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WiPoKuLi: A few Months Rest Needed!

At age 71 energies are limited. The potential to parallelly carry on with bigger projects is reduced. I´m thus forced to let my blog WiPoKuLi (name derived from the German words “Wissenschaft, Politik, Kunst und Literatur” = Science, Politics, Arts and Literature) rest for a while. Surely I´ll refer to articles on my blog from time to time in comments to articles from somewhere else. I also hope that my readers might pass this or that of my existing articles. Here I give an overview over link lists on my blog to a number of fields.


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OK, so long!

Andreas Schlüter

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WiPoKuLi: einige Monate Ruhe sind nötig!

Im Alter von 71 Jahren sind die Energien begrenzt. Das Potenzial, parallel größere Projekte zu betreiben, ist reduziert. Ich bin daher gezwungen, meinen Blog WiPoKuLi für eine Weile ruhen zu lassen. Sicher werde ich auf vorige Artikel von mir von Zeit zu Zeit in Kommentaren zu Artikeln von woanders verweisen. Ich hoffe auch, dass meine Leser dieses oder jenes meiner bestehenden Artikel verbreiten. Hier möchte ich noch einen Überblick zu meinem Blog geben.


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Bis später!

Andreas Schlüter




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Have a happy and vigilant 2018! Thanks to my Readers

All the best to my readers for a healthy, happy and vigilant new Year 2018!

Thanks also to my numerous readers from all over the world. I appreciate very much that you turn again and again to my articles into which a lot of work has been invested.

Anyway, a number of projects force me to lay my blog to a temporary rest. Nevertheless I hope that my readers might spread links to many of my contributions which are of lasting general actuality.

Since it is always difficult to get orientation about existing articles on a blog, here are some link collections sorted by topics:

Link list of my articles about the USA (which concerns most parts of the World as well, since the US Power Elite meddles in affairs everywhere):

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Between Neurophysiology and Philosophy: Some Speculations about Consciousness”:

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Overview Over my Little Art Works“:

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I´m always pleased about comments!

So long

Andreas Schlüter

PS: Message for the New Year: Beware of Fragmentation!”:

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Ein glückliches und kämpferisches 2018! Dank an meine Leser

Allen meinen Lesern ein gesundes, glückliches und kämpferisches neues Jahr 2018!

Vielen Dank dafür, dass immer wieder auf meine Artikel, in die viel Arbeit investiert wurde, zugegriffen worden ist; ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen!

Nun zwingen mich aber eine Reihe von Projekten, meinen Blog vorübergehend zur Ruhe zu legen. Dennoch hoffe ich, dass man Artikel, die von bleibender Aktualität sind, weiter verbreitet. Da es immer schwierig ist, auf einem Blog die Übersicht zu behalten, hier

Linksammlungen zu bestimmten Themenbereichen:

Linksammlung zu den USA:

Linksammlung zu Afrika und Nahost:

Linksammlung zu Gladio, Geheimdiensten & den Morden des „NSU“:

Linkliste meiner Artikel zu Evolution, Humanevolution und Frühgeschichte:

Überblick über meine „Kleinkunst“:

Und ein wenig Musik:

Über Kommentare zu meinen Artikeln freue ich mich immer!

Bis irgendwann

Andreas Schlüter

PS: Botschaft für das Neue Jahr: Hütet Euch vor Fragmentierung!”:


Something that fascinated me since childhood is the question of „self“ and of consciousness. I well remember that even already at age eight I was experiencing moments of being aware of that I was being aware of that I was being aware…! I also recall that one morning my son being about the same age asked me: „Daddy, what I always wanted to ask you: why am I me?“The state of the self reflective awareness I experienced at that age I soon connected to the experiment of holding two mirrors near to face each other and seeing an „infinite“ series of mirrors. I have also vivid memories of very early conditions of awareness – from a bit more than age two – those days directed mostly at toys and my surrounding in general. Here´s not the space to go too far into that but it might give an impression of the attention I paid early to the concept of „one self“. Children might be early Philosophers in a much higher degree than adults usually assume – and remember.

Throughout the higher grades in school I spent lots of time on the contemplation about existence and time, having got into early contact (maybe age 14) with Relativity Theory and later on Quantum Physics. After all I became a Sociologist by and large confronting myself more with the problems of social interaction, oppression and exploitation, which is reflected in many topics I deal on this blog since end of 2010. But the basic question of „self“ and consciousness never really left me alone. And I developed more precise ideas about possible „mechanisms“ underlying those phenomena.

Julian Jaynes

It was not too long ago that discussions about consciousness with a good friend confronted me again with those long harbored ideas. Those discussions with that friend circulated around the works of Julian_Jaynes of whom I thus heard for the first time. I started reading in his book „The_Origin_of_Consciousness_in_the_Breakdown_of_the_Bicameral_Mind“ and found many fascinating points. He was a brilliant analyst concerning concrete aspects pointing clearly to all what we can do without being conscious, giving many insights, well summarized_here.

But, and there´s a big „but“, it didn´t convince me in its final conclusions. As well as it gives insight into mental disorders, it dates the coming up of consciousness some 3000 years ago in a somehow circumscribed area in the Near East connected to the coming up of urban life and more extended usage of writing. Uh, means that all other people were not conscious?! It results in some sort of ethnocentric view, which Jaynes possibly might not have really intended, the more since he didn´t link it to genetic concepts but social and historical circumstances, but that would be the conclusion. It could serve also as an excuse for all colonial atrocities, those people living under quite different conditions were not conscious, how could they really have suffered?! The hidden arrogance surfaces in this: „In the golden age of Greece, when men traveled about in freedom while slaves did the work, consciousness was as free as that“ (page 7). Thus it seems to be „consequent“ slaves were regarded in antiques as „speaking tools“.

Two Poles

Well, let´s leave the moral aspect aside, how could I have been conscious before having learned how to read and write (which I clearly was, even contemplating about death after my grandmother died before I started school), provided Jaynes was correct? And even if at a time people might have had a divided consciousness and heard the voices of Gods or ancestors coming from the other half of their brains, with the receiving half of their brain were conscious in a way.

So Jaynes must be regarded as one pole of the discussion. The other pole is to be seen in „Panpsychism“, the view that there is a „self“, a perceiving unit in everything, even in subatomic particles. This in deed appears to be equally absurd and has to be dismissed.

The Core of the Topic

It might be very difficult to describe what consciousness really is, but in a way we all know it very well, because we experience it, though at the same time often messing it up with different phenomena (which in deed Jaynes shows brilliantly). It is in a way the „space“ in which we combine the inner, including happiness, joy, desire, fear and anxiety, curiosity, friendship and hostility, and the orientation in the outside as well as our memories. And all this „Yet somehow we perceive it all as one unified conscious experience“ (

Mind, Self and Consciousness

At times misleading, but not totally false it is equated to mind as „self“. This gets clear when it comes to the term Theory_of_mind. This term plays a growing part also in the understanding of higher animals. Science becomes more and more aware that for example Great_Apes_have_theory_of_mind, and so might have other animals.

It would in fact be difficult to understand playing_animalsor animals like dogs wildly enjoying reunions without being aware of the self and „the other“. The more difficult it would be to understand friendships_across_different_species without that potential. Even more impressive is the ability for example of Bonobo_Kanzi_using_a_touchpad to speak, so that another „self“ (a human) understands him.

The Scope of Consciousness

In Jaynes book there´s a good metaphor, consciousness like a torchlight in a dark room wandering over things. We´re not conscious all the time of all we know and of all what happens around us. To follow this metaphor, the torchlight could have different strength, the space the light covers could be varying, there could be fog in the room and so on. Remembering our own development of consciousness we can see how the space covered by the „torchlight“ had expanded, likewise the distance things could be reached. The channels of information developed. The content of our consciousness thus expands from our immediate surrounding, our parents and siblings to more remote things. Adding to those things brought to us by our senses comes „abstract“ knowledge, in which reading and nowadays the media play a great part.

We start being conscious about our immediate life space to extended family, to school, to town, to country, possibly we become conscious of „the world and its problems“, possibly of our solar system and maybe of the galaxy and maybe of what science has found out about the universe. Possibly we become conscious about the deeper questions concerning time, space, existence and so on. We could become conscious of suppression, of injustice, of exploitation. This again might reflect on our actions, adding to our daily life activities. All this surely goes far beyond the consciousness of even the most intelligent animals, but it would be very arrogant to deny them being conscious of themselves and many other things. After all the scope of things to get into consciousness is one thing, the basic nature of it is another thing.

What Creates Consciousness?

It is obvious that we can hardly imagine consciousness without a brain, so to speak, the – highly complicated – hardware. This „hardware“ works with bio-electrical processes, processing information. Great efforts have been undertaken to integrate what is known so far, like in this great_article_by_Dr_Avinash_de_Sousa from 2013.

In the last section of his article he formulates interesting questions:

  1. Is an integrated theory encompassing all fields on the neurobiology of consciousness possible? Is it necessary?
  2. Is it possible to understand true biological substrates of consciousness or are we looking at pure phenomenology?

  3. Does the study of altered states of consciousness, with an approach from pathology to normalcy, hold the key to the neurobiology of consciousness?

  4. Should research groups from various arenas come together to form a more integrative research protocol to study consciousness?

  5. Do we need further focused neurobiological studies both at a micro and macro level to understand consciousness?

  6. Do we need to go top down from cognitive psychology to neurobiology to understand consciousness or should the reverse be done?

  7. Will we in the near future impinge upon an ultimate holistic theory that solves the riddle of the neurobiology of consciousness?

  8. Will better neuroimaging studies and modalities in the future, together with advances in cellular neuroscience, help solve the puzzle of consciousness?

  9. Will all stakeholders agree to a comprehensive definition of consciousness?

It all makes me believe that something is missing here yet which has come to my mind since long.

My Speculations on the Matter

What came to my mind many years ago is that the bio-electrical activities can not be all what is contributing to consciousness. There should be field phenomena taken into consideration. Since years Magnetic_resonance_imaging is used to get a deeper insight into_our_brain_activities. Since consciousness seems to bear holistic aspects as well, field phenomena come very close to that holistic aspect. Shouldn´t we think of the possibility that the bio-electrical processes in our brains create field phenomena which are having effect on the bio-electrical processes and influence it, thus forming circles of effects?

Neurological structures can be receptive to field phenomena in many ways. Obviously birds_brains_are_receptive_to_magnetic_fields. Even very primitive beings show Magnetoreception. Electromagnetic sensitivity is the basis of our ability to see. In sharks Electroreception is highly developed. Electrosensibility_in_humans is nowadays discussed and researches have found sensitivity_of_neurons_to_weak_electric_fields. The anatomic situation of the cerebral cortex could make it plausible that the field effects influence other parts of the brain which again bio-electrically influence the cortex to have repercussion again on the fields. And we even might not be aware of all kind of field phenomena.

Possibly the receptivity within certain brain cells might have taken the evolutionary start at the problem of orientation in the larger surrounding like with birds and then expanded its receptivity to the field effects produced by the brain cells themselves.

Thus consciousness could imply a new quality of resonance, which itself could be modified by various factors. If these assumptions would be true, consciousness would have emerged at a certain point of evolution bringing about a new quality, somehow as a „big bang“ in the final sense allowing parts of the Universe to become aware of itself. After genetic evolution had reached a certain point, this new quality would have had repercussions on the genetic evolution as well.


What Could be the Consequence if these Assumptions would be true?

If these assumptions would be true more consequences would be imaginable. The brain would thus be an emitter as well as a receiver. It possibly could not only be an emitter to influence the brain itself but it might be an emitter to the outside as well. Would it be possible that in evolution it served the early hominids already to find back to each other in the open savannas after roaming around for hunting and gathering? It surely wouldn´t be a very accurate way of „communication“ but could even function as a basis for some sort of telepathic communication, at least in the way of an „alarm system“.

This might be a bit far fetched but it could explain why in the West as in the East as well quite some amount of money was spent on secret_telepathic_projects. The effect of those things might be highly questionable, the dangers coming from our sensitivity towards (especially electromagnetic) fields might no more be questionable as shown for example by mysterious_illnesses_that_strike_people_in_their_own_homes. Likewise this sensitivity makes us vulnerable to electro-magnetic_weapons either designed to be weapons or just functioning as such.

Final Remarks

As said at the beginning I´m just a Sociologist and not an expert in the field of Neurobiology. Thus on this matter I can only express assumptions and hypotheses. Living science nevertheless has always from time to time got inspirations from laymen or laywomen, and this is what I want to contribute here. Maybe one ore another expert might contemplate on the ideas expressed here and develop methods to further explore whether there´s something profound with these ideas.

Andreas Schlüter

Interesting link, Quantum approaches:



In fact the powerfull like it a lot if people deal with and believe in “mysteries” instaed of dealing with the conspiracies of those powerfull played against them. And Power has the tools for that. A big hype is always played around “Aliens”. Such game was played by “History”, a US TV Channel presenting “Ancient_Aliens”.

Oviously a bunch of Ignorants together with professional “Confusers” has created that series spending a lot of money in order to busy people with sheer nonsense. But all this stuff has been torn to pieces:

It´s clear: people believing the Alien nonsense are much more ready to believe the official fairytale about the “Bearded_in_Cave”!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

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Some Thoughts on Science and Life

It might be correct to say that facts are the backbone of Science. At the same time it is also true that speculations, possibly leading to hypothesis and school of thoughts, are the energy of Science.

At the same time it is also true that in many fields like Politics, Economy and daily life one has always to decide on basis of incomplete information. Spoken in legal language that means circumstantial evidence will be the basis, without last certainty. That applies also to emancipatory movements and alternative media, lacking an extended research apparatus (“intelligence agencies” so to speak, and even those usually have incomplete knowledge). This should be kept in mind when confronted with the derogatory use of “Conspiracy Theory”.

Lance Dehaven-Smith has exposed this purposeful nonsense in his book “Conspiracy_Theory_in_America” convincingly!

Andreas Schlüter


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Einige Gedanken zu Wissenschaft und Leben

Es mag sehr wohl so sein, dass Fakten das Rückgrat der Wissenschaft sind, ebenso wahr ist, dass Spekulationen, die zu Hypothesen, Theorien und Lehrmeinungen führen können, die Energie der Wissenschaft sind.

Gleichzeitig ist festzustellen, das in vielen Feldern wie Politik, Wirtschaft und dem täglichen Leben (und Spielen wie z.B. Schach und GO) meist auf Grundlage unvollständiger Information zu entscheiden ist. Um in juristischer Sprache zu sprechen, “Indizien” sind dort meist die Entscheidungsgrundlage. Dies trifft auch für soziale Bewegungen und alternative Medien zu, denen ein großer Recherche-Apparat fehlt (sozusagen “Geheimdienste”, und selbst diese liefern in der Regel nur Wahrscheinlichkeiten). Dieser Dinge sollte man sich bewusst sein, wenn man mit dem Missbrauch_des_Begriffs “Verschwörungstheorie” konfrontiert wird. Neuere psychologische_Untersuchungen deuten darauf hin, dass Menschen, die an (ernsthafte) “Verschwörungstheorien glauben”, in der Regel vernünftiger sind, als solche Menschen, die derartige Theorien zugunsten “offizieller Narrative” ablehnen!

Andreas Schlüter


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Thanks to my English Speaking Readers

Dear Readers,

thanks a lot for the appreciation of my blog! The increasing number of your visits during 2016 is a great encouragement for me. Of the 58,548 clicks in 2016 (compared to 34,939 in 2015) on my blog 31,816 clicks came from outside Germany (compared to 10,841 in 2015), mostly picking English written articles. I have to thank you also for your patience because surely my English – being a Hamburg born person – is sometimes wanting, despite the fact that I enjoy writing in English very much.

Since it is always difficult to get orientation about existing articles on a blog, here are some link collections sorted by topics:

Link list of my articles about the USA:

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& Some Music:

My writing activities might be a bit reduced during the next menth because of some research projects on my to-do-list. You are invited to spread the links to articles of importance among your friends.

Down you find some graphics about the details of last year.

All the best for the New Year 2017!

Andreas Schlüter

For personal messages:


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Liebe Leser,

vielen Dank für die wachsende Zahl an Besuchen auf meinem Blog! Dies ist eine wirkliche Ermutigung für meine Arbeit. 2016 gab es 58.548 Zugriffe (in 2015 waren es 34.939) auf meinen Blog. Davon entfielen 26.746 auf Deutschland (24.098 in 2015), 1.661 auf Österreich (971 in 2015) und auf die Schweiz 1.354 (762 in 2015). Danke dafür, meinem Blog die Treue gehalten zu haben und die Besuche gesteigert zu haben.

Da es immer schwierig ist, auf einem Blog die Übersicht zu halten, hier

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Einige Recherche-Projekte werden mich in der nächsten Zeit wohl meine Schreib-Aktivitäten auf meinem Blog einschränken lassen müssen, meine Leser sind aber herzlich eingeladen, Links zu wichtigen Artikeln weiter zu verbeiten!

Alles Gute für das Neue Jahr 2017!

Andreas Schlüter

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Andreas Schlüter


Die Zugriffe der letzten 7 Tage – Clicks on my Blog during the last 7 days

I owe a lot to my readers, the fact that people from all over the world go to my Internet Blog is a great encouragement for me! Writing about Science, Politics, Art & Literature (mostly Politics anyway) means lots of work and concentration. Without the knowledge that people read it would ´be much more tuff! Thank you!

Ich verdanke meinen Lesern viel, die Tatsache, dass Menschen aus aller Welt auf meinen Blog gehen bedeutet eine große Ermutigung für mich! Über Wissenschaft, Politik, Kunst und Literatur (meisten natürlich über Politik) zu schreiben, ist anstrengend und mühevoll. Ohne das Wissen, dass Menschen das auch lesen, wär´s viel mühseliger! Danke!

Andreas Schlüter

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