Addition to my Brexit Articles: Mission Accomplished?

Veröffentlicht: Juli 6, 2016 in Politik
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Addition to:

Paul Craig Roberts and the Brexit Vote: Something Might Have Slipped the Real Great Analyst!“


Breaking News; Brexit, Great Britain (the United Kingdom) out!“

Only a Subjektive Impression?

In face of the Brexit Vote´s result I had to reassess the whole case and came to the conclusion that the US Power Elite might have a strong interest in getting the UK out of the EU and creating trouble for both (see the two mentioned articles above), especially with the aim of Wallstreet getting rid off the City of London´s dominance.


Boris Johnson

Observing the two leading figures of the successful Brexit campaign, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, leaving the front of the political arena after their „victory“ with the mentioned political implications some sinister speculations come to my mind: Mission accomplished? Such a behavior one might expect from people who are acting on orders.

Is it purely an incident that Johnson – who appears like the „British Trump“ – had dual citizenship, UK and US (being born to English parents in the City of New York), notwithstanding the fact that in February 2015 he announced the will to give the US citizenship up? Is it only coincidental that his father Stanley Johnson is a former employee of World Bank on which the US has a strong grip? Is it only an incident that his stepfather was the US Historian Nicholas Wahl?


Nigel Farage

Well, also details of Nigel Farages´s life make me ponder too. It´s not so much the fact that he was 2014 to be seen in an advertisement the bookmaker Paddy Power, but rather the fact that his book “The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything“ (the US are by the way “Master of Colored Revolutions) was published by Biteback Publishing, who´s co owner is Michael Ashcroft. Lord Ashcroft is a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and the 74th richest person in the UK, which isn´t that much important in this context, but what could make one ponder again is the fact that he is closely linked to ADT Security Services which is the largest security company in the US and Canada!

Now Farage, stepping back as head of UKIP, has announced, that he “wants his life back”! He´s claiming that he´s got death threats:

But that doesn´t prevent him from enjoying a comfortable existence on the funds of the European Parliament! Job not yet fully done?

Anyway, let me make it clear, those are only speculations, but on basis of irrefutable connections. When it comes to Russia, in the Western media all kind of unproven speculations are “allowed”, I allow myself these speculations declaring them to be: speculations!

And to put this straight again: there are very good and honorable reasons to be against the EU and its antidemocratic elements, there is a great need for another way of having European countries cooperate for peace and progress. But this seems also clear: as bad as the condition of the EU is, the US Power Elite has obviously its own reasons to blow it up!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

  1. […] Addition to my Brexit Articles: Mission Accomplished? […]

  2. […] Addition to my Brexit Articles: Mission Accomplished? […]

  3. The US wants a tame EU under the NATO umbrella and an ally against Russia. It does not want a revolutionary separation of European states, but to have trade bloc in the EU who will sign TTIP giving the US additional powers in Europe. Brexit is a surprise to many in Europe and the US who have failed to understand that the majority of the British public don’t trust the Franco/German Club that the EU has become. As Juncker has just said „the EU and the UK was never a love affair“ and it would seem that Germany and France are happier to see the UK leave unless it does as they wish. But Brexit is not the end of the UK. It is the end of the EU and its selfish nationalistic countries, particularly Germany who have taken the cream of the milk from European trade.

    The UK is not in the Eurozone whose banking industry is now fast collapsing. Nor is it part of Shengen which will soon need be invalidated. So as a world trader with its English language which one third of the world speak, and its close association with the US, the UK will survive better than the EU in the battle to come. The UK has always been the main US ally and the US cannot afford to lose its UK friendship.

    • Tony sagt:

      „…EU and the UK was never a love affair..“
      While this is obvious, it is also true that throughout the history of the „special relationship“ between the US and UK the character of this relationship has always been of a similarly Janus-faced nature. This may be even more the case now with the power of geoeconomics and China having entered the scene.

      Yes the English language is the most powerful one – and Asians grow up speaking two or three languages plus/including English. Unlke in colonial times, they speak the language of their former masters and they master the resultant culture mix and/or rediscover their own identity.

      Whether the US can or cannot afford to lose UK friendship is a moot question. As is the question as to whether the US wants to preserve Europe. („F… the EU“ ). Missionary geopolitics has invariably involved „collateral damage“.

      What about the question as to whether Europe and the UK can afford not to cooperate with China and Russia? What about geoeconomics instead of missionary geopolitics?

      China likely sees its preferred option in pursuing geoeconomics with Europe and Russia and whoever is willing to join. China’s geoeconomics envisages Europe connected by an iron road with China.

      It is possible the Queen and the UK see their preferred option in geoeconomics w/o collateral damage. But China surely is aware of that special relationship.

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