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Blockade of JFK Files Release

How the hell is it 58 years later, and what in the world could justify not releasing these documents?”, „Politico“ quotes JFK´s Nephew Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about the further „delay“ of the files publication. In the final analysis the astonishment is almost astonishing. Always concerns for „State Security“ were invoked for the decades long blockade. Nowadays it must be clear: not „State Security“ is concerned, but „Deep State Security“ is the matter. No people really involved in the case are still alive, much of the organizational structures of the US secret services being reorganized.

Still the fairy tale of the „lone shooter from behind“ is upheld, but the famous „Zapruder_Film“ teaches us otherwise, since it shows the President´s head being thrown back by a shot coming from the front. Many sound analysis have been done of the case, especially by David Talbot and Russ Baker ( If the whole story of Kennedy´s assassination would be laid open by unredacted files, it would become clear: there is a „Deep State“ in the US, as deep as it is, being high above the „democratically elected“ autorities and even high above a US President! No one could believe that those hidden structures of power would have gone! Gone would be the fairy tale of „US Democracy“ and „Western Values“!

Andreas Schlüter


„Assassination of JFK: Half a Century of Lies“:

„56 Years ago: Assassination of JFK“: https://wipokuli.word

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Blockade der Veröffentlichung von JFK-Akten

„Wie zur Hölle ist dieses 58 Jahre später möglich, und was in der Welt könnte die Nichtfreigabe dieser Dokumente rechtfertigen?“, zitiert „Politico“ JFKs Neffen Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hinsichtlich der weiteren „Verzögerung“ der Veröffentlichung der Akten. Letztlich ist eigentlich die Verwunderung verwunderlich. Immer wurden Bedenken wegen der „Staatssicherheit“ für die jahrzehntelange Blockade angeführt. Heute muss klar sein: Es geht nicht um die „Staatssicherheit“, sondern um die Sicherheit des „Tiefen Staates“. Keiner der wirklich in den Fall verwickelten Personen ist mehr am Leben, die Organisationsstrukturen der US-Geheimdienste sind weitgehend umstrukturiert.

Noch immer wird das Märchen vom „einsamen Schützen von hinten aus dem Schulbuchlager“ aufrechterhalten, doch der berühmte „Zapruder_Film“ lehrt uns das Gegenteil, denn er zeigt, wie der Kopf des Präsidenten durch einen von vorne kommenden Schuss zurückgeworfen wird. Es wurden viele fundierte Analysen zu diesem Fall erstellt, insbesondere von David Talbot und Russ Baker ( Wenn die ganze Geschichte durch unredigierte Akten offengelegt würde, würde klar werden: Es gibt einen „Tiefen Staat“ in den USA, so tief wie er ist, steht er hoch über den „demokratisch gewählten“ Autoritäten und sogar hoch über einem US-Präsidenten! Niemand könnte mehr glauben, dass diese verborgenen Strukturen der Macht verschwunden wären! Vorbei wäre es mit dem Märchen von der „US-Demokratie“ und den „westlichen Werten“!

Andreas Schlüter


„Kennedys Ermordung: ein halbes Jahrhundert der Lügen!“:

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JFK´s Assassination 54 Years ago: Landmark of the US Deep State´s Extent

54 years ago John F. Kennedy was assassinated. All we can know is already enough to proof without doubt that this was an „Inside Job“. But the official cover up is going on „undisturbed“, what a scandal! It isn´t „just History“, it shows the extend the „Deep_State“ had already reached those days. And it has been growing since then as Nine_Eleven is prooving!

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By the way, the CIA pushed the term „Conspiracy_Theory“ in order to disredit people digging into that case!

Andreas Schlüter

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JFKs Ermordung vor 54 Jahren:

Wahrzeichen der Ausdehnung des Tiefen Staats der USA

Vor 54 Jahren wurde John F. Kennedy ermordet. Schon das, was man bisher wissen kann, zeigt ohne Zweifel, dass diese Tat ein „Inside Job“ der US-Machtelite war. Aber die offizielle Vertuschung geht „ungestört“ weiter, ein Skandal! Und das Ganze ist nicht „einfach nur Geschichte“, es ist das untrügliche Indiz, welche Ausdehnung der „Tiefe Staat“ der USA schon damals anbgenommen hatte. Und er ist seitdem noch kräftig gewachsen, wie Nine_Eleven eindetig gezeigt hat!

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Kennedys Ermordung: ein halbes Jahrhundert der Lügen“

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Nebenbei bemerkt: der CIA hat den Begriff „Verschwoerungstheoretiker“ propagiert, um diejenigen, die „tiefer zu graben“ bereit sind, zu diffamiern!

Andreas Schlüter

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On the 22th of November 1963 JFK was murdered. The case shows clearly that the US President isn´t the „most powerful man on Earth“ but rather the most glamorous man on Earth! The case – if carefully studied – shows the existence of a real US Power Elite with its „Deep-State“ acting „behind the curtain“. So my article from 2013 is still highly actual!

Assassination of JFK: Half a Century of Lies“

Andreas Schlüter

Zapruder Film:

My articles on the USA:

No question, Trump is an ugly guy (but as he made it somehow clear, not an „Interventionist“ and ready for a better relation between the USA and Russia), but Clinton is surely much more dangerous ( The Neocon faction of the US Power Elite is determined to get Clinton into office anyway!

In face of this assessment I made a prediction a couple of days ago: if Trump becomes too dangerous for Clinton (at the moment he´s behind her, but more will be „leaked“ about Clinton), he might be „put off“. The „Deep State“ of the US ( is not even hesitating to do that with a President in office, as seen with Kennedy those days ( But I didn´t know that a somehow „childish“ attempt on Trump had already happened in Las Vegas in June (, by a mentally ill young guy ( It appears now they´re possibly still working on my prediction coming true!


Late Tuesday night (2nd of August 2016) an armed man tried to get into the Trump-Tower, according to „New York Daily News“ a rather odd story ( According to „ABC“ the man´s name was Anthony Shark. There the story was turned into some sort of harmless misunderstanding (, where they say the man – a retired cop – was arrested outside the building and lateron, after talking to a judge, released.

In deed on the Blog „Your Perception is not Reality“ Brian Michael tells a very different story possibly fed by confidential scources in the NY Police, as he writes.


Brian Michael

According to those scource the man was already inside when caught, armed with a semi-automatic handgun lacking a serial number – not so easy to get – and fitted with a silencer ( But to the great astonishment of the Police, Michael writes, the man whom they identified as Barry Bush (different to the above stories) was an FBI agent supposedly killed „in action“ in 2007 (, can you believe that?! This would be the classic existence of an „intelligence guided“ Killer (if the story is correct)! The „legend“ around his death could only have been woven with the active support of the FBI. And he must thus be under their „supervision“. Is it possible, that there were two incidents with two men trying to get into the building? That would be a classical cover up scenario.

If that was only a „warning“ to Trump to give up in time – if we take the last version to be true- then it has cost the „Intelligence“ a „well settled“ Killer, if not a warning, well, „shit happens“! If those guys behind the man – or the two men of two incidents – are really determined – most probably they are – there will be another attempt (provided Trump doesn´t give in or makes more terrible mistakes, pushing him really off the game). Next time it might be done by a „crazy single shooter“, prepared by MKULTRA, like it could have been possible with the June attempt.

Anyway, let´s treat the story by Your Perception is not Reality with the necessary caution, as likely as it appears to me with regards to the „Deep States“ fierce determination to make Clinton President.

Andreas Schlüter

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On the 22nd of November 1963 the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and the US as well as many people all over the world were shocked, so was I.

Intrusion: I was 16 years old. At the beginning of that year we had moved from a northern suburb of Hamburg to Altona, a western part of Hamburg, near river Elbe. It was a time when I felt like answering JFK´s famous sentence „Ich bin ein Berliner“ with: „I´m an American!“. I was entrenched by the mainstream myths: the US are the motherland of Anti-Fascism and the US are doing away with Racism and are the „Land of the Free“. It fitted very well, I had fallen for the natural daughter of a Black WW II veteran living in a German family just round the corner. Unfortunately those days that was a very one sided affair (she loved me just like one would love a Mosqito), notwithstanding the fact that now since more than 16 years I´m harmoniously living together with exactly that Lady (but that is another – very private – story).


The hero of younger people in the West was murdered in face of many onlookers as well as soon after the release of the famous Zapruder film in face of millions. But also millions had seen the man presented as the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the murder of him by Jack Ruby. Oswald was said to have shot Kennedy from a window of the  Texas School Book Depository . Those days TV and official presentations of the “facts” were not doubted by the broad public and neither by me. But time went by and many people learned a lot about the hidden side of the US, so did I.


In fact doubts came up, with some people early, but growing public doubts in the Warren Commission´s conclusion lead to another official inspection of the case, pushed also by the Church Committee. 1978 the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations didn´t rule out anymore that there was a conspiracy but insisted that all wounds on Kennedy and John Connally were done by Oswald. Admitting that there could have been a second gunman they strongly did rule out that the Soviet Union or Cuba might have been involved, but likewise ruled out that the organized crime as such would have been involved and strongly rejected any involvement of the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA.

The famous „Zapruder Film“ gives a good view about where the deadly shot came from. This YouTube-Video is „no more available“:

Here you can see the Zapruder_Film_Original with your own eyes!

A view on the Case from today: blue turned into orange, what for?

It appears unbelievable that Oswald as the deadly shooter is upheld till today! How could that guy have managed to apply from behind a shot that obviously hits the President from the front, that´s even more phantastic than the so called Single bullet theory.

So, if obvious facts are distorted and blue turned into orange, for what purpose? And why are people working out the evidence of the shot from the front being ignored? Was or is there only a conspiracy to cover up the truth inside the US (in order not to „make people feel insecure“) or was there a conspiracy to kill the president on the side of forces inside the US? If there was a conspiracy to cover the fact that a foreign conspiracy has led to the murder of the president, a conspiracy to prevent the incident to turn into a war, all reasons to keep it up are gone. The only reason to carry on with this masquerade can lie in the fact that the assassination was an “inside job”! The official distortion of facts is the result of a conspiracy in order to cover up a US based conspiracy against the president. The people conspiring must necessary be located in high ranking levels, exactly in that strata that was warned of by JFK as well as Eisenhower:

Irrespective of the mystification of John F. Kennedy by a number of people it has to be said that  possibly he was the last US President who felt a certain obligation to world peace though not being a “saint” at all as to be seen on many occasions. He did not only take the civil rights question a little more serious than his predecessors, he stopped the sliding into atomic war danger, but he also stopped the “home terror plans” of his chiefs of staffs (, thus refusing to invade Cuba and thus setting borders to the “Military Industrial complex” of which his predecessor Eisenhower had already warned. There are many indications that that this complex reacted by putting that president “off”. The answer to the question whether they did so raises the question for the real power in the US and the question what is to be expected from it.


Frightening details in connection to this question and the connection of the Bush clan and the Kennedy murder were revealed in the book “Family of Secrets” ( by the investigative journalist Russ Baker ( as been reported on this blog before (, in German). Former director of the CIA and former US President George H. Bush (nick name “Poppy”) played a shocking role in this drama. Among his friends was George de Mohrenschild, Russian émigré, geologist in the oil field and CIA man.

George de Mohrenschildt

George de Mohrenschildt

The deadly shot and the shooters

De Mohrenschild (, was a „fatherly friend” to Lee Harvey Oswald, “official” murderer of Kennedy. Which role Oswald ever may have played, whether introduced and integrated into the game by de Mohrenschild as a simple toy for confusion („I´m a patsy“) or as one of the shooters, he can´t have fired the deadly shot as a film documentation convincingly reveals: There are also very strong indications for more shooters again: An eye witness to such additional shooters died under very dubious circumstances: After all it appears that the deadly shot came from the sewage System:


De Mohrenschild lateron became very talkative which may have lead to his strange “suicide” ( just before he was to be questioned again. By the way, Russ Baker was not the first to write about a connection of George H. Bush to the Kennedy assassination (

Andreas Schlüter

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One of the most impressive attempts for true independence in Africa was undertaken by Thomas Sankara, the charismatic leader of Burkina Faso in West Africa, the former Republic of Upper Volta. Sankara came to power after a series of coups (first one in 1980) on the 4th August 1983. The colonial name of the country was changed into Burkina Faso meaning “Land of the Righteous”.

The aim of his revolutionary rule in his own words: “Our revolution will be of value only if, looking back… and ahead, we are able to say that the Burkinabe people are a little happier because of it. Because they have clean drinking water, because they have plenty to eat, because they are in good health, because they have access to education, because they have decent housing, because they have better clothing, because they have the right to leisure, because they have greater freedom, more democracy and greater dignity… Revolution means happiness. Without happiness we cannot speak of success.”

(From:, including a good account of his politics)

Aziz Fall: Revealing Sankara´s Legacy and the Circumstances of his Death


On the 3rd of November a workshop and lecture, organized by the German branch of Africavenir (, was held in Berlin by the Senegalese-Egyptian Professor Aziz Fall ( He is coordinator of the campaign “Justice for Thomas Sankara” (

Professor Fall gave an impressive account of Sankara´s achievements in one of the “poorest” countries of Africa, landlocked and partly in the drought stricken Sahel Zone. Sankara was able to raise a lot of enthusiasm on economic development and self-reliance especially in food and textiles. He guided an impressive effort to develop the infrastructure including a railway project. A very important effort was made to impose equal rights for women. He fought bribery and corruption. He stopped the wasting of recourses for luxury cars of functionaries. Also the ecological measures concerning reforesting cannot be overestimated. One of the most spectacular steps – and most disliked by the West – was his effort to unite African countries in the effort to do away with the imperialist system of depts. He was clear that going this step alone he´d hardly survive. His efforts were clapped at but finally left alone.

Professor Fall also made clear that certain measures were not welcomed by the “higher ranks” of society, especially the traditional “authorities”. In course of time the demanded discipline and sacrifices naturally raised also opposition which was not always met with the appropriate patience and sensibility.

What also clearly came out was the fact that Sankara was outstanding in the consequence for himself: no material privileges! At the end of his life he was as poor as at the beginning of his way, a simple house, an old car and a dusty bike! An enthusiastic witness of Sankara´s work is Jean Ziegler ( who states: “It is not important to give more to the people of the Third World but to steal less from them”!

A Danger to Imperialism and Comprador Bourgeoisie “must” die!

Imperialism (and their Third World henchmen) has killed even less radical and much less consequent politicians, and this even in the West. Especially US Imperialism has always followed the principle of “Killing Hope” (as is the title of a brilliant book by William Blum – and decided to do so in this case as well. Part of the machinations was the notorious Liberian Charles Taylor who “escaped” from a prison in the US. Well informed people have no doubt that Taylor was under CIA “guidance”. The greater “concept” aimed also at Samuel Doe, then the President of Liberia (and in whose government Taylor served as head of Civil Services), at the beginning very much disliked by the West but after some time incorporated into the Empire´s (US) frame before he was finally “to be dropped” by “Big Brother”. Incarcerated twice in Ghana but finally released by Jerry John Rawlings Taylor made his way astonishingly to Libya. Here the story becomes quite multi folded since it seems also Libya´s Gaddafi ( was “tricked” into the sketch obviously believing he could use Taylor (who on his side also had to spy Gaddafi´s activities with “troublemakers” in Africa).

The Treacherous “Friend”

Another important part of the plan (mainly by the US and France) to get rid of Sankara was his longtime associate in the revolution and old friend of his family, Blaise Compaoré. Compaoré became more and more hostile to Sankara´s policy and was in touch with the French supported regime in Ivory Coast and he probably introduced Taylor to Gaddafi ( In a “joint venture” with Taylor an armed gang dropped in a meeting Sankara was holding with twelve other officials and killed all of them. Information indicates that Compoaré was among the killers and possibly Taylor with them. Sankara´s body was dismembered and buried at night. Compaoré claimed a “natural death” of his former friend.

The exact circumstances of the assassination and the details of the preparations must be cleared! That is the essence of an initiative in the name of Sankara´s family driven ahead also by Professor Fall ( after all the efforts to hide the whole affair.

Some Remarks in Between by the Author on Gaddafi´s possible involvement

The details about a possible involvement of Gaddafi in the assassination of Sankara make some clarifications necessary. Surely Imperialism has waged another colonial war in Libya last year pushing Libya possibly into the fate of another Somalia and unleashing instability even in Mali, following the strategy of state destruction. This war was waged against Gaddafi´s efforts to maintain certain benefits for the Libyan people and to seriously contribute to Africa´s financial and economic independence. It cannot be totally ruled out that there´s a hidden game to smear Gaddafi with something into which he´d rather been tricked. On the other side Gaddafi´s relationship to Imperialism is multi folded. 1971 he was helping Nimeiri in Sudan to crush a communist upheaval and brought down a plane with one of the leaders (most probably helped with information from the British Secret Service) to be then executed in Sudan. Gaddafi has moved towards the West in the recent years and helped European “Frontex” organization in maltreating African refugees. He even supported former French President Sarkozy for his election campaign. His commitment to Africa was always connected to the determination to have the leading hand and he didn´t hesitate to occupy the Aouzou strip belonging to Chad for a long time. From a Marxist view his positions could be judged quite critical ( notwithstanding a fierce condemnation of NATO´s colonial war against Libya.

Aziz Fall, an Upright Anti-Imperialist

Professor Fall delivered a vivid picture of Thomas Sankara´s life and of the achievements the revolution lead by him was bringing for the people of Burkina Faso. He displayed an impressive ability to work out the various levels of socio-political developments. His commitment to liberation and justice is outstanding and not without danger as the threats against his person show ( It was a great pleasure – despite the sad topic – to hear his presentation and to discuss with him.

Andreas Schlüter

Professor Aziz Fall and the author


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