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To be precise: I can not really imagine that the US Power Elite – the Deep_State – or Israel´s Power Elite are purposely trying to bring about a full scale World War including nuclear Armaggedon. But the continental European governments of 1914 did surely also not want what then really happened. It was their self overestimation that made them bring it about.

Does the US Empire use Israel to provoke Russia with impunity?

Already on the 9th of April a missile_strike_at_Syria_t4_airbase took place, leaving seven members of Iran`s Revolutionary Guards dead. Remark in between: Iranians like Rusians are in Syria with the consent the Syrian government! 0bviously the attack on the base was carried out by Israel. Astonishingly this violation of International Law (like the US/GB/French attack following the “Douma_False_Flag”) was left without a strong answer by Russia, being Syria´s protector, puzzling also Paul_Craig_Roberts as well. Now they did it again! On the 29th of April they hit even harder, according to Haaretz the pro-Syrian alliance reported 11 Iranians dead and 200 missiles destroyed. No doubt that this is a war of aggression. And no strong answer by Russia to be heard yet!

At whom is this provocation aiming?

Probably it was a multifunctional provocation. Is it only a provocation by Israel or are the Neocons and possibly Trump involved too? Israel seems to try getting_Iran_to_retaliate as to finally achieve war against Iran which it longs for so long. Russia has been put to a dilemma as well. Does it leave that ruthless action unanswered Russia looses face as Syria´s protecting power. Would it retaliate against Israel, the US will unite their European vassals in an uproar: „Israel in danger of being destroyed!“ and all such nonsense.

Playing with Fire

Anyway, the only way Russia can stop this effort to „turn the tide“ in Syria on the side of Israel and the West, is to threaten (and in case fulfill it) for the next time to hit Israel´s facilities from where the attack may be launched again. If Russia let go the destruction of Syria will continue. Stupid European governments should know that if the destruction goes on they´ll be confronted with numbers of refugees they´ve never dreamt of in their nightmares.

As for the Iran case it seems that the European governments see the danger and want to stick to the treaty made with Iran. But the question is whether they are clear enough to signal Israel that it can not count on Europe in case of escalation with Iran and Russia.

No absurdity is too weird!

On the side the the US and Israel the smearing of Iran is in full swing. No absurdity is too weird not to be thrown into the game. Now a US judge demands Iran_to_pay_6_billion for victim families of the Nine Eleven attacks! One must bear in mind that the official narrative blames Al Qaeda for the attacks (which were definitely_an_Inside_Job). Al Qaeda is a (US created) Sunni organization, totally hostile to Iran´s Shia regime.

Netanyahu presents an absurd show that is supposed to “proof” Iran is still working on a nuclear bomb just like Powell gave “proof” Sadam Hussein working on “weapons of mass destruction”:

But hear the Iranian Foreign Minister on the case:

Obviously Trump who wanted to fight the Power Elite is now fully encircled by exactly those people (the Neocons) whom he wanted to control and by the Zionists (with the help of his son in law). There is nothing anymore about detente with Russia and abandoning regime change wars. Where Obama was cautious not to get driven by those people into_an_Iran_war, Trump is (self) trapped. And Macron was almost made Trump´s poodle.

The US Power Elite together with their British allies have organized a media war against Russia based not only on the absurd allegation “Russia hacked the US elections” but also on the “Skripal_Setup”.

The Obscene Dreams of Israel´s Power Elite

After all it seems Israel´s Power Elite is dreaming of the big war in the region in order to expand (blueprint: Golan Heights), since they “have to protect their existence”. And also it seems they know Saudi Arabia on their side, also indicated by strange_remarks_of_Saudi_Crown_Prince_Bin_Salman. So they might speculate to occupy all territory held by Shiite forces in course of such a war. What a deadly dangerous speculation on their side! And there are efforts to get Israel a seat in the UN Security Council, making it more of an Insecurity Council than it already is.

The Geo-political Implications

Since 2001 the US (Neocon) Power Elite wants to “take care” of “seven_countries”, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran, as revealed by former General Wesley Clarke (only his remarks about Africa are born of ignorance). They are far behind the time table, but still on it. In the final analysis it´s the nightmare_of_the_US_Power_Elite, the efforts on the side oft China and Russia for a Eurasian Cooperation which is driving US politics. Since the US are economically too weak they can only apply the strategy to turn Near and Middle East into a region of chaos to serve as a barrier against this cooperation. The turmoil they´ve created in Ukraine is serving the same purpose.

Israel as been said is dreaming of a big war in the region as an alibi for further territorial expansion. What makes the development more dangerous is the blackmail_power_Israel_has_over_the_USA especially gained by Israel´s insight into the Inside Job Nine Eleven.

What is a half official reason for Israel´s interventions is the Iranian presence in Syria. But the Iranians were drawn in because of the efforts by the US and their vassals including Saudi Arabia to destroy Syria.

Now Israel´s delusional so called “Defence Minister” has even dared_to_threaten_Russia_not_to_protect_Syria against Israel´s attacks. With Paul Craig Roberts I ask myself whether Russia_knows_what_the_US_are!

Europeans should get aware that their vassal behavior towards the US is not the only deadly danger but the same attitude towards Israel is likewise a terrible danger too. I think Paul Craig Roberts is really right with his article “What_can_be_done” saying: “If Europe breaks away from Washington’s control, there is hope for life. If not, we are as good as dead.

Andreas Schlüter

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On the afternoon (Berlin time) of Nine Eleven I was sitting in my little office room. Suddenly my Lady (who is herself the natural daughter of an African American WW II veteran) rushed in. Highly exited she told me an airplane had hit one of the Twin Towers. I joined her to the TV and we saw more of the disaster life, including the terrible pictures of people jumping down.

Then the towers crumbled one after the other. Knowing that there were still many people inside I felt like vomitting. But seeing the way the towers came down, I remember myself thinking: this looks like a pyroclastic stream! But I couldn´t make something out of this. Then there came the video of Bush in the school. When I saw his face the moment he was being informed, my stomach murmured: they´re not telling him something new! But my brain was ordering him to shut up. Though thinking soon that the ruthless US politics might have contributed to people getting crazy and becoming terrorists, I was stuck for long with the official narrative as far as the events as such were concerned. By the time I suspected preknowledge on the side of the US government anyway.

It was only around 2007 that I learned more about „Air Policing“ by a friend having been in the German Airforce. He made it clear to me that things must have gone very differently from what we´re told. I got electrified and dived into the topic studying the case for now almost a decade. The results of my studies are very different from the official narative!

A First Short Look at a Highly Tragic Event

To recall the elements of the event that claimed almost 3000 lives it´s fruitful to turn to a brilliant but short presentation – though disturbingly sarcastic – by the genius James Corbett:

This summary will give the guide line for a series of articles on this blog going into the details of Nine Eleven.

The „Genius“ Hijacker Pilots

We were told that 14 Arabs – mostly Saudis – who were armed with box cutters, did not only hijack four planes, but flew two of them into the Twin Towers. One they should have flown into the Pantagon and one they brought down because of a fight with the passengers. Now the problem is that the supposed Hijacker pilots had a lousy performance in flight schools, hardly being able to fly a single engine Cessna!

Either they must have purposely played fools in the flight schools and learned their „job“ somewhere else (why then attend a flight school at all?) or someone else flew the planes. Experienced Pilots certify that the flewn maneuvers were even difficult for someone with thousands of flight hours. Could they have forced the pilots on the planes to fly into the buildings? Even with a box cutter at his throat a pilot would have been forced by his reflexes to avoid the „goal“ in the last moment. So again, the supposed Hijackers themselves? A quote:

Whether the terrorists deliberately chose large jets and counted on the fire damage cannot be determined. But John Nance, an airline pilot, author and aviation analyst, said the direct hits on the two towers and on the Pentagon suggested to him that the pilots were experienced fliers.“

And one more:

By seizing four planes, diverting them from scheduled flight paths and managing to crash two into the twin towers of the World Trade Center and a third into the Pentagon, they must have had plenty of skill and training.

And on Hani Hanjour, said to have hit the Pantagon:

Mr. Hanjour, who investigators contend piloted the airliner that crashed into the Pentagon, was reported to the aviation agency in February 2001 after instructors at his flight school in Phoenix had found his piloting skills so shoddy and his grasp of English so inadequate that they questioned whether his pilot’s license was genuine.“


„I’m still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon,“ the former employee said. „He could not fly at all.“

In fact many contradictions within the official narrative have alarmed a high number of flying professionels forming Pilots For 9/11 Truth. Among many other videos and articles they have to say this:

And it appears very strange that the routine of „Air Policing“ did in fact not work on the morning of Nine Eleven!

To be continued!

Andreas Schlüter

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The end of the Cold War has lead people to expect “peace dividend”, especially for the Southern Hemisphere. Whoever believed in that should be thoroughly cured from the illusion by now. Anyway, this cure could only be possible if looking at the world as a whole. Those people in the Western world who are not at the lower part of the social strata in large numbers are enjoying their mind killing pampering by “Entertainment” and “Infotainment”. And many times they join in to cheer a war waged for the “safety” of the West (their “world”) and for “Human Rights” and “Democracy”, the later many times bombed into (Non)-existence by depleted uranium covered ammunition. But the media pampered public is many times not aware that their rulers are waging war (in their name) against the world. The public by and large is having the feeling that it´s a “police action” for a “better world” to come. Only when driven too far into the absurd like now in the case of “punishing Syria” in the US a considerable part of the people regains a “Vietnam feeling”. This general situation in deed started to manifest after Nine Eleven.

The core of Western or better US Politics – Official and Unofficial

After all the situation after Nine Eleven was intellectually “well prepared” by Samuel P. Huntington´s “Clash of Civilizations”, predicting a fierce fight between Western “Democracies” and the Islamic world. And the aim was described by Francis Fukuyama´s “The End of History and the Last Man”. Thus the world was prepared for hustling Toward a New World Order. But a fitting atmosphere could also be helpful:

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor„.[15]

From Section V of Rebuilding America’s Defenses, entitled „Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force“

The US Neocons didn´t have “to wait” too long for that. On the 11th September 2001 they had their “catalyzing” event, their “Pearl Harbor”, costing  2996 lives . The terrible  day was the prelude for the “War on Terror”, better to be called the War of Terror, taking hundreds thousands of lives. The justifications went from saving “the Nations security” to “fighting for human rights and democracy”, at times as the pretended  measure to reach the first goal. The real aim is – according to the above named paper the full geo-strategic  dominance over the world by controlling world´s resources as well as well as the political actions of other countries.

The US have expanded their worldwide net of military bases in a real warlike manner, just following the concept. Nine Eleven is the justification to US´s world wide spying activities  and countries rejecting the protection by “Big Brother” must be prepared to soon be “visited” by Terrorism, reminding one of the way sinister events turn up if the owner of a Pizzeria rejects the “protection” of the Mafia! US Drones operate almost worldwide and kill people – declared “Terrorists” as well as people not even accused of anything – in thousands.

The US and their Western vassals claim the “right” to “take down governments” wherever they want, irrespective of the chaos and heaps of dead bodies they leave behind.  It appears justified to say their  “War of Terror” is a “Third World War”, especially waged against the Southern Hemisphere, as we see on the example of Syria even knocking at the gate to an involvement of Russia and China.

Should we Believe their Story or was it an Inside Job?

As long as one doesn´t believe that a coincident led four planes the same day out of the way Nine Eleven has to be classed a conspiracy. The only question highly controversial is the question which of the respective theories concerning the conspirators is most fitting. The official theory proposed by the US Authorities (the basis of this Wikipedia article: appears as lousy as the “Oswald Single Shooter Theory” in connection with Kennedy´s assassination in 1963 ( In the US a high percentage of people doesn´t believe its own governments as well as the mainstream media, so do many people in many parts of the world. Nevertheless those Main Stream Media dub the doubters “Conspiracy Theorists” in a very negative way. Without doubt the bundle of explanations among those people rejecting the official version is very diverse and some theories display absurd patterns – most loved by the believers in the official one in order to discredit the doubters in general. In the US the Truth Org ( is most prominent among the skeptics. Architects and Engineers (, Scholars (, Pilots ( and Fireman, of whom 343 lost their lives ( have formed their respective sub organizations to find the truth behind the incidents.

Miracles and Mysteries

Either certain people active at the stock exchange must have had highly qualified truth tellers on their payroll or must have had foreknowledge of the attacks: The first case would be rather astonishing, the second one extraordinarily frightening!

It sounds really fantastic that the most powerful state in this world with detailed regulations for the so called Air Policing – which means the tight control of the air and all planes – would not be able to detect those four planes ( More fantastic is the fact that that very morning an exercise “confused” the control of the air having exactly the very same situation of hijacked airplanes as their topic (,_2001) – wonderful! But, didn´t Condoleezza Rice say never ever would anybody have expected airplanes to be used as a weapon?

There was hardly ever a collapse of steel constructions ( because of a long lasting fire except the World Trade Center complex. If one accepts that because of very odd circumstances the Twin Towers collapsed (neglecting the signs of blasts as seen on the films: and is willing to totally ignore the more than strange phenomenon of molten metal and ongoing fire after the collapse ( nevertheless the falling of the famous Building No 7 is almost more difficult to explain within the frame of the official conspiracy theory. The building was not hit by a plane but by parts of one of the Twin Towers. There was a fire not coming from aviation fuel only affecting two or three stores but it collapsed! And it collapsed in a way that any demolition engineer would be proud of for his lifetime. No one having his senses intact can believe that collapse looks so controlled by incident provided he´s not entitled to supply disinformation:

It appears mysterious how it was possible to plant highly effective means of demolition into that building housing a number of important administrative institutions. But there should be facts to explain this “collapse from the book”. Mysterious or better miraculous appears also the fact that the plane hitting the Pentagon hit that part which was recently structurally strengthened and not yet having its full function back. There are many more miracles like unburned passports ( of alleged terrorists coming from the crashed airplanes and so on.


Could they do it?

Is it possible that parts of the US administration would do such a thing to their own people? Could they be unscrupulous enough? Well, don´t forget the Operation Northwoods planed as a false flag operation to be blamed on Cuba. In fact the case is so hot that the very serious and cautious Swiss historian Daniele Ganser ( has taken it up and delivered a highly interesting lecture on it:

Sharpening an Old Division

As small as the number of People is to be counted to the US Power Elite, this inside Job wasn´t the Job of all of them, as united they are in their desire to control the whole world. The split between those Neocons being represented by the Bush clan and those who like to work more indirect and less spectacular, being represented by the Orwellian Name „Soft Power“ (Orwellian in as far as those are also not shy to strangulate whole national economies) has been sharpened again ( As much as the Soft Power fraction is afraid of revealing the deeds of their Neocon Counter parts because of fear for final loss of all US reputaion they fear the Neocons´ hazardious actions. This surfaces also in the recent struggle over the US policy in the Eastern Mediterranian ( 

Andreas Schlüter

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USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there more dirty secrets?“

Some facts about Nine Eleven:


on the US Power Elite:


All what is seen now in Egypt pretty much looks like another proof of the fierce struggle between the two fractions of the US Power Elite ( The real US Power Elite can be estimated to include hardly more than 100 people, maybe 150. Behind the common aim of keeping or gaining total control over this world there´s a fierce struggle going on over the strategy. The fractions differing strategies are manifested in their two political “schools”, so called “Soft Power” (which is an Orwellian name, since they´re not shy to let their “Economic Hitmen” ( destroy whole national economies) and the notorious Neocons.

Neocons versus “Soft Power”

The big difference lies in the role the two “schools” have for the Islamic world in their struggle against their “long term targets”: Russia, India and China. The Soft Power fraction´s theoretical exponent is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski stands for integrating part of the Islamic World into the US´s struggle against their main “enemies” which doesn´t go together with a too one sided approach to the Near East conflict. They also fear military “overstretching” and were formerly dubbed the “Traders”. They like to do things indirectly and have strong ties into Finance Capitalism. The fraction of the Neocons is more for direct action done by the US military, thus formerly dubbed the “Warriors”. They want “the boot on the ground” and tend to crush the Islamic World totally before finally turning to the “main enemy”. They are closest to Israel´s Power Elite and their dream of “having the whole cake” which means the perspective of the Palestinians “Transfer” over the Jordan. They made American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) their political watch dog. Those super rich WASPs didn´t originally do so out of Philo-Semitism but counting on the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” Israel. Possibly this fraction steered itself into a total dependency on Israel´s Power Elite by the insight of Israel´s intelligence services into Nine Eleven (see also

There can only be one “Best Friend” of the US in Near East (except Saudi Arabia): Israel!

The “Soft Power fraction” whose man in office is Obama was counting on Erdogan in Turkey and Mursi in Egypt. Mursi on his side was also engaged in the destabilization of Syria ( The Muslim Brothers not only in Egypt but also in Syria have long lasting ties to the West ( They fit very well into the concept of the “Soft Power” fraction. But after all the Neocon fraction and their Zionist allies can´t live with an “Islamic” solution including Islamist tendencies because that would necessarily mean concessions to the Palestinians. For the “Soft Power” fraction the Muslim Brothers were a good means against a secular civil but also nationalist development in Egypt (for which the Muslim Brothers were initiated decades ago). They are the “ideal” candidates for Brzezinski´s concept. For Israel´s policy in Near East it looks different: only Arab militaries hanging at US strings are acceptable with the exception of the Saudi monarchy (being far enough away and of no to little attraction to the common people in the Arab world). And Israel´s hard core Zionists are sitting on the neck of the Neocons.

The Neocon-Saudi Connection

The victory of the “Soft Power” over the Neocons manifested in the kicking of Petraeus and other high ranking US militaries (see was obviously a short term affair. The neocon ties into the US military and the ties of those to the Egyptian military gave the clue. The democratically elected Mursi government was ousted by the Egyptian generals. But that military coup could have been countered by the Obama administration if not the Saudis would also support the Egyptian Junta. And they do so! The Saudi regime is good friend of the Bush Clan (, they consequently step in and compensate Western financial aid ( In deed that might not really pacify the situation, the danger is high, that Egypt might face a long ongoing civil war like Algeria passed through after a military coup preventing the Islamic party from taking office after elections won. After all the Neocons surely won´t care, one might think of “Seven Countries in Fife Years” (, the famous interview with ret. US General Wesley Clarke. After all the enormous recourses of gas and oil in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea are the general reason for fierce US influence in the region as well as Geo-Strategy, but also Israel´s desire to trigger an “all out war” in the region for the desired “Transfer”.

The Egyptians as well as the Syrians and others are the ones paying the price for that strategy and the conflict over particular strategies, but Egyptians are especially the victims of a Proxy war between the two important fractions of the US Power Elite, more will follow!

Andreas Schlüter

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