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Why Stockholm?

The Stockholm_attack raises some questions. The same morning Trump´s attack_on_Syria had taken place. This attack against Assad´s forces favoured in deed ISIS and the Nusra Islamists. At 14:53 local time the attack in Stockholm happened. It followed the „classical“ pattern from Nice, Berlin and London. It turned the attention away from the rude violation of International law by the US administration.

Leaving asside the details of the Stockholm attack for a while the question is there: how is Sweden connected to the Syria conflict? Well, there are the SwedHR, the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, having exposed the notorious White_Helmets , celebrated by Western media, of flagrant fabrications in connection with supposed chemical attacks. This could surely have been a reason for Islamists to attack Sweden. But is that all?

Traditionally Sweden has a critical eye on Western imperial behaviour – though relatively mild in recent times. In fact according to Daytondailynews the Swedish delegate spoke quite critical of the US attack:

Sweden’s U.N. ambassador says the U.S. missile attack on a Syrian air base „raises questions of compatibility with international law.“

Olof Skoog told an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council Friday that it’s important that any action is based on international law.

The United States did not seek authorization from the Security Council or the U.S. Congress, and the missile strike was not based on self-defense.

Skoog says he hopes there is enough „common ground“ for the Security Council to move forward on negotiating „a strong resolution on a robust and immediate investigation“ into the suspected chemical weapons attack Tuesday on a town in in northern Syria, which killed 80 people. Thursday’s missile strikes were in response to that attack.

No doubt, the NSA knew about the statement before it was given in the meeting. Astoudingly the record of this meeting isn´t to be found in the Meetings_Records of the UN:


The respective press release by the UN has somehow „closed lips“ on the Swedish statement inasfar it wasn´t mentioned that Sweden doubts the US attack was compatible to international law. This makes one ponder. Surely the US administration as well as the US Power Elite „behind the curtain“ weren´t too happy about that Swedish stand.

Almost „Normal Operation Procedure“

Coming to the attack itself: it followed – as already mentioned – the „usual“ pattern, heavy truck used to plow through people. Something „went wrong“ anyway: the attacker, Usbek Rakhmat Akilov, 39, forgot to leave his passport behind and also forgot to have himself shot by the police! But many things could happen in custody anyway.

Before hand I ask myself how the attacker escaped the demolished truck only with some bruises:


According to Dailymaila former co-worker of Akilov contacted by Reuters said Akilov had never expressed any religious views and that the man he shared a flat with near Stockholm was said to be ‚devastated‘ to hear Akilov may be responsible for the attack“.

On his Facebook page (now taken down) one could have learned that Akhilov liked the „Playboy“. Not enough with this, according to this article he was someone who_partied_and_drank. So writes the German Magazin Focus online as well. It seems almost to be a prerequisit for someone working in favour of an Islamist organization to drink! Moreover the man was in Sweden to work and to send money to his family at home. After all he was denied asylum and should have been extradicted. In all one can ponder about what made the father of four finally destroy his life (and the life of others anyway). I cannot but think of MKUltra! There was too much of contradictions in all those terror-attack stories!

Andreas Schlüter

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It´s not a joke – or if, then a very dangerous one – but the US Power Elite sees the whole globe to be their colony. How far this goes shows a view on the way  the US_Mititary_High_Commands for the various regions of this World are organized:


The Sun never sets in the US Empire!”

In fact the US High Command for the region in the center of the old Tri-Continent Asia, Europe, Africa, is called US CENTCOM, United_States_Central_Command. Under normal circumstances one would expect a big power – if so arrogant anyway to divide the World into sections for “colonial” military organization – to name the region of their own country as “CENTCOM”.

The explanation for this somehow strange naming is, that the US Power Elite has taken over – with some regional modification – the ideas of Sir Halford John Mackinder, a British Geographer and political analyst having formulated the „Heartland Theory”. Quote:

„Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island; Who rules the World Island commands the World.“

Especially we in Europe should all know that it´s very dangerous to ally oneself too closely with a power following such dangerous concepts, since allies will be regarded as the forefront for militant expansion and thus are in the danger to become a battleground! This would be more dangerous with a probable US President named Hillary_Clinton!

Andreas Schlüter


Geo-Politics: The Core of Crisis and Chaos and the Nightmares of the US Power Elite“

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Hillary Clinton might most probably become the first female President of the USA. We might take it the sarcastic way:

But at the same time this could become dead serious, as for example James Corbett makes it clear to us:

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Bathing Costume 1890

France has a long history in colonialism and colonial and imperial wars, especially also in Near East ( A different matter is that Frances´s secular traditions should be honoured despite of that. I also understand the ban of the burka if covering the face. I also agree that the extreme covering of women in some Muslim societies is a symbol of lacking freedom for women. Likewise the unnecessary uncovering of women in contrast to men in Western societies is also a symbol of degrading women to sex symbols.


Swim Suits around 1912

France´s Society going mad?!

France had – like Germany – a recent series of terror attacs. No matter who in the final analysis was behind it ( it implicated young muslims who feel that their places of origin are degraded, occupied, war torn by the West. As much as they do in the final analysis the job Western Power Elites (particularly the US Power Elite) want them to do and as much as they should be warned of that ( it appears some people in France are very eager to provoke more of such stupid and cruel attacks (to have more reason for interventions?).

Europe shouldn´t be too proud of its „freedom“, around hundred years ago people in Europe were covered at bathing places in a similar way.

One can only warn the people of France: don´t tear your society more apart by some totally unnecessary symbolic acts of cultural Imperialism!

Andreas Schlüter

Not only after I´ve been reading this article – – but since a longer time I´m asking myself whether Obama is thinking at all of a bloody parallel to the Zionist experiment to be found in History? Does he ever think of the failure of the “Back to Africa” movement and the American Colonization Society, partly inspired by white Abolitionists and partly by African Americans founded on the refusal of Mainstream Society in the US (and GB) to really accept people of African descent in their societies which led to the dreadful Liberia and Sierra Leone experience? In case of Liberia and Sierra Leone it was the neglect of locality and African diversity, in the case of Israel it was the neglect of 2000 years. But in the case of Israel the self restriction to the borders of 1967 might have done “the trick” to save the experiment, whereas the greed to “get it all” might spoil everything in course of history. I tend to the word: listen Israel, learn from the German historical experience with Hubris! I have the fear that not only Israel´s birth is the outcome of Germany´s monumental crimes, but Israel might also be the socio-psychological clone of Germany! Great Albert Einstein and Hanna Arendt together with a number of other progressive people of Jewish descent were clear enough to see that danger on the example of Menachem Begin and brave enough to express that in their famous letter to NYT (1). If you read a collection of Zionist quotations the fear is growing that there is an ideological tide swelling in Israel which bears elements characteristic for Fascism (2). Instead of warning that country and reminding it of History, Obama is declaring unconditional eternal support.


By and large Obama´s administration is the expression of the “Soft Power” fraction of the US Power Elite (as Orwellian as the name is since also those chaps are not shy to strangulate whole economies), but it seems that the Neocon fraction is so much under pressure that they do everything to pass that pressure to Obama & administration:

It seems very obvious that Obama has no love for Israel´s Prime Minister Netanyahu who did all he could to support Romney but it appears also that Obama is stricken by the fear to become a second Kennedy (3)!

Andreas Schlüter



18th November – Demonstration in Berlin – Solidarity with Gaza – Short Photo Stream

Annette Groth, DIE LINKE, reads a Solidarity message

Stop the EU Israel Treaty

Author and Comrades

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Since decades the hardcore Zionist dream is to get hold of whole Palestine. Moshe Dajan has said in 1973: it should be „a new State of Israel with broad frontiers, strong and solid, with the authority of the Israel Government extending from the Jordan [river] to the Suez Canal.“ (Iron Wall, p. 316)”. This dream of them is at the same time the nightmare of the Palestinians. Despite their majority´s readiness to accept the remeining quarter of Palestine Israel´s governments use all kind of tricks to prevent a Palestinian state to come to existence. Of course there is always resistance to the occupation and the policy of annexing. Now Israel is waging another War of Terror on the Gaza Strip which has become a prison of death and terror. It must be mentioned that a remarkable and growing number of people in the Diaspora as well as in Israel step up fierce restance against Israel´s policy and the arrogant claim of the Zionist right wingers to speak not only for for all people in Israel but even for „all Jews“! Many people in Israel have to suffer from the hybris of the „political class“ in their country.!/WiPoKuLi/media/slideshow?

On the other side Israel´s governments and mainstream media and agencies like to present Israel as the endangered David being confronted with by brutal Palestinian Goliath, trying to trample the poor Israelis under foot. Here are many links, collected and brought on Twitter by my Twitter Comrade Ronald Jackson (@ronaldjackson), which show a clearer picture:

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We owe thanks to Ronald Jackson for an enormous work not only collecting these links but also many other important news about World politics, particular about the US Empire.

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The radical Christian fundamentalist Anders Breivik (1), pumped with ethnocentrism and racism, committed the 2011 Norway attacks. Two terrorist attacks on one and the same day within hours, the car bomb attack in Oslo, which killed 8 people and coursed enormous damage, and the murderous attack on the Utøya island holyday camp of the Norwegian Social Democrats, which left 69 mostly youths dead, shocked not only the Norwegians, but Europe and the World. Now the man is facing his trial (2).

Using the unfortunate chance to spread his fascist and racist ideas he´s in the focus of psychological speculations – which are inevitable as far as the legal procedure is concerned –about his state of mind. As necessary they might be, they can easily cover up more burning question, yet not really answered.


Was this the deed of only one man?

Already the technicalities of assaults leave doubts whether it was possible for one person to commit them without assistance. No question, single persons can mobilize enormous energies if strongly committed to an aim. This can be for a good purpose (like with Johann Georg Elser who tried to stop Hitler) or for an extremely bad one. Running Amok as such is usually a single deed. But apart from the fact that the second assault bears elements of running Amok there are too many contradicting aspects. The orchestration of the double assault is too “refined” to let one easily believe in the unsupported single man. There are even many single assassinations which leave intensive doubts in a single perpetrator, like the murder of Kennedy (3), Martin Luther King and others.

From Ideological Support to Psychological Backing and Logistics

Already the published photos which were taken of the terrorist appear the work of a professional. The way they are arranged show how much the photographer “understood” the mass murderer in his “heroic attitude”. To my knowledge this aspect has not been touched in public considerations. His own (whether really written by himself is another question) “Manifesto” (4) gives the impression of an extended network, provided it´s not the fantasy of a mentally disturbed person (which is the picture some try to portray). It refers to Free Masonry (5), precisely to “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici” (6), whose link is no more working. The link on which the organization is trying to distance itself (7) from Breivik (which doesn´t say anything, though, if there´s any real connection it would surely be a connection of special members) is still working.

The long duration of his preparations let it appear unlikely that even a massively disturbed person could go without some sort of encouragement. How he himself presents his contacts is described in detail (8). However, the whole case brings about associations to the US lead NATO´s Secret Armies, dubbed “Gladio” (9) after the Italian version, described and analyzed by the Swiss Historian Daniele Ganser (10). Ganser links also the assault on the Munich “Oktoberfest” (11) with many victims (12) and the terrible bombing of Bologna (13). The Bologna incident was a classical “false flag operation” to be blamed on leftists. The Munich massacre might have had the same intention but was soon presented as the deed of an isolated fascist.

Despite the fact that “on November 22, 1990, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Gladio, requesting full investigation – which have yet to be done – and total dismantlement of these paramilitary structures” (Wikipedia) it is doubtful that the US have really abandoned their vehicle to massively influence European policy. The “Gladio” structures especially involved fascists from the very beginning as those tend to be the “best” Anti Communists. It also led to “doubling” structures in secret services and administrations. If these structures have survived then the dubious connections of the German right wing terrorists and murderers to German secret services could be seen in another light (14).

Was Norway Naughty?

Despite its somehow small population Norway isn´t an unimportant country, especially due to its oil and gas reserves (15), and the way it uses them. It also has a more cooperative attitude to Third Worlds problems. Its attempt to act somehow independent was also manifested in its withdrawal from NATO´s colonial war in Libya (16). The Cocial Democrats of Norway also have a very critical and independent approach to the Near East problem and Israel´s policy on the occupied territories. Seen from the known “principles” of Gladio (and possibly other forces) an almost “classical” case to step in and “keep them in line”.

Will we ever know?

Like almost all other West European countries Norway also has the problem to really face the past (and possibly present) of Gladio because the leading figures of the political class were deeply involved into NATO´s secret armies. Similar cases which are historically linked to Gladio were never officially and officially linked to it. The fear to touch the topic is running high – with good personal reason. Without being able to predict the result of the trial it is hardly to be expected that all will be disclosed. The procedure up to now hints to the opposite direction putting the strange personality of the Christian radical into focus.

Andreas Schlüter





4) exerpt from his “Manifesto”:

“3.78 “Young Europeans Movement – YE” movement – rumours of an emerging mass consolidation of anti-Marxist/anti-multiculturalist forces

I don’t know much about the status of this rumoured consolidation project. One of my mentors from PCCTS told me something about this a few years ago. The intention is to temporarily (through phase 1-3) but indirectly consolidate all anti-Marxist military forces/organisations/cells: 1. Militant cultural conservatives, 2. militant “right wing” liberalists, militant Christian extremists, militant ethno-centrists and other groups. We all agree that multiculturalism is an anti-European/Christian hate ideology designed to exterminate European identities, our cultures/traditions and European nation states. This hate ideology (coupled with suicidal humanist tendencies) is the cause of the current Islamisation (with the exception of certain factions who believe it is due to ZOG…)The problem, I would imagine, is how each faction relates to totalitarian ideas, ethnocentrism and especially our relation to Jews. Some of the factions are pro-democracy, -Christendom, -capitalism, -multiethnicity and pro-Israel/Jews while other groups are strongly against. Who will dominate a future “Young Europeans” movement? The common consensus seems to be that we should focus less on our indifferences temporarily in order to fully focus on securing the survival/safety of our people/cultures/traditions/countries/Christendom. In any case; it is only logical that we save the infighting until after phase 3. We can never allow the cultural Marxists to play divide and conquer with the various factions. It will undoubtfully be certain infighting after the Marxists/suicidal humanists/capitalist globalists have been defeated though. The NS are generally pro Muslim and anti Jewish. They should know that we will defend our right wing Jewish and other non-Muslim minority groups, who have fought by our side with our lives as they will do the same for us. It is still too early to tell how the situation will develop. A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies. At the moment, I’m worried that ethnocentric ideologies will become more dominant in Western Europe the coming decades. The main reason is that the non-ethnocentric factions on the right wing are not getting enough support from their own base and from right wing minority groups (as these minority groups fail to distinguish non-racist right wingers from actual Nazis/racists due to the media propaganda campaigns and their own paranoia. If the cultural Marxist/ suicidal humanist elites had any decency whatsoever they would at least stop the “all nationalists=Nazis, racists campaigns” and perhaps even arrange a gradual controlled re-distribution of power to moderate right wing groups/political parties. Their total and complete reluctance to deal with any traditionalist/nationalist is radicalising an increasing number of people. Due to their propaganda campaigns the obvious result is that people become apathetic and/or are drawn to actual Nazi and racist groups”.

“A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies.”

His special targets:

“Category A, B and C traitors (politically active cultural Marxists, multiculturalists, capitalist globalists and suicidal humanists) will have their property and funds expropriated by the new cultural conservative regime. The property and funds will be redistributed to individuals based on previous efforts, sacrifices and results: Priority list”


6) “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici”, link no more working:

7) Trying to distance themself:










With astonishment the world is again and again looking at the servile attitude of US administrations giving the impression of permanently bowing to Israel´s prime minister and government as well as AIPAC, the Zionist lobby organization in the US. Simple minded Europeans still infected with underground stereotypes about Jewish conspiracies feel encouraged in their suspicions. Some hardcore Zionists do not regret such psychological disasters pushing Anti-Judaism (falsely dubbed Anti-Semitism, since the majority of Semites are Arabs) since it is seen as a help to encourage Jewish immigration into Israel. Not only anti-Zionist Jews (1) are suspecting this (2). But why does the single remaining empire (US) in the world pretend to dance to the tune of the government of a small country at the East of the Mediterranean Sea?

Who rules America?

Only people having their single source of information in commercial mainstream media will believe in the US American “democratic myth”. “Who rules America?” asks G. William Domhoff in his detailed and surely important book of the same name (3), but concentrates seemingly too much on the entourage of the real power. Surely power to rule has a lot to do with money but superficial views on “big money” as given in Robert Frank´s “Richistan” (4) might only give insight into bizarre aspect yet not giving the clue. Without the sociological concept of “class” nothing can be won and only on basis of a close look at the differentiations within the economically ruling class with respect to power the real power can be identified. To this clear view C. Wright Mills has contributed a lot with his book “The Power Elite” (5), first published in 1956. How this elite on top of the economy and the military was already then about to make the “democratic concept” (6) of the US an absurdity was revealed by Dwight D. Eisenhower and by John F. Kennedy in famous speeches (7). There is obviously power elite above the “democratic rituals” which decides even over death and life of the US President (8). An insight into one member family, the Bush family, of the elite gives the voluminous book of Russ Baker, “Family of secrets” (9). In the end there can be no doubt, the true power elite are still predominantly consisting of white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs) and members of different ethnic origin are first and foremost “members”.

The US Power Elite, Racism and Fascism

The US power elite has throughout its existence capitalized on racism, predominantly on anti black racism but as well on differentiation among Europeans and on a strong “Anti-Semitism”, precisely Anti-Judaism. The racist character of US society created many links to European fascism and especially German Nazism (10) including Eugenics (11). Outstanding example of this position was Henry Ford, practicing Anti-Semite (12). This was quite representative for the interest of the ruling US class since the aim was to “contain” Soviet Union and substitute Great Britain as the world´s leading power and France especially in Near East. Surely besides the growing greed for oil this was also already inspired by the British geographer Halford John Mackinder and his “Heartland Theory” (14), saying if a power wants to rule the world it has to gain control over Eurasia as the heartland of the world. In this concept the Zionist project was a “British thing” and relatively irrelevant for the US power. The economic support for Nazism was designed to put Britain “to its place” and destroy the Soviet Union and it went on through quite a time of WW II. Actually there are plausible suspicions that even in the US a fascist business coup against Roosevelt was planned in the early 30ties (15). In this context as well as together with Nazi Collaboration also Grandfather Bush is named (16).

Israel and the US

After the second World War and the unbelievable crimes of Nazi Germany on the European Jews and anti-Semitic social excesses in East Europe the Zionist project got an enormous push, partly because US politics wasn´t too eager to accept Jewish immigration of the European Holocaust survivors and readily cooperated with Zionist organizations to get them to Palestine (17). Zionism in its turn was a lot inspired by European colonial mentality and not ready (as victims of racism) to be self reflective on its own European racist ingredients and without hesitation brought forward the slogan “a land without a people for a people without land”. In fact the Soviet Union and their allies because of expectations into the socialist elements in Zionism were more helpful (delivering an enormous amount of weapons including many dozens of fighter planes) in the fights of the emerging Israel 1948 than the US (18), though the US were the first to recognize Israel. In fact the US in their Middle East politics counted much more on their strongholds in Saudi Arabia (19) and Iran (20) after the CIA inspired coup against Mossadeq and having pushed out the British. So much in fact that the US cooperated with the Soviet Union to end the war of Great Britain, France and Israel against Egypt after the nationalization of the Suez Channel (21), that this reduced British influence in the region was surely not seen as a bad result.

US Power and the multi functionalism of the Near East conflict

It seems that the “Six-Day War” was sort of a turning point in US relations with Israel (22) though even a US ship, the USS Liberty (23) was severely attacked by planes of the Israeli air force intending to sink it. Obviously the US power realized the enormous military potential and the chance that Israel could become the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” of the US in the East Mediterranean Sea with respect to the geostrategic importance of the region in face of its oil resources.

Experts make intelligent remarks on the aspect of “lobbying” in US politics like Prof. Lawrence Davidson (24), but taken the said about power elite in the US their must be a consideration of additional aspects coming into the scope of power. One aspect might have been the modification of the “mad Man Theory” developed under Nixon and Kissinger (25), which might not have fitted so well in the US self understanding, into some sort of “Mad Dog Theory”, providing the US master with an ally who could hardly be controlled, making it necessary for Arab countries to always be in touch with the dog´s master and beg him to keep the rope not too long, whereas the master always stresses how difficult the monster is to tame!

Again the Question of Racism

The US power (the real behind the scene) was still and again confronted with a big problem. In WW II masses had to be mobilized on the topic of racism against Nazi Germany when the point was reached to crush the force which had been so useful in keeping the British small and making life for the “commies” difficult. This was taken up by the oppressed people especially in the colonies of Western countries. As long as that made life a bit difficult for GB and France it was somehow ok. But the upcoming question concerned the US social situation and its wars, especially the Vietnam War. In the civil rights struggles the Jewish community sided often with the Afro Americans and was to a vast extend “liberal”, what was unwanted. In the left the racist Holocaust murders by the Nazis were finally seen as the tip of the racist iceberg made up by general Western racism. How to change the topic to the needs and taste of true power?

Doing the Trick

Ideologists managed to portray the German combination of a terrible ethnical and religious chauvinism and the weird will to eradicate minorities of the Nazi politicians as the archetype of racism, as racism as such! The Eurocentric disgust for the Germans doing to white people – though Jewish – what “legitimately” could only be done to black, brown and yellow people was used as a cover for the ongoing racism against the majority of mankind by the West. Helpful was that the doctrine of “singularity” – as far as the “industrial character” of the German murders surely justified – was extended to the moral dimension and the extent of victim´s sufferings. This was leaving aside for example the fact that only the Belgium King Leopold´s “private colonialism” in the Congo demanded up to ten million dead Congolese people (26). Norman G. Finkelstein has stressed the perfidy of this practice. Also the millions of dead Russians falling victim to Germany´s ideology of Russian “Untermenschen” were pushed aside. In general the German Holocaust was misused to cover up the colonial racist crimes of the whole West. And the second step was to strengthen the claim of the Zionists that Israel is the only legitimate heir of the six million murdered European Jews and the only legitimate representative of the Jewish part of mankind wherever Jews live.

The “Israel Lobby”

So the power managed to draw the attention on Israel as the endangered country “of the Jews”, to strengthen the Zionist organizations in the US and to lead them into a coalition with the backward and antiscientific “Evangelicals” forming the “Israel Lobby” (27) while Israel could never be successfully attacked by neighboring states because of its extended nuclear armament (28). This formation of the overly worried part of the Diaspora and reactionary Evangelicals worked well throughout the cold war and after it. It was useful in the days after “Nine Eleven” in creating a hysterical atmosphere and in supporting a wave of Anti-Arab sentiment (the true “New Anti-Semitism”). The “War on Terror” unlashed by the Bush administration profited from it and the continuation under the Obama administration giving it the umbrella of “human rights interventions” also fared well with it, claiming it´s only exercising “power to protect”, also to “protect the sole democracy” in the Middle East. But the US power is near to the point of “overstretching”. A crisis in the Persian Gulf is ok as long as it keeps the oil price up and thus helps to make the Dollar a very much needed currency, but at this moment a war against Iran might not be very practical, though the famous plan for “Seven Countries” as revealed by Gen. Wesley Clarke (29) is not finally dropped. In the end the US power melted the two forces together as a watchdog (mostly a “mad one”) for the support of mainly “neoconservative” power politics, pulling great parts of the American Diaspora away from its originally liberal positions, Norman Birnbaum doesn´t get tired to stress (30). But, a fool who believes that the US power elite sees its own interest to be identical with that of Israel´s power elite.

The Hardcore Zionist Obsession Living on

The Zionists carrying with them the Eurocentric and racist views of the people they tried to escape from had picture of Jewish humanity that was not to a small part formed by anthropological stereotypes which resulted in fascist or fascist like movements elsewhere in Europe. The wish was to become like other powerful European nations. The (Anglo Saxon) Americans had enough time to deal with the Red Indians, the (Anglo Saxon) Australians had enough time to deal with the Australian Aboriginals and so on. If they would at long last be treated as equals by white mankind, they´d also get to grips with the Palestinians and get rid of them. This was the concept also for the “occupied territories” after the war of 1967, as Moshe Dayan made plain: “We don’t have a solution, and you will continue living like dogs, and whoever wants will go, and will see how this procedure will work out. For now, it works out.” (31).

Western politicians like to present the situation as if Israel´s main political parties are willing to put a “Two State Solution” into reality. This presentation has nothing to do with the reality as far as the majority of Israel´s political class addicted to hard core Zionism is concerned. The real concept is to be seen in official maps, for example of the “Immigrant Absorption Ministry” (32). That political class is horrified by growing Jewish resistance in the world against the arrogant claim of Israel´s government to speak in their name. Many prominent intellectuals of high reputation fight against Israel´s policy, organizations are formed to make clear to the world: “not in our name!” (33). In many Western countries there is growing awareness that there is a clear distinction between Jews and Zionism, between Jews and Israel´s policy. There is growing awareness for the Palestinian sufferings and Israel´s permanent violation of international law and human rights. So if the old plan of the “Transfer” of the Palestinians over the Jordan should be put into reality time is running out. To “sell” such a step to the Western societies it would need a dramatic situation, an extended war around Israel so that the measure could be declared as absolutely necessary for Israel´s survival. That is why Israel´s regime is so urgently seeking to set the region to flames starting with a war on Iran. They want the Arab surrounding go wild in sort of a “Jihad” as their limited understanding let it appear plausible to themselves. But the whole plan is too risky without the “big Brother” behind. And such a war needs justification, the danger of another Holocaust will do (34)! No matter how realistic military experts class the Iranian regime as rational and not suicidal (35), Israel´s government insists on the “Iranian Bomb”. So they over employ the Israel lobby in the US to force the US government, in the end to the distaste of the real US power elite being the only force to tell the US President what to do (36).

Over screwing the “thing”, the tail might be dropped

What if Israel´s government and its political class over estimates its influence it has at the mercy of the US power elite? What if they mistake what they take to be a dog to be wagged? What if what they take to be a dog is in reality a lizard and they are the lizard´s tail:

Don’t they study history? Don´t they know that many “close allies” have experienced the readiness of US power to drop them “if necessary”? But the consequences in this case would be more dramatic than ever before. No former ally of US power was allowed such a penetration of US society, no foreign power was allowed such a “symbiotic” political closeness. If the US power elite has reached the point to “drop its tail” it would not seek the left and the left critics of Israel as supporters of this step, no, they´ll not turn to their real social and political opponents for support of that. They´ll rather seek close alliance with the old type racist and fascist social forces which were always “against the Jews”. They´ll employ those forces not differentiating between Zionism and Jews up to Ku Klux Klan. Such a development will appear as an “Anglo Saxon” revolution. As much as the left has to stand in the way of using Israel as an excuse for further imperialist US wars, the left has to get prepared for that moment when the super rich WASPs might try to “free” themselves from what they have before used excessively for their own ends. That move would have repercussions in the whole US society as well as in all Western societies. And those members of the Diaspora who are still kept in blind support for Israel´s policy should be well aware of such a possibility. They do no good to their own future if they allow the “gentiles” to see them as how Israel´s government want them to be seen, as “part of Israel” and of Israel´s activities.

Andreas Schlüter








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Since decades the Near East conflict keeps the world breathless again and again. It does not only continue burning in the center of a region fought for because of its resources and about its formation following geopolitical ambitions, but plays a great part as a controversial topic and factor of confusion in the discourse for democratic and humanist aims. Many actors claim to aim at its solution. Since the late Seventies the Palestinian mainstream has basically agreed to the Two State solution. Never the less Western media portray the Palestinians as the true obstacle to it. Insiders in deed know that even Hamas would agree to such a solution, if the foundation would be the borders before 1967, notwithstanding some exchange of areas if fairly negotiated from both sides.

And Israel?

Leaving aside the notorious disregard for UN resolutions and International law in union with the US, many times it´s demanded from Israel to define its borders, especially in connection with Israel´s demand to acknowledge its “right to exist”. This demand has been fulfilled! But one wouldn´t find the place for the Palestinians even with a microscope, not even a “Vatican State”:

Israel´s „Two State Solution“

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Andreas Schlüter