Great Britain: What to Make of the Terrible Attacks?

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The European public is alarmed by a series of Terror attacks throughout the last year into June this year. There were three events in Great Britain, 22nd of March the „Westminster Attack“, 22nd of May the „Manchester Bombing“, and on the 2nd of June the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market. According to the media like the Express over 30 deaths and an even higher number of severely injured people have to be mourned. The Telegraph states anyway that by far less people fell victim to Terror in Great Britain than in previous times (like during IRA bombings) and in comparison to other countries.

Origin not undisputed

But the origin of the attacks is not undisputed. The reputable economist and political analyst Paul Craig Roberts states that the alleged terror attacks resemble Operation-Gladio bombing attacks. Quite a number of Analysts note with astonishment that passports and ids are mysteriously discovered in the wake of terror attacks.


But there are also very concrete questions on the concrete incidents. Ímportant questions arose for example, why on the Westminster attack many injured people were oviously taken_to_a_hotel_instead_of_a_hospital just opposite. In this very detailed video_about_the_alleged_Manchester_bomber irrespective of the other details you see at 8:21 of it an amazing point about a photo-shopped image of the young man.

Well, leaving the details of the events and the question of how much of it was fake at all and staged or not, also if the horror and sufferings of the affected people were real – which could also quite well have been – the basic question is whether the people behind were the people we´re told.

Did the Chicken come home to roost?

On the recent terror attacks in Iran, claimed by IS, the White House released a statement going: “We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, and for the Iranian people, who are going through such challenging times. We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.” (underlined by the author).

Thes ridiculous allegations might fit to another country. One feels tempted to ask whether the statement was indeed meant for Great Britain (sarcastic remark), since it is among the countries which have sponsored the Islamic State. As unfit the sentence was with respect to Iran, the triple strategy of the Western Elites is to let their military go into the Islamic world wherever they please, sponsor Islamist Terrorism there at the same time and discriminate Muslims in the West socially. This could surely drive young frustrated people into madness, seeing only the first and the third part of these acts. So it can not be ruled out that from time to time someone might be driven into amok activities.

Devout Muslims?

Obvious is at the same time that many of those ones implicated into terrorist activities are far from being devout Muslims but either small criminals, drug or alcohol addicts. Even the New York Times admitted that a high percentage of the “just prevented terror attacks” in the US were inspired by the FBI. Indeed according to what is said up, it could be easy to recruit frustrated younger (or older) people into “mad activities”, the more if some false promises are made, since usually they might not be aware of the suicidal nature of their actions. So the question is: are only the prevented attacks staged or also many of those ones really happening?

The Century of “False Flag” and the question `cui bono?´

As much terror as Gladio has created in “allied” countries, it always has been ascribed to the times of “Cold War”, which has been over beginning of the 90ies, as far as the “official reading” is concerned. But it was never over for the US Power Elite and its associates.

From the Neocon paper “Rebuilding America´s Defenses”, page 51, from September 2000:

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.

On Nine_Eleven 2001, just one year later, they had it! Astonishingly it even didn´t need an airplane to bring WTC7 down, housing many government agencies. And almost with certainty it can be said that the planes hitting the Twin Towers were no civil airliners but radio controlled military jets. Now, let´s be clear, if ever, it will take long before there would be the chance to reconstruct all details of the event. But there are dozens of details that proof without doubt that the official narrative is false and a cover up. The operation and its cover up were very extended ones which could only have been orchestrated by the “Deep State” of the USA, irrespective who else profited because of the dirty secrets behind the event and resulting blackmail power.

Are there any Restrictions to the Powerful?

Since this Nine Eleven it should be clear that there are no restrictions to the activities of the US Deep State and its associates in allied (better say vassal) countries especially like Great Britain (which must not necessarily include governments).

Since this is clear to those ones who want to see, the overall important question with “abnormal events” is always: “cui bono?”, who benefits or who might have calculated to benefit (since even the powerful could miscalculate)?

Was it the Upcoming Election in GB Frightening the US Power Elite?

There were quite indications that many people in GB realized that the Brexit alone wouldn´t mean GB´s society would now become just and fair. The more Theresa May tried to present herself as the “Iron Lady´s” clone they might have smelled what is coming to them. Leftist Jeremy_Corbyn and his Labour Party gained more and more popularity.

By the way, very opposite to “the line” he even had previously announced British_Labour_government would_immediately_recognize_a_state_of_Palestine. Surely that doesn´t make Israel´s government and MOSSAD his friend! And surely he´s neither a “Darling” of the US Power Elite. That makes me ponder.

In case as being Power Elite you want to keep a government that pleases you in power, many times terror and the “Strategy of Tension” works, since a “tough” government (even being tough on the people) is many times thought to be a “better protection”.

After all, nobody knows, what might have come out of the elections if those attacks would not have taken place, though Corby rightfully blamed May to be responsible for shortages in police spending during her time as a minister.

All this not “beyond any doubt”, but worth thinking about it!

I´d not claim absolute certainty of my assessments, all said about the attacks in Great Britain might not beyond any doubt, but I claim the right to speculate. And so should do all journalists. A genuine mistrust towards the powerful is the driving force to find the truth by further researches and to secure the public against misuse of power.

Andreas Schlüter


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