Mit ‘Sabotage’ getaggte Beiträge

A Heavy Blow Against Freedom of Speech!

A highly valuable Internet Page is “Information Clearing House”. Brilliant articles full of insightful analysis are to be read there. Now the page has obviously been hacked and the publisher is struggling hard to restore the digital base. We have to wish him success for our all benefit! It is interesting that this hacking occurred around the 4th of July which would surely have been “celebrated” by a shower of critical articles about the state of affairs with the US, coincidence?!


Did the Hacking start earlier?

In fact I now suspect the hacking to have started earlier in a way that might have blocked comments to get through. I´ve had problems again and again to comment including links to own articles on the respective content. This could have been done to sow discord in the community being critical on US policy. At the beginning there was an incident where I´ve tried to send a critical comment on a contribution and couldn´t get through. I have to admit that I suspected ICH of blocking me, so I posted an article on the incident:

Open Letter to Information Clearing House on Publication of bin Laden´s “Letter to America”:

I regret that I didn´t contact Tom of ICH before posting the article. Though not directly saying that I suspected ICH of blocking me and rather talking of possible hacking, the conclusion could easily have been drawn that I was blocked. That I really regret.

In between I had the chance to post comments again. After a while I couldn´t get through again. Then the problem was over last week. Now the extended hacking of ICH happened.

I see that I have to apologize wholeheartedly to Information Clearing House for my bad suspion! Dear Tom, very sorry for that!

I wish you fast success in repairing the website. We need it urgently!

Cordial regards

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:



Hey you, NSA, CIA, MI 6 & al!

Do you think, we believe that you´re only spying?

No, we know much more!

You´re manipulating!

You push people with dubious and criminal behavior into postions,

in order to direct them „if necessary“!

You manipulate and destroy Democracy!

You infiltrate organizations, may they be left or right,

may they be Christian or Muslim!

You put agents to „soften“ organizations, to create chaos,

or you place „agents-provocateurs“

in order to smear organizations!

You manipulate people´s materials in order to slander them!

You scare or destabilize people who´re against your manoevers!

You put people „off“ since you cannot easily incarcerate them in the West

by letting them have „nasty accidents“!

You gather informations to support your False Flag operations!

You prepare Wars of Aggression!

You prepare Genocides!

You have no moral restrictions at all!

Does the devil exist?

Yes, it´s YOU!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

Es ist sehr merkwürdig, seit längerer Zeit beobachte ich Folgendes: wenn ich einen scharfen Artikel auf meinen Blog gesetzt habe, gibt es kurze Zeit danach Probleme mit meinem GMX-Mailfach. Vor Kurzem setzte ich meine Linkliste mit – zugegebenermaßen – sehr kritischen Artikeln über die USA (1) auf meinen Blog, peng, Probleme! Jetzt der Artikel vor diesem, nämlich:

und erneut erscheint beim Versuch, ans Postfach zu kommen, dies:  


Es scheint so, dass „böse“ Artikel bestimmte „Institutionen“ dazu inspirieren, auf das Postfach in unerlaubter Weise zuzugreifen, um diese Schwierigkeiten zu erzeugen.  Ärgerlich ist, dass öfter das von GMX angegebene Prozedere zur Passwortänderung nicht funktionierte, mein altes Passwort für die verlangte Änderung meines Passwortes gar nicht angenommen wurde. Das bringt natürlich auch GMX in ein fragwürdiges Licht. Nun werde ich sehen, ob die Sache sich diesmal schnell beheben lässt.


Aber dies ist nicht die einzige Art, in der „Big Brother“ sich bemerkbar macht, wie hier auch schon beschrieben:

Andreas Schlüter

  1. Link-Liste meiner Artikel zu den USA:



On the 2nd of July Wladimir Putin made a statement on Snowden´s staying in Russia which the speaker himself classed to may appear strange from his lips:

„If he wants to go somewhere and there are those who would take him, he is welcome to do so. If he wants to stay here, there is one condition: he must stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage on our American partners, no matter how strange it may sound coming from my lips.“


Knowing about the relation between Russia and the US characterized by the necessary efforts of Russia not to let its enormous recourses fall into the hands of the US Empire this sounds extremely strange indeed! The more, since even during Cold War no side would ever have made such fuss over a defector to the other side making oneself quite ridiculous. What could be the reason for that strange remark?

Partners in Space

Well known is the cooperation between the US and Russia in manning the orbital station by Russian rockets since the end of the Space Shuttle and the return of the astronauts. It can be said clearly that Russian rocket technology must have a high security standard if US astronauts trust their life to it. And to that procedure there will be also digital space cooperation. Maybe the Russians went a bit too far in their cooperation? Is it possible that by this they unwillingly opened a “worm hole” to “Big Brother?


Shit happens?

The very morning before Putin´s statement a Russian rocket designed to take three satellites for navigation into space crushed (1), coming, as said before, from a Russian technology safe enough for US Americans. Russia´s efforts for own space navigation systems is as little welcome with the US as European efforts of such kind, being an unwanted competitor for GPS. This could already have been reason enough for the US “to let some shit happen”, but there was Snowden with highly delicate information in the game. It is not absurd to speculate some sort of sabotage having happened and History is full of such actions. More problematic: a sabotaging power like the US wouldn´t need agents on the ground!

Regards from Stuxnet?

The US and Israel have tools at hand. They created “Stuxnet“, a computer worm silencing Iranian Uranium centrifuges for quite a while (2). It appears plausible that the US could have given Putin a sign: “don´t go too far annoying “Big Brother”! And Putin replied: “he must stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage on our American partners“! Frightening! It appears very likely that in general the US-British spying game has beside the prey of technological and economic knowledge as well as other more dramatic consequences also the aim of finding targets for such actions. In this case of the Russian rocket crash the gate might have been opened already by “Space Partnership”.

One thing appears clear: if Russia, China and other countries willing to resist US world hegemony don´t develop a totally independent computer system they´ll always have open gates (strange enough built by Bill Gates) for US sabotage, they would be at Big Brother´s hands!

Andreas Schlüter



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