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Season´s Greetings, a good 2020

and Thanks to my Readers!

Due to two projects I´ve not written as much as I used to write before. But many readers are still visiting my blog. I want to thank you all! All the best for the Holidays and for the New Year 2020!

Mankind is still facing existential threats and even more so these days. A great proportion of Mankind is living under terrible conditions, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, but many people also in the „Metropoles“ are suffering from worsening conditions. US-lead NATO activities aimed at crushing upcoming countries even increase the risk of a big war. Neoliberal greed for profits are trampling ecolocical needs under foot. More people need to wake up and resist those forces.

Thus I wish not only a good but also a vigilant New Year!

Andreas Schlüter

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Schöne Feiertage, ein gutes 2020

und Dank an meine Leser!

Zweier Projekte wegen habe ich in diesem Jahr nicht so viel auf meinem Blog geschrieben wie sonst üblich. Da freue ich mich besonders, dass mein Blog weiterhin fleißig besucht wird. Ich möchte allen meinen Lesern sehr danken und wünsche schöne Feiertage und ein gutes Neues Jahr 2020!

Die Menschheit ist weiterhin, vielleicht so wie noch nie zuvor, von existenziellen Gefahren bedroht. Ein großer Teil der Menschheit lebt unter erbärmlichen Bedingungen, dies besonders in der südlichen Hemisphäre, aber auch in den „Metropolen“ leiden viele Menschen. Die US-geführte NATO-Politik gefährdet den Weltfrieden, insbsondere, weil die US-Machtelite die aufstrebenden Länder wieder in die Knie zwingen will. Die Profitgier des neoliberalen Kapitalismus´ tritt alle ökologischen Belange mit Füßen und bedroht die Menschheit mit ungeahnten Umweltkatastrophen und, nicht zu vergessen, mit erheblichen elektromagnetischen Gefahren.

Somit wünsche ich nicht nur ein gutes, sondern auch ein kämpferisches Neues Jahr 2020!

Andreas Schlüter‏

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All the best! – Alles Gute!

Andreas Schlüter

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We have to struggle for a better, more just and more peaceful World! – Wir werden für eine bessere, gerechtere und friedlichere Welt kämpfen müssen!

Andreas Schlüter



Don´t let us forget the victims of war, exploitation, Racism, deseases and Terror (staged and authentic), altogether of Imperialism! – Lasst uns nicht die Opfer von Krieg, Ausbeutung, Rassismus, Krankheit und Terror (inszeniertem wie „authentischem“), also insgesamt des Imperialismus´, vergessen!

Andreas Schlüter



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Don´t Forget the victims of the powerful! – Vergessen wir nicht die Opfer der Mächtigen!


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Best regards, beste Grüße


Andreas Schlüter


To all my readers, Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends, Thanks for your attention and friendlyness! Have all wonderful Holidays and enjoy, get well into a healthy and happy 2015, but don´t forget those „in the shaddow“, those being victims of brutal exploitation and imperialist wars! Don´t forget those driven by these crimes to dangerous sea voyages and the dangers of being drowned and luckily arriving in the many times hostile atmosphere of the Western countries and there being hit by exclusion and discrimination!

Thus I wish you not only a healthy and happy New Year, but also the courage for solidarity and

a VIGILANT 2015!


Click here to hear the wonderful Sowetan Gospel Choir!

Andreas Schlüter


In Western countries this is the time of holidays and good wishes. It is the time of middle class luxuries and excessive spending for presents many times more than one can afford. Not to be misunderstood, also in the West more and more people don´t know how to make “ends meet”, but true hell is in the Southern Hemisphere! OK, in the richest country on Earth, the US, and with its “small brother”, the UK, there are extended “pockets” of poverty and hopelessness. But if you want to see hell, turn the view on Congo (1), on West Papua – the western part of New Guinea, occupied by Indonesia (2), on many other Sub Saharan African countries additionally to Congo (3), on the Occupied territories of the Palestinians (4), turn an eye on Libya (5) and on Syria (6)! But don´t forget, the “South” is creeping upwards, as you can see in Greece (7) and more and more in Spain (8).

“Green Zones” and “Red Zones”

Instead of harvesting the “peace dividend” announced after the end of the “Cold War” and promised in UN´s aims for the “Millenium” you see wars, poverty and hopelessness spreading, whereas profits are exploding. The profits again are nourishing “bubbles” which every now and then exploding don´t kill the rich but the poor and the middle class! High times for arms traders and companies busy in the “Security Sector”. Disasters are not getting societies closer together but are playing grounds for more profits, just as so well described in Naomi Klein´s brilliant book “The Shock Doctrine” ( Globally there is more and more division between the places where “you can live” and where you can only survive (if you´re lucky). And in many countries this principle is continued.

Masters of Disasters

But who is responsible for most of the mass tragedies to be found in this “Modern World”? Who bombs “for Democracy”, who´s sponsoring and creating “Terrorists” to be used as alibi for more bombings, who understands “National Security” as the sole right to be almighty over all other nations? They are to be found in the sole “Empire” left, in the US! It´s not even the president of that country, it´s the country´s Power Elite, deciding behind the curtain, at times even at war among themselves (9), but doing all without the slightest democratic legitimation. To be clear, there are also dictators independent from the West, who are anything else but respectable, but the decision who´s publicly ousted to be a “second Hitler” is always directed by those in the US who are playing with luck, health, fate and life of many, many millions of people. And they have one principle:


They have with their Western (and at times Southern) henchmen turned Decolonization into deprivation, they have turned Democratization into dictatorship of Capital, they have turned emancipation into more sexual exploitation. Whatever they touch with their hands doesn´t become gold but pure shit which they get paid for as if it would be gold! And whenever there is the slightest attempt to let a bit more freedom grow they will trample it under ground, just killing hope (!

But to the Westerners it must be said: true hell being on the Southern Hemisphere now should not befuddle you! It shows the picture of what is in preparation for the majority of you Westerners as well! Politicians are to the Power Elite their monkeys, experts are their cattle, highly skilled people are their rabbits, the majority of mankind is their vegetable and the “surplus people” whom they cannot utilize are their weeds. You better understand in time!

So to all individuals I wish a Healthy and Happy New Year, but in general my wish is:


Andreas Schlüter



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