For People Interested in World Peace: Hear Great Analyst Stephen Cohen on US Russian Relations!

Veröffentlicht: November 16, 2016 in Politik
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In these heated times it´s wonderful to hear a clear mind speak out. Hear Professor Stephen_F._Cohen talk in an Interview about the relations between the US and Russia:

But he speaks in favour of peace and general human interest. Those powers in the US that (shouldn´t) be have only their own nightmares in mind. And they might produce a real nightmare for humanity if we do not develop true resistance!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

  1. Tony sagt:

    War with Russia and/or China is not planned for the time being. What is going on are preparations for regime changes, and to go to war to prevent the collapse of the empire – only if collateral, i.e. necessary -, and – above all – for something much bigger: global domination through domination of space. India (a caste system Wernher von Braun already had a special interest in) and the Wastern allies are now required to contribute to the immense costs.
    Creating fear is always useful, fear of impending war also distracts from seeing the greater plan.
    The paperclippers and their heirs and owners are as busy as ever.
    Excellent article:

  2. […] via For People Interested in World Peace: Hear Great Analyst Stephen Cohen on US Russian Relations! — … […]

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