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Honestly I have to tell you that – being myself a non-believer – I´m convinced that believing in the Almighty it´s a blasphemy to play God´s protector. Punishment of people who insult him or his prophets can be left to him. Nevertheless I understand your rage and have disgust for those who are purposely indirectly insulting you. But let me tell you that those ones behind that provocation want you to react exactly the way many of you are doing at present! And I fear many of you are involuntarily dancing to the tune of those ones behind.

Be clear what the provocateurs want

Fully conscience that living in the West (Germany) I´m unwillingly living on the exploitation of other parts of the world, for example of the exploitation of the Near East and Mid East oil recourses. So I feel obliged to struggle politically inside my society against Imperialism but likewise I feel it my duty to give those people in other parts of the world my insight into the aims and concepts of the evil doers within the West, and into my insights as far as the structure of Western Power Elites are concerned. Western Power Elites can be seen as the “Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex” which is centered round the big capital. There are differences within the West. The respective complex of the US (and of Great Britain, “51st State”) strives for unilateral world dominance, whereas that complex of continental Europe is more orientated towards a more “harmonious” cooperation with Russia and China but finds it difficult to break away from “BIG Brother” and feels it necessary to dance to his tune from time to time in order not to annoy him too much. The complex within the US also has some divisions as well irrespective of the general aim of unilateral World dominance. The “Trader fraction” working more on basis of “Human Rights Imperialism” is trying to befuddle the world by the believe that US dominance is good for the whole world, their representatives are willing to use the Military but are afraid of “overstretching”. The “Warrior fraction” of which the “Neocons” like Bush, Cheny, Pearle and Romney are true representatives is closely linked to the respective complex of hardcore Zionism. That complex wants open war to terrorize the world. But they also need a certain support from Western public. That´s why they try to create enemies in large numbers. The US “warriors” want direct military access to complete world dominance whereas the hardcore Zionist Military-Industrial-intelligence Complex in Israel centering round Netanyahu wants an extended war in Near East and Middle East as their “last chance” to have the West bank finally ethnically “cleansed” from Palestinians. The Obama administration is more cautious and tries to go a “slow path” to the “New World Order” the Neocons want the “shortcut”.

Why doing what the Romneys and Netanyahus want?

Within the last years more and more people in the West are asking questions about the Afghanistan War, about Iraq and about the Palestinians and war policy in general (for example “No Blood for Oil”). More and more Yews are standing up and are protesting against being occupied by the claim of Israel´s government to represent all Yews in and out Israel. Those brave people are challenging the legitimacy of Israel´s racist and colonialist policy within Western public discussion a lot. The Neocons as well as the hardcore Zionists fear them like hell. Social injustice within the West and Imperialist destruction of the World start being top topics also in the West. “Arab Spring” was very popular in the West. The war mongers fear that public sentiment since it reduces their chance for those evil operations. They (in the US as well as in Israel) want bearded men burning Western flags and attacking Westerners inside and outside the Islamic World. They are happy about the recent pictures and films about that. That is why those forces produced that idiotic film (even fooling the actors and synchronizing their words with different dialogues). They need Western public to believe “the Muslims are mad and dangerous” and willing to “attack us all”, the same way they´re trying to produce “synthetic Terrorism”. It might be a little psychological relieve to burn some Western flags or to attack “Western evildoers” and felt like a little triumph but I swear Saladin would have been shaking his head about an action helping the enemy that much! And I tell you from my experience and discussions the psychology of the manipulators provoking you works on Western public!

And one thing more: even a banning of such nonsense and refutable insults will cover the necessary discussion about war crimes of neocons and Western governments by discussions about “freedom” of speech and press! Any fierce reaction makes the provocateurs win (as far as their concrete aims are concerned).

Well, felt obliged to tell you my insight into the part of the World I´m living in. Up to you to assess my words and use them!

Andreas Schlüter


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September last year we had the tenth anniversary of “Nine Eleven”, the moving incident that costed so many lives and had as a “consequence” the “War against Terror” taking at least 220,000 lives. This war goes on, at times somehow renamed into “War for Democracy”. In reality the prevailing concept in many Western heads is the “Clash of Civilizations”, as formulated by Samuel Huntington. But any time it´s becoming again a war to prevent pseudo threats this time attributed to Iran in shape of virtual atomic bombs. Nevertheless the brutally honest question “how did our oil get under their sand?” is blinking from time to time. In short Nine Eleven has reopened the era of colonial wars!

Conspiracy Theory

This term is slammed every now and than on the heads of those who are “nonbelievers” in the official presentation of the conspiracy by Al Qaida and its Muslim fanatics to bring down WTS and the Pentagon. Now that official presentation is far from legally proven. The official report shows many gaps and many assumptions lacking plausibility. Too many examples can be found proving the unscrupulous character of true power in the US, as shown by the investigative journalist Russ Baker in his voluminous book “Family of Secrets” on the Bush clan ( Actually the foundation of those slamming on the “nonbelievers” is simply the naïve believe “such a thing could not be done by our `democratic´ government and its secret services”, just as if there wouldn´t be many examples in history of “false flag operations”.

Another nonbeliever

The historian Daniele Ganser from Switzerland intimate with the political wretchedness by his work on NATO secret armies in Europe during the “Cold War” ( has stepped bravely aside the skeptics. He has declared the events around Nine Eleven a subject of historical analysis. On 1st of September he´s held a lecture (in English) at the University of Basel working out precisely the neuralgic point in the matter:

Daniele Ganser on Nine Eleven:

And don´t miss the „Toronto Hearings“:


And a closer look at the 9/11 Commission:

(You´ve to click on the particular topics one by one!)

Andreas Schlüter


The radical Christian fundamentalist Anders Breivik (1), pumped with ethnocentrism and racism, committed the 2011 Norway attacks. Two terrorist attacks on one and the same day within hours, the car bomb attack in Oslo, which killed 8 people and coursed enormous damage, and the murderous attack on the Utøya island holyday camp of the Norwegian Social Democrats, which left 69 mostly youths dead, shocked not only the Norwegians, but Europe and the World. Now the man is facing his trial (2).

Using the unfortunate chance to spread his fascist and racist ideas he´s in the focus of psychological speculations – which are inevitable as far as the legal procedure is concerned –about his state of mind. As necessary they might be, they can easily cover up more burning question, yet not really answered.


Was this the deed of only one man?

Already the technicalities of assaults leave doubts whether it was possible for one person to commit them without assistance. No question, single persons can mobilize enormous energies if strongly committed to an aim. This can be for a good purpose (like with Johann Georg Elser who tried to stop Hitler) or for an extremely bad one. Running Amok as such is usually a single deed. But apart from the fact that the second assault bears elements of running Amok there are too many contradicting aspects. The orchestration of the double assault is too “refined” to let one easily believe in the unsupported single man. There are even many single assassinations which leave intensive doubts in a single perpetrator, like the murder of Kennedy (3), Martin Luther King and others.

From Ideological Support to Psychological Backing and Logistics

Already the published photos which were taken of the terrorist appear the work of a professional. The way they are arranged show how much the photographer “understood” the mass murderer in his “heroic attitude”. To my knowledge this aspect has not been touched in public considerations. His own (whether really written by himself is another question) “Manifesto” (4) gives the impression of an extended network, provided it´s not the fantasy of a mentally disturbed person (which is the picture some try to portray). It refers to Free Masonry (5), precisely to “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici” (6), whose link is no more working. The link on which the organization is trying to distance itself (7) from Breivik (which doesn´t say anything, though, if there´s any real connection it would surely be a connection of special members) is still working.

The long duration of his preparations let it appear unlikely that even a massively disturbed person could go without some sort of encouragement. How he himself presents his contacts is described in detail (8). However, the whole case brings about associations to the US lead NATO´s Secret Armies, dubbed “Gladio” (9) after the Italian version, described and analyzed by the Swiss Historian Daniele Ganser (10). Ganser links also the assault on the Munich “Oktoberfest” (11) with many victims (12) and the terrible bombing of Bologna (13). The Bologna incident was a classical “false flag operation” to be blamed on leftists. The Munich massacre might have had the same intention but was soon presented as the deed of an isolated fascist.

Despite the fact that “on November 22, 1990, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Gladio, requesting full investigation – which have yet to be done – and total dismantlement of these paramilitary structures” (Wikipedia) it is doubtful that the US have really abandoned their vehicle to massively influence European policy. The “Gladio” structures especially involved fascists from the very beginning as those tend to be the “best” Anti Communists. It also led to “doubling” structures in secret services and administrations. If these structures have survived then the dubious connections of the German right wing terrorists and murderers to German secret services could be seen in another light (14).

Was Norway Naughty?

Despite its somehow small population Norway isn´t an unimportant country, especially due to its oil and gas reserves (15), and the way it uses them. It also has a more cooperative attitude to Third Worlds problems. Its attempt to act somehow independent was also manifested in its withdrawal from NATO´s colonial war in Libya (16). The Cocial Democrats of Norway also have a very critical and independent approach to the Near East problem and Israel´s policy on the occupied territories. Seen from the known “principles” of Gladio (and possibly other forces) an almost “classical” case to step in and “keep them in line”.

Will we ever know?

Like almost all other West European countries Norway also has the problem to really face the past (and possibly present) of Gladio because the leading figures of the political class were deeply involved into NATO´s secret armies. Similar cases which are historically linked to Gladio were never officially and officially linked to it. The fear to touch the topic is running high – with good personal reason. Without being able to predict the result of the trial it is hardly to be expected that all will be disclosed. The procedure up to now hints to the opposite direction putting the strange personality of the Christian radical into focus.

Andreas Schlüter





4) exerpt from his “Manifesto”:

“3.78 “Young Europeans Movement – YE” movement – rumours of an emerging mass consolidation of anti-Marxist/anti-multiculturalist forces

I don’t know much about the status of this rumoured consolidation project. One of my mentors from PCCTS told me something about this a few years ago. The intention is to temporarily (through phase 1-3) but indirectly consolidate all anti-Marxist military forces/organisations/cells: 1. Militant cultural conservatives, 2. militant “right wing” liberalists, militant Christian extremists, militant ethno-centrists and other groups. We all agree that multiculturalism is an anti-European/Christian hate ideology designed to exterminate European identities, our cultures/traditions and European nation states. This hate ideology (coupled with suicidal humanist tendencies) is the cause of the current Islamisation (with the exception of certain factions who believe it is due to ZOG…)The problem, I would imagine, is how each faction relates to totalitarian ideas, ethnocentrism and especially our relation to Jews. Some of the factions are pro-democracy, -Christendom, -capitalism, -multiethnicity and pro-Israel/Jews while other groups are strongly against. Who will dominate a future “Young Europeans” movement? The common consensus seems to be that we should focus less on our indifferences temporarily in order to fully focus on securing the survival/safety of our people/cultures/traditions/countries/Christendom. In any case; it is only logical that we save the infighting until after phase 3. We can never allow the cultural Marxists to play divide and conquer with the various factions. It will undoubtfully be certain infighting after the Marxists/suicidal humanists/capitalist globalists have been defeated though. The NS are generally pro Muslim and anti Jewish. They should know that we will defend our right wing Jewish and other non-Muslim minority groups, who have fought by our side with our lives as they will do the same for us. It is still too early to tell how the situation will develop. A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies. At the moment, I’m worried that ethnocentric ideologies will become more dominant in Western Europe the coming decades. The main reason is that the non-ethnocentric factions on the right wing are not getting enough support from their own base and from right wing minority groups (as these minority groups fail to distinguish non-racist right wingers from actual Nazis/racists due to the media propaganda campaigns and their own paranoia. If the cultural Marxist/ suicidal humanist elites had any decency whatsoever they would at least stop the “all nationalists=Nazis, racists campaigns” and perhaps even arrange a gradual controlled re-distribution of power to moderate right wing groups/political parties. Their total and complete reluctance to deal with any traditionalist/nationalist is radicalising an increasing number of people. Due to their propaganda campaigns the obvious result is that people become apathetic and/or are drawn to actual Nazi and racist groups”.

“A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies.”

His special targets:

“Category A, B and C traitors (politically active cultural Marxists, multiculturalists, capitalist globalists and suicidal humanists) will have their property and funds expropriated by the new cultural conservative regime. The property and funds will be redistributed to individuals based on previous efforts, sacrifices and results: Priority list”


6) “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici”, link no more working:

7) Trying to distance themself:










(deutsche Version demnächst)

Preface: from the cradle of mankind

Anthropologic contemplations on existing racism

Modern Homo Sapiens emerged in Africa about 200,000 years ago. More archaic men – surely no dumb idiots but so able as to reach the island Flores in today Indonesia already by naval techniques – had already spread to Asia and Europe long ago. Those long time emigrants also leaving tropical regions had a long time adaption to cold and less sunny climates by less pigmentation and other physical modifications. When modern Africans emigrated – we all are predominantly descending from them – already about 120,000 years ago on certain routes they got admixture by those groups. So little comes from that admixture anyway that all our mitochondrial heritage (Mitochondrial material with own genetic material only passed by the mother) and y-chromosomes (only passed from the father) all come from modern (African) Homo Sapiens. It seems that the groups as such (modern man and the archaic groups) didn´t mix but men always had the tendency to rape (most probably from both sides). But we can be sure that in connection to environmental conditions all people who have different looks from African people today look so partly due to that archaic admixture favored by colder climates in which they have lived for a longer times. Especially after the end of the last ice age those northern groups with archaic admixture could increase in number and pass by ways which were blocked before. The people passing from Africa via climatic zones comparable to their home continent maintained their physical appearance. Those people are still to be found from parts of India (mostly having admixture) to the Melanesian Islands in the South West Pacific (see links down).

North versus South

Contact and Conflict: The Northern Expansion

When climatic changes opened ways blocked before and also the betterment in northern regions favored population growth northern people expanded. Cultural contacts between groups having dealt with different problems lead to multiplications of concepts and intellectual growth. In the North African, Near and Middle East as well as East Asian contact zones this lead to the upcoming of so called high cultures with the development of writing. The original black groups had an important hand in it and it is not for nothing that obviously the first writing developed in Egypt which was those days basically an African society. But by the time the Northerners formed by cold and hard conditions became in their expansion more aggressive and especially in South East Asia many original black ethnicities retreated to typical rain wood regions, where today they make up tiny minorities. But a large number there as well as in West Asia and South East Europe were absorbed into the expanding Northerners, in which you can at times still see that admixture. Never the less from Eastern parts of Indonesia to Melanesia the original black population is clearly surfacing and makes up the majority.

“White Man´s Rule”, Slavery and Capitalism

When by virtue of history the Europeans got control over vast parts of the world and made people and resources instruments of their further economical development they built a racist hierarchy imposing their sick concept of “racial superiority” and by the side of North Europeans “racial purity” on the subjugated people. They also liked to rule by dividing and played one group of oppressed people against the other increasing racist tendencies also among the oppressed. They were successfully dividing the exploited people of the colonies among each other as well as the exploited workers of their own ethnicities. The worst type of degradation, the “mother of racism”, became the anti black racism which they were also partly imposing and partly strengthening among other colonized groups. So a terrible “color hierarchy” was established, hitting Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

From Colonialism to Neocolonialism

When the competition of the different imperialist powers had resulted in terrible wars (World Wars I & II) and a social alternative represented in the “Socialist block” (as deformed it may ever have been) grew stronger, and one capitalist power – the US – became the one Empire struggling for control over this world, the concept was changed from direct political control to neocolonialism using strangulated puppet regimes as their henchmen to carry on ruthless exploitation of men and nature. They (the ruling “1 %”) pretended also to divert from racism (since they had to mobilize the world against their fascist competitors on basis of Nazi racism) but indeed carried on with it also by exploiting their seeds in other parts of the world. And they developed a tricky way of proclaiming “human rights” and “democracy” to intervene and invade again in “gun boat” manner. They usurped even justified liberation movements and strangulated them like the South Sudanese Liberation movement to destroy it and get control over recourses, especially Oil. And a very practical way to work was the old colonial territorial organization which had lead to formations full of conflicts.

The Indonesian Regime, a Brutal Henchman of globalized Capitalism

When Indonesia (to that day “Dutch East India”) gained independence (declared August 1945, formally recognized December 1949 by the Dutch) under Ahmed Sukarno it tried to follow a path of independence in the group of the block free states. But the military was very strong and deeply linked to the West, especially the US. Sukarno who had tried to balance the military and the strong communist party failed in the end after a terrible conflict (500,000 people, many landless sympathizers of the KP, butchered). General Suharto was the man of the US and seized power over the archipelago with so many different ethnicities. He and his military clique turned the many islands into a plunder ground for the Westerners and Japanese interests using Javanese dominance for their purposes, especially to eastern regions, i. e. the western part of New Guinea.

New Africa or Old Africa: New Guinea

When the Spaniards and other Westerners came across the island, its dark skinned inhabitants with frizzy hair reminded them of Africa´s Guinea Coast (which was already made the hunting ground for slavers) which inspired them to name the island New Guinea. Going further east they met similar people up to the Fiji islands and in course of time named them Melanesians because of the dark pigmentation. East of Fiji they came across people who seem to be an old mixture of all three main fractions of mankind and soon started the racist splitting and installation of “race hierarchy”, actually degrading all groups. The Melanesians became object of rude anti black racism and many times subjected to slavery called forced labor. The Polynesians became an object of sexual racism and their women were looked at as white man´s sex objects without rights, paternalistic exoticism. In modern times after World War II the US did not hesitate to make one of those island groups (Bikini) their nuclear playing ground and even transported people back to the polluted island “testing” the results. Actually the Japanese “interplay” in the South West Pacific region during World War II did not provide any “non white” solidarity on the side of the Japanese also coming with racist arrogance.

Contrary to the hostile degradation of its inhabitants by white people and contrary to the relative isolation (being protected by its rain wood forests) New Guinea is a remarkable place concerning cultural history. Independently from the early development of agriculture in the “fertile half moon” (stretching from North East Africa over the South of Turkey to Mesopotamia) as well as independently from the agricultural development in South China the agricultural history with intensive gardening techniques in New Guinea dates back 7,000 to 10,000 years (, thus putting it´s inhabitants, the Papua, among the pioneers of mankind´s agricultural history.

On the other side has the natural surrounding with high mountains and deep valleys led to an enormous linguistic splitting and the number of languages outnumbers that of continents. Certain forms of conflict practices (though culturally limited in a refined way) as well as other cultural practices strengthened western prejudices. When the Dutch reigned over “Dutch East India” including the western part of New Guinea, they infected many of the other colonized, whereas the Muslims did not even “need” this infection. The eastern part of New Guinea was up to World War I divided between the Germans in the North East and the British in the South East. The German part was handed to the Australians as a “protectorate” afterwards. Both parts got independence as Papua New Guinea in 1975 including the “Bismarck Archipelago and the Northern Solomon Islands ( Rich resources (oil, copper, gold) as well as well as agricultural products (coffee, cocoa, oil palm and tea) inspire Western greed and expose the country to all well known evils of neocolonialism as the western part of the island does. All 7.5 to 8 million inhabitants of today will have to defend their place against this growing greed.


The Fake “Decision”, the “Act of Free Choice”

Indonesia gained independence soon after WW II but Western New Guinea remained under Dutch control to the distaste of the Indonesian ruling class. The issue of independence raised some complicated questions in general, which were even more felt in Africa. A basic contradiction was lying in decolonization with colonial borders which separated ethnicities and lumped others – having historical conflicts or having very different types of society – together. General line among the anti colonial movements was to avoid endless border issues. But on the other side in Africa the large entity of former French West Africa was also split into a number of countries. The aspirations of the Javanese dominated Indonesian political class (under pressure of overpopulation in the archipelago´s West) were confronted with a special situation. Firstly West New Guinea had been longer under Dutch control and was de facto already no more “part of Indonesia”, secondly, but more important, it was a very different world. It was not only inhabited by very different people but by people on whom especially the majority and decisive group, the Javanese looked upon in despise with that racist arrogance that was strengthened by North European anti black racism. And the social structure would have left them almost defenseless to economic and social exploitation.

Such considerations didn´t bother neither the Indonesian government nor the Dutch nor the white dominated UN and by no means the US government. Indonesia tried to solve their “problem” by military force and under the strong influence of the US the UN made Holland in the New York agreement complying to hand over administration to Indonesia (which they did in March 1963), for which the US had special plans, fittingly analyzed by Noam Chomsky in an interview (shown in a video on YouTube, link under this paragraph). But the treaty also included a procedure after a while in which the Papua should decide whether they wanted to stay with Indonesia. The “Act of Free Choice” was then in 1969 nothing but a typical colonial theatre. The Indonesia military had selected 1025 men to vote in an event in July to August 1969 about the future of their people, which was being performed by “hand rising” (surrounded by barbed wire and armed forces nearby), blocking any public discussion on the matter. It doesn´t need much fantasy to imagine which mixture of bribing and terrorizing a military organization has to apply reaching the wanted result ( & Nevertheless the UN manifested this fake procedure in the resolution 2504 (XXIV) without any qualification whether it fulfilled the demands described in United Nations General Assembly resolutions 1514 and 1541 (XV) respectively. To call this theatre play an act of „self determination“ requires a high grade of cynicism.

Chomsky on East Timor (part 1 & part 2):

 Ongoing Resistance and ongoing Massacres

By and large the resistance and armed struggle began as campaigns by tribal warriors, who just wanted to get rid of the strange occupants pushing them around. By the time it got more organized, gained more support from exile Papua and sympathizers in Papua New Guinea (the eastern half of the island) and other Melanesians. Important in this process is the plunder of the resources by international companies, by which Indonesia tries to pay their own debts to world finance (a general problem of “Third World countries). The destruction and pollution of the natural surrounding and the expelling of people, so that Westerners can get “their” oil, gold and other precious resources “which by incident got under the rain wood of those savages”, fuels the resistance of the people. The brutality of the Indonesian army accordingly to moderate assumptions has cost the lives of more than 100,000 Papua. More on the struggle is to be found down this article in links.

Brothers in suffering

How little the Indonesian policy had to do with the fact that West Papua was once “united” with Indonesia in “Dutch East India” showed the treatment of the Portuguese colony East Timor which got near independence in the downfall of Portugal´s Salazar regime (to which the struggle of the people in its African colonies contributed enormously). With the support of the US Indonesia annexed East Timor and massacred many thousands of the inhabitants. In all this resulted in more than 100,000 deaths as the consequence also of hunger and illness. In the end the enormous brutality raised international protest which contributed together with the fierce resistance (by Falintil, the armed force of the Fretelin) to East Timor´s independence in September 2002. This development is in a way a torch and hope for the suffering Papua.

Hopes, Dangers and perspectives

As said before the example of East Timor might be encouraging, but notwithstanding the fact that East Timor has besides its Sandal wood off shore oil resources about which a partial sea boundary solution with Australia is reached, West Papua is a much more tempting prey for imperialism. If West Papua would hopefully gain independence international corporations are more on the uncertain side because the resistance as such is a lot motivated by the extraction of the resources. In such a case the empire (US) might even prefer unification with Papua New Guinea since neocolonial ties there are already established. The present turmoil in the eastern half of the island is largely the result of that. As long as the US capitalists are relatively sure of Indonesia they´ll do a lot to enable Indonesia to uphold its grip. A changing geostrategic situation in East and South East Asia could change things, especially if the upcoming currency treaty between China and Japan might do its part, since Japan is joining in the exploitation of Indonesia at the US´s will. On the other side do the covered plans to expand NATO to Australia and New Zealand not provide much good for the region since it´s the clear symbol for the will to perpetuate “white man´s world rule”.

The people of Papua must know that even Europe being still in the status of a vassal to the US Empire would be a very shaky ally in their aspirations. Public pressure and a strong support by leftist parties as well as solidarity from “Third World Countries”, especially from African countries, would be a desired help, but are still lacking. Understanding in Melanesia is growing, Vanuatu gave a good signal. To be “freed” by the West à la Libya is surely not an option, the country doesn´t need more bombs to be dropped. It will be a hard and protracted long struggle only to be won with the patience the freedom hero Filep Karma shows, who was thrown into prison by Indonesians after having raised West Papua´s flag in 2004 (

Andreas Schlüter

Information about West Papua´s independence struggle organized by Papua:

Support from Vanuatu:

Other reports:,%20Stand%20Up%20printed.pdf

East Timor:

On the anthropological aspect touched in the preface:

Mainland India, where black presence by own migration and by Arab deportation from Africa might be difficult always to make a difference:,_at_Devaliya_Naka,_Sasan_Gir,_Gujarat.jpg


Andaman Islands (politically belonging to India):

Malaysia, Semang:

Aetas of the Philippines:


Melanesians from Fiji:

See also:

African Struggles in Perspective“:

English version below

Vor nicht allzu vielen Wochen gab es die zehnte Wiederkehr des Jahrestages von „Nine Eleven“. Auf diesem Blog erschien ein Beitrag zu diesem aufwühlenden Ereignis, das viele Menschen das Leben kostete und das im Gefolge den „Krieg gegen den Terror“ mit mindestens 220.000 Toten hatte. Dieser Krieg dauert, inzwischen sozusagen in „Krieg für die Demokratie“ umbenannt, an ( Dabei ist das wesentliche Konzept in nicht wenigen westlichen Köpfen schlicht die von Samuel Huntington formulierte Zuspitzung des „Clash of Civilizations“. Aber jederzeit wechselt auch der Tenor wieder zur Abwehr einer Pseudobedrohung in Form von „Massenvernichtungswaffen“, diesmal in Form von virtuellen Atombomben dem Iran untergeschoben. Nur vereinzelt blitzt dazwischen hervor die brutal ehrliche Frage „wie kommt unser Öl unter ihren Sand?“. Kurzum, Nine Eleven hat eine Ära der Wiederkehr der Kolonialkriege eingeleitet.


Gern wird dieser Begriff denjenigen „um die Ohren gehauen“, die Zweifel an der Darstellung der Verschwörung durch Al Kaida und ihre islamischen Fanatiker zur Zerstörung von World Trade Center und Pentagon durch die offiziellen US-Stellen hegen. Nun ist diese Darstellung allerdings auch alles andere als bewiesen im juristischen Sinne. Der offizielle Report weist viele Lücken und viele wenig plausible Behauptungen auf. Allzu viele Beispiele scheinen offenbar zu werden, die die Skrupellosigkeit der wahren Macht in den USA belegen, wie sie z. B. das Buch „Family of Secrets“ des investigativen Journalisten Russ Baker zum Bush-Klan nahelegt ( Dabei ist die Grundlage der vehementen „Verurteilung“ der „Ungläubigen“ gegenüber der US-offiziellen Darstellung schlicht der Glaubenssatz „so etwas tun die `demokratische´ US-Regierung und deren Dienste nicht!“, ganz so, als hätte es in der Geschichte keine Aktionen „unter falscher Flagge“ oder deren Planungen gegeben.

Ein weiterer „Ungläubiger“

Der Schweizer Historiker Daniele Ganser, durch seine Arbeit über die unglaublichen Machenschaften der USA in Europa im „Kalten Krieg“ („NATO Geheimarmeen in Europa“,, mit politischer Skrupellosigkeit intim vertraut, hat sich mutig an die Seite der „Ungläubigen“ gestellt. Er hat das Geschehen um Nine Eleven zum nötigen Gegenstand der historischen Forschung erklärt ( In einem eindrucksvollen Vortrag (auf Englisch gehalten) an der Baseler Universität hat er am 1. September dieses Jahres die Kardinalpunkte im Geschehen, die geklärt werden müssen dargelegt:

Daniele Ganser on Nine Eleven:

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Daniele Ganser, Nine Eleven reloaded (English version)

Not many weeks ago we had the tenth anniversary of “Nine Eleven”, the moving incident that costed so many lives and had as a “consequence” the “War against Terror” taking at least 220,000 lives. This war goes on, at times somehow renamed into “War for Democracy”. In reality the prevailing concept in many Western heads is the “Clash of Civilizations”, as formulated by Samuel Huntington. But any time it´s becoming again a war to prevent pseudo threats this time attributed to Iran in shape of virtual atomic bombs. Nevertheless the brutally honest question “how did our oil get under their sand?” is blinking from time to time. In short Nine Eleven has reopened the era of colonial wars!

Conspiracy Theory

This term is slammed every now and than on the heads of those who are “nonbelievers” in the official presentation of the conspiracy by Al Qaida and its Muslim fanatics to bring down WTS and the Pentagon. Now that official presentation is far from legally proven. The official report shows many gaps and many assumptions lacking plausibility. Too many examples can be found proving the unscrupulous character of true power in the US, as shown by the investigative journalist Russ Baker in his voluminous book “Family of Secrets” on the Bush clan ( Actually the foundation of those slamming on the “nonbelievers” is simply the naïve believe “such a thing could not be done by our `democratic´ government and its secret services”, just as if there wouldn´t be many examples in history of “false flag operations”.

Another nonbeliever

The historian Daniele Ganser from Switzerland intimate with the political wretchedness by his work on NATO secret armies in Europe during the “Cold War” ( has stepped bravely aside the skeptics. He has declared the events around Nine Eleven a subject of historical analysis. On 1st of September he´s held a lecture (in English) at the University of Basel working out precisely the neuralgic point in the matter:

Daniele Ganser on Nine Eleven:

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