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Dedicated to the revolutionaries, the great thinkers, the musicians and my comrades and friends in the US! And dedicated to the struggle against the US Power Elite, those  guys who always claim to be the „good guys“, and for whom we are all just vegetables!

Orwell lives: Nordstream blown up and thinking apparently too!“:

21 Years ago: Nine Eleven – Vor 21 Jahren: Nine Eleven:

The Death of Gorbachev and the Mendacity of Western Politics“:

The Time of the Comedians and the Naked Emperor“:

The Global South does not Sleep and has a Historical Memory!“:

European War Hysteria: the Fight for what?“

The US Power Elite: they are doing it again!“:

The World According to the US Power Elite“:

Myth and Mask – Mythos und Maske“:

Ukraine Crisis and Outlook: Culmination points in the East-West struggle“:

Western Iconoclasm Coming Home! Is there More to it?:

End of WW II in Europe 75 Years ago – And a Grim Future?!“:

An Existential Question and two very Different Answers“:

2020: The State of Affairs”:

Enough is Enough: Boycott all US Products!”:

56 Years ago: Assassination of JFK“: https://wipokuli.word

Again and Again: Killing Hope!“:

A Day of Joy for Many Turned into an Anniversary of Infamy!“:

Darknet: The Smell oft Gladio 2.0“:

Nine Eleven, Climate, Ecology and the Left: Necessary Consequences to be Drawn“:

A Sad Anniversary: 18 Years Since Nine Eleven and a Sign on the Wall“:

75 and 80 Years Ago and We´re Sleepwalking Again!”:

WiPoKuLi: A few Months Rest Needed!”:

A Sad Anniversary: 17 Years Since Nine Eleven and a Sign on the Wall”:

The Obscenity of Power Symbolized!”:

US „Schizophrenia“ is the Symptom of War Within the US Power Elite”:

US Politics, Russia, China and Europe, Madness and Strategies”:

Elias Davidsson: Great Research, Great Analysis”:

Addition to the Previous Post: the Words of Smedley Butler”:

4th of July, Hear and Read the Words of Smedley Butler!”:

RFK: Another Lie is Half a Century Old!”:

The US Power Elite and Plan B”:

Collapsing Narratives and Collapsing Buildings”:

Are the US Empire and Israel working on WW III?”:

Europe: There Will be no Peace and no Social Progress Without a Revolution Against US Dominance!”:

The Anti-Russia Show Must go on – Another Setup?!”:

US Hypocracy, North Korea and the US Economic War Against Russia and Europe”:

The devilish “games” of the Empire, “Mkultra Alive? An Alarm Call”:

If we want to resist the Empire successfully this should be considered! “Message for the New Year: Beware of Fragmentation!”:

Something into which the US & the West are deeply involved! “Colonialism Alive and Well, Better Say as Bad as Ever! Part 3: Proxy Colonialism in West Papua”:

USA: How to Really Understand the Term „an lllegal Order for a Nuclear Strike“!”:

Also referring to the USA, 100 Years ago: They tried, and if we don´t try again we´re doomed!”:

US Madness: MKUltra in Full Swing?”:

Nine Eleven 16 Years ago”:

US Hypocracy, North Korea and the US Economic War Against Russia and Europe”:

Trump´s Message to the World”:

US Sanctions: Will Europe finally wake up?!:

George Friedman Playing the Philosopher and Teaching War to Youth!”:

4th of Juli: Again Time to Strike a Balance!”:

A Reminder: Neocon Think Tanks and Fascism”:

North Korea: War Games, Cyber War, De-Escalation and Provocation, Some Speculations”:

Colonialism Alive and Well, Better Say as Bad as Ever! Part 2”:

Colonialism Alive and Well, Better Say as Bad as Ever! Part 1”:

Possibly the real Reason why Trump must go?!”:

Western Democracy or Demoncracy?”:

Trump on Track”:

Stockholm Attack: Some Questions to be asked!”:

Syrian Tonkin Gulf – Trumpillary”:

Chemical Attack in Syria: Who Benefits?”:

Soros & Rockefeller: “This struck me – Dies verblüfft mich!”:

Chuck Berry: Tribute to a Great Singer and Personality, RIP!”:

Nine Eleven: A marvelous Compilation”:

USA: Putting Things Right, Black Agenda Report!”:

Bush: How Could He Dare?! – Wie kann er es wagen?!”:

Teheran Plasco Building Collapse: was this to be Demonstrated?“:

Trump Inaugurated to be the 45th US President! – Trump ist 45. US-Präsident!“:

Trump´s Inauguration: More Around the Corner?“:

President Elect Trump: Has His Struggle for Survival Already Begun?“:

The „Fake News“ Debate: Some Things We Should Keep in Mind!“:

Russian Plane Crash: 92 People Dead, Including Many Members of Famous Russian Army Choir!“:

Trump Elected by Electoral College!“:

US Allegations Against Russia: Hold the Thief! (in addition to the previous post)“:

„Media, Independent and Mainstream: Fake News and Fake Narratives“:

A Quick Reminder to Those People Who Lost Their Historical Memory!“:

Kevin Shipp, a Former CIA Agent: You Should Hear This Man!“:

US Elections, „The Question is Still: Will Trump be President?“:

In Memoriam: Castro on Kennedy´s Assassination“:

US Elections are Over, Trump Won: Will He be President in Face of Neocon Power?“:

Still highly actual! „Today 53 years ago on the 22th of November: Kennedy´s Assassination!“:

US Elections: Now a Warrant on the Email-Affair, is the Struggle Within the US Power Elite Still Going on?“:

One Thing Must be Clear to the World: The US Power Elite Regards the Whole Globe as Their Colony!“:

We Might See a Great Hype: The First Woman as President of the US!“:

US „Strategy of Tension“: Killer Clowns, another „Psy Op“?!“:

The West: is this Democracy? No, Rather DEMONCRACY!“:

US Politics: These Words Shouldn´t be Forgotten“:

The US Elections Ahead: What´s to be Expected From the US? A Recommendation“:

Aged but not silent: Samir Amin telling how it is!“:

Elections and the US Power Elite: are there More Cards Under the Table?“:

US Neocons: Political Analyst George Friedman, a Real Cynic!“:

Elections: What´s going on in the US?“

Nine Eleven One And A Half Decade Ago: Whose Conspiracy?“

English Written Pages Worth Visiting!“

Geo-Politics: The Core of Crisis and Chaos and the Nightmares of the US Power Elite“

Staged „prevented“ Terror Attacks – Staged Terror?!“

UK, USA, EU, Seen in Context: Collection of my Brexit Articles“

Is it a Real Surprise? Maybe not, but a Deep Disappointment: Sanders endorses Clinton!“:

Police Brutality Against Black Americans: Is There „More“ Behind it Than „Only“ the Inherent Racism?“:

Paul Craig Roberts and the Brexit Vote: Something Might Have Slipped the Real Great Analyst!“

Recommendation: The Corbett Report! & Nine Eleven in Fife Minutes!

Breaking News; Brexit, Great Britain (the United Kingdom) out!“

News about Clinton – The Lady likes to Laugh!

Monsanto and Bayer: A Long Intertwined History Between US Capital and German Capital – Who´ll eat Whom?“:

My Big Thanks to a Giant of Literature: James Baldwin!“:

Deep State USA: Dulles, Dallas and Devilish Games“:

US Power Elite Declared War on the Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all Non-Western Countries in September 2000”:

US Elections: No Illusions, Deadly Politics Will be Increased!”:

Zika Virus and a Strange Case”:

You must know that we know!”:

White Terrorist Shoots Nine Black Church Visitors in Charleston:

Oscar and the US – The Mask Is Slipping Off Again!

Nine Eleven and the Neocons: Finally Doing the Trick?”:

Only ISIS is Barbaric? Burning People Alive!

Mary´s Mosaic”, Looking into an Abyss, Part II:

Looking into an abyss: „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“

The Big Competition: ISIS versus US Power Elite!“:

USA And Israel, The „Helpless Giant“ And His „Mad Dog“: Are There More Dirty Secrets?

Rwanda, Half of the Truth is a Whole Lie: Twenty Years of Brazen Desinformation!

Fuck the EU”: The Russian Bear Hits Back!

The Fire Brigade is coming to Africa” (Feb. 2014):

Big Brother: Caught Red Handed? (Nov. 2013):

Assassination of JFK (Nov. 2013):

Nine Eleven a Dozen Years ago – Stirred it the Third World War?” (Sept. 2013):

Obama and the Neocons (Sept. 2013):

Snowden, Putin and the US Russian „Partnership“: some legitimate Speculations” (Aug. 2013):

Trayvon Martin: US Justice – RIP (July 2013):

The Hidden Seed of Racism (July 2013):

US Americans: 4th of July – for You and for the World – I Cry!”  (July 2013):

US Government: Hubris Unchained? (June 2013):

D-Day shouldn´t be forgotten (June 2013):

Boston (April 2013):

Psychological Operations against the Truth (Dec. 2012):

US Power Elite: At War Among Themselves?” (Dec. 2012):

Strange things around the Green Card (Nov. 2012):

US and Obama (Oct. 2012):

Nine Eleven (Sept. 2012):

Book recommendation – must read! (Aug. 2012):

Swiss historian Daniele Ganser & Nine Eleven (Mai 2012):

USA and Israel (March 2012):

Obama, US power elite, Israel lobby & Israel (Jan. 2012):

Obama, “Change” & Kennedy (Jan. 2012):

Kennedy´s assassination in a clearer light (nov. 2011):

Troy Davis (Sept. 2011):

Andreas Schlüter

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