News about Clinton – the Lady Likes to Laugh!

Veröffentlicht: Juni 10, 2016 in Politik
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I wrote about the possible new President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, several times ( If she succeeds she would be presented with great hype as the „First female President of the USA“. It seems that fortunately a lot of people have lost their illusions about that woman already, but most possibly they are not enough.

With the bad picture the mainstream media have drawn about Gaddafi, many might not really understand the cynism the woman, who was deeply involded into Libya´s destruction, displayed in her interview about his death. See her laughing: „We came, we saw, he died! Hahahah!“:

Still too many see her as a defender of women. Now there´s something new, though about an incident long ago, when she was a young attorney, that might really strike you. It´s a „must see“:

In an old interwiew she laughs about the fact that she was successfully defending a real rapist of a twelfe year old girl!

And maybe it helps to understand what she is not: a defender of women or of „Non-Whites“ (see her connection to rude Neocon think tanks, dealings with the global south). What she is and what she will be to the extreme as a President (and mind, a US President is not „in Power“ but „in Office“):

An attorney of the real US Power Elite, the Super Rich,

of the Military Industrial Complex!

Andreas Schlüter

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  11. It is absolutely correct to say that Hilary Clinton follows in a long line of CIA nominees for US President. From Reagan, to Ford, to Carter, to Bush, to Clinton, to Bush to Obama. As such she will follow the path of the New World Order of one-world government (by the USA) which was the Utopian foundation of the US as set out by Francis Bacon in his New Atlantis but is since now so abused by the US military/industrial complex. For the origins of the New World Order from the Templars and the Teutonic Knights and Rosicrucians see

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