Without doubt there are people with obsessions concerning the death or otherwise fate of people converted into a hero media wise. The reasons for Tutankhamun or even of “Lady Di” deaths are of no up to little relevance for present day´s world. Very different is the case of Kennedy´s assassination. Why?

The sole Empire in the true sense left

After the end of WW II the USA was the only capitalist Empire left and – even if one would class the Soviet Union an (non capitalist) Empire – after the end of the Cold War it was and is definitely the only left Empire, irrespective of the fact that there are other powers emerging. If the US are not what it pretends to be, a true democracy, then that would be an alarming situation; and really worry, it is not or no more since long! And those forces which rule are not just the well known forces of simple wealth and more extended knowledge or even of simple and open brutality as common in history. The forces which have eroded the democracy and taken over power were already named by Kennedy and the president preceding him, Eisenhower. But listen to their words:



Blue into orange!

Again and again we were dumped with the official theories on JFK´s assassination, the single shooter, officially being identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, shooting from the school book depository behind and obviously hitting JFK from the front! Even this simple fact of the shot coming from the front can be seen on the “Zapruder film” showing clearly the force coming from the front and pushing the president´s head back:


And even many reports questioning the official theory are ignoring the clear evidence where from the shot really has come in favor of obscure dark spots on photos on the grassy hill where to even people tried to escape after the shooting. The shot came from the sewage system as it is excellently proven:


So, if obvious facts are distorted and blue turned into orange, for what purpose? And why are people working out the evidence of the shot from the front being ignored? Was or is there only a conspiracy to cover up the truth inside the US or was there a conspiracy to kill the president on the side of forces inside the US? If there was a conspiracy to cover the fact that a foreign conspiracy has led to the murder of the president, a conspiracy to prevent the incident to turn into a war, all reasons to keep it up are gone. The only reason to carry on with this masquerade can lie in the fact that the assassination was an “inside job”! The distortion of facts is the result of a conspiracy in order to cover up a US based conspiracy against the president. The people conspiring must necessary be located in high ranking levels, exactly in that strata warned of by JFK as well as Eisenhower. Also about those dark circles excellent research work has been done by Russ Baker (also reported here previously: http://tinyurl.com/7w88vjn). Involved is obviously the Bush clan, precisely “Poppy” Bush, George H. Bush, former CIA director and later President (http://www.familyofsecrets.com/). His son, George W. Bush, carried on with conspiracies, manipulating and lying. Those two presidencies were the two cases where the hidden forces had “their men” directly in office, with no hidden indirect strings necessary! But at last too many people saw the brutality of imperial greed openly personified in the son, George W. Bush. Another face, another type of personality was needed as the “face to represent” the pseudo democratic US Empire.

So which “Change”?

Since the murder of Kennedy the true power in the US is obvious to those who want to see. And since that US presidents know. It alarmed even “tricky Dick”, Richard Nixon, that there was a force deciding over the fate of a US President. His demands to get insight into the secret files on JFK´s assassination were simply ignored (see “Family of Secrets”, page 244 following). At least when got into office US presidents get aware of that sad truth pretty soon. But generally spoken the two established parties are deeply woven into the spider net of the true power of the super rich and their military industrial secret service complex. Obama might really have had some changes in mind when he struggled to become the “first black President” of the US. But even when he still had a clear majority he was hesitating to bring proclamations into existence. It is pretty clear that a real change could only be based on an alternative leftist movement forming into a political party potent enough, as those days Jesse Jackson (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Jackson) tried with his “rainbow coalition” unfortunately in vain.

No change without extended struggle and “sovereignty”

Before the background of the said it is clear that the ominous network behind the scene will not give up and already the treatment of the “occupy movement” with extended police brutality, the manipulations of the right to vote and the new legislation (http://tinyurl.com/c9qy8) show the fierce determination of the named forces. That does not mean that there couldn´t be different views and concept inside that network, it is surely not totally monolithic, but there are “red lines” concerning its power for which transgressions a US President will have to pay a high price. And there is reasonable fear that they might even unlash some sort of US fascism to defend their rule. The Nazis had a cynic view on “sovereignty”, stating “sovereign is who declares the state of emergency”, the new formulation would be “sovereign is who decides over the US President´s (and other President´s) death”! And sovereign is who decides who´s going to survive of the nation in “case of the worst”, but that´s another story.

Andreas Schlüter

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