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It´s not a surprise that Clinton wins the nomination as candidate for the Democrats, with the Wallstreet behind her. So the US voters are left with the choice between a partly madgone Trump and the even more dangerous (for the US and more so for the World) Clinton:

Who could like Trump? But, Clinton is even more dangerous, not only because she´s a real cynic ( She is the spearhead of the Neocons in the Democratic Party. She has brought Victoria Nuland (quote: „fuck the EU“) into the Obama administration. Nuland´s husband is Robert Kagan. Clinton has Kagan´s support ( Kagan is co-founder of the Project for the New American Century. and a member of the board of directors for The Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) as well as a senior fellow of Brookings Institution.

The Project for the New American Century was replaced by new think-tank Foreign Policy Initiative, co-founded by Kagan in 2009 and William Kristol, but it left “remarkable” traces, among other things in September 2000 the paper “Rebuilding America´s Defenses”, mainly authored by Thomas Donnelly, Project chairmen were Donald Kagan and Gary Schmitt. Though some people try to downplay the influence of the paper on real Neocon policy, the monstrosity of the paper surfaces not only in what could be taken to be the announcement of Nine Eleven on page 51, but also on page 60, where a paragraph ends like this:

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

This doesn´t surely point at white Anglo-Saxon Protestants but at the Southern Hemisphere and East-Asia. A Racist and Fascist concept of biological “Race War”.

So, those “fathers” of such concepts are to be found behind Clinton!

Sanders endorses Clinton!

With the terrible policy of warmongerism and the frightening figures of Trump and more so Clinton, Bernie Sanders appeared as the person who could save the US and the World from this danger. The more one could think he really means it when he named the Civil Rights leader Prof. Cornel West and the Palestinian James Zogby to his DNC Platform Commitee. Many people became very sad when it turned out that Sanders couldn´t make it. Ok, not his fault, but now the shock, this man is endorsing Clinton:

What a shame! In face of the poisonous snake Clinton such inner party „courtesy“ is despicable! I for my part am deeply disappointed by the man!

I don´t think it´s that easy but I could understand people who take the whole thing to be staged. Trump divides the people emotionaly, and stirrs racist feelings (which could be „used“ in further wars against the world), Clinton with her Neocon and Wallstreet background presents herself as a „Stateswoman“ and Sanders hands her those voters over who really wanted the change that the man in office promised but didn´t fullfill. It appears in deed as an ugly show!

Andreas Schlüter

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Es gibt zur Zeit wahrlich nicht viel in der Welt, über das man sich freuen könnte, aber gestern morgen war mir nach Tanzen und Springen zu mute.  Seit geraumer Zeit eine gewaltige Wut im Bauch über die Untätigkeit der deutschen Regierung gegenüber der US-Spionage ( und großer Sorge über die Cyber-Dominanz des „Großen Bruders“ (, spitzte ich die Ohren, als ich von der Veröffentlichung des Telefonats Victoria Nulands mit dem US-Botschafter in der Ukraine hörte, in dem das saftige Wort „fuck the EU“ fiel.

Tatsächlich ist die EU ziemlich weit davon entfernt, eine demokratische und friedliche Konstruktion zu sein, und ist trotz aller geschwollenen Proklamationen eher darauf angelegt, Europa zum Anhängsel der US-Machtpolitik zu machen.  Insofern traf die Bemerkung den Charakter der EU recht gut. Großartig war aber, dass die Menschen in der Europäischen Union so klar hören konnten, was sie alle für die US Machtelite sind: unbedeutende Vasallen! Das Tollste aber war, dass die russische Politik den USA den berühmten Mittelfinger gezeigt hat: was Ihr die ganze Zeit mit der Welt macht, können wir auch mit Euch tun! So empfinde ich diesen Vorgang wahrlich als einen – kleinen – Befreiungsschlag der „Welt“ gegen den „Großen Bruder“!


Tatsächlich waren auch die „Warnungen“ der US „Dienste“ vor Terror-Anschlägen auf die russische Olympiade in den letzten Tagen darauf angelegt, Besucher abzuschrecken, mal abgesehen davon, das der meiste „Terror“ direkt oder indirekt von den USA oder ihrem „Kind“ Al Qaida ausgeht. Man muss der russischen Politik dankbar dafür sein, den USA einmal gezeigt zu haben, „was eine Harke ist“! Das die westlichen Einkreisungsversuche – wie jetzt wieder in der Ukraine – den russischen Geheimdiensten das Geschäft noch vergnüglicher gemacht haben, ist nur zu verständlich.

Es ist zu hoffen, dass einige europäische Regierungen sich wenigstens ansatzweise ein Beispiel nehmen. Danke, russicher Bär!

Andreas Schlüter


With all the mess this world is in there´s pretty little to enjoy, but this morning I was near to jump and dance! Boiling about the lame reaction within my country and the EU towards the unbelievable extend of US spying ( and frightened by extend of cyber dominance of „Big Brother“ ( I had my ears standing up when I heard about the harsh and arrogant remark of Victoria Nuland on the EU. In fact the EU is far from being a truely democratic construction and opposite to all swollen proclamations designed to be an appendix of US power politics. So the remark just reflects the true character of it. What was so great was the fact that people in Europe could hear clearly what they are to the US Power Elite, because what was really meant were the Europeans, the vasalls. But what was even greater is the fact that obviously Russia showed the middle finger to the US. What you do to the world, we´re also able to do to you! We can also record your confidential telephone calls!


Moreover the US warnings over terrorists attacks on Russia´s Olympic games were designed to threaten visitors off, leaving aside that most terrorism is directly or indirectly coming from the US intelligence apparatus and their Al Qaeda children. After all we all have to thank the Russian government and intelligence that they have told the US off!

Let´s hope the European governments take an example! Thank you, Russian Bear!

Andreas Schlüter