US Americans: 4th of July – for You and for the World – I Cry!

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Did Crispus Attucks – said to be the first martyr of the American Revolution – die for what we see with this your Country in History and today? I hardly believe so!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

From Declaration of US Independence (1)


Not alone that your country excluded for a long time American Indians, African Americans and women from the right enshrined in the constitution (something which many countries did with parts of their population), but in time where more and more countries try to make the world a better place by establishing ways of dealing with each other that respect the principles written in your declaration you force people around the world under the dictatorship of your greedy Power Elite which is even letting other people suffer for the war it fights among themselves ( You allow that greedy Power Elite not only to throw millions of the US population into prisons for slave work, many, many more millions into poverty and uncured sickness, but you allow your Power Elite and its administration to become the nightmare of the world! You allow them to spy each and everybody, you allow them to install most fascist regimes to butcher and torture their people, you allow them to break down states if they´re not liked (

In the center of the war policy of that your Power Elite stands an incident which is most likely to have been orchestrated by parts of that very Power Elite itself ( When upright people are telling you and the world the truth about those deeds you allow your government to harass them (, but not that alone, they´re pressuring other countries to do the same and violate all international laws and regulations like it happened with the countries forcing Evo Morales´ plane to land in Austria (


The man who´s said to hear everything!

Humble Remark

As a born German I know what it means to come from a country with a terrible historical load of too much guilt, but even in that horrible history parts of your Power Elite were complicit ( But coming from such a history I know that resistance is necessary. And there is my love for a considerable part of the US is rooted. What would my political life have been without Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or the Black Panther Party?! What would my ears´ life have been without Blues and Soul music?! The Lady I´m living with is the daughter of an African American WW II soldier! I feel deep appreciation for the friends and comrades from your country on the internet! When I was a youngster that love for the US was general, but your Power Elite destroyed that! And today I´m telling you: I´ll never accept to live in a US colony! Not your Operation Gladio nor your spying game can threaten me into the mentality of a vassal! But I love those US Americans who want to make their country a country which is an equal among equals!

Andreas Schlüter


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  2. Hi
    Please don’t miss parts of the Declaration referring to indigenous as „savage“

    • Schlüter sagt:

      Thanks for stressing that, at least this was said: „Not alone that your country excluded for a long time American Indians, African Americans and women from the right enshrined in the constitution“, but the addition is welcome! Also thanks for reading and giving a comment! Regards

  3. […] US Americans: 4th of July – for You and for the World – I Cry! […]

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    Truth to Power komrade. Panther Love

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