Elias Davidsson: Great Research, Great Analysis!

Veröffentlicht: Juli 17, 2018 in Politik


Elias_Davidsson was born 1941 to German-Jewish parents in Palestine. As a young man he lived for a while in France, studied music in Germany and moved to Iceland in 1962, adopting Icelandic citizenship. After 20 years as IT programmer he moved back to music activities, directed a small music school, served as church musician and composed music for children.

Davidsson was involved in the Icelandic peace movement and began in the 80´s to work for a just and peaceful solution to the Palestine question, opposing the Zionist basis of the State Israel. In the 90´s he became involved in international law and published a number of essays in law journals in the US, the UK and the Netherlands.


Tackling the Conspiracy of Nine Eleven

By the time becoming a prolific political_commentator, Elias Davidsson began dealing intensively with the events of Nine Eleven. In 2013 his first book, “Hijacking_Americas_Mind_on_9/11:_Counterfeiting_Evidence”, was published in New York. In this book Davidsson points out that there is no proof at all that the alleged hijackers were even on board of planes that allegedly crushed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Shanksville. He goes into the details of the alleged wreckage and into the absurdities of the flight records. He also analyzes in great detail the phone calls presumably made from the aircrafts and demonstrates that no hijackings occurred.

Davidsson also examines the orchestrated confusion caused by the military exercises that took place at the exact time of Nine Eleven. And he deals with the confusion within parts of the Left about that monumental False Flag event and shows that „Terrorism“ is mostly the terror staged by the powerful.

By all means a “must read”!

A Restless Searcher for the Truth

In 2017 Davidsson published “The_Betrayal_of_India”, dealing with the Mumbai attacks of 2008, for which he was awarded on June 20, 2018, a prize by the “London Institute of South Asia”. The book is the most comprehensive analysis these attacks. It is reviewed inter alia on ludwig-watzal.blogspot.

Recently Davidsson examined the numerous inconsistencies within the official narrative about the incident that occurred at a Christmas market in Berlin in 2016, where a truck apparently drove into the crowd and killed 12 persons, injuring 50 more. His study was published in 2018 as the book by the name of “Der_gelbe_Bus”  (The Yellow Bus), referring to a bus of the Berlin transport authority which parked along the truck for over 12 hours.

Fakery unlimited

A couple oft days ago Elias Davidsson made me (and others) aware of another obvious fake about Nine Eleven. With permission of the author, here is what he wrote:

The growth of the 9/11 truth movement has been apparently irritating “Al Qaeda”. Those who run Al Qaeda, or more precisely its media operations, are not amused at all by “conspiracy theories”, according to which 9/11 was a US government operation. Thus, the flashy magazine called Inspire and allegedly produced by Al Qaeda, dedicated its issue for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to combat “conspiracy theories” and celebrate the 9/11 attacks as a great success by courageous militants. As you know, no Muslims were involved in the attacks of 9/11. Anyone who claims so is either an ignorant, a fool or a paid disinformation agent.

This, by itself, would hardly be worth reporting, except that it strongly suggests that the magazine “Inspire” and other similar media productions presented to the world as evidence for the existence of an outfit called Al Qaeda, are as much fake as the official legend of 9/11.

These comments should be remembered each time our media report about a new video, statement or magazine allegedly issued by some jihadist publishing house. The same applies to Amaq, the alleged news agency of the Islamic State, which somehow has neither website, email address, street address or telephone.

The only place you can find « Inspire » is on the website of the US- Zionist outfit jihadology run by Aaron Zelin. Here is the link for the aforementioned issue of Inspire: https://azelin.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/inspire-magazine-7.pdf“.

I add here some more about Aaron Zelin:

Aaron_Zelin is a “Richard Borow Fellow” at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and a Sami David Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence. He deals with “Jihadology”. He´s running the site “Azelin_Files”. Someone working hard for the powers that (shouldn´t) be.

Well, it cannot be stressed enough: if you want to know more about the manipulations oft the powerful, you can count on Elias Davidsson!

Andreas Schlüter







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