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Concept for Lectures on the Topic

In six parts, total duration of 12 hours

for Individuals and Oranizations to book (see below)

Even many well trained people have the impression that they are not able to understand World politics and see it as a total chaos. This is at least partly due to the fact that that the mainstream media are not providing sound background information. A helpful overview is designed to show the basic lines of how World History has developed and the principle guidelines of the various power elites in this World. This should be done in six sessions of two hours each.

Part 1: “From Cradle to Coffin”

When “Modern Man” left his cradle Africa mankind possibly counted many less than men found death during WW I, possibly even less than 100,000! A massive increase of population was the result of people settling in large settlements and the coming up of “High Cultures” from the Nile Valley over China to Middle and South America. The development of Africa and Asia was far ahead of Europe for quite a long time. Only with the end of the 15th Century the relation changed and Europe started seizing world dominance via development of seafaring techniques starting from the Mediterranean and adoption of gunpowder from China. This was very much to the detriment of many cultures.

Enormous numbers of people felt victim to this development. North America, large parts of Middle and South America as well as Australia were emptied from their original inhabitants and occupied by people of European descent. Those not killed were pushed into remote areas and robbed of any perspective. Slave trade and colonial exploitation allowed Europe the accumulation of enormous resources which made the “Industrial Revolution” possible and allowed further conquests and made Europe the absolute power centre of this world. This development left millions of people in Africa dead, either directly butchered or victims of exploitation and starvation. Especially Congo paid with eight to ten million victims for Western mobility and electrification. But the technological progress also fostered military competition between the European powers. The end of Europe´s dominance started with the monstrous World War I and was finalized with war´s end.

Part 2: The Turning Around of the Relations

With the end of the First World War the economic dynamics had to a large extend been shifted to the North American continent. This European settlement had become the new centre of industrial development after the crimes on the original inhabitants and with the “help” of brutal slave exploitation. The hope of many workers in the industrialized countries turned east to the big socialist experiment brought into existence by the October Revolution.

The relation between the sea power Great Britain and its “daughter”, the USA started to be reversed, finally manifested in World War II. At the same time the struggle between Sea and Land Powers got a new push, described already by the British Geographer Mackinder at the beginning of that Century. In East Asia Japan as the first non European (Sea) Power had managed to jump into the industrial age, a prelude to the rise of Asia as a new center of World development. Already the deadly struggle of the European powers in WW I had inspired the spirit of resistance against Colonialism and exploitation in the Southern Hemisphere and had put the topic of Democracy on World´s agenda. With no little support of part of US capitalists the Nazis won power in Germany. Especially the Cooperation of Ford and General Motors with Nazi Germany made the “Blitz” possible, finally pushing GB as strongest US competitor from its “Place No 1” and damaging the Soviet Union severely (20 million dead).

With the monstrous German crimes against the European Jews and other minorities the question of Anti-Racism gained momentum on the side of the allies in confrontation with the “Axis”. They employed this topic in their war efforts but the Western colonial powers as well as the officially “non colonial” power USA would by measured by this standard also after the war.

Western military threats to the Soviet revolution already in the 20ies and the Nazi invasion had pushed the authoritarian degeneration of Stalinism and done great damage to the Socialist experiment as well as to its reputation among Western workers, no matter, that Soviet civilians and soldiers had paid the highest price for the defeat of Germany´s Nazi regime.

War technology had been revolutionized. Warfare on land and on sea was decided from the air. The age of nuclear bombs had started.

Part 3: Cold War and Decolonization

The Soviet Union, heavily damaged and having lost more than 20 million lives, emerged as West´s opponent from the Second World War. Already the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japan was rather a Signal to “Uncle Joe”, Stalin, than a real military necessity (and maybe made possible by Eurocentric racism). The US, not being damaged by war inside its own territory, had become the “work bench of the World”. It had also to a great extended gained dominance over the Western colonial powers, almost astonishingly meeting most resistance to this by France. Important was also the Dollar hegemony based on the agreements of “Bretton Woods”.

The movements for independence, justice and democracy, fired by the promises of “Anti-Racism” and democracy from the Second World War turned the “Third World” into Western consciousness. Charismatic and visionary leaders of these movements gave important impulses and a face to this development in Western media. Many times Western secret services murdered them like in the case of Lumumba. Probably the existence of the Soviet Union saved many African countries from paying a much higher blood price for the nominal independence.

The struggle for continued Western dominance in East and South East Asia was extremely bloody (Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). In many places Colonialism was just replaced by “Neocolonialism”. Henchmen of the worst kind were the guarantee for the West to profit from the Southern resources instead of the local population. Despite the terrible German crimes the Western part of Germany (the Federal Republic of Germany) was soon allowed to participate, to a great extend because of its function in the Cold War.

Also very dramatic was (and is) the struggle for the Near and Middle East recourses, additionally fired by the foundation of Israel. Saudi Arabia (important for the US principle “Oil for Dollar), Israel and Turkey became prolonged arms of the US, many times with tendencies for independent goals and actions. But the US was also confronted inside for the blatant anti-black racism.

Pending over Mankind´s existence was always the danger of the “Nuclear Holocaust”, even if only coming by a technical false alarm!

Part 4: Democracy or Rule of the “Military Industrial Complex”

Of the later and the dangers post by it the 34th US President Eisenhower, surely no “Leftist”, was warning in his famous farewell speech. Also Kennedy in a speech short before his assassination warned of secret policy and conspiracies! US author Fukujama praised the “End of History” when worldwide Democracy of the Western type would dominate. Does Democracy in the US instead vanish in front of our eyes?

Crucial in deed for the understanding of World politics is the formation of the US Power Elite and its divisions. There are many indications that Kennedy was the victim of one of its fractions. Wealth and power was more and more concentrating in the US. Even in the early 30ies there was a coup attempt of part of the US Power Elite, the so called “Business Plot” (revealed before it could be started), whose organizers shared in fact a lot of their ideology with the Nazis. Even the Euthanasia concept of the Nazis got quite some inspiration from the US.

Short after Kennedy´s times the two fractions of the US Power Elite were dubbed “Traders” and “Warriors”. Both are aiming at World dominance, the Traders want to reach this by economic power and diplomacy, the Warriors attempting this by military force at a high risk. In fact Kennedy was opposing the Warriors´ dangerous games especially in the confrontation with Soviet backed Cuba. He solved the Cuba crisis by agreeing to pull US nuclear weapons out of Turkey (at the Soviet Unions gate), very much to the annoyance of the warrior fraction. The details of Kennedy´s assassination, revealed to a great extend by serious investigative US journalists are breath taking. Even Nixon was so much worried about the possibility that part of the Power Elite could end a President´s life that he insisted in vain in the CIA passing their files about Kennedy´s assassination to him. It seems that Watergate was mainly a “false flag operation” to get Nixon out of office and stop him from further insisting.

No doubt, Nixon and Kissinger were themselves a plague to the World manifested for example in the Pinochet coup in Chile and the following murderous regime, in the Vietnam War as well as in other crimes. Most of these deeds was prepared in secrecy and hidden to the formal democratic procedure. It seems secret policy is on its march forward!

Part 5: the Run for Resources, “Cyber Space”, “Islamism” and the „Eurasian Cooperation“

More and more dramatic becomes the struggle for control of energy sources and raw materials. The limitation of the resources also enters the public discussion. “Pic Oil” (the maximum of oil extraction) is presently hidden behind (politically motivated) high extraction rates, low oil prices and “Fracking”, but well present in the political “Think Tanks” of the Power Elites. Of great importance are also “Rare Minerals”, like Coltan – so important for computers and mobile telephones, having cost the life of eight to ten million Congolese during the last eighteen years.

The fantastic development of the computer technology and the global web has opened immense economic possibilities. It has brought a rationalization of production, not being dreamt of at all half a Century ago. It is dominated by US technology and has opened uncounted backdoors for US “intelligence” via Microsoft ruling the IT world. But others are not sleeping and sabotaging by US and Israel for example via “Stuxnet” (a computer worm) of Iran´s uranium centrifuges could be answered. Much of the Western infrastructure is totally depending on a well working “digital world”. The societies of industrialized countries would hardly survive an extended “Cyber War”.

The strategy of the US is the “Free Trade Religion” to prevent the countries of the Southern Hemisphere from own industrialization and to condemn them to be eternal raw material deliverers and at the same time to prevent them from free choice of other trading partners than Western. The rise of the “BRICS” sates (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is not to the taste of the US Power Elite at all. Also the possibility of a getting nearer between the main technological competitor EU and the energy giant Russia is very much disliked. A lot has been done to prevent the BRICS states from getting to the Southern resources which are regarded by Western elites following the word: “how does our oil get under their sand?!”.

In this context the question of “Islamism” arises. Being nourished by the West and their Saudi and Qatar allies against secular national movements in the Islamic World and against those days Soviet Union “Muslim Brothers”, Hamas, Al Qaeda and ISIS have been pushed. At the same time their “terrorist” tendencies “legitimize” militarization and mass surveillance and endanger the life of ordinary people everywhere and Governments running “out of line”.

The real nightmare for the US Power Elite are the efforts on the side of China and Russia for an Eurasian Cooperation manifested in the „Iron Silk Road“ and the „Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank“, as well as the efforts to break the oil binding to Dollar. It appears plausible that a lot of US Politics with its support for militant Islamic fundamentalism and Terrorism as well as the support for Fascist policy in the Ukraine is aiming at building a barrier against those efforts.

The US Power Elite has fully adopted the concepts of the British Geographer Halford Mackinder from the beginning of the last Century. They know that  progress of that Eurasian Cooperation would reduce their impact on the World considerably. Indeed speeches of the Neo-Conservative George Friedman (Statfor) would support this thesis.

Part 6: Political Conspiracy: “Theory” or Reality?

Since times immemorial politics is a game where aims and purposes are tried to hide. Powerful people always want to use ordinary people in their “good will”. Subjects and citizens were often lied at and made support actions which they´d have rejected vehemently if knowing the true reasons and purposes. In modern times there are examples to be found which leaves one to fear for the future.

The Nazis were famous for “false flag operations”, the “Reichstag” fire (most probably) and definitely the attack on the German radio station Gleiwitz purposely assigned to Poland as the pretext to the Nazi attack on that country marking the beginning of WW II. Related operations are accidents presented as sabotage like the explosion of the “USS Maine”, being the beginning of the war between the US and Spain. Also pure inventions or naval confrontations which are “relocated” are produced by the powerful, as this is the case with the “Tonkin Incident”. On the other side there is the downing of airplanes covered as accidents like the case of the plane with Rwanda´s and Burundi´s presidents on board and many other “accidents”.

A classic case is also “Operation Northwoods”, planned by the “Joint Staff” of the US forces after the failed “Bay of Pigs Invasion” in Cuba by CIA and Exile Cubans. The planned operation included terror attacks on US installations home and abroad and places in the US with people dead and injured, fake hijacking of an airplane and downing it, all meant to be blamed on Cuba as “reason” for a full scale invasion on that island. Kennedy stopped the madness and didn´t live long afterwards. Sad fame with “insiders” also “enjoy” NATO´s “Secret Armies”, named “Gladio” after its Italian variant, well documented by Swiss Historian Daniele Ganser. The bombing of the Bologna Main station is ascribed to that organization, meant to be blamed on leftists.

In fact much more critical discussion about these Western operations is to be found in the US than for example in Germany and other European countries. But Democracy only functions with well informed citizens not trusting in cheap narratives of the powerful.

Noam Chomsky, renowned linguist and political analyst, has put it very well in a sarcastic way: “Terrorism is always what the others do!” (Unfortunately he is silent on some intriguing questions).

This part will include many more spectacular cases and insights.

On demand sections about Early Human evolution and developments, about the History of Africa and Asia, about the History of Technology, about military developments and about “Psychological Operations” could be added.

You can book me as long as I don´t have to take a plane!



Frau Ministerin (Dr. ?) von der Leyen, was macht Ihre Promotion? Diese Frage erhebt sich immer lauter:

Und sind Sie nicht auch oberste Dienstherrin der Universitäten der Bundeswehr? Schon ist ein anderer Kriegsminister vor Ihnen durch die Kugel des fundierten Plagiatsvorwurfs „gefallen“:


Allerdings, „gefallen“ sind viele vor ihm, ebenso sind ja auch schon andere Politiker dem Plagiat zum Opfer gefallen, wie die Bundesbildungsministerin.

Wie auch immer, ginge es wirklich nach Recht und Gesetz, dann würde über dem gesamten Kabinett das Damoklesschwert einer Anklage wegen Vorbereitung eines Angriffskrieges schweben:


Möge dieses Schwert endlich niederfallen!

Andreas Schlüter


Nun ist es also „raus“: Zschäpe war „die gute Nazibraut“, sie war entsetzt über die Taten, fühlt sich moralisch schuldig und entschuldigt sich bei Opfern und Hinterbliebenen ( )!


Albert Speer mit seinem „Meister“

Was für eine lächerliche Posse, aber was für ein „namhaftes“ Vorbild: Albert Speer! Der hatte im Nürnberger Prozess gegen die Hauptkriegsverbrecher den „guten Nazi“ gespielt, moralische Schuld eingestanden, um die juristische Schuld abzuwälzen. Er rettete mit dieser Posse als Hitlers Rüstungsminister und Mörder und Schinder von abertausenden Sklavenarbeitern seinen Kopf, kam mit zwanzig Jahren Haft davon und wurde hinterher als „Zeitzeuge“ und „des Führers Architekt“ medial und gesellschaftlich hofiert. Der Journalist und Historiker Joachim Fest ging ihm dabei hilfreich zur Hand.

Aber, es gibt eine weitere Parallele zu den Nürnberger Prozessen – so unterschiedlich selbstverständlich die zahlenmäßigen Dimensionen der je verhandelten Barbareien sind – diejenigen, die das Ganze ermöglicht und unterstützt haben, saßen und sitzen nicht auf der Anklagebank! Die US-Amerikaner, die Hitler mit zur Macht gebracht haben (1) und diejenigen, die selbst im Zweiten Weltkrieg aus den USA heraus die Nazi-Barbarei unterstützt haben (2) fanden sich nicht auf der Nürnberger Anklagebank! Genausowenig sehen wir im Zschäpe-Prozess bisher etwas von den eigentlichen Unterstützern der Neonazi-Barbarei in den Geheimdiensten und etwas vom „Eisberg unter den dunklen Wassern“, nämlich von „Gladio“ ( ).

Es ist nun nicht so wahrscheinlich, dass beim NSU-Prozess diese Masche für Zschäpe zieht, aber sollte das der Fall sein, und sollte sie mit wenigen Jahren davonkommen, können wir sicher sein, dass sich ein weiterer „Joachim Fest“ findet, der ihr nach dem Gefängnis zu medialer Präsenz und medialem Ruhm verhelfen wird. Die armen Hinterbliebenen der Opfer dieser Verbechen, sie müssen sich entsetzlich fühlen!

Andreas Schlüter

1) Anthony Sutton, „Wallstreet and the Rise of Hitler

2) Charles Higham, „Trading with the Enemy


Strafgesetzbuch (StGB) § 80 Vorbereitung eines Angriffskrieges

Wer einen Angriffskrieg (Artikel 26 Abs. 1 des Grundgesetzes), an dem die Bundesrepublik Deutschland beteiligt sein soll, vorbereitet und dadurch die Gefahr eines Krieges für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland herbeiführt, wird mit lebenslanger Freiheitsstrafe oder mit Freiheitsstrafe nicht unter zehn Jahren bestraft.

Fraglos ist der „Islamische Staat“ eine verwerfliche Organisation, fraglos muss er bekämpft werden, zuallerst von den Regierungen der Staaten, auf deren Gebiet er sich ausbreitet. Hilft man diesen Staaten, wie das Russland in Syrien im Einklang mit der Regierung tut, steht dieses im Einklang mit dem Völkerrecht. Bombardiert man aber ohne Einvernehmen mit der betreffenden Regierung ein fremdes Territorium, dann ist dies ein Angriffskrieg. Diese Aktionen werden eben auch ohne ein UN-Mandat vorbereitet.

Sahra Wagenknecht hat Recht, dass andere Mittel als Bomben besser seien, den IS zu bekämpfen:üge-dass-dieser-kriegseinsatz-den-is-schwächen-wird.html

Aber das kann ja kontrovers betrachtet werden, nicht jedoch das Völkerrecht und die eindeutigen Gesetze! Daher ist die Bundesregierung strafrechtlich zu verfolgen, im Grunde genommen ebenso alle Bundestagsabgeordneten, die heute, am 4. Dezember 2015, dem Einsatz der Bundeswehr in Syrien zugestimmt haben!

Und im Umfeld der verbrecherischen Geschichte befindet sich eine weitere Straftat:

Strafgesetzbuch (StGB): § 138 Nichtanzeige geplanter Straftaten


Und dann ist außerdem dieser Einsatz nicht wirklich dazu gedacht, den IS zu vernichten, sondern, da er im Zusammenhang mit US-getriebenen anderen Staaten stattfindet, soll er eben letztendlich zum Sturz der syrischen Regierung führen. Die USA, Großbritannien und Frankreich sind mit dem NATO-Staat Türkei und den westlichen Verbündeten Saudi-Arabien und Katar die treibende Kraft hinter dem Krieg in Syrien und auch direkte oder indirekte Unterstützer des IS und der übrigen islamistischen Rebellen-Truppen. Aber dieses ist eine – wohlbegründete – politische Einschätzung, der man sich anschließen mag oder nicht, die Gestzeslage ist eindeutig. Daher: Strafanzeige sollte erstattet werden!

Andreas Schlüter