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No doubt, the US President has suprematist tendencies. No doubt, part of his followers are sick by Racism and ultra Nationalism. No doubt also that Racism is still a severe problem in the US and part of the West. At the same time there is the overall conflict between the US Power Elite and the World and the common US citizens as well. This conflict is a socio-economic one, but also endangers human life as such, it is a class conflict. The struggle for peace and social justice can in the end not be divided.

But division is the strategy of the Power Elite. They fared “well” with it for many, many decades, using “Race Conflicts”. It was mostly after the end of the Cold War that they changed tactics and declared the “Post Racial” era has begun. They needed “gun fodder” from all walks of life. But with the “overstretching” in their imperial wars and the economic stress from that on the US society the social conflicts sharpened (financial crisis hitting also many Whites) and people get more and more afraid for even nuclear confrontations.

So it seems that the Power Elite turns back to provocations for example by police_brutality_against_Black_Americans in order to sharpen the conflicts. This is the “Strategy_of_Tension”, also used for many decades. And they push from different sides. My impression is that via Soros_financed_structures the “Powers that (shouldn´t) be” also do also something to push leftist groups into the direction of eliminating Class Struggle by “Race Struggle”. And more dangerous: they´re presenting the Clinton gang (behind whom the Neocons_organize_their_Fascism) as the “lesser evil”. Surely many Whites can still easily be infected by “the fear for race war”, since they know what has been done to African Americans and still is done. They know how Europeans conquered the World. In fact White Americans are “illegal Immigrants” to “their country”, but the struggle for peace and justice could hardly be won without them.

A webpage permanently striving for clarity about these conflicts and struggles is the Black_Agenda_Report! And we need clarity in order not to fall into the traps, prepared for us by the US Power Elite and their political propagandists and henchmen in the media.

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

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A Reminder: Neocon Think Tanks and Fascism

The world, especially the Southern Hemisphere should be alarmed! Trump is concerning certain aspects almost an open Fascist (by all means a white Suprematist), but he pretended to end the Influence of the US (Neocon) Power Elite. Well, the Power Elite almost ended him. He´d been put „on_track“ pretty soon.

The US Neocon Power Elite is by now as well in control of Trump as it also is in control of the Democratic Party. For that end they used Clinton as their spearhead in the Democratic Party. She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“.


If one wants to know what is in the „pipe“ of the Neocons, one should read their think tank papers. In September 2000 the „Project for the New American Century“ issued the paper „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“. On page 60 you find the announcement of Fascist atrocities! It reads:

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

Surely it should not target white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs) but rather the people of the Southern Hemisphere and East Asia!

This is the direct continuation of those days Apartheid South Africa´s Project Coast headed by Wouter Basson, including bio warfare against the black majority. The dream of the devilish “doctor”, dubbed “Dr Death”, was the “Black Bombtargetting_Africans_on_basis_of_tiny_genetic_differences. Basson was also said to have had contacts to Israel on behalf of “ethnic_weapons”. The whole project has never been uncovered to the full extend. It could be suspected that the dying regime has planted HIV via its Apartheid “health system” at large scale.

The ideas from the “Project for the New American Century” can also be seen as a continuation of the „Kissinger Report“ from December 1974 (NSSM 200, You will read there about population growth in „developing countries“: „Whether through government action, labor conflicts, sabotage, or civil disturbance, the smooth flow of needed Materials will be jeopardized. Although population pressure is obviously not the only factor involved, these types of frustrations are much less likely under conditions of slow or zero population growth(page 40) . „Overpopulation“ is „thus creating political or even national security problems for the U.S.(page 8).

Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.“

But, let´s be pretty clear, the ideas brought fourth in “Rebuilding America´s Defenses” are Nazi like ideas of “Race War”, Racism and Fascism in the true sense! And they write such things with impunity and without most people taking notice!


The Think Tank „Project for the New American Century“ (it should be mentioned that Richard_Perle, the „Prince_of_Darkness“, was among its founders) was ended in 2006. 2007 the Center_for_a_New_American_Security was founded. The name signalling a true reference to the mentioned paper „Rebuilding America´s Defenses. A stronger personal continuity is shown in the „Foreign_Policy_Initiative“, founded in 2009. Among the founders were again William_Kristol and Robert_Kagan. It appears that the PNAC became so controversial that it seemed favourable to change to „follow up“ organizations.

As for the Center for a New American Security it should be mentioned that one of its Directors was Madeleine_Albright. She was not only deeply involved into monumental_crimes_against_the_people_of_Central_Africa, but also into the death of maybe half a million children in Iraq as a consequence of those days sanctions. Famous is her reply to the question: „was_the_price_worth_it?“, „we think it was worth it!“. So speaks a Fascist!

Andreas Schlüter


US war preparations:

US Power Elite Declared War on the Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all Non-Western Countries in September 2000”:

Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“

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Zur Erinnerung: Neocon Think Tanks und Faschismus

US Präsident Trump tritt oft als hetzender, polternder weißer Suprematist auf und ist sicher eine unangenehme Kreatur! Aber er hatte angekündigt, gegen die US (Neocon) Machtelite vorzugehen. Es kam umgekehrt, er ist nun unter ihrer Kontrolle und „auf_Linie“ gebracht worden. Die Demokratische Partei aber ist schon vorher weitgehend unter die Kontrolle der Neocon Machtelite gebracht worden, wobei Hillary Clinton eine bedeutende Rolle spielte. Sie brachte Victoria Nuland (“fuck the EU”) in die Obama-Regierung. Sie bewegte die Obama-Administration dazu, Libyen zu zerstören und war maßgeblich an der Bewaffnung der Terroristen in Syrien beteiligt.


Was nun in in den Köpfen der Neocons ausgebrütet wird, dafür ist das Papier „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“ aus dem September 2000 sehr bezeichnend (Autor u. a. Paul Wolfowitz). Es wurde in dem von Nulands Ehemann Robert Kagan mitbegründetem Neocon Think Tank „Project for the New American Century“ gefertigt. Dort findet sich auf S. 60 eine besonders bedrohliche Passage zu möglichen Konzepten der US-Politik für Afrika (und Asien):

And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“

Übersetzt heißt das: „Und fortgeschrittene Formen der biologischen Kriegsführung, die auf bestimmte Gentypen „zielen“ könnten die biologische Kriegsführung aus dem Reich des Terrors zu einem nützlichen politischen Instrument wandeln.

Hier geht es sicher nicht um den Genotypus des weißen Angelsachsen, sondern Afrika und Asien sind im Visier! Dabei kann die spezifische „genetische Angriffsfähigkeit“ natürlich auch durch eine „Anwendungs-Region“ für einen Keim ersetzt werden. Es handelt sich jedenfalls um die direkte Fortsetzung der Träume von der „schwarzen Bombe“ im „Project Coast“ des damaligen Apartheid-Regimes unter Leitung von Wouter_Basson_alias_Dr_Death, um „biologischen Rassenkrieg“ (! Die Neocon-Konzepte des Rassenkrieges knüpfen auch an das berüchtigte „Kissinger-Papier“ NSSM-200 an.

Wenn einflussreiche Kreise der US-Politik sich solchen Träumen hingeben, sollten wir in Deutschland tatsächlich alarmiert sein, zumindest, wenn das oft zitierte Nachkriegsmotto „nie wieder“ noch irgendeinen Wert haben sollte!


Der Think Tank „Project for the New American Century“ (zu dessen Mitbegründern übrigens Richard_Perle, „der Fürst der Finsternis“ gehörte), wurde 2006 aufgelöst. Als Nachfolgeorganisation wurde 2009 die „Foreign_Policy_Initiative“ gegründet. Eine große Zahl der am PNAC beteiligten Personen findet sich auch in der Foreign Policy Initiative wieder, so z. B. William_Kristol Und Robert Kagan. Schon 2007 entstand das „Center_for_a_New_American_Security“, dessen Name einen deutlichen Anklang an das Papier „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“ darstellt und auch eine „defensive Maskerade“ beinhaltet. Auch die berüchtigte Madeleine_Albright war Direktorin des Centers. Sie war als Außenministerin unter Clinton nicht nur tief in die Verbrechen_gegen_die_Menschen_Zentralafrikas verwickelt, sondern auch mitschuldig an dem Tod von geschätzten 500.000 Kindern im Irak infolge der damaligen Sanktionen. Berüchtigt ist ihre Antwort auf die Frage „war_es_das_wert?“, nämlich, „wir_glauben_es_ist_den_Preis_wert“. So spricht eine Faschistin!

Andreas Schlüter

Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“

Meine Beiträge zu den USA:

Western media play an absurd double game. On one side they use the crimes and atrocities of the Islamic State to smear almost the whole Islamic World and push fear for Terrorism. On the other side they accuse the Syrian government and Russia (being the only foreign power to legitimately intervene in Syria since asked by the Syrian government to do so) permanently to commit war crimes. Obviously they have no (or don´t want to have) historical memory.

Let me put it straight: if the Islamic State is practically to be equated – which is truely the case – to Fascism, then the Western media should remember the war against fascist occupation of France and how it was waged by the Western allies. Were their war activities in WW II France war crimes against the French people? See the photos of the liberated French towns in Normandy:






Does it really look very different from Aleppo?

Andreas Schlüter


Wesley Clarke:

& Wesly Clarke on Destabilisation plans (though he doesn´t understand Nine Eleven):

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As difficult as it is to get a clear picture about what´s happening in the World, politically, socially and economically, some web pages are quite helpfull. The listing here doesn´t mean that I´d endorse every single contribution, but it´s based on the strong impression that all these pages are devoted to real search for the truth and many times provide good infos. I´d be glad about comments with more recommendations:

With all these great pages I´d like to credit James Corbett with the most genius and shortest presentation of the absurd official narrative about Nine Eleven and stripping it to what it is, a stupid fairytale:

What after all is missing with all the pages (including my own) is the more concrete alternative to the existing mess and the „Powers that shouldn´t be“. As a good friend of mine, a very wise Lady from Egypt, is always demanding: we should come to intelligent action. And one element of that is to do more networking, to build a strong collective platform for spreading the truth and stirring resistance.

One part of that necessary clearness is enshrined in this famous quotation:

Whoever is not prepared to talk about capitalism should also remain silent about fascism.

Max Horkheimer (1939),–the-far-right—sussex-seminar-21-2-11.pdf&site=12

And the most dangerous fascists don´t come along with the well known Nazi symbols but with suit and tie (as dangerous those old style fascists could be for individuals getting across them):

US Elections: No Illusions, Deadly Politics Will be Increased!”:

Andreas Schlüter

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Thanks, Red Army, thanks for allowing me to grow up in Hamburg without Nazi-Regime! I´ll never forget that the people of the Soviet Union suffered the most terrible losses by the crimes that Nazi-Germany perpetrated! I´ll also not forget that millions of Soviet soldiers carried the bulk to end the Nazi barbary! Thanks also to the soldiers of all the armed forces in the Anti-Fascist coalition! But I´ll also not forget that parts of the US Power Elite did a lot to push the Nazis into power (

This had two geo-strategic aims: on one side to kick the geo-strategic competitor Great Britain „out of the game“ (GB lateron became the „51st State“) and on the other side to get the Soviet Union bombed „into Stone Age“. The second aim wasn´t „fully reached“, but sinister forces are still „working“ on today Russia (, hear George Friedman).

Let´s stand with all people who celebrate the 71st anniversary of Nazism´s defeat as well as the victory of the Red Army and the Anti-fascist Coalition, and let´s join in the demand:

End to Fascism, Racism and Imperialism,

no more wars for world domination and imperial plunders!

Danke, Rote Armee!

Danke, Rote Armee, danke dafür, dass ich in Hamburg ohne Nazi-Regime aufwachsen konnte! Ich werde niemals vergessen, dass die Sowjetunion furchtbare Verluste durch die Verbrechen Nazi-Deutschlands erlitt, ich werde auch nicht vergessen, dass die Sowjetsoldaten die Hauptlast trugen, die Nazi-Barbarei zu beenden. Danke auch allen Soldaten der anti-faschistischen Koalition! Ich werde aber auch nicht vergessen, dass wichtige Teile der US-Wirtschaftsmacht viel taten, um die Nazis an die Macht zu bringen (

Dies hatte zwei Ziele: zum Einen den geostrategischen Hauptkonkurrenten Großbritannien „aus dem Spiel“ zu katapultieren (man spricht heute nicht umsonst von Großbritannien als dem 51. Bundesstaat der USA), zum Anderen, die Sowjetunion „in die Steinzeit zu bomben“. Das zweite Ziel wurde nicht wirklich erreicht, aber „man arbeitet“ weiter am heutigen Russland (, man höre bzw. lese hier George Friedman)

Lasst uns mit allen zusammenstehen, die die 71-jährige Wiederkehr des Sieges über das Nazi-Regime durch die Rote Armee und die anti-faschistische Koalition feiern! Lasst uns mit Allen zusammenstehen, die fordern:

Schluss mit Faschismus, Rassismus und Imperialismus!

Schluss mit den Kriegen zur Weltbeherrschung und imperialen Ausplünderung!

Andreas Schlüter

Red Army Choir:


Not only after I´ve been reading this article – – but since a longer time I´m asking myself whether Obama is thinking at all of a bloody parallel to the Zionist experiment to be found in History? Does he ever think of the failure of the “Back to Africa” movement and the American Colonization Society, partly inspired by white Abolitionists and partly by African Americans founded on the refusal of Mainstream Society in the US (and GB) to really accept people of African descent in their societies which led to the dreadful Liberia and Sierra Leone experience? In case of Liberia and Sierra Leone it was the neglect of locality and African diversity, in the case of Israel it was the neglect of 2000 years. But in the case of Israel the self restriction to the borders of 1967 might have done “the trick” to save the experiment, whereas the greed to “get it all” might spoil everything in course of history. I tend to the word: listen Israel, learn from the German historical experience with Hubris! I have the fear that not only Israel´s birth is the outcome of Germany´s monumental crimes, but Israel might also be the socio-psychological clone of Germany! Great Albert Einstein and Hanna Arendt together with a number of other progressive people of Jewish descent were clear enough to see that danger on the example of Menachem Begin and brave enough to express that in their famous letter to NYT (1). If you read a collection of Zionist quotations the fear is growing that there is an ideological tide swelling in Israel which bears elements characteristic for Fascism (2). Instead of warning that country and reminding it of History, Obama is declaring unconditional eternal support.


By and large Obama´s administration is the expression of the “Soft Power” fraction of the US Power Elite (as Orwellian as the name is since also those chaps are not shy to strangulate whole economies), but it seems that the Neocon fraction is so much under pressure that they do everything to pass that pressure to Obama & administration:

It seems very obvious that Obama has no love for Israel´s Prime Minister Netanyahu who did all he could to support Romney but it appears also that Obama is stricken by the fear to become a second Kennedy (3)!

Andreas Schlüter



When I started with Twitter on an advise of a comrade in order to advertise my Internet blog “WiPoKuLi” I didn´t expect too much of it. Astonishingly I found not only many people with whom it´s great to communicate but I realized that despite the limited capacity for letters vivid discussions, lot of information exchange and even cordial links to people on a world wide scale developed. Well, by the time I became sort of a Twitter addict. Surely I realized some very limited brains, some very confused people, some people with whom I can´t agree at all, but I started believing that everything goes on in a human way.

The Other Side of the Moon

A couple of days I saw “the other side of the moon”. A critical remark of a “Twitter Comrade” about the fact that it took the US four killed Americans to see that there is chaos in Libya (which they created themselves) provoked a real fascist minded racist to declare Libyan and in general Arab lives worthless (100,000 of them not worth one American life). A young Lady stepped in calling the guy “crank” whereas I first took it also possible the guy might be sarcastic but in the end agreeing. So a discussion developed that revealed the bitter and brutal disgust for human principles in that man. He exposed himself as someone with the mentality of the cowboy thirsty for Red Indian blood! At the same time I´d bet this man is an exploited member of the working class, for the US Power Elite ( just nothing more than gun fodder. But this is precisely how racism works for the real power. Real power blindfolds those white dudes with the imagination of participating in the power by having the same color like their masters, not seeing that they are not even house slaves but cattle to the power!

Madman Theory

Under Nixon and Kissinger during the early Seventies there was the “Madman Theory” ( developed, counting on the effect that a power which can´t be calculated, which appears brutal and unpredictable could always get what it wants. This was never officially adopted but the world knows that the US is just acting like this. Their policy functions according to the term “Rogue State” (, a term which the US like to apply to others. Officially US politicians today bomb and are killing by unmanned drones for “Democracy and Human Rights”, but they have those racists and fascists in reserve and can always put them to the front as gun fodder or Republican voters. And those ones are willing executors of exactly the Madman Theory. In the final analysis these people are made stupid, they can´t change their own situation because they are unable to ally with other oppressed country men and women because of their dump emotions. Their faces are many times expressing their hatred for life as such.

Republican Dude

This is his Twitter name and he shows all these “qualities” the true power likes to use on the world. And when exploring his “timeline” (where his remarks and those of his companions are to be seen) a bit I saw a whole collection of these types, horrifying! But this is how he wants to appear. If you´re not over sensible and if you can stand horror films, this crank mind should be observed by you.

Have a look at the discussion: madman-discussion (click here)

Andreas Schlüter

Links on US Politics and History:


The radical Christian fundamentalist Anders Breivik (1), pumped with ethnocentrism and racism, committed the 2011 Norway attacks. Two terrorist attacks on one and the same day within hours, the car bomb attack in Oslo, which killed 8 people and coursed enormous damage, and the murderous attack on the Utøya island holyday camp of the Norwegian Social Democrats, which left 69 mostly youths dead, shocked not only the Norwegians, but Europe and the World. Now the man is facing his trial (2).

Using the unfortunate chance to spread his fascist and racist ideas he´s in the focus of psychological speculations – which are inevitable as far as the legal procedure is concerned –about his state of mind. As necessary they might be, they can easily cover up more burning question, yet not really answered.


Was this the deed of only one man?

Already the technicalities of assaults leave doubts whether it was possible for one person to commit them without assistance. No question, single persons can mobilize enormous energies if strongly committed to an aim. This can be for a good purpose (like with Johann Georg Elser who tried to stop Hitler) or for an extremely bad one. Running Amok as such is usually a single deed. But apart from the fact that the second assault bears elements of running Amok there are too many contradicting aspects. The orchestration of the double assault is too “refined” to let one easily believe in the unsupported single man. There are even many single assassinations which leave intensive doubts in a single perpetrator, like the murder of Kennedy (3), Martin Luther King and others.

From Ideological Support to Psychological Backing and Logistics

Already the published photos which were taken of the terrorist appear the work of a professional. The way they are arranged show how much the photographer “understood” the mass murderer in his “heroic attitude”. To my knowledge this aspect has not been touched in public considerations. His own (whether really written by himself is another question) “Manifesto” (4) gives the impression of an extended network, provided it´s not the fantasy of a mentally disturbed person (which is the picture some try to portray). It refers to Free Masonry (5), precisely to “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici” (6), whose link is no more working. The link on which the organization is trying to distance itself (7) from Breivik (which doesn´t say anything, though, if there´s any real connection it would surely be a connection of special members) is still working.

The long duration of his preparations let it appear unlikely that even a massively disturbed person could go without some sort of encouragement. How he himself presents his contacts is described in detail (8). However, the whole case brings about associations to the US lead NATO´s Secret Armies, dubbed “Gladio” (9) after the Italian version, described and analyzed by the Swiss Historian Daniele Ganser (10). Ganser links also the assault on the Munich “Oktoberfest” (11) with many victims (12) and the terrible bombing of Bologna (13). The Bologna incident was a classical “false flag operation” to be blamed on leftists. The Munich massacre might have had the same intention but was soon presented as the deed of an isolated fascist.

Despite the fact that “on November 22, 1990, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Gladio, requesting full investigation – which have yet to be done – and total dismantlement of these paramilitary structures” (Wikipedia) it is doubtful that the US have really abandoned their vehicle to massively influence European policy. The “Gladio” structures especially involved fascists from the very beginning as those tend to be the “best” Anti Communists. It also led to “doubling” structures in secret services and administrations. If these structures have survived then the dubious connections of the German right wing terrorists and murderers to German secret services could be seen in another light (14).

Was Norway Naughty?

Despite its somehow small population Norway isn´t an unimportant country, especially due to its oil and gas reserves (15), and the way it uses them. It also has a more cooperative attitude to Third Worlds problems. Its attempt to act somehow independent was also manifested in its withdrawal from NATO´s colonial war in Libya (16). The Cocial Democrats of Norway also have a very critical and independent approach to the Near East problem and Israel´s policy on the occupied territories. Seen from the known “principles” of Gladio (and possibly other forces) an almost “classical” case to step in and “keep them in line”.

Will we ever know?

Like almost all other West European countries Norway also has the problem to really face the past (and possibly present) of Gladio because the leading figures of the political class were deeply involved into NATO´s secret armies. Similar cases which are historically linked to Gladio were never officially and officially linked to it. The fear to touch the topic is running high – with good personal reason. Without being able to predict the result of the trial it is hardly to be expected that all will be disclosed. The procedure up to now hints to the opposite direction putting the strange personality of the Christian radical into focus.

Andreas Schlüter





4) exerpt from his “Manifesto”:

“3.78 “Young Europeans Movement – YE” movement – rumours of an emerging mass consolidation of anti-Marxist/anti-multiculturalist forces

I don’t know much about the status of this rumoured consolidation project. One of my mentors from PCCTS told me something about this a few years ago. The intention is to temporarily (through phase 1-3) but indirectly consolidate all anti-Marxist military forces/organisations/cells: 1. Militant cultural conservatives, 2. militant “right wing” liberalists, militant Christian extremists, militant ethno-centrists and other groups. We all agree that multiculturalism is an anti-European/Christian hate ideology designed to exterminate European identities, our cultures/traditions and European nation states. This hate ideology (coupled with suicidal humanist tendencies) is the cause of the current Islamisation (with the exception of certain factions who believe it is due to ZOG…)The problem, I would imagine, is how each faction relates to totalitarian ideas, ethnocentrism and especially our relation to Jews. Some of the factions are pro-democracy, -Christendom, -capitalism, -multiethnicity and pro-Israel/Jews while other groups are strongly against. Who will dominate a future “Young Europeans” movement? The common consensus seems to be that we should focus less on our indifferences temporarily in order to fully focus on securing the survival/safety of our people/cultures/traditions/countries/Christendom. In any case; it is only logical that we save the infighting until after phase 3. We can never allow the cultural Marxists to play divide and conquer with the various factions. It will undoubtfully be certain infighting after the Marxists/suicidal humanists/capitalist globalists have been defeated though. The NS are generally pro Muslim and anti Jewish. They should know that we will defend our right wing Jewish and other non-Muslim minority groups, who have fought by our side with our lives as they will do the same for us. It is still too early to tell how the situation will develop. A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies. At the moment, I’m worried that ethnocentric ideologies will become more dominant in Western Europe the coming decades. The main reason is that the non-ethnocentric factions on the right wing are not getting enough support from their own base and from right wing minority groups (as these minority groups fail to distinguish non-racist right wingers from actual Nazis/racists due to the media propaganda campaigns and their own paranoia. If the cultural Marxist/ suicidal humanist elites had any decency whatsoever they would at least stop the “all nationalists=Nazis, racists campaigns” and perhaps even arrange a gradual controlled re-distribution of power to moderate right wing groups/political parties. Their total and complete reluctance to deal with any traditionalist/nationalist is radicalising an increasing number of people. Due to their propaganda campaigns the obvious result is that people become apathetic and/or are drawn to actual Nazi and racist groups”.

“A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies.”

His special targets:

“Category A, B and C traitors (politically active cultural Marxists, multiculturalists, capitalist globalists and suicidal humanists) will have their property and funds expropriated by the new cultural conservative regime. The property and funds will be redistributed to individuals based on previous efforts, sacrifices and results: Priority list”


6) “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici”, link no more working:

7) Trying to distance themself:










Without doubt there are people with obsessions concerning the death or otherwise fate of people converted into a hero media wise. The reasons for Tutankhamun or even of “Lady Di” deaths are of no up to little relevance for present day´s world. Very different is the case of Kennedy´s assassination. Why?

The sole Empire in the true sense left

After the end of WW II the USA was the only capitalist Empire left and – even if one would class the Soviet Union an (non capitalist) Empire – after the end of the Cold War it was and is definitely the only left Empire, irrespective of the fact that there are other powers emerging. If the US are not what it pretends to be, a true democracy, then that would be an alarming situation; and really worry, it is not or no more since long! And those forces which rule are not just the well known forces of simple wealth and more extended knowledge or even of simple and open brutality as common in history. The forces which have eroded the democracy and taken over power were already named by Kennedy and the president preceding him, Eisenhower. But listen to their words:

Blue into orange!

Again and again we were dumped with the official theories on JFK´s assassination, the single shooter, officially being identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, shooting from the school book depository behind and obviously hitting JFK from the front! Even this simple fact of the shot coming from the front can be seen on the “Zapruder film” showing clearly the force coming from the front and pushing the president´s head back:

And even many reports questioning the official theory are ignoring the clear evidence where from the shot really has come in favor of obscure dark spots on photos on the grassy hill where to even people tried to escape after the shooting. The shot came from the sewage system as it is excellently proven:

So, if obvious facts are distorted and blue turned into orange, for what purpose? And why are people working out the evidence of the shot from the front being ignored? Was or is there only a conspiracy to cover up the truth inside the US or was there a conspiracy to kill the president on the side of forces inside the US? If there was a conspiracy to cover the fact that a foreign conspiracy has led to the murder of the president, a conspiracy to prevent the incident to turn into a war, all reasons to keep it up are gone. The only reason to carry on with this masquerade can lie in the fact that the assassination was an “inside job”! The distortion of facts is the result of a conspiracy in order to cover up a US based conspiracy against the president. The people conspiring must necessary be located in high ranking levels, exactly in that strata warned of by JFK as well as Eisenhower. Also about those dark circles excellent research work has been done by Russ Baker (also reported here previously: Involved is obviously the Bush clan, precisely “Poppy” Bush, George H. Bush, former CIA director and later President ( His son, George W. Bush, carried on with conspiracies, manipulating and lying. Those two presidencies were the two cases where the hidden forces had “their men” directly in office, with no hidden indirect strings necessary! But at last too many people saw the brutality of imperial greed openly personified in the son, George W. Bush. Another face, another type of personality was needed as the “face to represent” the pseudo democratic US Empire.

So which “Change”?

Since the murder of Kennedy the true power in the US is obvious to those who want to see. And since that US presidents know. It alarmed even “tricky Dick”, Richard Nixon, that there was a force deciding over the fate of a US President. His demands to get insight into the secret files on JFK´s assassination were simply ignored (see “Family of Secrets”, page 244 following). At least when got into office US presidents get aware of that sad truth pretty soon. But generally spoken the two established parties are deeply woven into the spider net of the true power of the super rich and their military industrial secret service complex. Obama might really have had some changes in mind when he struggled to become the “first black President” of the US. But even when he still had a clear majority he was hesitating to bring proclamations into existence. It is pretty clear that a real change could only be based on an alternative leftist movement forming into a political party potent enough, as those days Jesse Jackson ( tried with his “rainbow coalition” unfortunately in vain.

No change without extended struggle and “sovereignty”

Before the background of the said it is clear that the ominous network behind the scene will not give up and already the treatment of the “occupy movement” with extended police brutality, the manipulations of the right to vote and the new legislation ( show the fierce determination of the named forces. That does not mean that there couldn´t be different views and concept inside that network, it is surely not totally monolithic, but there are “red lines” concerning its power for which transgressions a US President will have to pay a high price. And there is reasonable fear that they might even unlash some sort of US fascism to defend their rule. The Nazis had a cynic view on “sovereignty”, stating “sovereign is who declares the state of emergency”, the new formulation would be “sovereign is who decides over the US President´s (and other President´s) death”! And sovereign is who decides who´s going to survive of the nation in “case of the worst”, but that´s another story.

Andreas Schlüter