„Fuck the EU“: The Russian Bear Hits Back!

Veröffentlicht: Februar 8, 2014 in Politik
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With all the mess this world is in there´s pretty little to enjoy, but this morning I was near to jump and dance! Boiling about the lame reaction within my country and the EU towards the unbelievable extend of US spying (http://tinyurl.com/ng64zju) and frightened by extend of cyber dominance of „Big Brother“ (http://tinyurl.com/oqsrlaw) I had my ears standing up when I heard about the harsh and arrogant remark of Victoria Nuland on the EU. In fact the EU is far from being a truely democratic construction and opposite to all swollen proclamations designed to be an appendix of US power politics. So the remark just reflects the true character of it. What was so great was the fact that people in Europe could hear clearly what they are to the US Power Elite, because what was really meant were the Europeans, the vasalls. But what was even greater is the fact that obviously Russia showed the middle finger to the US. What you do to the world, we´re also able to do to you! We can also record your confidential telephone calls!


Moreover the US warnings over terrorists attacks on Russia´s Olympic games were designed to threaten visitors off, leaving aside that most terrorism is directly or indirectly coming from the US intelligence apparatus and their Al Qaeda children. After all we all have to thank the Russian government and intelligence that they have told the US off!

Let´s hope the European governments take an example! Thank you, Russian Bear!

Andreas Schlüter


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  2. […] hold of Middle East resources fits into that “necessity”. The same aim is followed by the US concerning_the_Ukraine, as “nicely” […]

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  4. onnovocks sagt:

    Yes, the U.S. getting some of it’s own medicine is a nice wake up call, but the ones that really need to wake up, are Europeans as this conversation reveals what U.S. diplomats really think of us.

  5. […] „Fuck the EU“: The Russian Bear Hits Back! […]

  6. anja sagt:

    Hat dies auf News und NAchrichten Landkreis Wittmund rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Na ja, nicht nur NSA spioniert aus

  7. […] „Fuck the EU“: The Russian Bear Hits Back! […]

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