Trump: I Made a Prediction, Realization Already on the Way?

Veröffentlicht: August 4, 2016 in Politik
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No question, Trump is an ugly guy (but as he made it somehow clear, not an „Interventionist“ and ready for a better relation between the USA and Russia), but Clinton is surely much more dangerous ( The Neocon faction of the US Power Elite is determined to get Clinton into office anyway!

In face of this assessment I made a prediction a couple of days ago: if Trump becomes too dangerous for Clinton (at the moment he´s behind her, but more will be „leaked“ about Clinton), he might be „put off“. The „Deep State“ of the US ( is not even hesitating to do that with a President in office, as seen with Kennedy those days ( But I didn´t know that a somehow „childish“ attempt on Trump had already happened in Las Vegas in June (, by a mentally ill young guy ( It appears now they´re possibly still working on my prediction coming true!


Late Tuesday night (2nd of August 2016) an armed man tried to get into the Trump-Tower, according to „New York Daily News“ a rather odd story ( According to „ABC“ the man´s name was Anthony Shark. There the story was turned into some sort of harmless misunderstanding (, where they say the man – a retired cop – was arrested outside the building and lateron, after talking to a judge, released.

In deed on the Blog „Your Perception is not Reality“ Brian Michael tells a very different story possibly fed by confidential scources in the NY Police, as he writes.


Brian Michael

According to those scource the man was already inside when caught, armed with a semi-automatic handgun lacking a serial number – not so easy to get – and fitted with a silencer ( But to the great astonishment of the Police, Michael writes, the man whom they identified as Barry Bush (different to the above stories) was an FBI agent supposedly killed „in action“ in 2007 (, can you believe that?! This would be the classic existence of an „intelligence guided“ Killer (if the story is correct)! The „legend“ around his death could only have been woven with the active support of the FBI. And he must thus be under their „supervision“. Is it possible, that there were two incidents with two men trying to get into the building? That would be a classical cover up scenario.

If that was only a „warning“ to Trump to give up in time – if we take the last version to be true- then it has cost the „Intelligence“ a „well settled“ Killer, if not a warning, well, „shit happens“! If those guys behind the man – or the two men of two incidents – are really determined – most probably they are – there will be another attempt (provided Trump doesn´t give in or makes more terrible mistakes, pushing him really off the game). Next time it might be done by a „crazy single shooter“, prepared by MKULTRA, like it could have been possible with the June attempt.

Anyway, let´s treat the story by Your Perception is not Reality with the necessary caution, as likely as it appears to me with regards to the „Deep States“ fierce determination to make Clinton President.

Andreas Schlüter

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  1. […] I observed the preparations of the US elections daring to make some predictions of more general nature, like the expectation of more war policy, but also a contemplation of what could happen to a candidate coming in the way of Clinton. […]

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