US Election: Now a Warrant on the Email Affair, is the Struggle within the US Power Elite still going on?

Veröffentlicht: November 2, 2016 in Politik
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It seemed as if Clinton was so much choosen by the US Power Elite to become their willing executer of highly risky war games that the Email affair was brushed off. But now the FBI becomes active again, a late „October_Surprise“? Many people only see the surface, the competition of the main canidates and their followers. They miss the deep structure, the „Deep_State“, but also the traditional splits within those somehow hundred people who make up the real US Power Elite. On this blog I´ve written a lot about the internal struggles about Strategy and tactics to control the world. Long ago these factions were called „Warriors“ (liking direct military action) and „Traders“ (prefering economic power and letting „others do“).

Nowadays there are the Neocons and the Soft_Power faction. For some time they were at-war-among-themselves during recent years, especially about the question of whether to go to war with Iran. In that conflict the Neocons seemed to be defeated. But the way the growing conflict with Russia is pushed in Ukraine and in Syria it seems the Neocons have gained upperhand again.

And not enough that they gained dominance, they have taken over the Democratic Party which was for decades the domain of the Soft Power faction. Personified is that takeover by Hillary Clinton . She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“. There is a paper by that think tank issued in September 2000 (among the authors Paul Wolfowitz) under the name “Rebuilding_Americas_Defenses”. The Neocon intellectual servants of the US Power Elite, like Kissinger, Kagan and Wolfowitz are giving full support to Clinton.

Nevertheless many ordinary people are still trapped with the illusion: the Democratic Party stands for a socially oriented policy, they are anti-racist, they are „with the small people“, they favor some sort of „New Deal“.

Well, and on the Republican side there´s now Donald_Trump. He – despite being quite rich – is not so closely connected to the real Power Elite. Surely he´s surely an ugly guy, quite suprematist, but not having the vision of the US ruling the World by war, though he wants a „Great USA“. Possibly he doesn´t see the concepts of the real Power Elite in full light. Maybe he only got the chance to become the Republican candidate because the Neocons somehow left the Republicans aside. This might be due to the fact that the Power Elite is great in masquerading.

But after all, both candidates are not liked very much. And over both heads a lot of judical questions are hanging. The way Sanders was able to attract young people of all walks of life was very different from Clinton. With enough rigging of the process Clinton was able to make the nomination anyway. But as said, the Neocons, the „rougue guys“, appeared to have finally got the upper hand. They had been able to make the FBI let Clinton go from the hook. And now again a warrant?!

Soft Power Faction and Classic Conservatives Hitting Back?

We must be clear, that the Soft Power faction doesn´t like dead risky games the same way as the Neocons do. And there are also older parts of the Elite tending to ealier „isolationist“ concepts (tending to Trump), there are also parts tending to classic conservativism. It seems these groups are getting so worried about the Neocon Wargames that they are uniting. I´ve asked in a previous article, „which-cards-are-under-the-table“ and it seems there are some more. And this formation being more cautious about risks might have quite a number of allies within the state apparatus. There are some people who´ve maintained some morals, even veterans of the CIA like Steve_Pieczenik with his Blogspot.

Possibly, with a vast majority of the common people unfortunately driven into ignonrance and superficial conceptions that said formation might save us from the worst. It would be wonderful if a broad social movement would have formed itself into a party structure giving Dr. Jill Stein a chance, but it hasn´t happened. Thus Trump might get the upperhand in the elections, if not rigged.

But will the Neocons give up?

It could be that the Neocons are so fiercefully determined that they might go beyond any limit. Still the possibility is there that they are even ready to aspire the victory in the game by a „Queen_Sacrifice“ leading to a second Business_Plot attempt. Within these last days before the election – and even afterwards – things could become very, very nasty!

Andreas Schlüter


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  1. ephraiyim sagt:

    I agree. It seems that the neos have switched tactics (or this possible queen sacrifice was the plan all along ) . Most Americans have no clue just how manipulated they are.
    Keep talking about the bigger picture. Hopefully more will wake up. And hopefully it will be in time before the elitists completely destroy the world.

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  3. […] US Election: Now a Warrant on the Email Affair, is the Struggle within the US Power Elite still goin… […]

  4. […] US Election: Now a Warrant on the Email Affair, is the Struggle within the US Power Elite still goin… […]

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