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Looking at the election system of the US and the US Power Elite one can have great doubts whether there´s true Democracy in the world´s most powerful country. Apart from the fact that in many US States „the winner takes all“ and how this can lead to a real misrepresentation of the majority, the Electoral_College is a very problematic institution, since it could theoretically suspend voter´s will.

The 2016 elections in the US were actually outstanding concerning the rejection both main candidates experienced (not without reasons). It was almost a choice between Small_Pox_and_Cholera. But it resulted – according to existing rules and regulations – in Donald Trump. The man, really an odd choice in a number of aspects, has the advantage of being more linked to old isolationist traditions and thus is not such a threat to World Peace as are Clinton and her backers (addicted to “Regime Change” wars). This the more as Trump has already announced his will to come to better terms with Russia!

Strange enough is in fact that supporters of the Neocon darling Clinton parade under the name “Leftaction“. This possibly even might make Clinton laugh. The complications of the Presidential Elections are quite well described by „The_Atlantic„. Nevertheless the paper likes to do the common Trump bashing while sparing Clinton from being exposed as what she is: a dangerous warmonger!

But „The Atlantic“ is quite well aware of what might happen, if the Electoral College elects Clinton instaed of Trump:

Were the electors to meet on December 19 and decide that Donald Trump is unfit to be president, all hell would break loose. Trump’s supporters, and even some who opposed him, would say the election had been stolen. Their worst fears about America’s “rigged” system of government would be confirmed. The president who the electors chose—even if it were Hillary Clinton, who beat Trump by over a million votes—would lack legitimacy in the eyes of much of the public. It’s unclear whether such a president could effectively govern. Violence might break out. Moreover, once the precedent was set, future electors would become more likely to act independently again. The process of choosing them would grow fraught. America’s entire system of presidential elections would grow unstable.“

If the resulting violence (in which rightist groups might play a considerable role) would go beyond a certain limit it could finally lead to „Martial_Law“.

A good analysis of what all could happen is given by globalresearch showing the war between different factions of the US Power Elite about strategic issues. It appears that at the center of that struggle is the question of whom to attack first: Iran, China or Russia. And so one thing is clear: this isn´t really a battle between „left“ and „right“, it is a battle within that very Power Elite, and various factions try to use the various sections of the people with all their understandable anger for their respective course, at the same time driving divisions further. That also follows the concept „divide and rule“.

It appears very realistic to predict: this is going to be a HOT WINTER!

Andreas Schlüter


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Two days before the US Elections, and many people have the feeling that there is something in the air. Both candidates of the dominant parties are highly detested by large sections of the population. The procedure of the Democratic Party for the nomination of the candidate obviously rigged, Trump not much liked by his own party, but legal clouds – mildly formulated – hanging over Clinton plus possible severe health problems, these are elections so controversial as hardly ever before in the US History. One thing is clear: the Neocon faction of the US Power Elite seems fiercely determined to make Clinton President. With the rigging of the Democratic Nomination Trump´s suspicion that the Elections will possibly be rigged doesn´t seem to be absurd, while the Clinton addicted mainstream media suspect Russia and the Trump team to electronically rigg the elections. And, no doubt, the other candidates pushed aside by the media, consolidating the „Two Party System“.


One must say: anything can happen, no one can really know, which „cards are under the Table“. As spectacular as the development is, even a „Business Plot 2.0“ could not totally be ruled out. There could be a staged attempt (possibly successful) on Clinton, blamed on Russia and Trump, with the result of „Martial Law“. If the Neocons are very confident of really controlling the situation, Trump could be „taken out“ by a „weird single shooter“. If a – possibly rigged – vote would present Clinton as President, there could be unrest by Trump supporters, result maybe: „Martial Law“. But the fight is obviously also again between factions of the Power Elite. I´m almost sure, something „nasty“ is going to happen either before, during or shortly after the elections!

Andreas Schlüter


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Andreas Schlüter

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Soon a new US President will be elected to be in office, not „in Power“. It appears that we´ll be confronted with a great hype around „the first female US President“, creating illusions with many people like after Obama´s election.

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