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CIA Coup against Allende

The first 9/11 tragedy took place 39 years ago, 1973. A terrorist organization called CIA backed a fascist coup headed by Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, toppling the elected President of Chile, Salvador Allende. In course of the coup thousands of people were tortured, crippled or murdered, many times their families not knowing where they were buried. It left a country and especially its working class paralyzed and traumatized ( The aim of this terrorist action was to submit the country to Milton Friedman´s and the Chicago school of economics´ “cure” in order to unlash a completely unregulated type of capitalism. This kind of operation followed The Shock Doctrine which is so vividly described by Naomi Klein in her book bearing that very name.


“New Pearl Harbor”

Another terrorist attack of gigantic dimensions took place eleven years ago and officially took 2996 lives as well as leaving a nation paralyzed and traumatized. It is that very Nine Eleven of which almost everybody thinks hearing that word: the attacks in the USA. This was the official reason for the War on Terror lasting till today with hundreds of thousands casualties ( Many believe that this war is just the application of what is called the plan for the “New World Order” as laid down in Neoconservative “Think Tanks” under the name of “Project for the New American Century” (

Was it an “Inside Job”?

As long as one doesn´t believe that a coincident led four planes the same day out of the way Nine Eleven has to be classed a conspiracy. The only question highly controversial is the question which of the respective theories concerning the conspirators is most fitting. The official theory proposed by the US Authorities (the basis of this Wikipedia article: appears as lousy as the “Oswald Single Shooter Theory” in connection with Kennedy´s assassination in 1963 ( In the US a high percentage of people doesn´t believe its own governments as well as the mainstream media, so do many people in many parts of the world. Nevertheless those Main Stream Media dub the doubters “Conspiracy Theorists” in a very negative way. Without doubt the bundle of explanations among those people rejecting the official version is very diverse and some theories display absurd patterns – most loved by the believers in the official one in order to discredit the doubters in general. In the US the Truth Org ( is most prominent among the skeptics. Architects and Engineers (, Scholars (, Pilots ( and Fireman, of whom 343 lost their lives ( have formed their respective sub organizations to find the truth behind the incidents.

Miracles and Mysteries

Either certain people active at the stock exchange must have had highly qualified truth tellers on their payroll or must have had foreknowledge of the attacks: The first case would be rather astonishing, the second one extraordinarily frightening!

It sounds really fantastic that the most powerful state in this world with detailed regulations for the so called Air Policing – which means the tight control of the air and all planes – would not be able to detect those four planes ( More fantastic is the fact that that very morning an exercise “confused” the control of the air having exactly the very same situation of hijacked airplanes as their topic (,_2001) – wonderful! But, didn´t Condoleezza Rice say never ever would anybody have expected airplanes to be used as a weapon?

There was hardly ever a collapse of steel constructions ( because of a long lasting fire except the World Trade Center complex. If one accepts that because of very odd circumstances the Twin Towers collapsed (neglecting the signs of blasts as seen on the films: and is willing to totally ignore the more than strange phenomenon of molten metal and ongoing fire after the collapse ( nevertheless the falling of the famous Building No 7 is almost more difficult to explain within the frame of the official conspiracy theory. The building was not hit by a plane but by parts of one of the Twin Towers. There was a fire not coming from aviation fuel only affecting two or three stores but it collapsed! And it collapsed in a way that any demolition engineer would be proud of for his lifetime. No one having his senses intact can believe that collapse looks so controlled by incident provided he´s not entitled to supply disinformation:

It appears mysterious how it was possible to plant highly effective means of demolition into that building housing a number of important administrative institutions. But there should be facts to explain this “collapse from the book”. Mysterious or better miraculous appears also the fact that the plane hitting the Pentagon hit that part which was recently structurally strengthened and not yet having its full function back. There are many more miracles like unburned passports ( of alleged terrorists coming from the crashed airplanes and so on.

Could they do it?

Is it possible that parts of the US administration would do such a thing to their own people? Could they be unscrupulous enough? Well, don´t forget the Operation Northwoods planed as a false flag operation to be blamed on Cuba. In fact the case is so hot that the very serious and cautious Swiss historian Daniele Ganser ( has taken it up and delivered a highly interesting lecture on it:

Andreas Schlüter

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Der Arzt Salvador Allende Gossens (geb. 26. Juni 1908) errang am 4. September 1970 als Mitglied der Unidad Popular bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen in Chile die Mehrheit mit 36,3 % der Stimmen. Er wurde im Parlament am 24. Oktober mit 135 gegen 53 Stimmen zum Präsident gewählt. Sein und seiner Regierung Versuch, eine gerechte und sozialistische Gesellschaft zu errichten ging auch mit der äußerst populären Verstaatlichung der chilenischen Bodenschätze, der Banken und einer Agrarreform einher, was nicht nur die einheimische Oligarchie sondern auch den Westen, insbesondere aber die USA, aufs Äußerste verärgerte. Schon nach der Wahl, vor der endgültigen Wahl durch das Parlament, hatte er einen Mordanschlag überlebt. Der damalige Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres, General René Schneider, wurde kurz vor der Abstimmung im Parlament bei einem CIA-finanzierten Entführungsversuch angeschossen und starb darauf. Die USA erzeugten dann durch wirtschaftliche Boykotts eine schwierige wirtschaftliche Situation, die auch christdemokratische Unterstützer abfallen ließ. Aber die USA planten Drastisches.

Salvador Allende

Inspiriert und unterstützt von den USA fand dann am 11. September unter der Führung von General Augusto Pinochet der Militärputsch gegen Allende und seine Regierung statt. Als Allende sich weigerte zurückzutreten und das Land zu verlassen, wurde von der chilenischen Luftwaffe der Palast, ein Radiosender und Arbeiterviertel bombardiert. Im Präsidentenpalast „Moneda“ harrte Allende mit wenigen Getreuen aus, nachdem er die Palastgarde und Unbewaffnete fortgeschickt hatte.

Als dann die Erstürmung des Palastes durch Pinochets Truppen stattfand, hat er sich nach offizieller Lesart selbst erschossen. Das Volk Chiles „büßte“ den Versuch, gegen den Willen der US-Amerikaner soziale Gerechtigkeit und Freiheit herzustellen mit über 17-jährigem sozialen Elend, Tausenden Toten, viele davon „verschwunden“, gefoltert und verscharrt.

Andreas Schlüter