Berlin Attack – Strange Details

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 22, 2016 in Politik, Wissenschaft
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Isn´t it strange that supposed terrorists have many times their papers_left_behind? Some really helpful guys! At times they must be magicians, like the one managing his passport to fly out of his pocket while he himself was supposedly pulverised by the impacting plane of Nine Eleven:


One guy left his papers while trying to escape after the Paris attacks:


And now in Berlin the supposed Breitscheidplatz attacker is said to have left his papers with his purse while escaping from the truck after killing 12 people and injuring dozens. But it took „quite a time“ to find it in the huge cabin of the truck!


The supposed Breitscheidplatz attacker

I can´t help but think of an article in the New York Times talking about „staged incidents“:

Staged „prevented“ Terror Attacks – Staged Terror?!“

If the whole tragedy wouldn´t be so terribly sad for many people, one could laugh about those stories!

Andreas Schlüter

  1. […] local time the attack in Stockholm happened. It followed the „classical“ pattern from Nice, Berlin and London. It turned the attention away from the rude violation of International law by the US […]

  2. jürgen engert sagt:

    ja, ja, die truther, natürlich wurden beim anschlag auf das WTC übrigens auch ca 4000 fotos von insassen der flugzeugpassagieren in den straßen gefunden. nicht alles verbrennt bei einem flugzeigeinsturz. aber truther realisieren keine fakten

  3. sabelmouse sagt:

    yes, super convenient! i can’t believe that people buy into this. the mob mentality terrifies me as well.

    • Schlüter sagt:

      This is the „Strategy of Tension“, an old concpt of „Operation Gladio“, and the rightist mob is part of the „Show“! Thanks for comment and despite all this shi… in the world, happy Holidays!

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