Is it a Real Surprise? Maybe not, but a Deep Disappointment: Sanders Endorses Clinton!

Veröffentlicht: Juli 12, 2016 in Politik
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It´s not a surprise that Clinton wins the nomination as candidate for the Democrats, with the Wallstreet behind her. So the US voters are left with the choice between a partly madgone Trump and the even more dangerous (for the US and more so for the World) Clinton:

Who could like Trump? But, Clinton is even more dangerous, not only because she´s a real cynic ( She is the spearhead of the Neocons in the Democratic Party. She has brought Victoria Nuland (quote: „fuck the EU“) into the Obama administration. Nuland´s husband is Robert Kagan. Clinton has Kagan´s support ( Kagan is co-founder of the Project for the New American Century. and a member of the board of directors for The Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) as well as a senior fellow of Brookings Institution.

The Project for the New American Century was replaced by new think-tank Foreign Policy Initiative, co-founded by Kagan in 2009 and William Kristol, but it left “remarkable” traces, among other things in September 2000 the paper “Rebuilding America´s Defenses”, mainly authored by Thomas Donnelly, Project chairmen were Donald Kagan and Gary Schmitt. Though some people try to downplay the influence of the paper on real Neocon policy, the monstrosity of the paper surfaces not only in what could be taken to be the announcement of Nine Eleven on page 51, but also on page 60, where a paragraph ends like this:

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

This doesn´t surely point at white Anglo-Saxon Protestants but at the Southern Hemisphere and East-Asia. A Racist and Fascist concept of biological “Race War”.

So, those “fathers” of such concepts are to be found behind Clinton!

Sanders endorses Clinton!

With the terrible policy of warmongerism and the frightening figures of Trump and more so Clinton, Bernie Sanders appeared as the person who could save the US and the World from this danger. The more one could think he really means it when he named the Civil Rights leader Prof. Cornel West and the Palestinian James Zogby to his DNC Platform Commitee. Many people became very sad when it turned out that Sanders couldn´t make it. Ok, not his fault, but now the shock, this man is endorsing Clinton:

What a shame! In face of the poisonous snake Clinton such inner party „courtesy“ is despicable! I for my part am deeply disappointed by the man!

I don´t think it´s that easy but I could understand people who take the whole thing to be staged. Trump divides the people emotionaly, and stirrs racist feelings (which could be „used“ in further wars against the world), Clinton with her Neocon and Wallstreet background presents herself as a „Stateswoman“ and Sanders hands her those voters over who really wanted the change that the man in office promised but didn´t fullfill. It appears in deed as an ugly show!

Andreas Schlüter

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  2. Tony sagt:

    „I don´t think it´s that easy but I could understand people who take the whole thing to be staged.“

    It is likely that easy and profane, for the credo is: Everything can be managed or staged. There is not a single space in society that is not managed as a stage or soap opera. And one of its origins is the horse stable and the affinity with horses, on the one hand of cowboy oil barons (Dallas Oil Barons Soap) and on the other hand of Boners (Yale) and their likes internationally, overseeing the management and breeding of their horses, oil wells, and banks. Their managers and breeders are rewarded with God-like status and the money and power that comes with it.

    Management, born in the horse stable, removed from its proper place, pervades every nook and cranny of society: managing a difficult child, managing a business, anger management, perception management…
    Some of those with a special affinity with horses and horse breeding seem to have a mindset allowing them to think societies and people may be managed and bred like managing and breeding horses.

    It is high time to remove management from society and put it back to where it came frome: the horse stable!

    Checking a dictionary or any publication for compounds with management and the use of the verb manage is disturbing for the sinister connotations.

    Merriam Webster:
    1 a archaic : the action and paces of a trained riding horse
    b : the schooling or handling of a horse
    c : a riding school
    2 obsolete : management
    Origin: Italian maneggio management, training of a horse, from maneggiare.
    First use: circa 1587

    Collins English Dictionary:
    (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) an archaic word for manège
    [C16: from Italian maneggiare to control, train (esp horses), ultimately from Latin manus hand]

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