Modern racism is closely combined with class rule, Capitalism, Imperialism and the old concept of “divide and rule”. It is designed to separate exploited and oppressed people and playing one against the other. But it never was able to prevent people of “different races” from mixing since we all belong to one kind of beings (it has to be mentioned anyway that a lot of “mixing” during time of slavery was an act of violence and sexual racism). But racism especially in its “modern” North European, mainly German inspired form, has dug a perverse seed into the ground. On one side science proves that there are no “pure races” and deep thinking could cure also people in “privileged” groups to do away with their arrogance and understand that you cannot even miss one of your ancestors without being dissolved into blue air, but if not having had the chance of developing such deep understanding racism can drive a person with a – somehow hidden – mixed ancestry to perverse hatred.

History of Nazism provides us with examples of Nazis or Nazi officers with Jewish ancestry like Air Force General Milch (1) who denounced even the fatherhood of his father. The “non-Teutonic” appearance of some Nazi “Greats” even culminates in bizarre genetic revelations (2). In modern Europe there is the outstanding example of Csanad Szegedi, a leader of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party (Movement for a Better Hungary) with its anti-Jewish policy, whose grandmother was a Holocaust survivor (3).

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US One Drop Rule and the Creation of More Arch Racists

The „one-drop rule“ of the US History mainly directed against African Americans – only to a lesser extend against the almost exterminated American Indians – was to the very full extend established in the early 20th Century – parallel to forming Fascism in Europe – subjected everyone with even a little African ancestry to the “Jim Crow laws. This made quite a number of people try to “pass either as Indians – who were by the time less discriminated – or directly as Whites (what in fact they predominantly were, but not according to “Law”). Under such rude social patterns the classification decided so much about life chances that hatred against the “problematic” part of the own ancestry must have developed with many people affected by it and must have grown fear for any feeling for or solidarity with the official American Blacks. This was surely compensated many times by becoming more “purist” then total Whites (of whom no one could have been sure either), whereas many people of mixed ancestry like William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, who especially in old age showed not much of African ancestry, became more firm in their solidarity with the black community.

True Haters


US racism is such the breeding ground for “self-haters” or haters of part of their ancestry turned into hatred against the respective group. A “famous” example is obviously the long time boss of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, who harassed black Americans in an infamous way and who could be suspected to be behind a whole number of assassinations, like that of Martin Luther King, Jr.. Looking at his photo as a young man –who had his birth certificate only at age 43 – it almost jumps to the eye, what might have been behind the obsessive hatred. And there seems to be clear confirmation for his ancestry: http://www.fantompowa.net/Flame/hoover_fbi.htm !


US racism is still living on and in this atmosphere another hater grew, whose partly black ancestry via his mother from Peru is certified: George Zimmermann, who shot young unarmed Trayvon Benjamin Martin (4) with obviously no regret. His ruthless action can psychologically be understood as a symbolic action of “belonging” to “white mainstream” by shooting the hated part of his own ancestry. The sad story of anti-black racism in the US is not at its end. The fact that US Imperialism is a “learning system” and also plays other tunes to cover the attitude of the US Power Elite towards the majority of mankind (5) and even their inner conflicts and contradictions (6) is not ending the usage of the most mean feelings of exclusion from human rights and dignity on basis of a person´s physical appearance. It´s a long struggle!

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6)      https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/us-power-elite-at-war-among-themselves/

Andreas Schlüter

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