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For those ones who want to read a little during Holidays, some link collections:

Links to my articles on the USA:

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Don´t Forget the victims of the powerful! – Vergessen wir nicht die Opfer der Mächtigen!


Für diejenigen, die an den Feiertagen ein wenig lesen wollen, einige Link-Sammlungen:

Linksammlung zu den USA:

Linksammlung zu Afrika und Nahost:

Linksammlung zu Gladio, Geheimdiensten & den Morden des „NSU“:

Linkliste meiner Artikel zur Evolution, Humanevolution und Frühgeschichte:

Meine „Kleinkunst“:

Und ein wenig Musik:


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Andreas Schlüter



Seasons Greetings, or for that, merry X-mas to my readers! But, please, don´t forget those many victims of Western wars and greed behind candle light and comfort!

Colonial wars are still going on in Congo, West Papua, Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Central African Republik, Syria and many places more! When you buy new mobiles and other electronic devices, dont´t forget that the blood of millions of Congolese people  is smeared on their interior! Under the leadership of the US Power Elite the West is waging a War of Terror against the Southern Hemisphere. And many of you in the West are successively pushed into poverty and misery by those 1% who can never get enough. You are spied on and no one knows when it´s your term to be blown to pieces by the drones of the Peace Nobel Price winner if you´re not obedient – even in the West!

Thus: Merry X-mas, but don´t fall asleep!

Andreas Schlüter