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The US American Independence Day forces one again to strike a quick balance of what is going on in the “most powerful country in the World” and how that country goes about with the World. Apart from the fact that it is hardly a day to celebrate for the autochonious inhabitants of that territory, it is also not such a joyful day for many people in the World. But even many people in the US don´t have too much reason to celebrate.

What is left of US Democracy (which at least for a long time didn´t include the Autochonious and African Americans)? A President is to be seen who has thrown overboard the important announcements (detente with Russia, getting away from Regime Change Wars) faster than any President before nim has done so with his announcements. In fact since a long time it is clear, that there will be “no_change” if not approved by the people “behind the curtain”. Trump has been made “trump-on_track” by now. But who really pulls the strings? It´s the US Power Elite, dominated by its Neocon fraction and their “Deep_State”! That Power Elite wages literally “War_on_the_World” and on civil rights at home and abroad, based on the “most_collosal_lie_ever_told” on Nine Eleven. They are driven by their “nightmares”.

So the World has to find ways to “contain” the US power. This is even more true for the Southern Hemisphere and East Asia, sine that US Power Elite has declared_biowar_on_the_Southern_Hemisphere_and_East-Asia ! All this sums up to a more are less hidden Fascism, “cooked” in the Neocon_think_tanks.

Actually on this day and on every day we can say to the US: “for_you_and_for_the_World_we_cry”! What on this day fits most to the occasion is Jimi Hendrix version of US´s National_Anthem!

Andreas Schlüter

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4. Juli, wieder Zeit, Bilanz zu ziehen!

Der Nationalfeiertag der USA gibt Anlass, wieder einmal Bilanz zu ziehen, was in diesem Land, das zurecht als das mächtigste Land der Welt angesehen wird, vor sich geht und wie es mit der Welt umgeht. Abgesehen davon, dass die Amerikanischen Ureinwohner wenig Anlass haben, den Tag zu feiern, trifft das auch für viele Afroamerikaner und überhaupt für einen großen Teil aller US-Amerikaner wie ganz besonders für die Welt zu.

Wir sehen einen US-Präsidenten in Rekordzeit seine wichtigsten Ankündigungen wie die Entspannung mit Russland und die Abkehr von den Regime-Change-Kriegen über Bord geworfen hat und nun von den Kräften “hinter dem Vorhang” komplett “auf_Linie” gebracht worden ist. Nun ist dem Eingeweihten klar, dass es seit Kennedy “nichts_mehr_mit_Change” ist, wenn es diesen Kräften nicht gefällt. Aber, wer sind diese Kräfte? Nun, es ist die von den “Neocons” dominierte US-Machtelite, die tatsächlich die Welt unter Kontrolle bringen will.

Seit “Nine_Eleven” führt diese Machtelite, basierend auf einer monumentalen Lüge einen Krieg gegen die Welt und die Bürgerrechte. Tatsächlich könnte dieser Krieg indirekt auch zur “Sprengung_Europas” führen. Auch gegen Europa wird die “Schock_Strategie” durchgeführt. Die Grundlagen, ja, man muss sagen, eines mehr oder weniger verdeckten US-Faschismus wurden in den Neocon-Think-Tanks entwickelt.

Die Welt wird sich dazu finden müssen, diesen US-Machtwahn einzudämmen, wenn die Menschheit ihm nicht zum Opfer fallen soll!

So bleibt nur, den USA zuzurufen: Vierter Juli? Für Euch und für die Welt müssen wir weinen! Das, was zu diesem Tag am besten passt, ist Jimi Hendrix´ Version_der_US-Nationalhymne in Woodstock von 1969!

Andreas Schlüter

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I concede Obama the wish to implement some of his announced „Change“ when taking office. But soon he found out that a US President is far from being the „most powerful man on earth“, but rather at best the most glamorous man! He saw – as every President does since Kennedy´s assassination either before or after inauguration – that there are much more powerful people behind „the veil“, the „Deep_State“, the Military Industrial Complex, the true US Power Elite. Thus he decided not to become „a second Kennedy“ but rather obeyed that faction of the US Power Elite (which is at times at logger heads among itself about strategic and tactic questions) which is most influential at the respective moment. Obviously he has decided on “the last meters of his Presidency” to make himself the complete fool of the Neocons.

Will the Tiger the President Elect Pretends to be End up as a Carpet as Well?


Trump started with a number of ugly comments and positions but had the correct understanding that the aggressive confrontation of US policy (more and more under control of the Neocons again) personalized by Hillary Clinton could pulverize us all (including himself) in a WW III scenario (which the Neocons believe they could restrict to Russia and China). He moreover saw the industrial past of the US being the basis of its power and wants to revise the almost total dependence of the US on finance industry in favor of a re-industrialization. He has a clear understanding that the „Regime Change“ wars create a lot of problems for the US as such. With those positions he got elected according to rules and regulations in the US.

He´s thus in a deadly confrontation with the Neocons over war policy against Russia and interventionism (which are beloved Neocon projects). Taking in some of the hardcore militarists will not end that confrontation.

The Change Within the “Change”


Sound people knew from the beginning that Trump´s “care” for the “small people” wasn´t that serious and there´s personal in his team and positions indicating that again, including a whole number of people near to the Neocons. Much of his choice might already have been influenced by growing sorrow for a more massive confrontation. What appears to contrast most to his slogan “make America great again” is his stand towards Israel and the country´s illegal occupation policy. The Obama administration has now set up a mild symbol of criticism of that policy by making the declaration of UN´s Security Council possible. At once Trump signaled his support for Israel which again and again has demonstrated total disregard for US positions on the Palestinian question. He is not shy to go against this step of US policy which was long overdue. What does he expect to gain?

Is Trump´s Struggle for Survival Already in Full Swing?


The answer might be very simple: he´s now fully aware of the confrontation´s deadly nature. Already somehow being dubbed “Putin´s agent” he sees his announced Détente towards Russia been sabotaged by new sanctions and diplomatic confrontations on the side of the Obama administration including the announcement of harsher measures even. And the Russian_plane_crash will be interpreted by him (like by clear analysts including myself) as orchestrated by the “Deep State” of the US – a “measure” as demanded by the Clinton supporter and former high ranking CIA man Morell. This has surely alarmed him more.

Since he´s an unprincipled person he´s got no problem with selling out the Palestinians rights in order to please AIPAC and more important Israel´s government. He expects that this might gain him MOSSAD´s protection. Seen from his position he needs “allied troops”. It could turn out that in the end the Neocons and Israel´s Power Elite are so close that he´ll find himself under full control of both ending up as a carpet!

But we shouldn´t believe the US and the World would be better of with Clinton and her Neocon gang – which has already declared_Biowar on the Southern Hemisphere! At least the Détente with Russia – provided he can manage that – might save us from the worst. All in all we have to conclude: the US Power Elite is the most dangerous force in this World. People outside the US as well as inside the US have to learn this and build up against it!

Andreas Schlüter



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There´s a real hype about „Fake News“ on the side of the mainstream media and on the side of politicians like for example Clinton (laughing out loud!). And not only German_politicians would like to make the spreading of „fake news“ a criminal offense. Let me make one thing clear, a whole bunch of mainstream journalists and politicians – if such laws will be passed and rightfully executed – could already pack their toothbrushes to go to prison. Why so?

Those people calling for harsh laws aim mostly at the independent and alternative media (even like my blog for example) which they´d like to crush. In fact there are some alternative media (more so to the right) which play with fake news and assumptions. In some alternative media I saw Clinton already dead and doubled. But this appears marginal. What is much more dramatic and dangerous is the mainstream propaganda and even more so are the „old“ fake news, repeated again and again, becoming terribly misleading „narratives“. And the mainstream media are the main formation spreading those dangerous lies together with Western politicians!

A Couple of Examples


Kennedy´s Assassination

Mainstream: Kennedy was assassinated by a „lone nut“, a „political vagabond“, Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot Kennedy from behind!

On close inspection: all facts (including the famous „Zapruder Film“) and deep researches show not only that Kennedy was shot from the front, but show that it could only have been an „Inside Job“, perpetrated by the „Deep State“ of the US:

Zapruder Film:

Assassination of JFK: Half a Century of Lies“,

Deep State USA: Dulles, Dallas and Devilish Games“:

Mary´s Mosaic”, Looking into an Abyss, Part II:

Involvement of George H. Bush:


The Rwandan and the Congolese Tragedy

Mainstream: The Rwandan tragedy 1994 was the „African Holocaust“ perpetrated by Hutu „Genocidaires“ on the Tutsi minority and Paul Kagame and his RPF were the saviors of the Tutsi. He then had to invade Congo to get hold of the perpetrators!

On close inspection: With support of the US and a number of their European vassals US trained Kagame and his terror gang RPF invaded Rwanda triggering a tragedy in which the overwhelming majority of about 900,000 dead were Hutu. Rwanda´s and Uganda´s attacks on Congo lead to the death of about eight million Congolese:

Half the Truth is a whole Lie! 20 Years of brazen Desinformation!

Robin Philpot on Rwanda:

Rwanda, the untold story:

Interview Ann Garrison:

Burundi 1973:

Ruanda & Burundi, Dr. Helmut Strizek:


Nine Eleven

Mainstream: Nine Eleven was an attack by some 19 Islamists armed with box cutters directing – tricking the sophisticated system of „Air Policing“ – four planes to hit the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the ground in Shanksville. Those guys who couldn´t fly a single engine Cessna hit the targets straight and made even a third tower collapsing on its footprint!

On close inspection: all details show that this story contains more than a dozen contradictions, of which the only conclusion can be: Inside Job!

Most brilliant short version of the story:

Nine Eleven a Dozen Years ago – Stirred it the Third World War?”

USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there more dirty secrets?“

Nine Eleven One And A Half Decade Ago: Whose Conspiracy?“


Syria, Russia and Aleppo

(not shown on this photo, but depicting a liberated French town in WW II)

Mainstream: the Syrian government and the Russian government are committing war crimes against the Syrian people, particularly in Aleppo, whereas the West always liberates people with great care!

On close inspection: The Syrian government and the Russian government (being the only foreign power to legitimately intervene in Syria since asked by the Syrian government to do so) are fighting a formation trying to destroy a multi ethnic and multi religious state. ISIS and its allies can in a way be equated to Fascism. The West should remember the way Nazi occupation of France was fought by the Western allies in WW II. And what is even worse: the US, GB, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are supporting ISIS!

In deed, some „alternative media“ might play with fake news (possibly at times inspired by „informants“ who are rather provocateurs), but that is all nothing compared to the Western Propaganda apparatus made up by politicians and mainstream journalists!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

Es geht das Geschwätz vom „Post-Faktischen Zeitalter“ um. Traurigerweise ist Einiges daran, aber anders, als uns diejenigen glauben machen wollen, die auf den alternativen – insbesonder außerwestlichen – Medien herumhacken, ja, diese am liebsten verbieten würden. Laut MDR wollen einige Unionspolitiker die „Verbreitung“ von „Fake News“ gerne unter Strafe stellen. Aber wer ist in erster Linie für die gezielten Falschdarstellungen verantwortlich? Müssten da nicht viele Mainstream-Journalisten (zusammen mit eben diesen Politikern) „ab in den Knast“? Werden wir nicht seit vielen Jahren mit wohlfeilen Märchen gefüttert, wider jede gründliche Betrachtung der Gegebenheiten?

Vier gravierende Beispiele „offizieller“ Falschdarstellungen:


Mainstream zu Kennedys Ermordung: Kennedy wurde von dem irren „politischen Vagabunden“ Oswald von hinten erschossen!

Genaue Betrachtung:

Kennedys Ermordung: ein halbes Jahrhundert der Lügen“



Mainstream zu Ruanda: Die ruandische Tragödie war der Völkermord von „Hutu-Genocidairen“ an der Tutsi-Minderheit, ein „Afrikanischer Holocaust“:

Genaue Betrachtung:

Ruanda: eine halbe Wahrheit ist ganze Lüge”:

& „Video-Vortrag, Verbrechen in Ruanda und im Kongo, Afrika in der globalen Destabilisierungs-Strategie der USA“, Teil 1 + 2:



Mainstream zu Nine Eleven und der Berechtigung des US- und NATO-Krieges gegen die Welt, genannt „Krieg gegen den Terror“: die USA wurden von etwas über einem Dutzend völlig flugunfähiger Flugschüler so attackiert, dass sogar ein nicht getroffener Wolkenkratzer auf seinem Grundriss in sich zusammenfiel!

Genaue Betrachtung:

Von Nine Eleven zur Sprengung Europas?”

& „USA und Israel: schmutzige Geheimnisse und Erpressungsmacht“:


Mainstream: die syrische Regierung und Russland begehen dauernd Kriegsverbrechen gegen die Bevölkerung Aleppos, der Westen „befreit Menschen dagegen immer schonend“!

Genaue Betrachtung:

Der Westen und Syrien: Propaganda, Geschichte und Gedächtnisverlust“:

Ja, Leute, dann packt schon mal eure Zahnbürsten ein!

Andreas Schlüter

Ein Zitat vom damaligen CIA-Chef Casey, das wir nicht vergessen sollten!“:

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If one really wants to learn about the deceased Cuban Leader Fidel Castro and his qualities as a revolutionary, as a man and as a polititian, on should read what Fidel has written about Kennedy´s assassination on the 23rd of November 1963:

Castro could hardly be more honoured than by his own insightful words combining deep political analysis with intelligent policy and human attitude!

Fare well, Fidel!

Andreas Schlüter

PS: and one can learn a lot from his wise words about the present political situation in the US concerning the difference between „bad and worse“ as well. In deed, Trump´s attitudes are in many ways bad, but Clinton´s warmongerism and the danger of what she stands for concerning the world is even much worse!

My articles on the USA:


On the 22th of November 1963 JFK was murdered. The case shows clearly that the US President isn´t the „most powerful man on Earth“ but rather the most glamorous man on Earth! The case – if carefully studied – shows the existence of a real US Power Elite with its „Deep-State“ acting „behind the curtain“. So my article from 2013 is still highly actual!

Assassination of JFK: Half a Century of Lies“

Andreas Schlüter

Zapruder Film:

My articles on the USA:


Heute vor 53 Jahren wurde JFK ermordet. Lang, lang ist´s her, aber der Vorgang ist weiterhin von größter Bedeutung, denn er zeigt, dass ein US-Präsident keinesfalls „der mächtigste Mann der Welt“ ist, allenfalls der „prächtigste“. „Hinter dem Vorhang“ regiert die eigentliche US Machtelite mit dem „Tiefen Staat“. Mein Artikel von 2013 hat somit nichts von seiner Aktualität verloren:

Kennedys Ermordung: ein halbes Jahrhundert der Lügen“:

Andreas Schlüter

Meine Beiträge zu den USA:


Im „öffentlich-rechtlichen“ Fernsehen wird es als Sensation gehandelt: Trump gewinnt die US-Wahlen! Clinton – von der gut informierte Menschen wissen, dass sie die Kandidatin der kriegslüsternen Neocon-Fraktion der US-Machtelite ist – hat krachend verloren.

Ich halte noch eine Menge für möglich, denn im Vorfeld wurde bereits medial eine Art „Dolchstoß-Legende“ vorbereitet: Russland würde die Wahlen zugunsten Trumps elektronisch manipulieren und Trump sei sozusagen Putins Agent! Was ist, wenn die US-Geheimdienste dazu „Beweise“ vorlegen, der Wahlausgang annulliert würde und verkündet würde, die USA seien cybermäßig angegriffen worden? Würde dies zur Ausrufung von Notstand und Kriegsrecht führen, müssten wir vom „Business Plot“ 2.0 sprechen. Angesichts der Tatsache, dass die Neocon-Fraktion der US-Machtelite sichtbar absolut auf Clinton setzte, keine völlig absurde Möglichkeit. Aber lassen wir diese Vermutungen erst einmal beiseite und stellen einige Dinge fest.

Offenbar sind eine Vielzahl von „Meinungsforschungs-Instituten“ tatsächlich Meinungsmanipulations-Institute, die ihre Aufgabe darin sahen, Trump-Anhänger so zu entmutigen, dass sie nicht zur Wahl gehen würden.

Trump ist noch nicht im Amt, auch das muss man sich ins Bewusstsein rufen: ein US-Präsident ist nicht „an der Macht“, sondern im Amt. Das muss ein Präsident seit der Ermordung Kennedys spätestens mit Amtsantritt wissen: der „Tiefe Staat“ nimmt einen Präsidenten „aus dem Spiel“, wenn er den Interessen der US-Machtelite völlig zuwiderlaufende Dinge treibt. Es kann sein, dass man Trump sehr schnell klarmacht, wer die „letzten Entscheidungen“ trifft.

Viele Leute mögen Trump aus „schlechten Gründen“, also aus Sympathie für von ihm bekundetem Chauvinismus gewählt haben. Aber Eines ist deutlich, einer große Zahl von Menschen ist die absolute Verkommenheit der Kandidatin und ihre kriminelle Energie klar geworden. Ganz entscheidend aber ist, dass es eine Wahl gegen die Wallstreet und gegen das Establishment, eine Wahl gegen „De-Industrialisierung“, Globalisierung und gegen Interventionismus war. Da aber die US-Machtelite sich gerade auf viele dieser Dinge stützt, kann es auch zu einer weiteren Variante des Geschehens kommen.

Es wäre möglich, dass man entweder den Vizepräsidenten Trumps schon am Band hat, oder entsprechende Kenntnisse, die Erpressung möglich machen, gesammelt hat. Dann müsste man nur noch den „einsamen irren Schützen“ zur Anwendung bringen. Dies könnte vor oder kurz nach der Inauguration geschehen. Trump wäre zu raten, sein Sicherheitspersonal und die Umstände, unter denen er sich bewegt, gut im Auge zu behalten. Allerdings könnte so eine „Lösung“ zu Unruhe führen, die ebenso als Notstand und Grundlage für die Ausrufung von „Martial Law“ sowie zur Suspendierung des formaldemokratischen Prozederes genutzt werden könnte. Das würde dann ebenso einem Unternehmensputsch und Unternehmens-Faschismus entsprechen.

Sollte Trump sich mit nur einem Teil seines Konzeptes (und was aus „Change“ werden kann, haben wir gesehen) durchsetzen, dann sehen die hiesigen „Transatlantiker“ im politischen Geschehen allerdings ein wenig alt aus. Tatsächlich scheint sich in diesem Bereich der absoluten Anhänglichkeit an den „Großen Bruder“ schon ein wenig Panik breitzumachen.

Andreas Schlüter

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Soon a new US President will be elected to be in office, not „in Power“. It appears that we´ll be confronted with a great hype around „the first female US President“, creating illusions with many people like after Obama´s election.

Thus I recommend some of my articles on the US here again:


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A „Must Read“ if you want to understand present day Politics:


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Since Africa is affected a lot by US Politics, see also my articles on Africa:

Andreas Schlüter

No question, Trump is an ugly guy (but as he made it somehow clear, not an „Interventionist“ and ready for a better relation between the USA and Russia), but Clinton is surely much more dangerous ( The Neocon faction of the US Power Elite is determined to get Clinton into office anyway!

In face of this assessment I made a prediction a couple of days ago: if Trump becomes too dangerous for Clinton (at the moment he´s behind her, but more will be „leaked“ about Clinton), he might be „put off“. The „Deep State“ of the US ( is not even hesitating to do that with a President in office, as seen with Kennedy those days ( But I didn´t know that a somehow „childish“ attempt on Trump had already happened in Las Vegas in June (, by a mentally ill young guy ( It appears now they´re possibly still working on my prediction coming true!


Late Tuesday night (2nd of August 2016) an armed man tried to get into the Trump-Tower, according to „New York Daily News“ a rather odd story ( According to „ABC“ the man´s name was Anthony Shark. There the story was turned into some sort of harmless misunderstanding (, where they say the man – a retired cop – was arrested outside the building and lateron, after talking to a judge, released.

In deed on the Blog „Your Perception is not Reality“ Brian Michael tells a very different story possibly fed by confidential scources in the NY Police, as he writes.


Brian Michael

According to those scource the man was already inside when caught, armed with a semi-automatic handgun lacking a serial number – not so easy to get – and fitted with a silencer ( But to the great astonishment of the Police, Michael writes, the man whom they identified as Barry Bush (different to the above stories) was an FBI agent supposedly killed „in action“ in 2007 (, can you believe that?! This would be the classic existence of an „intelligence guided“ Killer (if the story is correct)! The „legend“ around his death could only have been woven with the active support of the FBI. And he must thus be under their „supervision“. Is it possible, that there were two incidents with two men trying to get into the building? That would be a classical cover up scenario.

If that was only a „warning“ to Trump to give up in time – if we take the last version to be true- then it has cost the „Intelligence“ a „well settled“ Killer, if not a warning, well, „shit happens“! If those guys behind the man – or the two men of two incidents – are really determined – most probably they are – there will be another attempt (provided Trump doesn´t give in or makes more terrible mistakes, pushing him really off the game). Next time it might be done by a „crazy single shooter“, prepared by MKULTRA, like it could have been possible with the June attempt.

Anyway, let´s treat the story by Your Perception is not Reality with the necessary caution, as likely as it appears to me with regards to the „Deep States“ fierce determination to make Clinton President.

Andreas Schlüter

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