wichtige Rolle dabei, die britische Konkurrenz in der Weltpolitik auszuschalten. Dabei waren ihnen die Nazis, an deren Aufstieg US-Kapital kräftig mitgeholfen hatte, ein nützliches Instrument, ihnen half man auch ausgedehnt bei der Herstellung synthetischen Benzins. Später sind wichtige Hauptfiguren auf dem großen Schachbrett die Saudische Monarchie und Israel. Der verdienstvolle Bericht ist eine wahre Gruselgeschichte:

Folge 1 das Öl-Zeitalter:

Folge 2 das Öl-Zeitalter:

Nicht „Demokratie“ oder „Menschenrechte“ bestimmen die Weltpolitik, sondern Öl

Da ja leider das „amerikanische“ Öl vornehmlich „unter dem Sand der Araber“ und weiterer Völker der Umgebung liegt, sind sowohl die Kontrolle über die Fördergebiete wie auch die Kontrolle der Transportwege von größter Bedeutung. Dies bestimmt durchgängig die Politik der USA, aber letztlich auch die Politik der aufstrebenden weiteren Wirtschaftsmächte. Auch China kann bis zu einem gewissen Grad mit der US-amerikanischen Kontrolle dieser Wege leben, solange man es nicht vom Geschehen ausschließt. Versucht man dies aber, wächst ein gewaltiger Konflikt heran. Klar macht dieser Bericht auch, dass es zum Beispiel in der Iran-Frage keineswegs um eine wirkliche Bedrohung Israels geht, auch die Haltung des Westens in der Syrienfrage hat nichts mit Demokratie zu tun. Pikant in dem Bericht ist auch, dass die Frage auftauchte, ob das Piratenproblem vor der somalischen Küste (durch Überfischung der Küsten durch internationale Fangflotten und den Zerfall Somalias erzeugt) nicht wohlgelitten ist, da es hinlänglich Rechtfertigungen für ausgedehnte westliche Flottenpräsenz liefert. Angesichts der Tatsache, dass die Erdölvorräte der Welt zu Ende gehen („Peak Oil“), ist dieser ziemlich gründliche Blick auf das, „was die Welt im Inneren zusammenhält“ (solange man dem Wahnsinn der fossilen Brennstoffe frönt), so bedrohlich wie nötig:

Das große Spiel um Macht und Öl

man sollte diese Berichte unbedingt sehen, wenn man die heutige Welt verstehen will!

Andreas Schlüter

Zu weiteren „frechen“ Artikeln:

Am Mittwoch, dem 5. September fand in der Ladengalerie der „Jungen Welt“ in Berlin eine eindrucksvolle Veranstaltung statt. Die außenpolitische Sprecherin der Bundestagsfraktion DIE LINKE, Sevim Dağdelen, die in London Julian Assange in der Botschaft Ecuadors getroffen hatte, traf mit dem Botschafter Ecuadors in Deutschland, S. E. Jorge Jurado, der das Londoner Treffen vermittelt hatte, zusammen. Die Veranstaltung leitete der Chefredakteur der Jungen Welt, Arnold Schölzel. Unter den Gästen fanden sich auch die Botschafter Kubas, Raúl Becerra, und Venezuelas, Rodrigo Cháves Samudio, sowie Vertreter El Salvadors und Panamas.

Eindrucksvoll machte Sevim Dağdelen klar, dass es nicht darum gehe, die in Schweden eingeleitete Untersuchung wegen Vergewaltigung zu bewerten, sondern um die Tatsache, dass Assange mit seiner Organisation viele Verbrechen der USA aufgedeckt habe und ihn dies der Gefahr aussetze, dass Schweden ihn an die USA ausliefern könne und er dort mit schlimmster Verfolgung rechnen müsse – bis hin zur Todesstrafe. Die schwedischen Justizbehörden könnten Assange problemlos in der ecuadorianischen Botschaft befragen, was der ecuadorianische Botschafter bestätigte. Würde Schweden zusichern, Assange nicht an die USA auszuliefern, würde er sich dem Verfahren dort stellen. Ohne dies zu bewerten, gab Sevim Dağdelen an, Assange sei davon überzeugt, dass sich die Anschuldigungen als haltlos erweisen würden. 

Der ecuadorianische Botschafter legte dar, wie intensiv die westlichen Mainstream-Medien bemüht seien, Assange und WikiLeaks zu delegitimieren, ferner, wie sehr sie auch versuchen würden, Ecuador als ein Land darzustellen, das die Pressefreiheit nicht achte. Er verdeutlichte, dass es allerdings darum gehe, dem großen Kapital nicht zu erlauben, die Pressefreiheit zur Verleumdung und zu Lügen über die ernsthaften Bemühungen der ecuadorianischen Regierung für einen demokratischen Prozess zu missbrauchen, was der linken Öffentlichkeit hier z. B. zu Venezuela auch sattsam bekannt ist. Klar wurde in dem Gespräch auch ausgesprochen, wie wenig man dem US-amerikanischen System angesichts der Fortführung von Guantanamo in rechtlichen Fragen vertrauen kann. Auch das Beispiel Bradley Manning (der WikiLeaks wichtige Informationen zugespielt hatte) belegt dies nur zu gut. Glaubhaft wurde auch (nicht zuletzt durch die Anwesenheit von Personen anderer lateinamerikanischer Botschaften), dass es in Lateinamerika eine deutliche Solidarität über unterschiedliche politische Richtungen hinweg gegenüber diesem Schritt Ecuadors gäbe.

Erschreckend waren besonders die Informationen zur Androhung der Verletzung des Botschaftsstatus´ seitens Großbritanniens, auch wenn diese Drohung wohl inzwischen relativiert worden sind. Mir fällt dabei auf, wie sehr der Westen auch bereit ist, auf seinen eigenen „Narrativen“ zur „Freiheit“ herum zu trampeln angesichts des Ungarnaufstandes und der Flucht von Kardinal József Mindszenty in die US-Botschaft oder als die DDR-Bürger in die bundesdeutsche Botschaft in Prag flüchteten:

„DDR-Flüchtlinge hat es in unserer Prager Botschaft immer gegeben, seit wir (1974) das Palais Lobkowicz bezogen hatten.“[1], so Hermann Huber, Botschafter von Dezember 1988 bis 1992“ in der Prager Botschaft.

Wie nicht anders zu erwarten, gab es nicht nur Fragen einiger Gäste, die von weitgehender Unkenntnis und erheblicher Naivität zeugten, sondern auch solche, die wohl orchestriert erschienen und bei denen man den Eindruck bekam, dass es sich dabei um die üblichen lokalen Leumünder der USA handelte – kein unbekanntes oder neues Phänomen.

Dieser Abend zeugte vom Mut des Landes Ecuador und der mit ihm solidarischen lateinamerikanischen Länder gegenüber den USA, welche die Monroe-Doktrin „Amerika den Amerikanern“ immer ausgelegt haben als ganz „Amerika den US-Amerikanern“. Die Veranstaltung zeigte auch die Courage der LINKEN Bundestagsabgeordneten Sevim Dağdelen angesichts der politischen Willfährigkeit der übrigen deutschen Parteien gegenüber dem „Großen Bruder“ und stellte ihre große Denk- und Formulierungsschärfe unter Beweis. Von dieser Art würde man sich weit mehr Genossinnen und Genossen in unserer Partei wünschen. Anerkennen muss man, dass die Tageszeitung „Junge Welt“ für die linke Gegenöffentlichkeit wirklich unabdingbar ist.

Andreas Schlüter