Obama Playing the Super-Zionist

Veröffentlicht: März 26, 2013 in Politik
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Not only after I´ve been reading this article – http://mjayrosenberg.com/2013/03/25/obama-makes-clear-he-is-an-eretz-yisrael-man/ – but since a longer time I´m asking myself whether Obama is thinking at all of a bloody parallel to the Zionist experiment to be found in History? Does he ever think of the failure of the “Back to Africa” movement and the American Colonization Society, partly inspired by white Abolitionists and partly by African Americans founded on the refusal of Mainstream Society in the US (and GB) to really accept people of African descent in their societies which led to the dreadful Liberia and Sierra Leone experience? In case of Liberia and Sierra Leone it was the neglect of locality and African diversity, in the case of Israel it was the neglect of 2000 years. But in the case of Israel the self restriction to the borders of 1967 might have done “the trick” to save the experiment, whereas the greed to “get it all” might spoil everything in course of history. I tend to the word: listen Israel, learn from the German historical experience with Hubris! I have the fear that not only Israel´s birth is the outcome of Germany´s monumental crimes, but Israel might also be the socio-psychological clone of Germany! Great Albert Einstein and Hanna Arendt together with a number of other progressive people of Jewish descent were clear enough to see that danger on the example of Menachem Begin and brave enough to express that in their famous letter to NYT (1). If you read a collection of Zionist quotations the fear is growing that there is an ideological tide swelling in Israel which bears elements characteristic for Fascism (2). Instead of warning that country and reminding it of History, Obama is declaring unconditional eternal support.


By and large Obama´s administration is the expression of the “Soft Power” fraction of the US Power Elite (as Orwellian as the name is since also those chaps are not shy to strangulate whole economies), but it seems that the Neocon fraction is so much under pressure that they do everything to pass that pressure to Obama & administration:


It seems very obvious that Obama has no love for Israel´s Prime Minister Netanyahu who did all he could to support Romney but it appears also that Obama is stricken by the fear to become a second Kennedy (3)!

Andreas Schlüter

1)      http://archive.org/details/AlbertEinsteinLetterToTheNewYorkTimes.December41948

2)      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTmNoEtgLCk


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