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Looking at the election system of the US and the US Power Elite one can have great doubts whether there´s true Democracy in the world´s most powerful country. Apart from the fact that in many US States „the winner takes all“ and how this can lead to a real misrepresentation of the majority, the Electoral_College is a very problematic institution, since it could theoretically suspend voter´s will.

The 2016 elections in the US were actually outstanding concerning the rejection both main candidates experienced (not without reasons). It was almost a choice between Small_Pox_and_Cholera. But it resulted – according to existing rules and regulations – in Donald Trump. The man, really an odd choice in a number of aspects, has the advantage of being more linked to old isolationist traditions and thus is not such a threat to World Peace as are Clinton and her backers (addicted to “Regime Change” wars). This the more as Trump has already announced his will to come to better terms with Russia!

Strange enough is in fact that supporters of the Neocon darling Clinton parade under the name “Leftaction“. This possibly even might make Clinton laugh. The complications of the Presidential Elections are quite well described by „The_Atlantic„. Nevertheless the paper likes to do the common Trump bashing while sparing Clinton from being exposed as what she is: a dangerous warmonger!

But „The Atlantic“ is quite well aware of what might happen, if the Electoral College elects Clinton instaed of Trump:

Were the electors to meet on December 19 and decide that Donald Trump is unfit to be president, all hell would break loose. Trump’s supporters, and even some who opposed him, would say the election had been stolen. Their worst fears about America’s “rigged” system of government would be confirmed. The president who the electors chose—even if it were Hillary Clinton, who beat Trump by over a million votes—would lack legitimacy in the eyes of much of the public. It’s unclear whether such a president could effectively govern. Violence might break out. Moreover, once the precedent was set, future electors would become more likely to act independently again. The process of choosing them would grow fraught. America’s entire system of presidential elections would grow unstable.“

If the resulting violence (in which rightist groups might play a considerable role) would go beyond a certain limit it could finally lead to „Martial_Law“.

A good analysis of what all could happen is given by globalresearch showing the war between different factions of the US Power Elite about strategic issues. It appears that at the center of that struggle is the question of whom to attack first: Iran, China or Russia. And so one thing is clear: this isn´t really a battle between „left“ and „right“, it is a battle within that very Power Elite, and various factions try to use the various sections of the people with all their understandable anger for their respective course, at the same time driving divisions further. That also follows the concept „divide and rule“.

It appears very realistic to predict: this is going to be a HOT WINTER!

Andreas Schlüter


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The US Elections are over and the medial public seems puzzled. A political outsider has won, Trump is President elect. No doubt, the former candidate has given an „odd sight“ at many occasions and has made some infuriating remarks. Mainstream media in the US and much more so in Europe have dwelled especially on those incidents.

Critical analysts on the other side have stressed his much more moderate positions on the relations between the US and Russia in particular. Those moderate positions if applied in reality might save us from WW III! Moreover some of his economic designs are much more in favour of US re-industrialization after a decades long policy of stripping the US off its industrial potential in favour of finance capitalism. This left many people jobless and hopeless. His victory may have been much more based on those designs instead of his rude remarks against minorities. And to be clear, there was quite a number of Trump voters and even supporters among those minorities.

What was rarely mentioned in the mainstream: Clinton is in deed the Neocons spearhead in the Democratic Party and had the full Neocon support (which she „earned“ for example by her blood thirsty help to destroy Libya). In deed Clinton brought Victoria Nuland into the Obama Administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. He was co-founder of the „Project for the New American Century“, which issued the paper „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“ in September 2000. If one wants to know what is in the Neocon „pipe“, one should read that paper. On page 60 you find the announcement of Fascist atrocities! It reads:

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

Surely it should not target white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs)! In fact those positions are the declaration of readiness for „Biological Race War“, leaving Trump´s chauvinism far behind.

US Power Elite still divided over strategic issues

Let´s face the facts: The association Neocons=Republicans and „Soft Power“=Democrats is invalid. The Neocons have taken over large parts of the Democratic Party and still hold parts of the Republican Party, whereas the party apparatus of the GOP is furious to have been left by the strong Neocon faction of the Power Elite in favour of the Democrats. Fact is also: the real Power Elite consists of maybe 100 people, the Super Rich linked to the „Military Industrial Complex“ and to Finance Capitalism together with those industries controling the „Cyber World“. They have at their disposal the „Deep_State“ with the „Intelligence“ apparatus. But there are still strong splits within that tiny Power Elite over strategy and tactics. The Neocons are ready to take any risk in the confrontation with Russia and China, whereas the other parts of the Power Elite are more cautious about their own survival. Those other parts are made up by the „Soft Power“ faction (they want to strangulate opponents by economic means), the older parts tending to „Isolationism“ and some other splinters. Those parts are favouring Trumps more moderate stand towards especially Russia.

The various factions were at_war_among_themselves especially over the Iran question and it seems the internal war is going on. It appears that Trump could only have won because of the section within the Elite opposing the overall risky games of the Neocons. Thus Paul Craig Roberts might be wrong assuming that the whole Oligarchy is behind the obviously coordinated Anti-Trump protests. Anyway, the impression is there that the Neocons try to launch_an_America_Purple_Revolution against Trump. But both sides are familiar with „dirty tricks“ and the „Anti-Neocon faction“ of the Power Elite might know „how_to_steal_elections“ in favour of their cause as well. If they would have done so that could also backfire if becoming public. It is a sad sight anyway to see now how the poor sections of the population, namely of minorities and poor whites are directed against each other (what the rich ones always like). It could finally lead to a situation favouring the Neocon designs as we might see.

Things to possibly come

The future is far from being clear. As stated here on this blog several times, the „lone weird shooter“ might still be waiting for Trump around the corner. The „Deep State“ of the Neocons might produce fake „proofs“ of a Russian intervention into the elections to declare them null and void. A „less rude“ way of the Neocons could be a strong influence on the Electoral_College to bypass the vote for Trump and still elect Clinton to be President. Together with the stirring of violent pro and counter protests an escalating situation especially in the three named cases could lead to declaration of the „State of Emergency“ and „Martial Law“ in favour of a respective Neocon directed regime. I can hardly believe the Neocons will easily give up, if not the whole affair is already running according to a well planned design by the Neocons. „Conspiracy Theory“? Well, US Politics is so full of conspiracies that theories are not the worst things. I take it to be possible that before Trumps inauguration things could happen which will lead to an „astonishment“ of the media (especially in Europe) exceeding the astonishment about Trumps election by far. Things could still become very, very nasty, much more nasty than some of Trump´s „qualities“ definitely are. Well, it can also not be totally ruled out that he will just be „tamed“ by some internal hints from the Neocon side. Rudy_Giuliani having close connections with the Neocons is near his ear.

Andreas Schlüter


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It seemed as if Clinton was so much choosen by the US Power Elite to become their willing executer of highly risky war games that the Email affair was brushed off. But now the FBI becomes active again, a late „October_Surprise“? Many people only see the surface, the competition of the main canidates and their followers. They miss the deep structure, the „Deep_State“, but also the traditional splits within those somehow hundred people who make up the real US Power Elite. On this blog I´ve written a lot about the internal struggles about Strategy and tactics to control the world. Long ago these factions were called „Warriors“ (liking direct military action) and „Traders“ (prefering economic power and letting „others do“).

Nowadays there are the Neocons and the Soft_Power faction. For some time they were at-war-among-themselves during recent years, especially about the question of whether to go to war with Iran. In that conflict the Neocons seemed to be defeated. But the way the growing conflict with Russia is pushed in Ukraine and in Syria it seems the Neocons have gained upperhand again.

And not enough that they gained dominance, they have taken over the Democratic Party which was for decades the domain of the Soft Power faction. Personified is that takeover by Hillary Clinton . She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“. There is a paper by that think tank issued in September 2000 (among the authors Paul Wolfowitz) under the name “Rebuilding_Americas_Defenses”. The Neocon intellectual servants of the US Power Elite, like Kissinger, Kagan and Wolfowitz are giving full support to Clinton.

Nevertheless many ordinary people are still trapped with the illusion: the Democratic Party stands for a socially oriented policy, they are anti-racist, they are „with the small people“, they favor some sort of „New Deal“.

Well, and on the Republican side there´s now Donald_Trump. He – despite being quite rich – is not so closely connected to the real Power Elite. Surely he´s surely an ugly guy, quite suprematist, but not having the vision of the US ruling the World by war, though he wants a „Great USA“. Possibly he doesn´t see the concepts of the real Power Elite in full light. Maybe he only got the chance to become the Republican candidate because the Neocons somehow left the Republicans aside. This might be due to the fact that the Power Elite is great in masquerading.

But after all, both candidates are not liked very much. And over both heads a lot of judical questions are hanging. The way Sanders was able to attract young people of all walks of life was very different from Clinton. With enough rigging of the process Clinton was able to make the nomination anyway. But as said, the Neocons, the „rougue guys“, appeared to have finally got the upper hand. They had been able to make the FBI let Clinton go from the hook. And now again a warrant?!

Soft Power Faction and Classic Conservatives Hitting Back?

We must be clear, that the Soft Power faction doesn´t like dead risky games the same way as the Neocons do. And there are also older parts of the Elite tending to ealier „isolationist“ concepts (tending to Trump), there are also parts tending to classic conservativism. It seems these groups are getting so worried about the Neocon Wargames that they are uniting. I´ve asked in a previous article, „which-cards-are-under-the-table“ and it seems there are some more. And this formation being more cautious about risks might have quite a number of allies within the state apparatus. There are some people who´ve maintained some morals, even veterans of the CIA like Steve_Pieczenik with his Blogspot.

Possibly, with a vast majority of the common people unfortunately driven into ignonrance and superficial conceptions that said formation might save us from the worst. It would be wonderful if a broad social movement would have formed itself into a party structure giving Dr. Jill Stein a chance, but it hasn´t happened. Thus Trump might get the upperhand in the elections, if not rigged.

But will the Neocons give up?

It could be that the Neocons are so fiercefully determined that they might go beyond any limit. Still the possibility is there that they are even ready to aspire the victory in the game by a „Queen_Sacrifice“ leading to a second Business_Plot attempt. Within these last days before the election – and even afterwards – things could become very, very nasty!

Andreas Schlüter


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The US „Election Theatre“ is in full swing. The US system allows little to no space for democratic developments and the introduction of new concepts and ideas. It is almost impossible to break away from the „Two Party System“. Jill_Stein from the Green Party has not been invited to the debate of the candidates.

But additional to the formal aspects seen on the surface there are things going on „underground“. The way Bernie_Sanders has been kicked out of the Democratic Party´s election procedure is throwing light on the „power machine“. In fact his „endorsement“ of Clinton was a sad surrender and a real disappointment. But why could such things happen in the supposed „Motherland of Democracy“? Well, much of that myth is fake. Likewise the talk about the US President as „the most powerfull man (respectively woman) on Earth“, he might be just the most glamorous. In fact a US President is in office, not in power. The real power is in the hands of the US Power Elite, the „Deep-State of the US. That was clearly shown by the assassination of „JFK. That Power Elite has some splits from time to time over rather tactical questions but are united in the desire for US control over the world. In those days the factions were dubbed „Warriors“ and „Traders“, one part preferring the „boot on the ground“, the other part tending to use economic power to that end.

The Neocons takeover of the Democratic Party

Nowadays there are the Neocons and the Soft_Power faction. For some time there was almost a hidden_war between them during recent years. Obviously the Neocons among those somehow hundred people who make up that Power Elite have won. And not enough that they won, they have taken over the Democratic Party which was for decades the domain of the Soft Power faction. Personified is that takeover by Hillary_Clinton . She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“. There is a paper by that think tank issued in September 2000 (among the authors Paul Wolfowitz) under the name “Rebuilding_Americas_Defenses”. The Neocon intellectual servants of the US Power Elite, like Kissinger, Kagan and Wolfowitz are giving full support to Clinton.

Nevertheless many ordinary people are still trapped with the illusion: the Democratic Party stands for a socially oriented policy, they are anti-racist, they are „with the small people“, they favor some sort of „New Deal“.

Well, and on the Republican side there´s now Donald_Trump. He – despite being quite rich – is not so closely connected to the real Power Elite. He´s surely an ugly guy, quite suprematist, but not having the vision of the US ruling the world, though he wants a „Great USA“. Possibly he doesn´t see the concepts of the real Power Elite in full light. Maybe he only got the chance to become the Republican candidate because the Neocons somehow left the Republicans aside. This might be due to the fact that the Power Elite is great in masquerading.

After US Imperialism had shown its ugly WASP face to the world too clearly they needed a „human brown face“ personified by Obama. I believe they only wanted him for one term. His second term anyway was characterized by the effort not to become a „second Kennedy“, means a „dead hero“!

Anyway, The US Power Elite, now dominated by the Neocons, seemingly have choosen Clinton to be their instrument in office. But something fishy is in the air. We saw the Wikileaks revelations about Email-scandals, about financial scandals, the mounting „Body count“ of the Clintons (in alternative media), but most important, Hillary Clinton´s fainting health! This health story goes on for a while and I started pondering. The US Power Elite must have been aware of Clinton´s health. They must be aware of all those problems endangering her possible presidency. What if there is something else „in the pipe“? Could there be a plan to sacrifice the “Queen” like in Chess for the final victory? Thus I must say I really suspected them sacrificing_Clinton_and_stage_Business_Plot_2.0. And in deed Clinton appeared “half dead”. I couldn´t believe she´d make it to the TV Duel!

Clinton Jumps from Coffin

Now we´ve seen her somehow jumping from the coffin like a vampire and in deed biting Trump effectively in „The_Big_Show“! Nevertheless her performance was not able to befuddle those ones who really know her and her husbands list of lies and scandals, but their number is irrelevant.


From: politicsnow.buffalonews

Was the whole „Health Show“ meant to distract the public from all her other problems and scandals? Or is the Power Elite playing with different options? Do they have a „plan B“? Is it possible that the renowned forensic pathalogist Bennet_Omalu has with a „nosy“ Twitter action shown too much of the possibly planned Setup_and_False_Flag? Or is the time „not yet ripe“ for it? Should what I predicted take place later at a more dramatic point of time? Well, Hillary being „fine“ as long as the scandals can be kept under control will surely be a fine instrument for the imperial designs. But what, if the scandals are too many, and what if Clinton´s health is in deed more fragile than the TV duel has shown? If she would make it to the office and afterwards everything will crumbele her candidate for the Vice-Presidency is hardly a personality to be used as a President.

Trump has at times almost acted as Clinton´s „first aid“, but there´s still much support for him. Is the „plan B“ to use him? Could he be controled? But there´s something new in the game. Rudy_Giuliani, deeply involved in Nine Eleven and named by James Corbett as one of the suspects, is in support of Trump. And Trump´s candidate for the Vice-Presidency is Mike_Pence. He has a record that links him relatively close to the Neocons. So, in case Trump would make it and couldn´t be fully controled…?! Whereas Clinton´s candidate for the Vice-Presidency could not so easily be a substitute. Maybe she took that as a „life insurance“, but that might only protect her if nothing happens before the elections.

Taking all this into consideration I start believing there are some more cards under the table on the side of the US Power Elite!

Andreas Schlüter

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Wer für eine gerechtere und friedlichere Welt kämpft, hat mächtige Gegner, eben die Machteliten. Selbst diese sind trotz ihrer gewaltigen Geheimdienstapparate oft auf „Einschätzungen“ angewiesen. Wieviel mehr trifft das für uns zu, die über keinerlei derartige Apparate verfügen. Aber auch die plausibelsten und schlüssigsten Einschätzungen der sozial gesinnten gesellschaftlichen „Gegenmacht“ werden von den mainstream-medialen Hilfstruppen der Macht gerne als „Verschwörungstheorien“ diffamiert. Wir sollten uns nicht viel daraus machen, denn wir sind nun mal auf Einschätzungen angewiesen, auch wenn diese keine Gewissheiten bedeuten.


Die Macht des „letzten Imperiums“

Die USA werden aller formal-demokratischen Fassade zum Trotz letztlich durch eine kleine Machtelite von ca 100 bis 150 Menschen regiert ( Diese verfügt über einen gewaltigen Machtapparat, der seine Muskeln spielen lässt, sobald der US-Machtelite etwas auf der Welt nicht passt. Selbst Russland zuckt hin und wieder zusammen, wie Putins Worte zu Snowden zeigten: „Wenn er bleiben möchte, gibt es eine Bedingung: er muss seine Aktivitäten einstellen, die darauf abzielen, unseren amerikanischen Partnern zu schaden, so seltsam diese Worte von meinen Lippen klingen mögen“.

If he wants to go somewhere and there are those who would take him, he is welcome to do so. If he wants to stay here, there is one condition: he must stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage on our American partners, no matter how strange it may sound coming from my lips.”

Dazu muss man wissen, dass an dem Morgen vor Putins Worten eine russische Rakete mit drei Satelliten abgestürzt war.


Auch Verbündete beugen sich immer wieder dem Druck des „großen Bruders“, wenn er etwas moniert. Aber ein einziger enger Verbündeter der USA, obwohl finanziell von diesen äußerst abhängig, schert sich einen feuchten Staub um auch heftiges Stirnrunzel der US-Macht: Israel! Bei allen geostrategischen Vorteilen, die die USA aus der engen Bindung ziehen mögen, erscheint es oft rätselhaft, warum die letzte Supermacht der Erde sich von diesem kleinen Land am Nasenring vorführen lässt.

Ein Schlüssel?

Manch Simpel zieht sich gerne auf zweifelhafte Klischees zur US Politik zurück, aber es sollte eines klar sein: es ist ein Spiel zwischen der US-Machtelite und der Machtelite Israels. Es ist inzwischen „amtlich“: kein Land spioniert in den USA soviel wie Israel. Und die US-Machtelite hat sehr viele schmutzige Geheimnisse (, und eine Fraktion der Machtelite (die über einige strategische Fragen tief gespalten ist) hat besonders schmutzige Geheimnisse: die Neocon-Fraktion (Neokonservatismus ).

Das schmutzigste Geheimnis mag in den Vorgängen um Nine-Eleven bestehen ( Es steht für jeden, der sich unvoreingenommen mit den Details der furchtbaren Anschläge beschäftigt hat, fest: es kann nur ein „Inside Job“ gewesen sein, ein Inside Job, der von der Neocon-Fraktion der US-Machtelite ausging!


Der weiße Lieferwagen

Bei den Ereignissen, die sich um Nine Eleven abgespielt haben, gibt es nun einen besonderen Vorfall, der ein Licht darauf wirft, wer wohl tiefen Einblick in dieses Geschehen gewonnen haben wird. Im Angesicht der zusammenstürzenden Türme des World Trade Centers fiel Anwohnern eine Gruppe von „Nahöstlich aussehenden Männern“ auf, die vor bzw. auf einem weißen Lieferwagen tanzten und jubelten. Die Polizei wurde verständigt ( ), die Personen gesucht und gefunden. Sie stellten sich als Mossad-Agenten heraus. In ihrem Wagen wurde Sprengstoff gefunden. Zusammen mit vielen anderen Mossad-Agenten (von denen viele als Kunststudenten aufgetreten waren) wurden sie ohne Anklage nach Israel geschafft. Dort traten ein paar von ihnen in einer israelischen Talkshow auf und bekundeten, dass es ihre Aufgabe war, die Ereignisse festzuhalten (

Keine falschen Schlüsse – die Sprache der Mächtigen

Um es gleich zu sagen, ich halte es mindestens für naiv, daraus den Schluss zu ziehen, der Mossad hätte Nine Eleven organisiert. Nicht, dass ich diesem Geheimdienst (wie allen anderen) Skrupel unterstellen würde, aber das hätte er gegen die Interessen der US-Machtelite nicht wagen dürfen. Wäre es so gewesen, wäre es unvorstellbar, dass diese Agenten sich so offenbart hätten, denn der Mossad beschäftigt keine Volltrottel. Sie sollten gefasst werden, dies war Teil einer Botschaft an die involvierte Fraktion der US-Machtelite.

Wir müssen verstehen, dass die Mächtigen der Welt untereinander unter bestimmten Umständen eine Symbolsprache „sprechen“. Diese Vorgänge hier lesen sich so: „Wir haben mit Begeisterung alles, was Ihr getrieben habt, aufgenommen, diese Informationen sind von größter Brisanz (Sprengstoff im Lieferwagen), wir haben aber auch die Vorgeschichte auf dem Schirm (durch die in der Talkshow eingestandene Vorkenntnis unterstrichen)!“

Wenn das mal keine eindeutige Ansage an die betreffenden Kreise der Mächtigen in den USA ist. Wissen ist Macht, hier die uneingeschränkte Erpressungsmacht!

Der Tragikomödie erster Streich


Nun geht das sonderbare Spiel des vermeintlich mit dem Hund wedelnden Schwanzes aber schon länger als der furchtbare Terroranschlag zurückliegt. Aber es steht zu vermuten, dass es auch nicht das erste super-schmutzige Geheimnis eines Teils der US-Machtelite war, in das der Mossad seine Nase tief hineingesteckt hat. Auch ich war mir lange nicht klar darüber, dass bestimmte strategische Gewinne aus der engen Bindung zwischen beiden Ländern die immer wieder demonstrierte totale Einseitigkeit der US-Politik im Nahen Osten nicht komplett erklären können. Ja, die US-Machtelite hat sicher viele Vorteile vom „unsinkbaren Flugzeugträger“ (, aber auch in der Politik mit ihren übrigen Verbündeten und Statthaltern in der wichtigen Rohstoffregion viele Nachteile.

Ein weiterer wichtiger Schlüssel zum Verständnis der Gängelung der US-Politik durch Israel nach Kennedy mag eben dessen Ermordung sein ( Auch hier hat fraglos ein Teil der US-Machtelite ihre Finger im Spiel gehabt, wie u. a. der US-amerikanische investigative Journalist Russ Baker in seinem umfänglichen Buch über den Bush-Clan offenglegt hat:


Da gibt es Leute, die glauben, wegen Kennedys vehementer Gegnerschaft zur Nuklarbewaffnung Israels habe der Mossad selbst ihn umgebracht, Nebbich! Auch wieder nicht wegen moralischer Skrupel hätte der Mossad nicht davon träumen können, sondern, weil Israel zum damaligen Zeitpunkt auf noch schwächeren Füßen stand, und viel wichtiger: Kennedys Gegnerschaft zur Nuklearbewaffnung lag auf der Linie der US-Machtelite insgesamt, während es die Widersprüche Kennedys zu dem Teil der Machtelite („Warrior“), das vor den allergrößten Risiken einer Invasion Kubas (und einer nuklearen Konfrontation mit dem Ostblock) nicht zurückschreckte, waren, die Kennedys Todesurteil nach sich zogen (siehe auch

Ja, es dürfte die Kenntnisnahme intimer Details der Ermordung Kennedys ( sein, die den wirklichen Clou in der Geschichte der Beziehungen zwischen den USA und Israels darstellt. Sehr schnell fanden sich auch die Mächtigen beider Länder zu teuflischen „Operationen unter falscher Flagge“ zusammen, wie sich 1967 im Vorfall mit dem US-Spionageschiff „USS Liberty“ zeigte. Im Sechs-Tage-Krieg griffen israelische Flugzeuge und Schiffe dieses Schiff an, obwohl ihnen die Nationalität bewusst sein musste, mit dem klaren Ziel der Versenkung (was mislang), wohl um die Versenkung Ägypten anlasten zu können, um so eine Rechtfertigung für die US-Bombardierung Kairos zu erreichen:

Hierbei wurden Leben und Gesundheit Dutzender von US-Seeleuten geopfert.

In der Folge gelang es dann leider, große Teile der Diaspora der USA, in der man traditionell eher links-liberal eingestellt war, durch die systematische Erzeugung von Hysterie und Panik zu Israels „Überleben“, zur bedingsungslosen Unterstützung von Israels brutaler Okkupationspolitik wie zur Unterstützung der Neocons und speziell der Republikaner zu treiben.

Aber, auf ewig?

Aber, wie lange werden die USA sich durch Israel im Nahen Osten dirigieren lassen? Die US-Machtelite ist überwiegend „WASP“ (white anglosaxon protestants), traditionell eher antijüdisch eingestellt (Henry Ford z. B. war Unterstützer der Nazis und „reüssierte“ mit Antijüdischen Hetzschriften), es ist – erst recht, wenn diese Analyse stimmt – keine Liebesheirat zwischen den beiden Machteliten der USA und Israels.

Man könnte vermuten, dass der Teil der US-Machtelite, die „Soft Power Fraktion“ (ein orwellscher Name, denn auch diese Fraktion ist bereit, ganze Nationen zu erdrosseln, „lässt aber lieber machen“), die nicht in diese Dinge verwickelt war, und ihre Kämpfe mit den Strategie-Gegnern hat, versucht wäre, die Geheimnisse offenzulegen, um die Konkurrenten herauszukicken und sich zu befreien. Vereint sind sie aber mit den Neocons im Bestreben der Weltkontrolle. Ein Offenlegen würde zu viel von der US-Machtelite an sich offenbaren und den Stand der USA in der Welt massiv schwächen. Von diesem Widerspruch her ist die Befreiung der US-Politik aus der nahöstlichen „Zwangsjacke“ nicht zu erwarten. Was eher vermutet werden kann, wäre eine gewaltige „False Flagg Operation“ der „harten Jungs“, um sie Israel (und der „Israel-Lobby“) anzulasten. So oder ähnlich hat man sich schon vieler ehemaliger Verbündeter entledigt. Das würde mit gewaltigen gesellschaftlichen Wirrnissen einhergehen, die wohl die „Reservetruppe“ der Rechten, die Milizanhänger, KKK-Anhänger und generell weißen „Suprematisten“ einbeziehen würde.

Es ist klar, eine grundlegende Änderung der US-Politik zu mehr Fairness und Gerechtigkeit, zum Respekt vor Völkerrecht und Souveränität für die übrige Welt (einschließlich die der Palästinenser, sowie für die Minderheiten in den USA selbst) kann nur das Ergebnis umfassender sozialer Kämpfe für eine andere Gesellschaft in den USA sein.

Andreas Schlüter


Von Nine Eleven zur Sprengung Europas?”

Man muss kein Zahlenfetischist sein, um zur hundertsten Wiederkehr des Kriegsausbruches von 1914 vom Hauch einer gewaltigen menschengemachten Katastrophe angeweht zu werden. Viele Ähnlichkeiten hinsichtlich der Verhaltensweisen von Machteliten sind in erschreckendem Maße festzustellen. Expansionsgier, völlige Unempfindlickeit gegen millionenfaches menschliches Leid und ungehemmte Risikobereitschaft feiern fröhliche Urständ!

Einen wesentlichen Unterschied allerdings gibt es: am Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs war in nicht unerheblichem Maße der Aufstiegswille der politischen und wirtschaftlichen Eliten Deutschlands beteiligt, an der heutigen explosiven Weltsituation ist aber wesentlich das blindwütige Strampeln der US-Machtelite gegen den vom wirtschaftlichen Abstieg verursachten Machtverlust schuld. Der US-Machtelite ist die Aussicht unerträglich, dass das zahlreichste Volk dieser Erde, das chinesische, mit seinem unglaublichen Potential und dem ungeheuerlichen technologischen Aufstieg in historisch absehbarer Zeit den Platz der größten Weltgeltung einnehmen wird.


Etwas für geschichtsvergessene Idioten: The Germans to the Front!

Dabei muss man sich erinnern, dass der sogenannten „Ur-Katastrophe“, dem großen europäischen Gemetzel, eine westliche Allianz gegen China, das rassistisch als „Gelbe Gefahr“ apostrophiert wurde, vorausging („Boxeraufstand„). Dies und der folgende 1. Weltkrieg reflektierten die beiden historischen Linien der Neuzeit, die kolonialistische Expansion der „weißen Welt“ und die Konkurrenzkämpfe innerhalb derselben. Als dann Europa in großen Teilen vom „Weltkrieg“ zerfetzt wurde, begann das „(US)-Amerikanische Jahrhundert“. Und der Appetit der US-Machtelite weitete sich in erheblichem Maße aus. Der Widerspruch zwischen den proklamierten Freiheitsidealen der us-amerikanischen „Revolution“ und der praktizierten Menschenverachtung im Umgang mit der eigenen Urbevölkerung und den Millionen versklavter Afrikaner offenbarte sich auch im Umgang mit Europa (das seinerseits den Widerspruch zwischen Phrasen von „Zivilisation, Freiheit und Fortschritt“ und seinem widerlichen kolonialistischen Gebaren kannte). So setzte ein Teil der US-Wirtschaft (welcher u. a. auch in den gescheiterten „Business Plot” verwickelt war) darauf, die Nazis in Deutschland an die Macht zu bringen (u. a. Prescott Bush). Hierbei ging es fraglos darum, ein faschistisches Deutschland gegen den weltpolitischen Hauptkonkurrenten Großbritannien und für die Zerstörung der verhassten Sowjetunion zu nutzen ( Vor einem dreiviertel Jahrhundert fing dann dieses entsetzliche Gemnetzel an. Diese Zusammenarbeit eines Teiles der US Wirtschaft mit den Nazis zog sich noch durch den Zweiten Weltkrieg hin.

smedley-butler Film zum „Business Plot“:

Tatsächlich hat die US-Machtelite mit ihrem geheimdienstlichen Arm im Vorgehen eine Perfidie entwickelt, die ihre Parallele nur in den “False Flag” Operationen der Nazis, wie beim “Überfall auf den Sender Gleiwitz“, haben, wie zum Beispiel mit der “Operation Northwoods“ deutlich wurde, einem Plan, der glücklicherweise von Kennedy gestopt wurde. Wer dieses Projekt kennt, wird sich kaum erdreisten, die Zweifel an der offiziellen Darstellung von “Nine Eleven” als “wilde Verschwörungstheorien” zu diffamieren ( Aber auch die Taten der als “Gladio“ bezeichneten US-geführten NATO-Geheimarmeen öffnen den Blick auf die Abgründe der US-Politik (

Die US-Politiker und Geheimdienste nutzen und infiltrieren unterschiedlichste Bewegungen, ungeachtet jeder vordergründigen ideologischen Verortung. Selbst die Grüne Partei Deutschlands haben sie von der Friedenspartei zur olivgrünen Kriegspartei gewendet. In vielen Ländern nutzen sie kleinbürgerliche Ängste gegen breite Bemühungen für soziale Gerechtigkeit, wie zum Beispiel in Venezuela. Gegen die afrikanischen Länder und Gesellschaften führen sie eine brutale wie hinterhältige Rekolonisierungspolitik an und scheuen sich nicht, mit dem US AFRICOM in Stuttgart auf deutschem Boden eine militaristische Kolonialinstitution für ihre Terroranschläge durch Drohnen zu nutzen (

Den Nahen und Mittleren Osten überziehen sie mit gefördertem Terror und Krieg und haben die “Neuordnungs-Pläne” schon “in der Tasche”. Vielleicht sind sie auch an den Konflikten in Thailand nicht unbeteiligt. Dabei ist die US-Machtelite innerlich zerrissen, nicht erst seit der Kennedy-Zeit ( Der Strategiestreit zwischen denen, die weiter eine demokratische Scharade nutzen wollen und andere machen lassen (“Soft Power”), und denen, die zu direktem militärischen Eingreifen und “Unternehmens-Faschismus” neigen, schlägt sich insbesondere im Streit darüber nieder, wer von den erkorenenen Gegnern zuerst “erledigt” werden soll, oder, wer als unwichtiger Gegner besser gegen Hauptgegener in Stellung gebracht werden und quasi “verheizt” werden soll. Diese Frage ist immer wieder Gegenstand heftiger Auseinandersetzungen: soll man zuerst die islamische Welt “plattmachen” (was die Preferenz der “kooptierten” israelischen  Machtelite wäre, wobei man gerne Saudi-Arabien und die Emirate benutzt), oder soll man den Iran, anstatt ihn zu bekriegen, in die Front gegen Russland einbauen? Ist eine mögliches Näherkommen zwischen dem technologischen Hauptkonkurrenten Westeuropa und dem Energieriesen Russland gefährlicher, oder ist es China? Dann könnte man wiederum versuchen, Russland in die Front gegen China einzubauen (wozu seit Neuerem Brzezinski zu tendieren scheint).

Aber der wütende Einfluss der Neocons auf die von den “Demokraten” geführte Regierung ist gewaltig, wie die Neocon-Aufpasserin Nuland (“Fuck the EU”) in der US-Regierung zeigt. Die Neocon-Fraktion hat wesentlich die Kontrolle über die Geheimdienste, sie hat viel zu verlieren, weil viel zu verbergen (besonders seit “Nine Eleven”).

Die Neocon-Fraktion insbesondere treibt die US-Politik dazu, den Würgegriff gegen Russland unerträglich zu verstärken, wie das Vorgehen im Fall der Ukraine zeigt. Dabei, den Geschichtskundigen wundert es nicht, setzt sie offenbar gerne wieder auf Faschisten, wie sie sich in der Partei “Swoboda” tummeln (, und auch der Verdacht der Benutzung von “False Flag” Operationen taucht wieder auf:

Und die Lehre für die deutsche Politik?

Tatsächlich wäre es einem erheblichen Teil der US-Machtelite außerordentlich recht, wenn die Ukraine nicht nur die EU und Russland weiter entzweite, sondern auch, wenn die EU sich mit der Ukraine ein weiteres Problem ans Bein binden ließe, dass die Probleme Griechenlands weit in den Schatten stellen würde. Wann geht es deutschen Politikern endlich auf, dass der “große Bruder” alles andere als Demokratie und Menschenrechte im Sinn hat? Vielleicht ahnen sie es ja, aber haben Angst ( Aber die Angst, die einem Pizzeria-Besitzer vor der “Schutzgeldmafia” kommen kann, steht Politikern nicht gut zu Gesicht, denn die Gefahren der Verwicklung in dieses globale Spiel überwiegen die Gefahren des US “Gladio” Terrors bei Weitem. Vor hundert Jahren zog nicht nur deutsche Großmannssucht Deutschland in den Krieg, sondern auch dümmliche “Nibelungentreue” zum absteigenden Reich Österreich-Ungarn! Der sozialdemokratische “Bismark-Verschnitt” Struck irrte schwer: Deutschlands Freiheit wird mitnichten am Hindukusch verteidigt, sondern auf dem Felde klarer politischer Analyse! Und a bisserl Moral könnt auch net schaden!

Andreas Schlüter

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Andreas Schlüter


The end of the Cold War has lead people to expect “peace dividend”, especially for the Southern Hemisphere. Whoever believed in that should be thoroughly cured from the illusion by now. Anyway, this cure could only be possible if looking at the world as a whole. Those people in the Western world who are not at the lower part of the social strata in large numbers are enjoying their mind killing pampering by “Entertainment” and “Infotainment”. And many times they join in to cheer a war waged for the “safety” of the West (their “world”) and for “Human Rights” and “Democracy”, the later many times bombed into (Non)-existence by depleted uranium covered ammunition. But the media pampered public is many times not aware that their rulers are waging war (in their name) against the world. The public by and large is having the feeling that it´s a “police action” for a “better world” to come. Only when driven too far into the absurd like now in the case of “punishing Syria” in the US a considerable part of the people regains a “Vietnam feeling”. This general situation in deed started to manifest after Nine Eleven.

The core of Western or better US Politics – Official and Unofficial

After all the situation after Nine Eleven was intellectually “well prepared” by Samuel P. Huntington´s “Clash of Civilizations”, predicting a fierce fight between Western “Democracies” and the Islamic world. And the aim was described by Francis Fukuyama´s “The End of History and the Last Man”. Thus the world was prepared for hustling Toward a New World Order. But a fitting atmosphere could also be helpful:

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor„.[15]

From Section V of Rebuilding America’s Defenses, entitled „Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force“

The US Neocons didn´t have “to wait” too long for that. On the 11th September 2001 they had their “catalyzing” event, their “Pearl Harbor”, costing  2996 lives . The terrible  day was the prelude for the “War on Terror”, better to be called the War of Terror, taking hundreds thousands of lives. The justifications went from saving “the Nations security” to “fighting for human rights and democracy”, at times as the pretended  measure to reach the first goal. The real aim is – according to the above named paper the full geo-strategic  dominance over the world by controlling world´s resources as well as well as the political actions of other countries.

The US have expanded their worldwide net of military bases in a real warlike manner, just following the concept. Nine Eleven is the justification to US´s world wide spying activities  and countries rejecting the protection by “Big Brother” must be prepared to soon be “visited” by Terrorism, reminding one of the way sinister events turn up if the owner of a Pizzeria rejects the “protection” of the Mafia! US Drones operate almost worldwide and kill people – declared “Terrorists” as well as people not even accused of anything – in thousands.

The US and their Western vassals claim the “right” to “take down governments” wherever they want, irrespective of the chaos and heaps of dead bodies they leave behind.  It appears justified to say their  “War of Terror” is a “Third World War”, especially waged against the Southern Hemisphere, as we see on the example of Syria even knocking at the gate to an involvement of Russia and China.

Should we Believe their Story or was it an Inside Job?

As long as one doesn´t believe that a coincident led four planes the same day out of the way Nine Eleven has to be classed a conspiracy. The only question highly controversial is the question which of the respective theories concerning the conspirators is most fitting. The official theory proposed by the US Authorities (the basis of this Wikipedia article: appears as lousy as the “Oswald Single Shooter Theory” in connection with Kennedy´s assassination in 1963 ( In the US a high percentage of people doesn´t believe its own governments as well as the mainstream media, so do many people in many parts of the world. Nevertheless those Main Stream Media dub the doubters “Conspiracy Theorists” in a very negative way. Without doubt the bundle of explanations among those people rejecting the official version is very diverse and some theories display absurd patterns – most loved by the believers in the official one in order to discredit the doubters in general. In the US the Truth Org ( is most prominent among the skeptics. Architects and Engineers (, Scholars (, Pilots ( and Fireman, of whom 343 lost their lives ( have formed their respective sub organizations to find the truth behind the incidents.

Miracles and Mysteries

Either certain people active at the stock exchange must have had highly qualified truth tellers on their payroll or must have had foreknowledge of the attacks: The first case would be rather astonishing, the second one extraordinarily frightening!

It sounds really fantastic that the most powerful state in this world with detailed regulations for the so called Air Policing – which means the tight control of the air and all planes – would not be able to detect those four planes ( More fantastic is the fact that that very morning an exercise “confused” the control of the air having exactly the very same situation of hijacked airplanes as their topic (,_2001) – wonderful! But, didn´t Condoleezza Rice say never ever would anybody have expected airplanes to be used as a weapon?

There was hardly ever a collapse of steel constructions ( because of a long lasting fire except the World Trade Center complex. If one accepts that because of very odd circumstances the Twin Towers collapsed (neglecting the signs of blasts as seen on the films: and is willing to totally ignore the more than strange phenomenon of molten metal and ongoing fire after the collapse ( nevertheless the falling of the famous Building No 7 is almost more difficult to explain within the frame of the official conspiracy theory. The building was not hit by a plane but by parts of one of the Twin Towers. There was a fire not coming from aviation fuel only affecting two or three stores but it collapsed! And it collapsed in a way that any demolition engineer would be proud of for his lifetime. No one having his senses intact can believe that collapse looks so controlled by incident provided he´s not entitled to supply disinformation:

It appears mysterious how it was possible to plant highly effective means of demolition into that building housing a number of important administrative institutions. But there should be facts to explain this “collapse from the book”. Mysterious or better miraculous appears also the fact that the plane hitting the Pentagon hit that part which was recently structurally strengthened and not yet having its full function back. There are many more miracles like unburned passports ( of alleged terrorists coming from the crashed airplanes and so on.


Could they do it?

Is it possible that parts of the US administration would do such a thing to their own people? Could they be unscrupulous enough? Well, don´t forget the Operation Northwoods planed as a false flag operation to be blamed on Cuba. In fact the case is so hot that the very serious and cautious Swiss historian Daniele Ganser ( has taken it up and delivered a highly interesting lecture on it:

Sharpening an Old Division

As small as the number of People is to be counted to the US Power Elite, this inside Job wasn´t the Job of all of them, as united they are in their desire to control the whole world. The split between those Neocons being represented by the Bush clan and those who like to work more indirect and less spectacular, being represented by the Orwellian Name „Soft Power“ (Orwellian in as far as those are also not shy to strangulate whole national economies) has been sharpened again ( As much as the Soft Power fraction is afraid of revealing the deeds of their Neocon Counter parts because of fear for final loss of all US reputaion they fear the Neocons´ hazardious actions. This surfaces also in the recent struggle over the US policy in the Eastern Mediterranian ( 

Andreas Schlüter

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USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there more dirty secrets?“

Some facts about Nine Eleven:


on the US Power Elite:


When the big hype started to have the “First Black President” of the USA me together with politically interested African friends of mine became very skeptical about the true essence of the announced “Change” ( Soon it was to be seen that there would be no fundamental “change” ( But after all the Obama administration was the administration of the US Power Elite´s “soft power Fraction” which is not so much for direct military involvement of the US. And in deed the Obama administration was hesitative against pressure for a war against Iran.

The Neocons Hijacking the US Government

This was annoying the Israel lobby with its “spear head” AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and Israel´s hard core Zionist government itself so much that the idea of naked violence against the US President surfaced ( It turned out that Israel´s government wasn´t shy to openly intervene even into US elections. But the “Soft Power Fraction” wasn´t easily giving up and to the analyst a real war between the main fractions of the Power Elite was visible ( This war is a war about the strategy of US World hegemony with regards to the role of the Arab/Islamic world and is of importance also in the development in Egypt (

Only one guideline left for Obama

Now the situation is exploding around the dangerous Western games in Syria ( as it comes to the point of direct military involvement of the US after the incident of a gas attack which can hardly be blamed on the Assad regime ( but rather must be seen as a false flag attack either by the “Rebels” or by Saudi Arabia, Israel or Western secret services respectively a combination of them.

And our heroic “Change Man” seems to have only one guideline left, remembering well what happened soon after Kennedy stopped Operation Northwoods (a design for a false flag providing “reason” for an invasion into Cuba): not to become a “Second Kennedy”! This makes him now definitely the servant of the Neocons! Sad story for all people struggling for more justice and peace in this world!

Andreas Schlüter


All what is seen now in Egypt pretty much looks like another proof of the fierce struggle between the two fractions of the US Power Elite ( The real US Power Elite can be estimated to include hardly more than 100 people, maybe 150. Behind the common aim of keeping or gaining total control over this world there´s a fierce struggle going on over the strategy. The fractions differing strategies are manifested in their two political “schools”, so called “Soft Power” (which is an Orwellian name, since they´re not shy to let their “Economic Hitmen” ( destroy whole national economies) and the notorious Neocons.

Neocons versus “Soft Power”

The big difference lies in the role the two “schools” have for the Islamic world in their struggle against their “long term targets”: Russia, India and China. The Soft Power fraction´s theoretical exponent is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski stands for integrating part of the Islamic World into the US´s struggle against their main “enemies” which doesn´t go together with a too one sided approach to the Near East conflict. They also fear military “overstretching” and were formerly dubbed the “Traders”. They like to do things indirectly and have strong ties into Finance Capitalism. The fraction of the Neocons is more for direct action done by the US military, thus formerly dubbed the “Warriors”. They want “the boot on the ground” and tend to crush the Islamic World totally before finally turning to the “main enemy”. They are closest to Israel´s Power Elite and their dream of “having the whole cake” which means the perspective of the Palestinians “Transfer” over the Jordan. They made American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) their political watch dog. Those super rich WASPs didn´t originally do so out of Philo-Semitism but counting on the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” Israel. Possibly this fraction steered itself into a total dependency on Israel´s Power Elite by the insight of Israel´s intelligence services into Nine Eleven (see also

There can only be one “Best Friend” of the US in Near East (except Saudi Arabia): Israel!

The “Soft Power fraction” whose man in office is Obama was counting on Erdogan in Turkey and Mursi in Egypt. Mursi on his side was also engaged in the destabilization of Syria ( The Muslim Brothers not only in Egypt but also in Syria have long lasting ties to the West ( They fit very well into the concept of the “Soft Power” fraction. But after all the Neocon fraction and their Zionist allies can´t live with an “Islamic” solution including Islamist tendencies because that would necessarily mean concessions to the Palestinians. For the “Soft Power” fraction the Muslim Brothers were a good means against a secular civil but also nationalist development in Egypt (for which the Muslim Brothers were initiated decades ago). They are the “ideal” candidates for Brzezinski´s concept. For Israel´s policy in Near East it looks different: only Arab militaries hanging at US strings are acceptable with the exception of the Saudi monarchy (being far enough away and of no to little attraction to the common people in the Arab world). And Israel´s hard core Zionists are sitting on the neck of the Neocons.

The Neocon-Saudi Connection

The victory of the “Soft Power” over the Neocons manifested in the kicking of Petraeus and other high ranking US militaries (see was obviously a short term affair. The neocon ties into the US military and the ties of those to the Egyptian military gave the clue. The democratically elected Mursi government was ousted by the Egyptian generals. But that military coup could have been countered by the Obama administration if not the Saudis would also support the Egyptian Junta. And they do so! The Saudi regime is good friend of the Bush Clan (, they consequently step in and compensate Western financial aid ( In deed that might not really pacify the situation, the danger is high, that Egypt might face a long ongoing civil war like Algeria passed through after a military coup preventing the Islamic party from taking office after elections won. After all the Neocons surely won´t care, one might think of “Seven Countries in Fife Years” (, the famous interview with ret. US General Wesley Clarke. After all the enormous recourses of gas and oil in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea are the general reason for fierce US influence in the region as well as Geo-Strategy, but also Israel´s desire to trigger an “all out war” in the region for the desired “Transfer”.

The Egyptians as well as the Syrians and others are the ones paying the price for that strategy and the conflict over particular strategies, but Egyptians are especially the victims of a Proxy war between the two important fractions of the US Power Elite, more will follow!

Andreas Schlüter

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