Elections and the US Power Elite: Which Cards are Under the Table?

Veröffentlicht: September 27, 2016 in Politik
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The US „Election Theatre“ is in full swing. The US system allows little to no space for democratic developments and the introduction of new concepts and ideas. It is almost impossible to break away from the „Two Party System“. Jill_Stein from the Green Party has not been invited to the debate of the candidates.

But additional to the formal aspects seen on the surface there are things going on „underground“. The way Bernie_Sanders has been kicked out of the Democratic Party´s election procedure is throwing light on the „power machine“. In fact his „endorsement“ of Clinton was a sad surrender and a real disappointment. But why could such things happen in the supposed „Motherland of Democracy“? Well, much of that myth is fake. Likewise the talk about the US President as „the most powerfull man (respectively woman) on Earth“, he might be just the most glamorous. In fact a US President is in office, not in power. The real power is in the hands of the US Power Elite, the „Deep-State of the US. That was clearly shown by the assassination of „JFK. That Power Elite has some splits from time to time over rather tactical questions but are united in the desire for US control over the world. In those days the factions were dubbed „Warriors“ and „Traders“, one part preferring the „boot on the ground“, the other part tending to use economic power to that end.

The Neocons takeover of the Democratic Party

Nowadays there are the Neocons and the Soft_Power faction. For some time there was almost a hidden_war between them during recent years. Obviously the Neocons among those somehow hundred people who make up that Power Elite have won. And not enough that they won, they have taken over the Democratic Party which was for decades the domain of the Soft Power faction. Personified is that takeover by Hillary_Clinton . She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“. There is a paper by that think tank issued in September 2000 (among the authors Paul Wolfowitz) under the name “Rebuilding_Americas_Defenses”. The Neocon intellectual servants of the US Power Elite, like Kissinger, Kagan and Wolfowitz are giving full support to Clinton.

Nevertheless many ordinary people are still trapped with the illusion: the Democratic Party stands for a socially oriented policy, they are anti-racist, they are „with the small people“, they favor some sort of „New Deal“.

Well, and on the Republican side there´s now Donald_Trump. He – despite being quite rich – is not so closely connected to the real Power Elite. He´s surely an ugly guy, quite suprematist, but not having the vision of the US ruling the world, though he wants a „Great USA“. Possibly he doesn´t see the concepts of the real Power Elite in full light. Maybe he only got the chance to become the Republican candidate because the Neocons somehow left the Republicans aside. This might be due to the fact that the Power Elite is great in masquerading.

After US Imperialism had shown its ugly WASP face to the world too clearly they needed a „human brown face“ personified by Obama. I believe they only wanted him for one term. His second term anyway was characterized by the effort not to become a „second Kennedy“, means a „dead hero“!

Anyway, The US Power Elite, now dominated by the Neocons, seemingly have choosen Clinton to be their instrument in office. But something fishy is in the air. We saw the Wikileaks revelations about Email-scandals, about financial scandals, the mounting „Body count“ of the Clintons (in alternative media), but most important, Hillary Clinton´s fainting health! This health story goes on for a while and I started pondering. The US Power Elite must have been aware of Clinton´s health. They must be aware of all those problems endangering her possible presidency. What if there is something else „in the pipe“? Could there be a plan to sacrifice the “Queen” like in Chess for the final victory? Thus I must say I really suspected them sacrificing_Clinton_and_stage_Business_Plot_2.0. And in deed Clinton appeared “half dead”. I couldn´t believe she´d make it to the TV Duel!

Clinton Jumps from Coffin

Now we´ve seen her somehow jumping from the coffin like a vampire and in deed biting Trump effectively in „The_Big_Show“! Nevertheless her performance was not able to befuddle those ones who really know her and her husbands list of lies and scandals, but their number is irrelevant.


From: politicsnow.buffalonews

Was the whole „Health Show“ meant to distract the public from all her other problems and scandals? Or is the Power Elite playing with different options? Do they have a „plan B“? Is it possible that the renowned forensic pathalogist Bennet_Omalu has with a „nosy“ Twitter action shown too much of the possibly planned Setup_and_False_Flag? Or is the time „not yet ripe“ for it? Should what I predicted take place later at a more dramatic point of time? Well, Hillary being „fine“ as long as the scandals can be kept under control will surely be a fine instrument for the imperial designs. But what, if the scandals are too many, and what if Clinton´s health is in deed more fragile than the TV duel has shown? If she would make it to the office and afterwards everything will crumbele her candidate for the Vice-Presidency is hardly a personality to be used as a President.

Trump has at times almost acted as Clinton´s „first aid“, but there´s still much support for him. Is the „plan B“ to use him? Could he be controled? But there´s something new in the game. Rudy_Giuliani, deeply involved in Nine Eleven and named by James Corbett as one of the suspects, is in support of Trump. And Trump´s candidate for the Vice-Presidency is Mike_Pence. He has a record that links him relatively close to the Neocons. So, in case Trump would make it and couldn´t be fully controled…?! Whereas Clinton´s candidate for the Vice-Presidency could not so easily be a substitute. Maybe she took that as a „life insurance“, but that might only protect her if nothing happens before the elections.

Taking all this into consideration I start believing there are some more cards under the table on the side of the US Power Elite!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/list-of-my-articles-on-the-usa/

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