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Heute vor 53 Jahren wurde JFK ermordet. Lang, lang ist´s her, aber der Vorgang ist weiterhin von größter Bedeutung, denn er zeigt, dass ein US-Präsident keinesfalls „der mächtigste Mann der Welt“ ist, allenfalls der „prächtigste“. „Hinter dem Vorhang“ regiert die eigentliche US Machtelite mit dem „Tiefen Staat“. Mein Artikel von 2013 hat somit nichts von seiner Aktualität verloren:

Kennedys Ermordung: ein halbes Jahrhundert der Lügen“:

Andreas Schlüter

Meine Beiträge zu den USA:

People having a critical mind look in fear at the developments in the USA, the more since the contradictions in the official narrative of Nine Eleven became more and more glaring and only allow one conclusion: Nine Eleven was an Inside Job! What is to be expected from the US Power Elite, from the „Deep State“ inside the US for the future? The past has already taught us terrible things, beside Nine Eleven atrocities either planned or perpetrated, like the aborted „Business_Plot“ against Roosevelt, like the massive support of Wall_Street for the Nazis, like the „Operation_Northwoods“ (stopped by Kennedy, which he didn´t survive long) and many more did.

Analysis, Speculations and Necessary Predictions

Analysis of the past is very helpful. Analysis of the present situation, politically and socially, is absolute necessary. But at times one might have to dare also making predictions, either to counter future false narratives about future events or to prevent what is predicted (with the consequence of having been wrong). The last is usually not in the power of alternative media members.

I observed the preparations of the US elections daring to make some predictions of more general nature, like the expectation of more war policy, but also a contemplation of what could happen to a candidate coming in the way of Clinton.

Clinton, the Darling of the Neocons


One thing was very clear: Clinton is the spearhead of the Neocons in the Democratic Party. She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“. The Neocons are more and more in control of the Democratic Party and of the US administration. Well, all this can´t be disputed!

Intrusion: If one wants to know what is in the Neocon „pipe“, one should read their think tank papers. In September 2000 the US Think Tank „Project for the New American Century“ issued the paper „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“. On page 60 you find the announcement of Fascist atrocities! It reads:

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

Surely it should not target white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs)!

Neocon Support for Clinton and Political Illusions

Those Neocon intellectual servants of the US Power Elite, like Kissinger, Kagan and Wolfowitz are giving full support to Clinton. Nevertheless many ordinary people are still trapped with the illusion: the Democratic Party stands for a socially oriented policy, they are anti-racist, they are „with the small people“, they favor some sort of „New Deal“.

So everything seemed fine – for the US Neocon Power Elite!


But something fishy is in the air. We saw the Wikileaks revelations about Email-scandals, about financial scandals, the mounting „Body count“ of the Clintons (in alternative media), but most important, Hillary Clinton´s fainting health! This health story goes on for a while and I started pondering. The US Power Elite must have been aware of Clinton´s health. They must be aware of all those problems endangering her possible presidency. What if there is something else „in the pipe“? Could there be a plan to sacrifice the “Queen” like in Chess for the final victory?


Another Business Plot under way?

My Blog wasn´t working for a while and friends warned me also not to post such speculations on my blog and „lean too far out of the window“ (with good reason). But on Facebook I dared to make another prediction:


And on Twitter too:


Yesterday – without having seen an article on the Washington Post, about which I´ll talk afterwards – I made my prediction more precise in a telephone talk: I fear that the people of the „Deep State“ might have poisoned Clinton with a „low“ dose of polonium and they´ll blame it on Russia and Putin like in the case of Litvinenko. It would then be declared a hostile attack. The ground was already prepared by the media presenting Trump as „Putin´s agent“ as well as by predicting Russia would rig the elections electronically. This might lead to the declaration of „state of emergency“, or by declaring Martial Law. So, what is left of US democracy might be „suspended“, Business Plot 2.0! And it might be the prelude for stepping up war preparations against Russia. A frightening perspective!

Today I saw the new Corbett Report:

Inside the report James Corbett talks about an article on the Washington Post, coming up exactly with the story I expected to come:

Bennet_Omalu, a renowned forensic pathologist warns on Twitter that Clinton could have been poisoned and demands a toxicological research on her blood. He links that to Russia and Putin. The Washington Post linked it to the Litvinenko case. And today there is a flood of English written articles fluting the same tune (see below). One can ponder what made Omalu do the Neocon job. He might be a good scientist, but politically very naive. As a born Nigerian having had a lot of chances in the US he might want to be super loyal to the US and be driven by wrong nationalism and influenced by anti-Putin propaganda. Or he might see this as an opportunity to increase his importance. He´s surely neither serving the good of the common US citizens nor the good of the World!

People in the US, the World should be on Alert!

I believe we should be clear: the US Neocon Power Elite was ready to sacrifice almost 3000 Americans on Nine Eleven. They were ready to kill political opponents all over the world not to talk about millions falling victims to US warmongers. Maybe they were ready to kill political opponents inside the USA like Senator Wellstone. Why shouldn´t they be ready to kill quite important figures on their own side, if they think that thus they could get full control?! That´s called a “Queen Sacrifice” with the Chess game, and they´re damn good at Chess.

The first half of my prediction came true. I´m afraid to see the rest of it also to come true, but I think we should be prepared to prevent people to be trapped with the “official” narrative that would follow. And we should be prepared to counter more war monger policy and more political repression!

Andreas Schlüter

Links to articles on Clinton “being poisoned”:

My articles on the USA:

Concept for Lectures on the Topic

In six parts, total duration of 12 hours

for Individuals and Oranizations to book (see below)

Even many well trained people have the impression that they are not able to understand World politics and see it as a total chaos. This is at least partly due to the fact that that the mainstream media are not providing sound background information. A helpful overview is designed to show the basic lines of how World History has developed and the principle guidelines of the various power elites in this World. This should be done in six sessions of two hours each.

Part 1: “From Cradle to Coffin”

When “Modern Man” left his cradle Africa mankind possibly counted many less than men found death during WW I, possibly even less than 100,000! A massive increase of population was the result of people settling in large settlements and the coming up of “High Cultures” from the Nile Valley over China to Middle and South America. The development of Africa and Asia was far ahead of Europe for quite a long time. Only with the end of the 15th Century the relation changed and Europe started seizing world dominance via development of seafaring techniques starting from the Mediterranean and adoption of gunpowder from China. This was very much to the detriment of many cultures.

Enormous numbers of people felt victim to this development. North America, large parts of Middle and South America as well as Australia were emptied from their original inhabitants and occupied by people of European descent. Those not killed were pushed into remote areas and robbed of any perspective. Slave trade and colonial exploitation allowed Europe the accumulation of enormous resources which made the “Industrial Revolution” possible and allowed further conquests and made Europe the absolute power centre of this world. This development left millions of people in Africa dead, either directly butchered or victims of exploitation and starvation. Especially Congo paid with eight to ten million victims for Western mobility and electrification. But the technological progress also fostered military competition between the European powers. The end of Europe´s dominance started with the monstrous World War I and was finalized with war´s end.

Part 2: The Turning Around of the Relations

With the end of the First World War the economic dynamics had to a large extend been shifted to the North American continent. This European settlement had become the new centre of industrial development after the crimes on the original inhabitants and with the “help” of brutal slave exploitation. The hope of many workers in the industrialized countries turned east to the big socialist experiment brought into existence by the October Revolution.

The relation between the sea power Great Britain and its “daughter”, the USA started to be reversed, finally manifested in World War II. At the same time the struggle between Sea and Land Powers got a new push, described already by the British Geographer Mackinder at the beginning of that Century. In East Asia Japan as the first non European (Sea) Power had managed to jump into the industrial age, a prelude to the rise of Asia as a new center of World development. Already the deadly struggle of the European powers in WW I had inspired the spirit of resistance against Colonialism and exploitation in the Southern Hemisphere and had put the topic of Democracy on World´s agenda. With no little support of part of US capitalists the Nazis won power in Germany. Especially the Cooperation of Ford and General Motors with Nazi Germany made the “Blitz” possible, finally pushing GB as strongest US competitor from its “Place No 1” and damaging the Soviet Union severely (20 million dead).

With the monstrous German crimes against the European Jews and other minorities the question of Anti-Racism gained momentum on the side of the allies in confrontation with the “Axis”. They employed this topic in their war efforts but the Western colonial powers as well as the officially “non colonial” power USA would by measured by this standard also after the war.

Western military threats to the Soviet revolution already in the 20ies and the Nazi invasion had pushed the authoritarian degeneration of Stalinism and done great damage to the Socialist experiment as well as to its reputation among Western workers, no matter, that Soviet civilians and soldiers had paid the highest price for the defeat of Germany´s Nazi regime.

War technology had been revolutionized. Warfare on land and on sea was decided from the air. The age of nuclear bombs had started.

Part 3: Cold War and Decolonization

The Soviet Union, heavily damaged and having lost more than 20 million lives, emerged as West´s opponent from the Second World War. Already the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japan was rather a Signal to “Uncle Joe”, Stalin, than a real military necessity (and maybe made possible by Eurocentric racism). The US, not being damaged by war inside its own territory, had become the “work bench of the World”. It had also to a great extended gained dominance over the Western colonial powers, almost astonishingly meeting most resistance to this by France. Important was also the Dollar hegemony based on the agreements of “Bretton Woods”.

The movements for independence, justice and democracy, fired by the promises of “Anti-Racism” and democracy from the Second World War turned the “Third World” into Western consciousness. Charismatic and visionary leaders of these movements gave important impulses and a face to this development in Western media. Many times Western secret services murdered them like in the case of Lumumba. Probably the existence of the Soviet Union saved many African countries from paying a much higher blood price for the nominal independence.

The struggle for continued Western dominance in East and South East Asia was extremely bloody (Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). In many places Colonialism was just replaced by “Neocolonialism”. Henchmen of the worst kind were the guarantee for the West to profit from the Southern resources instead of the local population. Despite the terrible German crimes the Western part of Germany (the Federal Republic of Germany) was soon allowed to participate, to a great extend because of its function in the Cold War.

Also very dramatic was (and is) the struggle for the Near and Middle East recourses, additionally fired by the foundation of Israel. Saudi Arabia (important for the US principle “Oil for Dollar), Israel and Turkey became prolonged arms of the US, many times with tendencies for independent goals and actions. But the US was also confronted inside for the blatant anti-black racism.

Pending over Mankind´s existence was always the danger of the “Nuclear Holocaust”, even if only coming by a technical false alarm!

Part 4: Democracy or Rule of the “Military Industrial Complex”

Of the later and the dangers post by it the 34th US President Eisenhower, surely no “Leftist”, was warning in his famous farewell speech. Also Kennedy in a speech short before his assassination warned of secret policy and conspiracies! US author Fukujama praised the “End of History” when worldwide Democracy of the Western type would dominate. Does Democracy in the US instead vanish in front of our eyes?

Crucial in deed for the understanding of World politics is the formation of the US Power Elite and its divisions. There are many indications that Kennedy was the victim of one of its fractions. Wealth and power was more and more concentrating in the US. Even in the early 30ies there was a coup attempt of part of the US Power Elite, the so called “Business Plot” (revealed before it could be started), whose organizers shared in fact a lot of their ideology with the Nazis. Even the Euthanasia concept of the Nazis got quite some inspiration from the US.

Short after Kennedy´s times the two fractions of the US Power Elite were dubbed “Traders” and “Warriors”. Both are aiming at World dominance, the Traders want to reach this by economic power and diplomacy, the Warriors attempting this by military force at a high risk. In fact Kennedy was opposing the Warriors´ dangerous games especially in the confrontation with Soviet backed Cuba. He solved the Cuba crisis by agreeing to pull US nuclear weapons out of Turkey (at the Soviet Unions gate), very much to the annoyance of the warrior fraction. The details of Kennedy´s assassination, revealed to a great extend by serious investigative US journalists are breath taking. Even Nixon was so much worried about the possibility that part of the Power Elite could end a President´s life that he insisted in vain in the CIA passing their files about Kennedy´s assassination to him. It seems that Watergate was mainly a “false flag operation” to get Nixon out of office and stop him from further insisting.

No doubt, Nixon and Kissinger were themselves a plague to the World manifested for example in the Pinochet coup in Chile and the following murderous regime, in the Vietnam War as well as in other crimes. Most of these deeds was prepared in secrecy and hidden to the formal democratic procedure. It seems secret policy is on its march forward!

Part 5: the Run for Resources, “Cyber Space”, “Islamism” and the „Eurasian Cooperation“

More and more dramatic becomes the struggle for control of energy sources and raw materials. The limitation of the resources also enters the public discussion. “Pic Oil” (the maximum of oil extraction) is presently hidden behind (politically motivated) high extraction rates, low oil prices and “Fracking”, but well present in the political “Think Tanks” of the Power Elites. Of great importance are also “Rare Minerals”, like Coltan – so important for computers and mobile telephones, having cost the life of eight to ten million Congolese during the last eighteen years.

The fantastic development of the computer technology and the global web has opened immense economic possibilities. It has brought a rationalization of production, not being dreamt of at all half a Century ago. It is dominated by US technology and has opened uncounted backdoors for US “intelligence” via Microsoft ruling the IT world. But others are not sleeping and sabotaging by US and Israel for example via “Stuxnet” (a computer worm) of Iran´s uranium centrifuges could be answered. Much of the Western infrastructure is totally depending on a well working “digital world”. The societies of industrialized countries would hardly survive an extended “Cyber War”.

The strategy of the US is the “Free Trade Religion” to prevent the countries of the Southern Hemisphere from own industrialization and to condemn them to be eternal raw material deliverers and at the same time to prevent them from free choice of other trading partners than Western. The rise of the “BRICS” sates (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is not to the taste of the US Power Elite at all. Also the possibility of a getting nearer between the main technological competitor EU and the energy giant Russia is very much disliked. A lot has been done to prevent the BRICS states from getting to the Southern resources which are regarded by Western elites following the word: “how does our oil get under their sand?!”.

In this context the question of “Islamism” arises. Being nourished by the West and their Saudi and Qatar allies against secular national movements in the Islamic World and against those days Soviet Union “Muslim Brothers”, Hamas, Al Qaeda and ISIS have been pushed. At the same time their “terrorist” tendencies “legitimize” militarization and mass surveillance and endanger the life of ordinary people everywhere and Governments running “out of line”.

The real nightmare for the US Power Elite are the efforts on the side of China and Russia for an Eurasian Cooperation manifested in the „Iron Silk Road“ and the „Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank“, as well as the efforts to break the oil binding to Dollar. It appears plausible that a lot of US Politics with its support for militant Islamic fundamentalism and Terrorism as well as the support for Fascist policy in the Ukraine is aiming at building a barrier against those efforts.

The US Power Elite has fully adopted the concepts of the British Geographer Halford Mackinder from the beginning of the last Century. They know that  progress of that Eurasian Cooperation would reduce their impact on the World considerably. Indeed speeches of the Neo-Conservative George Friedman (Statfor) would support this thesis.

Part 6: Political Conspiracy: “Theory” or Reality?

Since times immemorial politics is a game where aims and purposes are tried to hide. Powerful people always want to use ordinary people in their “good will”. Subjects and citizens were often lied at and made support actions which they´d have rejected vehemently if knowing the true reasons and purposes. In modern times there are examples to be found which leaves one to fear for the future.

The Nazis were famous for “false flag operations”, the “Reichstag” fire (most probably) and definitely the attack on the German radio station Gleiwitz purposely assigned to Poland as the pretext to the Nazi attack on that country marking the beginning of WW II. Related operations are accidents presented as sabotage like the explosion of the “USS Maine”, being the beginning of the war between the US and Spain. Also pure inventions or naval confrontations which are “relocated” are produced by the powerful, as this is the case with the “Tonkin Incident”. On the other side there is the downing of airplanes covered as accidents like the case of the plane with Rwanda´s and Burundi´s presidents on board and many other “accidents”.

A classic case is also “Operation Northwoods”, planned by the “Joint Staff” of the US forces after the failed “Bay of Pigs Invasion” in Cuba by CIA and Exile Cubans. The planned operation included terror attacks on US installations home and abroad and places in the US with people dead and injured, fake hijacking of an airplane and downing it, all meant to be blamed on Cuba as “reason” for a full scale invasion on that island. Kennedy stopped the madness and didn´t live long afterwards. Sad fame with “insiders” also “enjoy” NATO´s “Secret Armies”, named “Gladio” after its Italian variant, well documented by Swiss Historian Daniele Ganser. The bombing of the Bologna Main station is ascribed to that organization, meant to be blamed on leftists.

In fact much more critical discussion about these Western operations is to be found in the US than for example in Germany and other European countries. But Democracy only functions with well informed citizens not trusting in cheap narratives of the powerful.

Noam Chomsky, renowned linguist and political analyst, has put it very well in a sarcastic way: “Terrorism is always what the others do!” (Unfortunately he is silent on some intriguing questions).

This part will include many more spectacular cases and insights.

On demand sections about Early Human evolution and developments, about the History of Africa and Asia, about the History of Technology, about military developments and about “Psychological Operations” could be added.

You can book me as long as I don´t have to take a plane!



Eine intellektuelle Sünde:

Verschwörungstheorie“ als negatives Totschlagargument zerstört zwei wichtige Kategorien bzw. Begriffe, den Begriff der Verschwörung und die Kategorie der Theorie inklusive der Hypothese.

Eine politische Sünde

Gesellschaft braucht Diskurs und Orientierung, Entscheidung über Aussagen auf eingeschränkter Informationsgrundlage. Wirtschaft und politische Mächte nehmen sich die Freiheit der „Einschätzung“, der „Zivilgesellschaft“ und der „Gegenöffentlichkeit“ will man nur die Wahl lassen zwischen offiziellen Narrativen und „wasserdichten“, „gerichtsfesten“ Beweisen? Was nicht im Fernsehen zu sehen war, existiert nicht?

Manchmal aber gibt es doch mutige Fernsehjournalisten, so beim ORF:

Diese Auseinandersetzung wird noch lange währen!

Eines ist klar: wer leichtfertig mit dem Wort „Verschwörungstheoretiker“ um sich wirft, hat im Grunde jede politologische Kompetenz verspielt, denn Politik ist im Wesentlichen Verschwörung. Anders ist es u. a. nicht zu erklären, dass Millionen von Menschen sich in Kriegen zum Wohl einer kleinen Zahl von Leuten „verfeuern“ lassen.

Andreas Schlüter


Addition to:

USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog:

are there more dirty secrets?“

In the above named article I tried to explain how Israel´s Power Elite used their extended (pre-) knowledge about the Neocons and their „False Flag operation “Nine Eleven ( for blackmail power over the US Power Elite to serve their own colonial and racist occupation policy and regional aspirations. The monumental crime of Nine Eleven being at the heart of US Power Elite´s war against the World, particularly against the Southern Hemisphere, is of overall geostrategic dimension ( Though the small US Power Elite has within itself great differences on geostrategic issues in parts of the World ( and not the whole Power Elite was involved in Nine Eleven, it is united in the aim of gaining world control, united in the will to cover the Nine Eleven case up and – no matter how close the Neocons linked themselves to „Israel Firsters“ and AIPAC, this Elite being predominantly WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) – is united in the wish to shake the yoke of Israel´s blackmail power off! And this blackmail power of Israel´s Power Elite over a large section of the US Power Elite is already dating back to Kennedy´s assassination by the „warriors“ within the hidden US Elite ( See also:

(Interestingly in that Chapter on the relations between the two countries Kennedy is left out)


Are Neocons finally „doing the trick“?

Many people especially in the US are by now rejecting the official version of the 14 Arabs having organized the tragedy in their own capacity. Thousands of architects and engineers as well as pilots and firefighters have gathered in organizations to challenge the hoax. For the forces involved it gets critical. If the truth comes fully to light also to the European US vassal countries it would course turmoil. For the Elite´s part involved in the crime it would be very intelligent to shift the eye of the skeptics to those forces using their blackmail power over them, the more as the perpetrators have integrated a number of people into the crime who could easily be linked to Israel, like Larry Silverstein. It is pure speculation whether that was an inbuilt „life boat“ from the beginning.


Willing or Unwilling Helpers for the Trick

Now with the delicate development of growing skepticism surely it is proper for the involved forces to see „whistleblowers“ point at Israel for being the evil doer in this case (as much as Israel´s policy is brutal with disregard for international law and humans rights and benefitting from Nine Eleven). One of those helpers possibly is Chris Bollyn (, a journalist who is (not without reason) very skeptical of Israel. His presentation is meant to „prove“ that Israel has done it:

He is very good at showing that things could not have happened as we´re told, no doubt! He dismisses with great competence some nonsense spread by some „skeptics“ (like the „nuclear bomb in the Twin Towers“), but he´s avoiding all points which make clear that this wasn´t first and foremost Israel´s job but an „inside job“. He avoids – though mentioning the incident as such – the fact that in WTC 7 (7 World Trade Center, the famous building only being hit by parts of a twin tower and having some fires inside but never the less collapsing a few hours later in its footprints) had contained offices of US intelligence services and NY town administration. He misinterprets the involvement of Cheney, Rumsfeld and the US Air Force in laming the standard procedures for „Air Policing“ and thus preventing the procedure from stopping the attacks by planes as what it was, the US Power Elite´s finger print. He avoids the miraculous show of would be pilots totally unfit to do the flights and the necessity to do remote control of the planes via air capacity. He avoids the famous project „Operation Northwoods“ False Flag operation meant to be blamed on Cuba ( for a planned invasion, then being stopped by Kennedy. He´s misinterpreting those Think Tank papers like „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“ and those for a „New American Century“. He´s very good in telling anecdotes and in presenting himself as a man of knowledge. When an attendant of his presentation made the remark, that the „dancing Israelis“ in face of the crumbling tower must be interpreted in a more plausible way, since Mossad doesn´t employ fools, he shifts to details which are important but not so much in connection with the question „who done it?“ He even propagates that the US Power Elite wouldn´t have needed a “False Flag” to justify their war against the Southern Hemisphere.

In another lecture he again puts the dancing Mossad agents into a context which might convince superficial people but no one who´s studied such operations. The „Trio Infernale“, US, Saudi Arabia and Israel is presented as directed solely by Israel´s Power Elite. He condemned the mixture of truth and lies within some websites, but he´s doing the same thing, mixing many truths with very problematic speculations and distortions. Most probably Bollyn is more influenced by bad experience with truly criminal deeds concerning the hardcore Zionist Power Elite of Israel than with fundamental anti-Judaism. He also talks about defamation of his critical positions on Israel as “Anti-Semite”, surely having embittered him.

Anyway the man is in the danger to become a „useful idiot“ for the WASP Neocons. As much as I would like Israel´s Power Elite and government to be hold accountable for their many crimes I fear that this massive misinterpretation might help the Neocons to gain support from the rest of the old time and old fashion elite having the KKK and the white militia men at hand. Then white collar corporate fascism and the old time Wasp ethnocentric fascism could join hands for another „Business Plot”. This would at the same time increase the old type racism in the US and would befuddle US citizens of North and Central European descent by being the „real Americans“. The deeds of the US Power Elite towards the World are already showing many elements of a „Race War“, in case this wrong narrative proceeds it might turn into a full scale Race War in favor of the WASP Power Elite. And it´s very tempting for national minded white people in the US who are not able to believe the official story on Nine Eleven anymore, to come out with this conclusion: at least the evil doers are not our offspring!

At best” it would just make things more difficult for those trying to bring light to Nine Eleven by smearing the whole debate with “Anti-Semitism”!

Andreas Schlüter

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete

when everything the American public believes is false.”

– William Casey, CIA Director 1981


Introductory Remark:

Emancipatory movements have mighty opponents: the Powerful! The power elites, governments and state organizations have enormous rescources but nevertheless need assessments in lack of certainties many a times. The more does this apply to us, struggling for a more just and peaceful world, but lacking an „intelligence apparatus“. But usually also the most plausible assessments by us are dubbed „conspiracy theories“ by the power´s henchmen in the media. We shouldn´t mind, since we have to assemble puzzles quite often to get a clear picture of the situation.


The Last Empire

The USA are the sole Empire (in the true sense) left. The formal democratic structures hardly cover the fact that a small number of people (maybe 100 to 150) are in the end deciding about the US politics and thus about large parts of this world, rightfully called the „US Power Elite“, though there are some fierce divisions among them about strategic issues ( Whatever happens in this world that doesn´t please the US Power Elite the power apparatus flexes its muscles and international law and the souverainity of other states are trampled under foot. Even Russia at certain points is afraid of the unscrupulous giant, as Putin´s words on the occasion of Snowden´s asylum have impressingly shown: There´s only one country in this world which appears to have no fear at all for the giant´s reactions though financially highly dependend on him: as shown again just on the new Gaza Massacre: Israel!

Wag the Dog“ – or Blackmail Power?

Many times it appears that in the relationship between the US and Israel the tail wags the dog. The speculations that the Diaspora in the US as such is creating such an abnormality will be dealt with later in this article (and somehow be dismissed). The story goes between the US Power Elite and Israel´s Power Elite, as much camouflaged it might be. Ariel Sharon reportedly shouting at Peres: „we … control America“ ( has some strange foundation which shouldn´t be misunderstood. The basis for the strong influence Israel´s Power Elite takes on the US Power Elite is mainly based on blackmail power.


One of the Keys

One key to understand this relationship is at the core of US politics and its „war against the world“: Nine Eleven! Everybody who´s taken the pain to go into the details of Nine Eleven can hardly believe into the official version on the event ( It can not be doubted anymore that by and large it was an „Inside Job“ involving the Neocons among the US Power Elite. An early blueprint for this might have been Operation Northwoods, a “false flag” planned by the Joint Chiefs of Staffs of the US Military to legitimate an attack on Cuba and stopped by Kennedy. False Flag Operations were for example commonplace in US lead Operation Gladio following the strategy of tension in Europe. Attributed to this structure is also the Bologna massacre.

The White Van”

Taken all this there is an incident arround Nine Eleven which must be taken into consideration carefully. In face of the crumbling Twin Towers a group of “Oriental looking people” was observed jubilating and cheering in front of a white van. Onlookers alarmed the police ( and the group was seized. They were unmasked as agents from Israel, lateron deported without charges ( together with many other agents from Israel. Astonishingly in an Israeli talkshow they admitted their job was to record the incident which thus they must have known in advance. And obviously from the Israeli side there were some warnings before Nine Eleven:

Superficial conclusions should be avoided! The Mossad (which would not have dared to perpetrate such an act) being one of the most effective secret services of the world will not employ foolish amateurs unmasking themselves by such a bloody mistake. There is a “language of symbols” between the powerful of this world. The show was meant to be recorded. It was a message to the powerful fraction of the US involved into this act of terrorism: we have everthing on the screen (including the preparations, as indicated by the unveiled foreknowledge, „explosive knowledge“, stressed by the explosives found in the white van)! That could have done the trick!

Is that “All” Or Is There Another Older Key?

A Short History of US Israel Relations from 1945 to 1967

As supportive the US were to the establishment of Israel (as was the Soviet Union) after WW II it wasn´t the US darling No 1 in the region. The most important ally was (and somehow still is) Saudi Arabia. To maintain the rule of US puppets and assets in the oil region the US had to mask as a balanced mediator. This was to be seen in the UN mediation by the American Ralph Bunche and the 1949 Armistice Agreements ending the 1948 Arab Israeli War. As much as this shifted the original frontiers between the Palestinians and Israel in favour of the later, in the Tripartite Declaration of 1950 with Britain and France those borders (also called the borders of 1967) were generally fixed by the US.

It should be mentioned that the political atmosphere in the US was so as to make the open letter of Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt and many other Jewish personalities to the New York Times warning of growing Fascism in Israel with respect to the treatment of Palestinians not a spectacular event (as would be the case today) but a respected (and printed) warning:

The fact that US politics didn´t want to present itself totally onesided in the Middle East Conflict also manifested itself in the „Suez Crisis” 1956 when Israel, Great Britain and France attacked Egypt after the nationalization of the Suez Canal. The Cold War being already in full rage the US together with the Soviet Union forced the three countries via the UN to retreat. On the side of the US the motive was not to drive Egypt into the arms of the East and to put the „junior partners“ GB and France „to their place“. In fact those days official US assistance for Israel is said to have been limited to food aid.

It was in the early sixties that sophisticated but defensive weaponry (like Hawk anti aircraft missiles) were sold to Israel, Egypt and Jordan. But Israel was reaching out to nuclear potentials. Already in the second half of the fifties the nuclear facility in Dimona was built. The French (for some time) and the British were helpful, but the US under President John Fitzgerald „Jack“ Kennedy was strongly objecting nuclear armament proliferation into the region. There were furious quarrels between Kennedy and Israel´s David Ben-Gurion as well as with his successor Levi Eshkol. It can be plausibly assumed that Kennedy´s opposition on Israel´s nuclear bid was not just a private “obsession” but representing the care the US Power Elite took to have full control in the region. But there were other critical points were there was a deep split within the Power Elite, especially between the arch rightists and Kennedy, hardly about Israel.

Kennedy was assassinted on the 22nd of November 1963 in Dallas. I can not judge how serious the vain US efforts were to prevent Argentina to sell yellowcake to Israel. Likewise it isn´t totally clear how far US inspectors were ready to be fooled on Israel´s facility in Dimona, how described in the above article. By 1967 the picture of US Israel relations had totally changed. Cooperation between them went so far as to sacrifice almost three dozens US navy men´s lifes of the USS Liberty and the health of many others to an alleged false flagg attempt in favour of Israel´s desire to have Cairo bombed by the US in the “Six Day War”: . The attempt of Israel´s airforce to sink it failed and the purpose couldn´t be reached. In the years following the orchestrations of the US Empire together with Israel even got Egypt again under US “guidance” in the “Yom Kippur War” ( involving “Sadat´s secret pipeline to Kissinger”:

Fundamental Change, A Mirracle? Or simply the “Madman Theory” at Work?

The change came quite fast. No doubt, the close alliance between the US and Israel brought some big advantages for US geo politics, the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” in the Eastern Mediterranian, but also great diplomatic difficulties. There were ideological advantages for the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestants, traditionally anti-Jewish) Power Elite of the US ( masking their own power by “Jewish influence”, but also growing despise for the US in a geopolitically highly important region. The “Madman Theory” ( developped by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger might not have fitted too much to the US selfunderstanding to be maintained and thus have been changed into the “Mad Watchdog Theory”, asigning that function to Israel. For quite some time I considered all this to be sufficient to explain the drastic change.

It´s not the “Jewish influence”, Stupid!

To make one thing clear, it´s something for naive people with some dump subconscienceness to think that the majority of the US Diaspora was behind the change to an unconditioned support of the US for an all out aggressive and brutal occupation policy (not that the US Power Elite would have had moral hinderances). Traditionally most of the Diaspora was left liberal. It was quite a longer process to manoever so many of the US Diaspora into a baseless panic over Israel´s survival and blind support for anything Israel´s government and military are doing and likewise to a backing of Republican and Neocon politics. Having done a lot of analysis on the US Israel relation´s development ( I believe I too missed the early real clou for a long time: Kennedy´s assassination!


To put things clear again: believing that that Mossad would have dared to kill Kennedy because of his opposition to Israel´s nuclear armament would at least to be called be naive taking Israel´s situation and stand in 1963 (, though things today might be different ( At least those days Israel´s secret service could not even have dreamt of something like that – not because of moral reasons, but because of the fact that Kennedy´s opposition was quite in the line of US geopolitics. Today there can be no doubt anymore that Kennedy was the victim of a deep split in the US Power Elite over strategic questions, his assassination being an “inside job”, but not because of Israel! The split between the “Traders” and the “Warriors” within the US Power Elite (today continued in the division between the “Soft Power Fraction” and the “Neocons”) those days was about Cuba and the risking of a big war, which Kennedy´s opponents were ready to risk ( But I´d bet that the Mossad had all around Kennedy´s assassination „on the screen“ as well. „Knowledge is power“, the power to force that fraction of the US Power Elite being involved in the murder to change the line on Israel and its nuclear armament as well as in general!

And Israel´s power elite seems to still capitalize on their insight into Kennedy´s assassination, as is shown by Netanyahu´s recent dropped word of the „Grassy Knoll“.


And the Perspectives?

It appears obvious that both historical incidents involved only a section of the US Power Elite and one might expect that the rivalries might tempt the not affected circles to reveal the stories and kick the opponents out of the game. But we shouldn´t forget: the damage for the stand of the US in the world would be great. More important, the power structure of the US society would be laid open to a great extend and the rivaling fraction has mostly strategic quarrels with the Neocons, but is united with them in the desire for world control. So the cases will not be opened by the socalled “Soft Power Fraction” (an Orwellian name since those ones are also not shy to strangulate whole countries). This has to be done by social movements in an emancipatory struggle.

But in the end we have to know: the true US Power Elite isn´t happy with it´s dependency on Israel´s Power Elite. They might look for ways to get rid of it ( It can not be ruled out that this could be done with a gigantic false flag operation to be blamed on Israel. This would possibly imply a WASP-Revolution including most right wing fascist circles like KKK and anti-jewish white suprematists creating a socially very explosive situation. It could be combined with an open corporate fascist coup like the attempted Business Plot in 1933. A real peaceful and just policy of the US could only be forced into existence by social struggles to make the US a real Democracy!

Andreas Schlüter


Must see, Your Perception is not Reality:

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Mind also:

Addition to “Mystery: What Happened to Malaysian Flight MH 370?”:

A flight tragedy is keeping peoples minds busy which turns out to be extraordinaryily mysterious. Unfortunately flying isn´t without danger as many accidents have shown. Such accidents don´t only kill many people but also leave their relations in despair. But usually it lasts at most a couple of hours before the terrible truth comes to light and families and others get certainty about the fate of their beloved ones. Very different it is with the Malaysian flight MH 370. The fate of the 239 people on board (including the crew) is still uncertain after a week. Nevertheless there are some facts getting to the public which trigger speculations.

The plane obviously didn´t just dissappear. The communication was switched off not by a crash but almost with certainty deliberately, by whom? There was satellite contact afterwards for many hours, information runs between four and even seven hours. The plane turned backwards and then took way to the West. Radar contact was lost between Thailand and Sumatra (BBC Asia, 1) 2) 3)) obviously sattelite contact kept on longer.

Hijacking, but by whom and where to?

Obviously two Iranians boarded with stolen passports. The „usual suspects“? Moreover misleading graphics start circulating, as for example by the „Mirror“ (4), using a graphic circulated by a Twitter Lady. This scetch has no foundation in the releases that two further ways are likely, one Northern route to Central Asia ore one to the southern Indian ocean, as the Voice of America quotes:

Newly revealed satellite data puts the aircraft’s last known path, in a northern corridor from a border region of Kazakhstan to northern Thailand, or a southern one from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.“



Misleading graphic, „pointing“ to „usual suspects“

The plane must have landed somewhere, either by a crash (on land or in water) or on its wheels. The hijacking must have taken place either by the pilot(s) or by experienced people able to fly huge planes (no lousy flight school attendants like the fake „Nine Eleveners“). No accidents being reported from South Asia. If a hijacked plane would have landed on an Asian country the News would have come, even if it would have been in Iran. If more people than one was involved, we are facing a conspiracy! By whom? Anyway, the Malaysian police is turning on the crew (CBS, 5)) and the government has declared the affair now a criminal case, according to the New York Times (6). It should be mentioned that some information has reached the public about strange behaviour of the co-pilot (7) which at the same time is incompatible with a „classical terrorist“ carreer. Fact remains that the plane seems to have flown for many hours, most probably to the southern Indian Ocean.

Where to in the Indian Ocean?

Well, there is a place in the southern Indian Ocean being quite famous: Diego Garcia, the important US Military base! How absurd, might the „innocent“ normal Western reader think! That is so since Westerners are programmed to think of hijackers and „Terrorists“ to be either fanatic Islamists or leftists radicals. And they should think so according to the concept of West´s mainstream media. But someone who has studied the history of covert Western intelligence operations knows better. There´s a long history of „False Flag“ operations. Those were not only specialities of the Nazis (radio station Gleiwitz) but also planned or commited by the US and their allies.

Famous and today documented without doubt is „Operation Northwoods“,  a plan stopped by Kennedy. A purely fabricated incident used as „false flag“ was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. In the “Operation Gladio (its history profoundly elaborated by Daniele Ganser) of NATO false flag was a „standard procedure“. In face of the gigantic contradictions within the official presentations of Nine Eleven many serious people can not else but suspect it to be the most dramatic false flag operation ever staged. And in the discussion around Nine Eleven many times one topic comes up: the remote control of big planes! As to be read on the 12th September 2001:

„Most modern aircraft have some form of autopilot that could be re-programmed to ignore commands from a hijacker and instead take direction from the ground,“ says Jeff Gosling of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

If a hijacking were detected in progress, being able to control a plane from the ground would be crucial, says Gosling. „The only other thing you could do is shoot the target down.“ (


 a possible route

In an article in the Economist of the 20th of that same month the problem was mentioned that such sort of protection from a personal hijacker could open the possibility of remote hijacking (8), exactly what some people think might also have been the clou to Nine Eleven!

One detail appears to be disturbing to the suspision: information was given that according to sattelite the plane´s last position would be on this circle:strange-graphic

But if the suspicion would be fitting that this is a conspiracy by US intelligence circles even the manipulation of such datas is imaginable.

What For?

The crucial criminalistic question is always that for a motive. I would hesitate to link it to the dramatic events in Ukraine as does Bill Chappell in his article „Did The Malaysian Airliner Land? Here Are Possible Runways“ (9). But he provides an interesting map with possible runways where the plane could have landed (only based on technical capacity, but the extreme south-western point representing Diego Garcia):


Worth to be taken into consideration is the idea that not only might the hijacking be designed as a false flag but that the plane might be reserved for another operation of that type. But we shouldn´t rule out other options! The extended research operation and the control of the sattelite system allows the US to build communication lines with all participating Navies (including the Chinese) wich could open more „gates“ for electronic manipulations. Such communication might already have had very negative effects for the Russians (10).

And another point deserves mentioning: The majority of the passengers were Chinese. Additionally to the promising young engineer Dr Yuchen Li, named in the Cambridge News, there might not only have been 24 outstanding Calligraphers on board (as BBC wrote) but scientific experts or intelligence people of high importance, could they be kept somewhere now? After all the competition between the declininvg US Empire and the emerging world power No 1 is even more important than the attempt of the US to strangulate Russia!

Not at all should we forget the fate of the 239 people on board the plane. If the suspicions hold true they could still be alive but their fate nevertheless being tragic. As a non believer I´ve no chance to pray but I wholeheartedly hope for them!

Andreas Schlüter











Strange detail:

More Links about the lost Airplane:


On the 22nd of November 1963 the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and the US as well as many people all over the world were shocked, so was I.

Intrusion: I was 16 years old. At the beginning of that year we had moved from a northern suburb of Hamburg to Altona, a western part of Hamburg, near river Elbe. It was a time when I felt like answering JFK´s famous sentence „Ich bin ein Berliner“ with: „I´m an American!“. I was entrenched by the mainstream myths: the US are the motherland of Anti-Fascism and the US are doing away with Racism and are the „Land of the Free“. It fitted very well, I had fallen for the natural daughter of a Black WW II veteran living in a German family just round the corner. Unfortunately those days that was a very one sided affair (she loved me just like one would love a Mosqito), notwithstanding the fact that now since more than 16 years I´m harmoniously living together with exactly that Lady (but that is another – very private – story).


The hero of younger people in the West was murdered in face of many onlookers as well as soon after the release of the famous Zapruder film in face of millions. But also millions had seen the man presented as the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the murder of him by Jack Ruby. Oswald was said to have shot Kennedy from a window of the  Texas School Book Depository . Those days TV and official presentations of the “facts” were not doubted by the broad public and neither by me. But time went by and many people learned a lot about the hidden side of the US, so did I.


In fact doubts came up, with some people early, but growing public doubts in the Warren Commission´s conclusion lead to another official inspection of the case, pushed also by the Church Committee. 1978 the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations didn´t rule out anymore that there was a conspiracy but insisted that all wounds on Kennedy and John Connally were done by Oswald. Admitting that there could have been a second gunman they strongly did rule out that the Soviet Union or Cuba might have been involved, but likewise ruled out that the organized crime as such would have been involved and strongly rejected any involvement of the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA.

The famous „Zapruder Film“ gives a good view about where the deadly shot came from. This YouTube-Video is „no more available“:

Here you can see the Zapruder_Film_Original with your own eyes!

A view on the Case from today: blue turned into orange, what for?

It appears unbelievable that Oswald as the deadly shooter is upheld till today! How could that guy have managed to apply from behind a shot that obviously hits the President from the front, that´s even more phantastic than the so called Single bullet theory.

So, if obvious facts are distorted and blue turned into orange, for what purpose? And why are people working out the evidence of the shot from the front being ignored? Was or is there only a conspiracy to cover up the truth inside the US (in order not to „make people feel insecure“) or was there a conspiracy to kill the president on the side of forces inside the US? If there was a conspiracy to cover the fact that a foreign conspiracy has led to the murder of the president, a conspiracy to prevent the incident to turn into a war, all reasons to keep it up are gone. The only reason to carry on with this masquerade can lie in the fact that the assassination was an “inside job”! The official distortion of facts is the result of a conspiracy in order to cover up a US based conspiracy against the president. The people conspiring must necessary be located in high ranking levels, exactly in that strata that was warned of by JFK as well as Eisenhower:

Irrespective of the mystification of John F. Kennedy by a number of people it has to be said that  possibly he was the last US President who felt a certain obligation to world peace though not being a “saint” at all as to be seen on many occasions. He did not only take the civil rights question a little more serious than his predecessors, he stopped the sliding into atomic war danger, but he also stopped the “home terror plans” of his chiefs of staffs (, thus refusing to invade Cuba and thus setting borders to the “Military Industrial complex” of which his predecessor Eisenhower had already warned. There are many indications that that this complex reacted by putting that president “off”. The answer to the question whether they did so raises the question for the real power in the US and the question what is to be expected from it.


Frightening details in connection to this question and the connection of the Bush clan and the Kennedy murder were revealed in the book “Family of Secrets” ( by the investigative journalist Russ Baker ( as been reported on this blog before (, in German). Former director of the CIA and former US President George H. Bush (nick name “Poppy”) played a shocking role in this drama. Among his friends was George de Mohrenschild, Russian émigré, geologist in the oil field and CIA man.

George de Mohrenschildt

George de Mohrenschildt

The deadly shot and the shooters

De Mohrenschild (, was a „fatherly friend” to Lee Harvey Oswald, “official” murderer of Kennedy. Which role Oswald ever may have played, whether introduced and integrated into the game by de Mohrenschild as a simple toy for confusion („I´m a patsy“) or as one of the shooters, he can´t have fired the deadly shot as a film documentation convincingly reveals: There are also very strong indications for more shooters again: An eye witness to such additional shooters died under very dubious circumstances: After all it appears that the deadly shot came from the sewage System:


De Mohrenschild lateron became very talkative which may have lead to his strange “suicide” ( just before he was to be questioned again. By the way, Russ Baker was not the first to write about a connection of George H. Bush to the Kennedy assassination (

Andreas Schlüter

More links to the topic:

Deep State USA: Dulles, Dallas and Devilish Games“:

Terrible what happened at Boston Marathon! My deep feelings are with the victims, just like in the case of those many, many victims of Imperialism in Congo (1), in Libya, Mali, West Papua and Syria, and also like in the case of the Nine Eleven and Oslo victims (2).

A Terrorist Attack

Obama was right to call it an „act of terrorism”. And he was right to leave it open whether this was organized “at home”. Horrible thoughts invade the mind. Again the US Power Elite has plans to “bring down governments” and stir wars. But a deep split is dividing the Power Elite. The “Soft Power” fraction is not shy to strangulate whole economies but hesitating with good reasons to directly engage in more wars. The Neocon fraction wants direct actions and “the boot on the ground” or at least US bombs on other people´s grounds:

There is a hidden war between the two fractions going on comparable to the struggles between that part of the Power Elite standing behind Kennedy and the part of it wanting Operation Northwoods which was then stopped by Kennedy. He didn´t live long afterwards (3). With this operation they wanted to do somehow the same what they were excessively doing in Europe with Operation Gladio.


The Old Draft Lives on

It would be too naive to believe those media which dare to mention Gladio & similar drafts but assign it purely to Cold War times. As the US Power Elite had no idea of dissolving NATO after the Cold War and the disappearance of Warsaw Pact they surely didn´t want to do away with those instruments. What those forces have done so extendedly in many parts of the world might have again returned to the US. Also the largest terrorist attack in the US, “Nine Eleven”, is giving the impression in many details that it might have been an “Inside Job” –

Under these conditions it wouldn´t be surprising if soon strange “indications” would appear “hinting” at Iran, North Korea or Venezuela! But maybe it´s only a general “hint” for Obama not to drift too far away from the firm wishes of the Neocons!

Andreas Schlüter

Entsetzlich, was in Boston beim Marathon geschehen ist! Die Opfer haben mein tiefes Mitgefühl, genauso wie die Opfer des Imperialismus´ im Kongo (1), in Libyen, Mali, West-Papua und Syrien, und genauso, wie die Opfer von Nine Eleven und von Oslo (2).

Ein Akt des Terrors

Obama hat diesen Anschlag völlig zu Recht als „Akt des Terrors“ bezeichnet und zu Recht offen gelassen, ob vielleicht im Inland organisiert worden sei. Und finstere Gedanken drängen sich auf. Wieder einmal ist die US-Machtelite darauf aus, Regierungen anderer Länder „umzulegen“ und weitere Kriege anzuzetteln. Dabei geht ein tiefer Riss durch die US-Machtelite. Die „Softpower“ Fraktion mag zwar ganze Volkswirtschaften erdrosseln, scheut aber mit gutem Grund vor direkten Kriegen zurück. Die Neocon Fraktion will die direkte Aktion und den Soldatenstiefel auf dem Boden, oder zumindest US Bomben auf fremdem Boden:

Es geht ein verdeckter Krieg zwischen den beiden Fraktionen vor sich (3), vergleichbar den Auseinandersetzungen zwischen dem Teil der US-Machtelite, die hinter Kennedy stand und dem Teil, der die Operation Northwoods wollte, die von Kennedy gestoppt wurde. Er hat danach nicht mehr sehr lange gelebt (4). Mit der Operation Northwoods sollte in den USA das gleiche betrieben werden, was die Geheimdienste der USA zum Beispiel so ausgedehnt in Europa mit Gladio (5) betrieben.


Das alte Konzept lebt

Sehr naiv wäre es, den Medieneinschätzungen, die es zwar wagen, Gladio zu erwähnen, diese „Organisationsform“ aber ausschließlich als der Epoche des „Kalten Krieges“ zugehörig darstellen, zu glauben. So wenig, wie die wirkliche Macht in den USA daran dachte, nach dem Ende des Kalten Krieges und der Auflösung des Warschauer Paktes die NATO aufzulösen, so wenig hat sie natürlich daran gedacht, diesen „Apparat“ aus der Hand zu legen. Das, was diese Kräfte so umfangreich überall auf der Welt betrieben und betreiben, könnte nun (wieder einmal) in die USA zurückgekehrt sein. Auch der größte Anschlag in den USA, „Nine Eleven“, drängt in vielen Einzelheiten den Verdacht auf, es könne sich um einen „Inside Job“ gehandelt haben –

Es würde unter diesen Voraussetzungen nicht überraschen, wenn bald merkwürdige „Indizien“ auftauchten, die in Richtung Iran, Nordkorea oder Venezuela „deuten“. Aber vielleicht ist es auch „einfach“ nur eine „Mahnung“ an Obama, sich nicht zu weit von den „Wünschen“ der Neocons zu entfernen.

Andreas Schlüter