Stockholm Attack: Some Questions to be Asked!

Veröffentlicht: April 11, 2017 in Politik, Wissenschaft
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Why Stockholm?

The Stockholm_attack raises some questions. The same morning Trump´s attack_on_Syria had taken place. This attack against Assad´s forces favoured in deed ISIS and the Nusra Islamists. At 14:53 local time the attack in Stockholm happened. It followed the „classical“ pattern from Nice, Berlin and London. It turned the attention away from the rude violation of International law by the US administration.

Leaving asside the details of the Stockholm attack for a while the question is there: how is Sweden connected to the Syria conflict? Well, there are the SwedHR, the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, having exposed the notorious White_Helmets , celebrated by Western media, of flagrant fabrications in connection with supposed chemical attacks. This could surely have been a reason for Islamists to attack Sweden. But is that all?

Traditionally Sweden has a critical eye on Western imperial behaviour – though relatively mild in recent times. In fact according to Daytondailynews the Swedish delegate spoke quite critical of the US attack:

Sweden’s U.N. ambassador says the U.S. missile attack on a Syrian air base „raises questions of compatibility with international law.“

Olof Skoog told an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council Friday that it’s important that any action is based on international law.

The United States did not seek authorization from the Security Council or the U.S. Congress, and the missile strike was not based on self-defense.

Skoog says he hopes there is enough „common ground“ for the Security Council to move forward on negotiating „a strong resolution on a robust and immediate investigation“ into the suspected chemical weapons attack Tuesday on a town in in northern Syria, which killed 80 people. Thursday’s missile strikes were in response to that attack.

No doubt, the NSA knew about the statement before it was given in the meeting. Astoudingly the record of this meeting isn´t to be found in the Meetings_Records of the UN:


The respective press release by the UN has somehow „closed lips“ on the Swedish statement inasfar it wasn´t mentioned that Sweden doubts the US attack was compatible to international law. This makes one ponder. Surely the US administration as well as the US Power Elite „behind the curtain“ weren´t too happy about that Swedish stand.

Almost „Normal Operation Procedure“

Coming to the attack itself: it followed – as already mentioned – the „usual“ pattern, heavy truck used to plow through people. Something „went wrong“ anyway: the attacker, Usbek Rakhmat Akilov, 39, forgot to leave his passport behind and also forgot to have himself shot by the police! But many things could happen in custody anyway.

Before hand I ask myself how the attacker escaped the demolished truck only with some bruises:


According to Dailymaila former co-worker of Akilov contacted by Reuters said Akilov had never expressed any religious views and that the man he shared a flat with near Stockholm was said to be ‚devastated‘ to hear Akilov may be responsible for the attack“.

On his Facebook page (now taken down) one could have learned that Akhilov liked the „Playboy“. Not enough with this, according to this article he was someone who_partied_and_drank. So writes the German Magazin Focus online as well. It seems almost to be a prerequisit for someone working in favour of an Islamist organization to drink! Moreover the man was in Sweden to work and to send money to his family at home. After all he was denied asylum and should have been extradicted. In all one can ponder about what made the father of four finally destroy his life (and the life of others anyway). I cannot but think of MKUltra! There was too much of contradictions in all those terror-attack stories!

Andreas Schlüter

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  1. salim samai sagt:

    Dortmund, Stockholm, Berlin, London/Parliament; all are bizarre stories put on the bill of Islam/Terrorism/IS. Any crime, any idiot, any lunatic as far as he cries „Allah Akbar“ is now „Islamist Terrorism“. Cherlock Holmes would ask:“Who profits from the crime?“ 24h „News“ channels a la CNN which magnify & TRANSFORM everything. It certainly also serves those who play with FEAR, IDENTITY and wish to pursue further their M.East wars, DEMONIZE Islam & agrandize „Judeo-Christianity“. It also serves the SECURITY industry which is thriving! It RUINS us, Muslims living in the West who became „Sleepers“!

  2. emmett23 sagt:

    Attacks such as in Stockholm require long preparations, including many meetings with the police and secret services. They cannot be implemented within 24 hours of a telephone call from the Pentagon. It is also highly conjectural whether the Stockholm attacks overshadowed in world media the Syrian attack. Both events were highly publicized, possibly with differences in emphasis according to countries.

    In my view, the so-called terrorist attacks in Western countries are not linked to day-to-day political or military events, but are based on a long-term US-NATO strategy to maintain the fiction of a worldwide islamic terrorist enemy, that would play a similar role as the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The similarities between the various „terrorist attacks“ since 2001 suggest the existence of such a strategy and the existence of a command structure.

    • Schlüter sagt:

      I fully agree about the complexity of those preparations (including the long ongoing Infiltration of sections of the Swedish state apparatus, more even in Germany anyway). But that doesn´t mean that the „Deep State“ could not determine the point of time when conveniant. The media coverage is one thing, the perception within the public is another thing. People naturally tend to pay more attention to the „Terror“ right at their door.
      Thanks for the comment. Refreshing Holidays!

  3. Interesting analysis, Andreas. I suspect you may be right.

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