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We’ll know our disinformation program is complete

when everything the American public believes is false.”

– William Casey, CIA Director 1981


Introductory Remark:

Emancipatory movements have mighty opponents: the Powerful! The power elites, governments and state organizations have enormous rescources but nevertheless need assessments in lack of certainties many a times. The more does this apply to us, struggling for a more just and peaceful world, but lacking an „intelligence apparatus“. But usually also the most plausible assessments by us are dubbed „conspiracy theories“ by the power´s henchmen in the media. We shouldn´t mind, since we have to assemble puzzles quite often to get a clear picture of the situation.


The Last Empire

The USA are the sole Empire (in the true sense) left. The formal democratic structures hardly cover the fact that a small number of people (maybe 100 to 150) are in the end deciding about the US politics and thus about large parts of this world, rightfully called the „US Power Elite“, though there are some fierce divisions among them about strategic issues ( Whatever happens in this world that doesn´t please the US Power Elite the power apparatus flexes its muscles and international law and the souverainity of other states are trampled under foot. Even Russia at certain points is afraid of the unscrupulous giant, as Putin´s words on the occasion of Snowden´s asylum have impressingly shown: There´s only one country in this world which appears to have no fear at all for the giant´s reactions though financially highly dependend on him: as shown again just on the new Gaza Massacre: Israel!

Wag the Dog“ – or Blackmail Power?

Many times it appears that in the relationship between the US and Israel the tail wags the dog. The speculations that the Diaspora in the US as such is creating such an abnormality will be dealt with later in this article (and somehow be dismissed). The story goes between the US Power Elite and Israel´s Power Elite, as much camouflaged it might be. Ariel Sharon reportedly shouting at Peres: „we … control America“ ( has some strange foundation which shouldn´t be misunderstood. The basis for the strong influence Israel´s Power Elite takes on the US Power Elite is mainly based on blackmail power.


One of the Keys

One key to understand this relationship is at the core of US politics and its „war against the world“: Nine Eleven! Everybody who´s taken the pain to go into the details of Nine Eleven can hardly believe into the official version on the event ( It can not be doubted anymore that by and large it was an „Inside Job“ involving the Neocons among the US Power Elite. An early blueprint for this might have been Operation Northwoods, a “false flag” planned by the Joint Chiefs of Staffs of the US Military to legitimate an attack on Cuba and stopped by Kennedy. False Flag Operations were for example commonplace in US lead Operation Gladio following the strategy of tension in Europe. Attributed to this structure is also the Bologna massacre.

The White Van”

Taken all this there is an incident arround Nine Eleven which must be taken into consideration carefully. In face of the crumbling Twin Towers a group of “Oriental looking people” was observed jubilating and cheering in front of a white van. Onlookers alarmed the police ( and the group was seized. They were unmasked as agents from Israel, lateron deported without charges ( together with many other agents from Israel. Astonishingly in an Israeli talkshow they admitted their job was to record the incident which thus they must have known in advance. And obviously from the Israeli side there were some warnings before Nine Eleven:

Superficial conclusions should be avoided! The Mossad (which would not have dared to perpetrate such an act) being one of the most effective secret services of the world will not employ foolish amateurs unmasking themselves by such a bloody mistake. There is a “language of symbols” between the powerful of this world. The show was meant to be recorded. It was a message to the powerful fraction of the US involved into this act of terrorism: we have everthing on the screen (including the preparations, as indicated by the unveiled foreknowledge, „explosive knowledge“, stressed by the explosives found in the white van)! That could have done the trick!

Is that “All” Or Is There Another Older Key?

A Short History of US Israel Relations from 1945 to 1967

As supportive the US were to the establishment of Israel (as was the Soviet Union) after WW II it wasn´t the US darling No 1 in the region. The most important ally was (and somehow still is) Saudi Arabia. To maintain the rule of US puppets and assets in the oil region the US had to mask as a balanced mediator. This was to be seen in the UN mediation by the American Ralph Bunche and the 1949 Armistice Agreements ending the 1948 Arab Israeli War. As much as this shifted the original frontiers between the Palestinians and Israel in favour of the later, in the Tripartite Declaration of 1950 with Britain and France those borders (also called the borders of 1967) were generally fixed by the US.

It should be mentioned that the political atmosphere in the US was so as to make the open letter of Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt and many other Jewish personalities to the New York Times warning of growing Fascism in Israel with respect to the treatment of Palestinians not a spectacular event (as would be the case today) but a respected (and printed) warning:

The fact that US politics didn´t want to present itself totally onesided in the Middle East Conflict also manifested itself in the „Suez Crisis” 1956 when Israel, Great Britain and France attacked Egypt after the nationalization of the Suez Canal. The Cold War being already in full rage the US together with the Soviet Union forced the three countries via the UN to retreat. On the side of the US the motive was not to drive Egypt into the arms of the East and to put the „junior partners“ GB and France „to their place“. In fact those days official US assistance for Israel is said to have been limited to food aid.

It was in the early sixties that sophisticated but defensive weaponry (like Hawk anti aircraft missiles) were sold to Israel, Egypt and Jordan. But Israel was reaching out to nuclear potentials. Already in the second half of the fifties the nuclear facility in Dimona was built. The French (for some time) and the British were helpful, but the US under President John Fitzgerald „Jack“ Kennedy was strongly objecting nuclear armament proliferation into the region. There were furious quarrels between Kennedy and Israel´s David Ben-Gurion as well as with his successor Levi Eshkol. It can be plausibly assumed that Kennedy´s opposition on Israel´s nuclear bid was not just a private “obsession” but representing the care the US Power Elite took to have full control in the region. But there were other critical points were there was a deep split within the Power Elite, especially between the arch rightists and Kennedy, hardly about Israel.

Kennedy was assassinted on the 22nd of November 1963 in Dallas. I can not judge how serious the vain US efforts were to prevent Argentina to sell yellowcake to Israel. Likewise it isn´t totally clear how far US inspectors were ready to be fooled on Israel´s facility in Dimona, how described in the above article. By 1967 the picture of US Israel relations had totally changed. Cooperation between them went so far as to sacrifice almost three dozens US navy men´s lifes of the USS Liberty and the health of many others to an alleged false flagg attempt in favour of Israel´s desire to have Cairo bombed by the US in the “Six Day War”: . The attempt of Israel´s airforce to sink it failed and the purpose couldn´t be reached. In the years following the orchestrations of the US Empire together with Israel even got Egypt again under US “guidance” in the “Yom Kippur War” ( involving “Sadat´s secret pipeline to Kissinger”:

Fundamental Change, A Mirracle? Or simply the “Madman Theory” at Work?

The change came quite fast. No doubt, the close alliance between the US and Israel brought some big advantages for US geo politics, the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” in the Eastern Mediterranian, but also great diplomatic difficulties. There were ideological advantages for the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestants, traditionally anti-Jewish) Power Elite of the US ( masking their own power by “Jewish influence”, but also growing despise for the US in a geopolitically highly important region. The “Madman Theory” ( developped by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger might not have fitted too much to the US selfunderstanding to be maintained and thus have been changed into the “Mad Watchdog Theory”, asigning that function to Israel. For quite some time I considered all this to be sufficient to explain the drastic change.

It´s not the “Jewish influence”, Stupid!

To make one thing clear, it´s something for naive people with some dump subconscienceness to think that the majority of the US Diaspora was behind the change to an unconditioned support of the US for an all out aggressive and brutal occupation policy (not that the US Power Elite would have had moral hinderances). Traditionally most of the Diaspora was left liberal. It was quite a longer process to manoever so many of the US Diaspora into a baseless panic over Israel´s survival and blind support for anything Israel´s government and military are doing and likewise to a backing of Republican and Neocon politics. Having done a lot of analysis on the US Israel relation´s development ( I believe I too missed the early real clou for a long time: Kennedy´s assassination!


To put things clear again: believing that that Mossad would have dared to kill Kennedy because of his opposition to Israel´s nuclear armament would at least to be called be naive taking Israel´s situation and stand in 1963 (, though things today might be different ( At least those days Israel´s secret service could not even have dreamt of something like that – not because of moral reasons, but because of the fact that Kennedy´s opposition was quite in the line of US geopolitics. Today there can be no doubt anymore that Kennedy was the victim of a deep split in the US Power Elite over strategic questions, his assassination being an “inside job”, but not because of Israel! The split between the “Traders” and the “Warriors” within the US Power Elite (today continued in the division between the “Soft Power Fraction” and the “Neocons”) those days was about Cuba and the risking of a big war, which Kennedy´s opponents were ready to risk ( But I´d bet that the Mossad had all around Kennedy´s assassination „on the screen“ as well. „Knowledge is power“, the power to force that fraction of the US Power Elite being involved in the murder to change the line on Israel and its nuclear armament as well as in general!

And Israel´s power elite seems to still capitalize on their insight into Kennedy´s assassination, as is shown by Netanyahu´s recent dropped word of the „Grassy Knoll“.


And the Perspectives?

It appears obvious that both historical incidents involved only a section of the US Power Elite and one might expect that the rivalries might tempt the not affected circles to reveal the stories and kick the opponents out of the game. But we shouldn´t forget: the damage for the stand of the US in the world would be great. More important, the power structure of the US society would be laid open to a great extend and the rivaling fraction has mostly strategic quarrels with the Neocons, but is united with them in the desire for world control. So the cases will not be opened by the socalled “Soft Power Fraction” (an Orwellian name since those ones are also not shy to strangulate whole countries). This has to be done by social movements in an emancipatory struggle.

But in the end we have to know: the true US Power Elite isn´t happy with it´s dependency on Israel´s Power Elite. They might look for ways to get rid of it ( It can not be ruled out that this could be done with a gigantic false flag operation to be blamed on Israel. This would possibly imply a WASP-Revolution including most right wing fascist circles like KKK and anti-jewish white suprematists creating a socially very explosive situation. It could be combined with an open corporate fascist coup like the attempted Business Plot in 1933. A real peaceful and just policy of the US could only be forced into existence by social struggles to make the US a real Democracy!

Andreas Schlüter


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A Case for Speculations

In November 2006 a former FSB asset and later MI6 agent (1), Alexander Litvinenko, was murdered by polonium-210 which left a broad trace from Hamburg to London. For Western media there could only be one person responsible for the death of the former Russian agent and harsh critic of Wladimir Putin: the Russian President himself!

I was puzzled. Though convinced that Putin is on one side surely the man who saved Russia from falling totally into the hands of the West I was likewise aware about the fact that he´s unscrupulous when it comes to strong opposition. But the story was too weird inasfar there was this idiotic trace of the substance through half of Europe. How could Russian agents be that careless while they have more „elegant“ means to „put someone off“? So I contemplated deeper about all aspects of the whole story. The conclusions I published in the district newsletter of the German Left (DIE LINKE) called „DIE LUPE“ in January 2007 (2). My conclusion was based on the old question „Cui Bono“, to whose advantage?

What if the story was a „setup“ by another side? True, most of world´s Polonium is produced in Russia but most of that is exported to the US (3). The US Power Elite is stricken by the fear for a closer get together of its technology competitor West Europe and the energy giant Russia. To spread fear for Russia is a strategic aim for them. If Russia appears spreading that dangerous substance through half of Europe it´s to the ends of the US. Moreover the coming in of radioactive substances makes it easier to spread fear for Iran in the absence of proven nuclear armament. So one can say that circles in the West highly profited from the story to the dissatvantage of Russia. And when the aspect of Iran comes in also the MOSSAD could have had an interest. I didn´t claim to have a proof but demanded if speculation starts one should look at the full scope!


Arafat´s Death Most Likely Caused by Polonium, the Clue to the Litvinenko Case?

Yasser Arafat died on the 11th of November 2004 under mysterious circumstances in a Paris hospital. Speculations about the involvement of Israel´s government and secret sercices were widespread. Finally there was a close inspection of Arafats remains letting it now appear very probable that the Palestinian leader was murdered (4) as long before anounced by Ariel Sharon (5). The poison was obviously Polonium. Having been very much convinced from the onset that he was murdered by Israel´s „intelligence“ the Polonium case gave me now the clue to Litvinenko´s case. In the said article from 2007 I stated that the MOSSAD could also have been involved into the murder of Litvinenko. What we see now is giving that idea a big push. If a strong critic of the Russian president is murdered almost everyone points to exactly that one. The way the media presented the case hardly anybody thought in a different direction. The setup is most likely and has served the demonization of the Russian regime „well“.

The fact that those Russians who had contact with Litvineneko, former KGB agents Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, and who were named as suspects in the murder case were not extradicted was presented by some media as a proof of Kremlin´s involvement. But what was put forward was rather meager the more since Lugovoi had himself symptoms of contamination (which a professional murderer would by all means have avoided, just like the broad trail through Europe). In fact Litvinenko´s father accuses two other man of having murdered his son: the Oligarch Boris Berezovsky and his close associate Alex Goldfarb, the later in fact being a Russian-American Microbiologist.

Anyway, if Polonium was used „sucessfully“ and without being detected for quite some time in the case of Arafat by Israel´s secret services – most probably with the the help of a Palestinian traitor – why not use it for a clever setup, might have been the idea. One can hardly count on a proof for the connection of the two cases but it appears quite legitimate to talk about these assumptions. Nevertheless it can not be ruled out, that one day we stumble over another event giving harder evidence to the proposed connection.

Andreas Schlüter


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