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I had to laugh loud when I read that a Swiss_spy_was_arrested_in_Germany! Don´t these guys know that there are only two countries allowed to spy in Germany? Those countries are without doubt: the USA and Israel!

Andreas Schlüter

Schweizer Spion in Deutschland verhaftet!

Ich musste herzhaft lachen, als ich las, dass ein Schweizer-Spion in Deutschland verhaftet wurde. Wissen diese Leute denn nicht, dass es nur zwei Länder gibt, die in Deutschland spionieren dürfen? Die beiden Länder sind natürlich die USA und Israel!

Andreas Schlüter




Hey you, NSA, CIA, MI 6 & al!

Do you think, we believe that you´re only spying?

No, we know much more!

You´re manipulating!

You push people with dubious and criminal behavior into postions,

in order to direct them „if necessary“!

You manipulate and destroy Democracy!

You infiltrate organizations, may they be left or right,

may they be Christian or Muslim!

You put agents to „soften“ organizations, to create chaos,

or you place „agents-provocateurs“

in order to smear organizations!

You manipulate people´s materials in order to slander them!

You scare or destabilize people who´re against your manoevers!

You put people „off“ since you cannot easily incarcerate them in the West

by letting them have „nasty accidents“!

You gather informations to support your False Flag operations!

You prepare Wars of Aggression!

You prepare Genocides!

You have no moral restrictions at all!

Does the devil exist?

Yes, it´s YOU!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

Gates at the Gates – Microsoft & Big Brother

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Microsoft is starting Windows updates automatically, don´t put the Computer off! It takes usually quite some time before the procedure has ended. But if such an update takes roughly half an hour (for one single section) like it happened yesterday I start thinking. As someone writing many articles on his blog which surely don´t please „Big Brother“ I suspect that the Microsoft inbuilt gates for Big Brother are functioning. Bill Gates rightfully owns his family Name!

„Don´t put the Computer off!“, to be seen for half an hour!


Für eine halbe Stunde zu sehen: „Schalten Sie den Computer nicht aus!“

Microsoft startet seine Updates für Windows automatisch, „schalten Sie den Computer nicht aus!“ lautet die Anweisung und in der Regel dauert das seine Zeit. Wenn aber für nur einen Update-Teil die Sache eine runde halbe Stunde dauert, dann komme ich als jemand, der auf seinem Blog viele Artikel veröffentlicht, die dem „großen Bruder“ sicher nicht gefallen, ins Grübeln. Ich vermute, die von Microsoft eingebauten Einfallstore für „Big Brother“ funktionieren. Bill Gates trägt seinen Namen zu Recht (Gates = Tore)!

Andreas Schlüter


Dedicated to the revolutionaries, the great thinkers, the musicians and my comrades and friends in the US! And dedicated to the struggle against the US Power Elite, those  guys who always claim to be the „good guys“, and for whom we are all just vegetables!

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Andreas Schlüter


With all the mess this world is in there´s pretty little to enjoy, but this morning I was near to jump and dance! Boiling about the lame reaction within my coutry and the EU towards the unbelievable extend of US spying ( and frightened by extend of cyber dominance of „Big Brother“ ( I had my ears standing up when I heard about the harsh and arrogant remark of Victoria Nuland on the EU. In fact the EU is far from being a truely democratic construction and opposite to all swollen proclamations designed to be an appendix of US power politics. So the remark just reflects the true character of it. What was so great was the fact that people in Europe could hear clearly what they are to the US Power Elite, because what was really meant were the Europeans, the vasalls. But what was even greater is the fact that obviously Russia showed the middle finger to the US. What you do to the world, we´re also able to do to you! We can also record your confidential telephone calls!


Moreover the US warnings over terrorists attacks on Russia´s Olympic games were designed to threaten visitors off, leaving aside that most terrorism is directly or indirectly coming from the US intelligence apparatus and their Al Qaeda children. After all we all have to thank the Russian government and intelligence that they have told the US off!

Let´s hope the European governments take an example! Thank you, Russian Bear!

Andreas Schlüter

Confession: I´m an – almost – addicted user of Twitter. Through a link in one Tweet almost a year ago I came across a website. Highly astonished I saw an advertisement of the US lottery for the Green Card: the whole North American continent in the US colors!


This understandably puzzled me, Plans already underway? Well, a joke, but showing US arrogance. Inspired by this I sent two tweets: “#Canada: Canadians, watch out! You´re obviously targeted for occupation: + link“ and #Mexico: Mexicans watch out, you´re a planned victim of occupation: + link“. A Twitter follower favored the Tweet and about 15 minutes later I looked again at that website. To my overall astonishment the advertisement was GONE! You can imagine that I started thinking immediately. What is the only plausible conclusion? Well, Big Brother is watching me – or at least my Tweets!

Well, exactly about that incident and my conclusions I wrote an article on this blog: „Big Brother´s Fast Reaction“.

A couple of days I turned to that old article again – and was more puzzled again: the article still there, but the photo of my screen with the advertisement: gone! Only a white square to be seen:


I mailed to wordpress but didn´t get an answer. The only possible conclusion: there was a manipulation from an „interested side“. Disturbing! And Big Brother must have  willing helpers among software producers and providers!

How studid do they think we are?

It is astonishing to see that those chaps are taking us to be fools. Since a while I always get a message offering me „security“ by saving my datas externally:


And not enough with this, a web searcher always offers me „security“ by the option of automatically sending my internet addresses to Microsoft to have them „checked“ whether they´re „safe“!



Andreas Schlüter

Since decades the hardcore Zionist dream is to get hold of whole Palestine. Moshe Dajan has said in 1973: it should be „a new State of Israel with broad frontiers, strong and solid, with the authority of the Israel Government extending from the Jordan [river] to the Suez Canal.“ (Iron Wall, p. 316)”. This dream of them is at the same time the nightmare of the Palestinians. Despite their majority´s readiness to accept the remeining quarter of Palestine Israel´s governments use all kind of tricks to prevent a Palestinian state to come to existence. Of course there is always resistance to the occupation and the policy of annexing. Now Israel is waging another War of Terror on the Gaza Strip which has become a prison of death and terror. It must be mentioned that a remarkable and growing number of people in the Diaspora as well as in Israel step up fierce restance against Israel´s policy and the arrogant claim of the Zionist right wingers to speak not only for for all people in Israel but even for „all Jews“! Many people in Israel have to suffer from the hybris of the „political class“ in their country.!/WiPoKuLi/media/slideshow?

On the other side Israel´s governments and mainstream media and agencies like to present Israel as the endangered David being confronted with by brutal Palestinian Goliath, trying to trample the poor Israelis under foot. Here are many links, collected and brought on Twitter by my Twitter Comrade Ronald Jackson (@ronaldjackson), which show a clearer picture:

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Own input on USS liberty (substituting mistaken link):

And also on USS Liberty:

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Taking Palestinian land:

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Israeli settlers vandalizing hundreds of olive trees:

Israel continues stealing Palestinian land:

Israel has built Hamas against PLO:

Israel assassinating Hamas leader ready to negotiate:

Targetting civilians and journalists in Gaza:

We owe thanks to Ronald Jackson for an enormous work not only collecting these links but also many other important news about World politics, particular about the US Empire.

Andreas Schlüter

Another link: Israel, the US & Imperialism:

And on occupation: