Breivik: the Burning Questions

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The radical Christian fundamentalist Anders Breivik (1), pumped with ethnocentrism and racism, committed the 2011 Norway attacks. Two terrorist attacks on one and the same day within hours, the car bomb attack in Oslo, which killed 8 people and coursed enormous damage, and the murderous attack on the Utøya island holyday camp of the Norwegian Social Democrats, which left 69 mostly youths dead, shocked not only the Norwegians, but Europe and the World. Now the man is facing his trial (2).

Using the unfortunate chance to spread his fascist and racist ideas he´s in the focus of psychological speculations – which are inevitable as far as the legal procedure is concerned –about his state of mind. As necessary they might be, they can easily cover up more burning question, yet not really answered.


Was this the deed of only one man?

Already the technicalities of assaults leave doubts whether it was possible for one person to commit them without assistance. No question, single persons can mobilize enormous energies if strongly committed to an aim. This can be for a good purpose (like with Johann Georg Elser who tried to stop Hitler) or for an extremely bad one. Running Amok as such is usually a single deed. But apart from the fact that the second assault bears elements of running Amok there are too many contradicting aspects. The orchestration of the double assault is too “refined” to let one easily believe in the unsupported single man. There are even many single assassinations which leave intensive doubts in a single perpetrator, like the murder of Kennedy (3), Martin Luther King and others.

From Ideological Support to Psychological Backing and Logistics

Already the published photos which were taken of the terrorist appear the work of a professional. The way they are arranged show how much the photographer “understood” the mass murderer in his “heroic attitude”. To my knowledge this aspect has not been touched in public considerations. His own (whether really written by himself is another question) “Manifesto” (4) gives the impression of an extended network, provided it´s not the fantasy of a mentally disturbed person (which is the picture some try to portray). It refers to Free Masonry (5), precisely to “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici” (6), whose link is no more working. The link on which the organization is trying to distance itself (7) from Breivik (which doesn´t say anything, though, if there´s any real connection it would surely be a connection of special members) is still working.

The long duration of his preparations let it appear unlikely that even a massively disturbed person could go without some sort of encouragement. How he himself presents his contacts is described in detail (8). However, the whole case brings about associations to the US lead NATO´s Secret Armies, dubbed “Gladio” (9) after the Italian version, described and analyzed by the Swiss Historian Daniele Ganser (10). Ganser links also the assault on the Munich “Oktoberfest” (11) with many victims (12) and the terrible bombing of Bologna (13). The Bologna incident was a classical “false flag operation” to be blamed on leftists. The Munich massacre might have had the same intention but was soon presented as the deed of an isolated fascist.

Despite the fact that “on November 22, 1990, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Gladio, requesting full investigation – which have yet to be done – and total dismantlement of these paramilitary structures” (Wikipedia) it is doubtful that the US have really abandoned their vehicle to massively influence European policy. The “Gladio” structures especially involved fascists from the very beginning as those tend to be the “best” Anti Communists. It also led to “doubling” structures in secret services and administrations. If these structures have survived then the dubious connections of the German right wing terrorists and murderers to German secret services could be seen in another light (14).

Was Norway Naughty?

Despite its somehow small population Norway isn´t an unimportant country, especially due to its oil and gas reserves (15), and the way it uses them. It also has a more cooperative attitude to Third Worlds problems. Its attempt to act somehow independent was also manifested in its withdrawal from NATO´s colonial war in Libya (16). The Cocial Democrats of Norway also have a very critical and independent approach to the Near East problem and Israel´s policy on the occupied territories. Seen from the known “principles” of Gladio (and possibly other forces) an almost “classical” case to step in and “keep them in line”.

Will we ever know?

Like almost all other West European countries Norway also has the problem to really face the past (and possibly present) of Gladio because the leading figures of the political class were deeply involved into NATO´s secret armies. Similar cases which are historically linked to Gladio were never officially and officially linked to it. The fear to touch the topic is running high – with good personal reason. Without being able to predict the result of the trial it is hardly to be expected that all will be disclosed. The procedure up to now hints to the opposite direction putting the strange personality of the Christian radical into focus.

Andreas Schlüter





4) exerpt from his “Manifesto”:

“3.78 “Young Europeans Movement – YE” movement – rumours of an emerging mass consolidation of anti-Marxist/anti-multiculturalist forces

I don’t know much about the status of this rumoured consolidation project. One of my mentors from PCCTS told me something about this a few years ago. The intention is to temporarily (through phase 1-3) but indirectly consolidate all anti-Marxist military forces/organisations/cells: 1. Militant cultural conservatives, 2. militant “right wing” liberalists, militant Christian extremists, militant ethno-centrists and other groups. We all agree that multiculturalism is an anti-European/Christian hate ideology designed to exterminate European identities, our cultures/traditions and European nation states. This hate ideology (coupled with suicidal humanist tendencies) is the cause of the current Islamisation (with the exception of certain factions who believe it is due to ZOG…)The problem, I would imagine, is how each faction relates to totalitarian ideas, ethnocentrism and especially our relation to Jews. Some of the factions are pro-democracy, -Christendom, -capitalism, -multiethnicity and pro-Israel/Jews while other groups are strongly against. Who will dominate a future “Young Europeans” movement? The common consensus seems to be that we should focus less on our indifferences temporarily in order to fully focus on securing the survival/safety of our people/cultures/traditions/countries/Christendom. In any case; it is only logical that we save the infighting until after phase 3. We can never allow the cultural Marxists to play divide and conquer with the various factions. It will undoubtfully be certain infighting after the Marxists/suicidal humanists/capitalist globalists have been defeated though. The NS are generally pro Muslim and anti Jewish. They should know that we will defend our right wing Jewish and other non-Muslim minority groups, who have fought by our side with our lives as they will do the same for us. It is still too early to tell how the situation will develop. A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies. At the moment, I’m worried that ethnocentric ideologies will become more dominant in Western Europe the coming decades. The main reason is that the non-ethnocentric factions on the right wing are not getting enough support from their own base and from right wing minority groups (as these minority groups fail to distinguish non-racist right wingers from actual Nazis/racists due to the media propaganda campaigns and their own paranoia. If the cultural Marxist/ suicidal humanist elites had any decency whatsoever they would at least stop the “all nationalists=Nazis, racists campaigns” and perhaps even arrange a gradual controlled re-distribution of power to moderate right wing groups/political parties. Their total and complete reluctance to deal with any traditionalist/nationalist is radicalising an increasing number of people. Due to their propaganda campaigns the obvious result is that people become apathetic and/or are drawn to actual Nazi and racist groups”.

“A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multi ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim rightwing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future -because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies.”

His special targets:

“Category A, B and C traitors (politically active cultural Marxists, multiculturalists, capitalist globalists and suicidal humanists) will have their property and funds expropriated by the new cultural conservative regime. The property and funds will be redistributed to individuals based on previous efforts, sacrifices and results: Priority list”


6) “Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici”, link no more working:

7) Trying to distance themself:










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