Boston Marathon: Strategy of Tension?

Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2013 in Politik
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Terrible what happened at Boston Marathon! My deep feelings are with the victims, just like in the case of those many, many victims of Imperialism in Congo (1), in Libya, Mali, West Papua and Syria, and also like in the case of the Nine Eleven and Oslo victims (2).

A Terrorist Attack

Obama was right to call it an „act of terrorism”. And he was right to leave it open whether this was organized “at home”. Horrible thoughts invade the mind. Again the US Power Elite has plans to “bring down governments” and stir wars. But a deep split is dividing the Power Elite. The “Soft Power” fraction is not shy to strangulate whole economies but hesitating with good reasons to directly engage in more wars. The Neocon fraction wants direct actions and “the boot on the ground” or at least US bombs on other people´s grounds:

There is a hidden war between the two fractions going on comparable to the struggles between that part of the Power Elite standing behind Kennedy and the part of it wanting Operation Northwoods which was then stopped by Kennedy. He didn´t live long afterwards (3). With this operation they wanted to do somehow the same what they were excessively doing in Europe with Operation Gladio.


The Old Draft Lives on

It would be too naive to believe those media which dare to mention Gladio & similar drafts but assign it purely to Cold War times. As the US Power Elite had no idea of dissolving NATO after the Cold War and the disappearance of Warsaw Pact they surely didn´t want to do away with those instruments. What those forces have done so extendedly in many parts of the world might have again returned to the US. Also the largest terrorist attack in the US, “Nine Eleven”, is giving the impression in many details that it might have been an “Inside Job” –

Under these conditions it wouldn´t be surprising if soon strange “indications” would appear “hinting” at Iran, North Korea or Venezuela! But maybe it´s only a general “hint” for Obama not to drift too far away from the firm wishes of the Neocons!

Andreas Schlüter

  1. bxdZWuPNdO sagt:

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  2. Dear Mr. Alphachamber, are you a Zionist ? Sincerely, a Muslim.

    • alphachamber sagt:

      That’s a good one! I will keep your question as an alibi on record, for the time someone reports me for my antisemitic writings. Wish you could see my smile.
      Seriously, if you READ my comments you can guess I am neither an „-ist“, nor an „-im“, neither am I associated with any „-isms“.
      (I also don’t lecture other nationals on ethics and don’t climb on moral mountains and announce my humanity for applause, or waive some tablets with the 10 commandments.
      Does that help?

  3. alphachamber sagt:

    Sir, I think you are not a native English speaker and therefore there is a problem with your translation.
    „So leave the victims aside and say openly that you don´t like me to show other possibilities of interpretation as given officially!“
    I don’t know what you mean by that. If you write an article about your sorrow over the Boston victims and then about victims of unrelated incidents, it can only mean, that you think other people have no such feelings and you claim moral superiority.
    In addition you hop on the politically correct bandwagon and connect these events with entirely unrelated events in history. Your own line of (already weak) argumentation gets irrational with bringing in Kennedy. This charming gentleman nearly caused WW III.
    Your insinuated theorie of a internal rightist plot is already evaporated.

    • Schlüter sagt:

      Sir, you´re right in as far I´m not a native English speaker! Making that a topic I assume that you´re one. The more I´m puzzled about your misinterpretations. I have difficulty to see how the mentioning of the victims´ sufferings can be interpreted as claiming moral superiority, that appears, sorry to say, as bad will!
      When talking about the US and its power elite as well as government the role of them in world politics come in and the victims of their doings, that´s not „unrelated“. Even if my suspicions would be wrong and it would really be an „Islamist“ terror attack it could hardly be disconnected from the Neocon´s „War on Terror“ and ist many, many victims.
      Coming to Kennedy who was far from being a saint it holds true that he stopped the criminal „Operation Northwoods“. It also holds true that there is too much evidence of his assassination having been an „Inside Job“. A person denying that could also believe in Santa Claas!
      My „insinuated theory“ which is rather a possibility gets nourished every day more! It could be rejected and I would not have negative ideas about someone simply rejecting it, but the way you argue gives me an idea from which „Corner“ you come!

      • alphachamber sagt:

        Thank you for your reply.
        From the bottom up:

        1.) I do not come from ANY „corner“. That you mention it, simply reveals your own corner.
        I am a resident of various Asian countries since 1975 and have no political axe to grind.
        So, „when you make any assumptions, you make an ass out of yourself and your umptions“.

        2.) When it comes to US Imperialism, we couldn’t agree more. But, on their ultimate global objectives, Americans are united. And no – Kennedy was not only „no saint“, he was at least as crafty as i.e. Nixon, just much better looking and he worked less!

        3.) Stuff like your “Operation Northwoods” is just boring. The Cold-War era is full of it. Anyway, what could be more stupid, than the Bay of Pigs? You worship Kennedy because he stopped some nutty ideas? You think Reagan hasn’t put the lid on some conservative brain-farts?

        4.) When you post public comments, without a mandate, how bad YOU feel about carnage then you DO imply that others don’t have the same compassion – do you get it?
        Respectfully yours.

    • Schlüter sagt:

      Mr. Alphachamber,
      thank you for your reply as well!
      Also from point to point: “When you post public comments, without a mandate”, which mandate do you have? In a democratic society we should have freedom of speech, or? I was not talking of anybody´s compassion! Didn´t you also make assumptions on my motives? So what?!

      Fine that we agree on US Imperialism and the united aims of unlimited world control! But you might have heard about the serious conflicts within the US power elite about the strategies (mirrored in the school of “Soft Power” – surely an Orwellian name, since those are not shy to strangulate whole national economies – and the Neocons, which I described in detail in the linked article “US Power Elite: At War Among Themselves?”) reflected for example in the Petraeus and Hagel stories.

      Maybe “my Operation Northwoods” bores you, but it´s the blueprint for all False Flagg Operations, whether you like it or not. And concerning the struggles over strategies between various fractions of the power elite (though united in their desire for world control) I recommend “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker! And the end of the Cold War didn´t mean an end to False Flagg and “Gladio” like it didn´t mean an end to NATO!

      By the way, the fact that you are “a resident of various Asian countries since 1975” can hardly convince me that you “have no political axe to grind”. The way you try to push a political analysis of possibilities to a moral and psychological level makes me rather feel that other options are “in the game”. My profile is clearly described in my blog.
      Respectfully in the same way


  4. alphachamber sagt:

    „Terrible what happened at Boston Marathon! My deep feelings are with the victims, just like in the case of those many, many victims of Imperialism in Congo (1), in Libya, Mali, West Papua and Syria, and also like in the case of the Nine Eleven and Oslo victims (2).“
    Quite a number of bloggers seem to have been appointed by the UN to „feel deeply with the victims“ of just about every war, terrorist-act or any other incident, for that matter? In that case, you left out still a lot of other conflicts and death. Or do you just feel deeply for the ones in your lifetime?
    What are you doing? Climbing some moral superior mountain beneath everyone else has no feelings or pitty? Is this your substitution for a religion, or are you guilty?
    Your entire post is disjointed and doesn’t make sense.

    • Schlüter sagt:

      „Your entire post is disjointed and doesn’t make sense“: this seems to be rather fitting to your comment! I´m sure you realized very well, that I´m not only concerned with the Boston victims or only the victims of the named conflicts. So leave the victims aside and say openly that you don´t like me to show other possibilities of interpretation as given officially!

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