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Confession: I´m an – almost – addicted user of Twitter. Through a link in one Tweet almost a year ago I came across a website. Highly astonished I saw an advertisement of the US lottery for the Green Card: the whole North American continent in the US colors!


This understandably puzzled me, Plans already underway? Well, a joke, but showing US arrogance. Inspired by this I sent two tweets: “#Canada: Canadians, watch out! You´re obviously targeted for occupation: + link“ and #Mexico: Mexicans watch out, you´re a planned victim of occupation: + link“. A Twitter follower favored the Tweet and about 15 minutes later I looked again at that website. To my overall astonishment the advertisement was GONE! You can imagine that I started thinking immediately. What is the only plausible conclusion? Well, Big Brother is watching me – or at least my Tweets!

Well, exactly about that incident and my conclusions I wrote an article on this blog: „Big Brother´s Fast Reaction“.

A couple of days I turned to that old article again – and was more puzzled again: the article still there, but the photo of my screen with the advertisement: gone! Only a white square to be seen:


I mailed to wordpress but didn´t get an answer. The only possible conclusion: there was a manipulation from an „interested side“. Disturbing! And Big Brother must have  willing helpers among software producers and providers!

How studid do they think we are?

It is astonishing to see that those chaps are taking us to be fools. Since a while I always get a message offering me „security“ by saving my datas externally:


And not enough with this, a web searcher always offers me „security“ by the option of automatically sending my internet addresses to Microsoft to have them „checked“ whether they´re „safe“!



Andreas Schlüter

The first advanced civilization in Mesoamerica was the Olmec (1) civilization. It´s carriers introduced writing and monumental buildings into the region. It obviously made all the following civilizations possible. It boasted among many other things with monumental stone heads, and there lies a special mystery.

Monumental Stone Heads, “Red Indian”?


Those heads, helmeted, more than three meters high, do not all appear like the majority of the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Americas. They have the appearance of black people also in contrast to the typical small Olmec statuettes. The creators of those heads where obviously by far too skilled to have created the result by incident. They must have seen persons of this type though there are some of the heads appearing like less skilled copies of the naturalistic ones.

But there are more hints of contacts via the Atlantic as well as via the Pacific (2). The German Diplomat and researcher Alexander von Wuthenau has found a whole number of small sculptures depicting faces and head covers which show people from distant regions. Other scientists have also done research work. But mainstream scientists working on American pre-Columbian history are still reserved.

Complex Early Peopling of the Americas

Another important point is the growing knowledge about the complexity of the immigration to the Americas (3). There are findings especially in Brazil which suggest that not only immigrants of the Siberian type which was transformed into present day Indians came to the Americas. The Brazilian findings display a type much nearer to the Olmec type displayed in the monumental heads.

One day the mystery will be resolved.

Andreas Schlüter

1) The heads & the civilization:

2) About the possible pre-Columbian contacts:

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