USA, UK, EU, Further Addition to my Brexit Articles: CIA and IRA

Veröffentlicht: Juli 6, 2016 in Politik
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Some readers might find my portrait of the US Power Elite´s actions for and against their own vassals (as outlined in my analysis on US „support“ for Brexit) somehow confusing or worse to be weird „conspiracy theories“. But what is clearly to be seen in Continental Europe as Operation Gladio (un-“officially“ founded as „Stay Behind Armies“ against a Soviet invasion, which was never intended by the SU) organized to keep the West European „allies“, better called vassals, in line, has in a way also been done in the UK. There the Irish Republican Army (IRA) may have served the same purpose. This ambiguity of action seems to be characteristic for US policy also towards allies/vassals.

CIA and the Irish Republican Army (IRA):

Impressive result“:


1983 Bishopsgate Bombing

Andreas Schlüter

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