Appeal to my Fellow Human Beings of Islamic Belief – by an Anti-Imperialist

Veröffentlicht: September 19, 2012 in Politik
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Honestly I have to tell you that – being myself a non-believer – I´m convinced that believing in the Almighty it´s a blasphemy to play God´s protector. Punishment of people who insult him or his prophets can be left to him. Nevertheless I understand your rage and have disgust for those who are purposely indirectly insulting you. But let me tell you that those ones behind that provocation want you to react exactly the way many of you are doing at present! And I fear many of you are involuntarily dancing to the tune of those ones behind.

Be clear what the provocateurs want

Fully conscience that living in the West (Germany) I´m unwillingly living on the exploitation of other parts of the world, for example of the exploitation of the Near East and Mid East oil recourses. So I feel obliged to struggle politically inside my society against Imperialism but likewise I feel it my duty to give those people in other parts of the world my insight into the aims and concepts of the evil doers within the West, and into my insights as far as the structure of Western Power Elites are concerned. Western Power Elites can be seen as the “Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex” which is centered round the big capital. There are differences within the West. The respective complex of the US (and of Great Britain, “51st State”) strives for unilateral world dominance, whereas that complex of continental Europe is more orientated towards a more “harmonious” cooperation with Russia and China but finds it difficult to break away from “BIG Brother” and feels it necessary to dance to his tune from time to time in order not to annoy him too much. The complex within the US also has some divisions as well irrespective of the general aim of unilateral World dominance. The “Trader fraction” working more on basis of “Human Rights Imperialism” is trying to befuddle the world by the believe that US dominance is good for the whole world, their representatives are willing to use the Military but are afraid of “overstretching”. The “Warrior fraction” of which the “Neocons” like Bush, Cheny, Pearle and Romney are true representatives is closely linked to the respective complex of hardcore Zionism. That complex wants open war to terrorize the world. But they also need a certain support from Western public. That´s why they try to create enemies in large numbers. The US “warriors” want direct military access to complete world dominance whereas the hardcore Zionist Military-Industrial-intelligence Complex in Israel centering round Netanyahu wants an extended war in Near East and Middle East as their “last chance” to have the West bank finally ethnically “cleansed” from Palestinians. The Obama administration is more cautious and tries to go a “slow path” to the “New World Order” the Neocons want the “shortcut”.

Why doing what the Romneys and Netanyahus want?

Within the last years more and more people in the West are asking questions about the Afghanistan War, about Iraq and about the Palestinians and war policy in general (for example “No Blood for Oil”). More and more Yews are standing up and are protesting against being occupied by the claim of Israel´s government to represent all Yews in and out Israel. Those brave people are challenging the legitimacy of Israel´s racist and colonialist policy within Western public discussion a lot. The Neocons as well as the hardcore Zionists fear them like hell. Social injustice within the West and Imperialist destruction of the World start being top topics also in the West. “Arab Spring” was very popular in the West. The war mongers fear that public sentiment since it reduces their chance for those evil operations. They (in the US as well as in Israel) want bearded men burning Western flags and attacking Westerners inside and outside the Islamic World. They are happy about the recent pictures and films about that. That is why those forces produced that idiotic film (even fooling the actors and synchronizing their words with different dialogues). They need Western public to believe “the Muslims are mad and dangerous” and willing to “attack us all”, the same way they´re trying to produce “synthetic Terrorism”. It might be a little psychological relieve to burn some Western flags or to attack “Western evildoers” and felt like a little triumph but I swear Saladin would have been shaking his head about an action helping the enemy that much! And I tell you from my experience and discussions the psychology of the manipulators provoking you works on Western public!

And one thing more: even a banning of such nonsense and refutable insults will cover the necessary discussion about war crimes of neocons and Western governments by discussions about “freedom” of speech and press! Any fierce reaction makes the provocateurs win (as far as their concrete aims are concerned).

Well, felt obliged to tell you my insight into the part of the World I´m living in. Up to you to assess my words and use them!

Andreas Schlüter


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