The Anti-Russia Show Must go on – Another Setup?!

Veröffentlicht: März 20, 2018 in Politik, Wissenschaft
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Faces of Madness?

Or Masks of Infamy?

In deed the mainstream media news and more so the statements of Western politicians about the alleged poisoning of the former Russian/British double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia by Russia leave me breathless! Not because I would believe that the Russian government respectively secret services would be the perpetrators, but because the case shows that the Western powers (that shouldn´t be) are so sure of how much they were successful at turning the public into a bunch of dump fools! It seems William_Casey_is_triumphing.

Always the basic question: to whose benefit?

If a crime has been committed the basic question is always: who is benefitting? It is obvious since long that important parts of the US Power Elite are doing a lot to encircle Russia and bring it to its knees or at least weaken the country. At the same time Russia and China are trying to create the Eurasian Cooperation (based on the “New Silk Road”) with Europe, which would be beneficial for European industry as well. This is in fact the “nightmare_of_the_US_Power_Elite”, because they would be “out of the game”. Moreover there is the Nord_Stream pipeline project. And the US Power Elite tries by all possible means to prevent those projects. Everything is done to force European countries into their sanction system against Russia. Should we believe that Putin would initiate or allow such attack on British soil – even short time also before the Russian elections? Do we think the man is stupid?

Actually that US Power Elite tries to build a barrier against the Eurasian cooperation efforts out of chaos and war from Libya trough Africa and Middle East into Ukraine, a real ring of fire (many times with the help of stupid European governments) around Europe. In Syria Russia has spoilt that game to a great extend to the anger of that Power Elite. It is obvious that a well orchestrated campaign is going on to demonize Russia and Putin to the Western public

Following a Well Established Concept?

Everyone can check what “thinkers” in the US are ready to apply against opponents by having a look at the planned “Operation_Northwoods”, which was stopped by Kennedy (that might have contributed to his “death sentence”). Well known is the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”. Notorious are the (Neocon) Think Tanks with their ideas and concepts even ready to to_wage_bio_warfare against parts of the world. People without dubious affiliations to the existing powers who have studied Nine Eleven in detail have no doubts about it being an “inside job”. The “Deep_State” of the US has no morals. They have no problems with sacrificing their own assets, either because those ones are in danger to run out of order, or their death could be blamed on opponents. The actual case is almost a one to one copy of_what_they_did_to_Litvinenko.

Perfect Crime” or Purposeful Contradictions?

With many of those incidents which could be classed as ”setups” it´s obvious that the Western perpetrators do not even aim at the “perfect crime”. It would have been possible that they could have faked “real hard evidence”, but they didn´t. Instead they present lousy assumptions or – like in the case of Nine Eleven – unburned passports from an exploding airplane. Are they just careless or does this also display a concept? Is it also possibly aiming at a “social selection”? There could be the aim to “sort out”: there are the masses of people cut off from detailed – also alternative sources – of information considered to be neglected, there are those ones who could ask questions, but quickly get afraid to look into the abyss, since it is preferable to live in the “good Empire”, there are those ones who want to get ahead with their carrier but know quickly that they have to “sell their soul to the devil” and will parrot the lies. And there are those ones who´re not ready to turn “blue into orange”. Those are the ones on whom the Empire and its henchmen have to keep an eye!

For this concept Nine Eleven can also be taken as a blueprint. All this might follow the concept of “cognitive_dissonance”. And the conspirators are always calling the skeptics “Conspiracy_Theorists”, which has become a synonym for “mad person”.

Is it also a Warning to their European Vassals?

Again and again the US Empire is playing with the “Strategy of Tension” to put the governments of the “allied” states in Europe (or, more precise: vassal states) under pressure. But politicians might also face personal threats as is indicated for example by the murder of Olof_Palme. Killing is even propagated by the former_acting_CIA_director_Morell. Could this also be a warning to European politicians? “We can get you as well!” “Intelligence” operations can be multifunctional.

Europe, See the Signs at the Wall!

The People of Europe have to learn an important lesson before it might be too late: The US Empire wants to make Europe their battle ground against Russia, it may be economic, it may probably be more. Some of the intellectual servants of the US Power Elite are very open on that like George Friedman:

The strategy_of_tension_towards_Russia applied by the US Empire is based on chaos and destruction. It should be clear to us:

a political Revolution against the Transatlantic Dominance

is necessary for Europe´s survival.

Surely they will not let go Europe without more terror and assassinations, but if we don´t stand up, the waking up will be even much more terrible one day!

Andreas Schlüter

Luckily there are alternative Media taking a critical approach:

former British ambassador Craig_Murray on the case:

John Pilger on the “carefully constructed Drama”:

Another example of official lies:

whole story collapsing?

Also a wider view:

British “mad man” Boris Johnson and the Skripal case:

Another “collateral advantage” for May:

And: Link list of my articles about the USA (which concerns most parts of the World as well, since the US Power Elite meddles in affairs everywhere):

  1. […] False Flag after the other. Years ago they started with the Litvinenko_operation. Now we had the Skripal_operation, even “doubled”, smeared against all logic on Russia. Then there are the “chemical_attacks” […]

  2. […] False Flag after the other. Years ago they started with the Litvinenko_operation. Now we had the Skripal_operation, even “doubled”, smeared against all logic on Russia. Then there are the “Chemical Attacks” […]

  3. […] with Russia. Now the sanction-regime against Russia is again_to_be_expanded, based on the bogus “Skripal_Case”, it might inflict economic_sufferings_on_Russia for some time. Is this a case of schizophrenia? […]

  4. Schlüter sagt:

    I usually follow the policy of giving space also to adversaries of my Analysis. But I don´t believe that this is a space for hateful anti-Marxist Propaganda. In the comments of „jdseanjd“ I see no real arguments but the typical burgeois mixing together of Marxist Analysis with Stalinist atrocities, which partly were caused also by continued Western attacks against Soviet Union.
    A „tiny“ example:
    „How ruthless Dulles was is also to be seen by his readiness to use people whom he even knew personally for his plans at their cost. The Quaker relief worker Noel Field was a harmless idealist. He got a call for a teaching job at the University in Prague 1950. Dulles used his contacts to make Eastern intelligence belief Field would head a US spy ring. This triggered Stalin´s paranoia. It did not only lead to Field´s long imprisonment as well as of family members but to a wave of increased repression, which was Dulles aim in his concept to nourish Eastern resistance.“
    from my article
    In fact I advise „jdseanjd“ to avoid hateful babbling without proper arguments if the Anonymus doesn´t want to be banned from the comment page.
    And, dear Norman, I believe that such comments like mentioned above are not really worth to be commented on our side. We have to live with Trolls!

  5. Interesting comments Schluter – coming here from Off Guardian. You might be interested in my article on Off G on the Skripals and the OPCW:
    as well as one for AHT, on the link with Douma and the UK’s White Helmet agents:

    we’ll get them in the end!

  6. […] The Anti-Russia Show Must go on – Another Setup?! […]

  7. […] The US Power Elite together with their British allies have organized a media war against Russia based not only on the absurd allegation “Russia hacked the US elections” but also on the “Skripal_Setup”. […]

  8. salim samai sagt:

    Melenchon said it Black & White in Berlin:
    „Russia is not OUR ENEMY! It´s our Partner“ He´s fully correct!
    Yet the „Machine“ needs „enemies: Boko Haram, ISIS from Manila to Kabul via the Antarctic, Taliban, Putin, Assad the Butcher, Communists, Hamas, Hizbollah, Califate, Islam & 101 abbreviations in Syria.

    Skripal is Shakespeare Theater!
    The problem is not the PLAY and the scenario! Fair, everybody does it on the world stage where it´s the rule: „You sell your narrative regardless of how stupid it is!“

    The problem is the „Solidarity“ of the Partners which MUST cry with you and play the dirty game.
    They did it in Irak and elsewhere! It generated „Terrorism“, goes COUNTER your National Interest and ONLY serves Lobbies which have their own Masters!

    Chirac/France & Germany/Schroeder were DEMONIZED then as they said: „No to the Irak War!“
    NOW EVERYBODY IS SAYING IT in the US…… on TV live during Presidential Debates!!

  9. Norman Pilon sagt:

    War may happen. It will be a mistake.

    I think ordinary people, be they Russian or citizens of the West, need to remember who they are and who their respective establishments are and what these establishments are about.

    We’ve been down this road before.

    Ordinary people once again are confronted with a choice: my working class identity or that of my belligerent nation.

    In the lead up to the last great wars, most ended up choosing in favor of their nation and thereby became the tools of their very oppressors, helping their ruling class attempt to crush its competitors, but in the end and at bottom helping the capitalists consolidate the subjugation of the working class everywhere.

    For ordinary people, the stakes are not about Russia and the U.S., although the propaganda at hand is certainly Western propaganda. Rather, this is about capitalist factions — be they Russian or American of British or German or French or whatever — all competing on a global scale, getting ready to throw their working class peons at one another. The peons on all sides need to refuse to fight for their respective overlords and instead ally themselves with all other peons everywhere.

    To quote a comment and my reply to that comment of only a couple of days ago:

    “If we ever want to see an end to the right wing/capitalist dictatorship that dominates the Imperialist west’s “democracies” then we first need to acknowledge that those “democracies” are in fact an illusion, bought and paid for by the smallest minority with the greatest wealth and their cohorts like the CIA and MI5/6.”

    Agreed, and for all the reasons you adduce and to which you allude.

    By the same token, however, we will also need to acknowledge that countries like Syria, Russia, Iran, China, Philippines and Venezuela, such as they exist, cannot save us, because they, too, no less than the West, are capitalist — economically, politically, and culturally.

    That’s the mistake that most progressives make, to believe that because weaker capitalist states, be that in an economic or political or military dimension, are a target of future or imminent subjugation by the Imperial West, they are by definition anti-imperialist. They are not and cannot be, because ‘imperialism’ is the inescapable endgame of capital as soon as it begins to operate on a global scale.

    Consequently, it doesn’t matter which of any of the existing states ends up prevailing over any another if what prevails is in its inception is a capitalist order, as the oppression and exploitation that is the implicit logic of capital remains, when it is globalized, an imperializing subjugation.

    The way out, if it ever happens, will be the overturning of the existing capitalistic states by a self-aware and international working class.

    As Lenin rightly put it, revolutions happen “when the ‘lower classes’ do not want to live in the old way and the ‘upper classes’ cannot carry on in the old way.”

    But socialism — and hopefully thereafter and in good time, communism – will be born of revolutions when the ‘lower classes’ finally learn to discriminate between themselves and their oppressors, and clearly understand that for-profit production is an abomination, that the culture of ‘abstract labour,’ of working for wages, is the current bane of human existence.

    So yeah, don’t buy into the blatant propaganda, for sure. But don’t let yourself fall into a mistaken partisanship. As another person commented in reaction to a piece by Pepe Escobar, titled „The Myth of a Neo-imperial China:“

    If somehow the Chinese-Russian Imperialists can out-manuever the US Imperialists into the US not launching WW3 (extremely unlikely imo); then they, combined, will soon be the world’s new #1 super-power; and the #1 task of the world’s people will then become opposing them.

    Ordinary Russians are our brothers and sisters, just as all other ordinary people worldwide. The capitalist elites, of whatever nationality, are not. Know who you are.

    • Schlüter sagt:

      In deed, as long as Capitalism rules, it carries war inside like the cloud carries rain!

    • jdseanjd sagt:

      Lenin was given a cheque for $50,000,000 by Kuhn-Loeb bank of New York, summer 1917, to fund the Russian Revolution.
      That murderous fanatic knew who he was working for.
      Book: Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr, 1955.

      • Schlüter sagt:

        No matter how one sees Lenin, that check and free passage through Germany did not make him a German Agent, different to those Soros financed spooks of today becoming US agents!

      • Norman Pilon sagt:

        And against the backdrop of my comment, what is your point, exactly?

      • Norman Pilon sagt:

        @ jdseanjd,

        Something for you to chew on:

        The fact that the struggle for national liberation against one imperialist power may, under certain conditions, be utilized by another „great“ power for its own, equally imperialist, aims, is just as unlikely to make [genuine] Social-Democrats refuse to recognize the right of nations to self-determination as the numerous cases of bourgeois utilization of republican slogans for the purpose of political deception and financial plunder…are unlikely to make the Social-Democrats reject their republicanism. [– Lenin, „The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations,“ p. 148.]


        Lenin formulated the theoretical problem posed by Poland during the First World War in these terms: „The Polish Social-Democrats cannot, at the moment, raise the slogan of Poland’s independence, for the Poles, as proletarian internationalists, can do nothing about it without stooping…to humble servitude to one of the imperialist monarchies. But it is not indifferent to the Russian and German workers whether Poland is independent, or they take part in annexing her.“ [– Lenin, „Summed Up,“ p. 351. / N.P.’s emphasis in bold.]

        The quotes are lifted from here. See Part Two, notes 28 & 29.

      • jdseanjd sagt:

        Far as I’m concerned, Marxism is stupidity on steroids, in theory, & evil incarnate in practice.

      • Norman Pilon sagt:

        Ah, you obviously read Marx in depth, but not only did you read him, you also understood him, didn’t you?

      • jdseanjd sagt:

        I most certainly did NOT read Marx to find out his theories: I looked at the disastrous results in the USSR, China & Cambodia.
        Both Communism & Nazism were funded by the Banksters to get East fighting West & their next project is WWIII. A book worth reading: Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr, 1955. Another: The Creature From Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin. His website:

      • Norman Pilon sagt:

        Well, that’s the most intelligent thing I’ve read today, that a person can know what a theory entails without actually making the slightest effort to study it firsthand.

        You’ve never read anything Marx himself wrote (who could’ve guessed), but you know exactly what he was on about and about all the results that his theorizing has had in the real world. How uber-astute of you.

        As for myself, I most certainly will NOT read Griffin and Carr because I already know about the disastrous results in Russia, China & Cambodia caused by the kind of theoretical ‚free market‘ and ‚democratic‘ capitalism they advocate.

        Books worth reading? Why read any book when you can just look around, assess how fucked up things are through your own eyeballs, and simply know beforehand that the proposed reading of this or that „theory“ will be an utter waste of time?

        Besides, who wants to read about what one doesn’t already know and believe, eh? I mean, how else are you ever going to learn something you already knew about?

      • jdseanjd sagt:

        Your reply is rather irrational.

        Why should I waste my most precious asset, my time, reading the theories of a man so incompetent he couldn’t raise his own family?

        Carr advocated mostly Roman Catholicism: he was an adult convert. As a Canadian WWII naval intelligence officer, always on a safe salary, he was clueless re business & economics. He was an excellent researcher who documented the moneylenders‘ funding & planning of the English Revolution, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic wars, the Russian revolution, the Spanish civil war & WWI & WWII.

        G. Edward Griffin documents mostly the machinations of the Banksters who established the Fed in the US & the damage they have done. His website:

        Carr was not & Griffin is not a fan of the genocidal & murderous collectivist/Communist brain dead religion you seem so enamoured of.

        Settle down, drink your cocoa, put plenty of happy juice in it & have a nice life. 🙂


      • jdseanjd sagt:

        Probably the most sensible comment you’ve made in your life: you bore me to death. 🙂

      • Norman Pilon sagt:

        Glad to hear of your passing. Now to roll over and to go back to sleep.

      • Norman Pilon sagt:

        You keep resurrecting. Why is that?

      • jdseanjd sagt:

        Because sleep after death is so refreshing, you pillock. 🙂

    • Schlüter sagt:

      Dear Norman, the simple point is that the US Power Eliten wants to prepare the People of the West nto believe that Russia and China would be a bigger danger than they are and want to prepare us for a war (of what extend ever) against them.

      • jdseanjd sagt:

        W.G. Carr’s 1955 book makes the point that the Banksters founded & funded both Communism & Fascism. They wanted East fighting West, to exhaustion, to establish the Totalitarian Govt they covet.
        Banksters from ALL the warring nations met to agree on this cheque for Lenin, DURING WWI,
        summer 1917, in Stockholm, Sweden.
        The point is that ALL top revolutionaries are agents of the International Banksters, not individual nations, going back to the English Revolution, 1640 – 1660, & probably way further back in history.
        Carr was a WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer who researched for 40+ years for this & his other books. The odds are good that he is correct, IMHO.
        G. Edward Griffin’s fine book The Creature From Jekyll Island bring this theme up to date.

        John Doran.

  10. Karin Heinitz sagt:

    Europe, see the signs!
    One needs to remember the ‚Heartland Theory‘ that Halford Mackinder developed in 1904 and which US politics have followed ever since. Then things become clearer.
    It is hard to believe, as Schlueter writes, that the European governments are stupid. His remark about Vassal states is more to the point.

    • Schlüter sagt:

      Full Agreement! Thanks for the comment.

      • jdseanjd sagt:

        Soros is a face for the Rockefeller/Rothschild Bankster interests. His focus is to destroy nations through „democracy“ to pave the way for the World Totalitarian Govt the Banksters desire.
        Rockefeller admitted in his autobiography that his life’s work was globalist & anti-American.

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