Arafat and Litvinenko: an Interesting Turn to a Mysterious Story!

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A Case for Speculations

In November 2006 a former FSB asset and later MI6 agent (1), Alexander Litvinenko, was murdered by polonium-210 which left a broad trace from Hamburg to London. For Western media there could only be one person responsible for the death of the former Russian agent and harsh critic of Wladimir Putin: the Russian President himself!

I was puzzled. Though convinced that Putin is on one side surely the man who saved Russia from falling totally into the hands of the West I was likewise aware about the fact that he´s unscrupulous when it comes to strong opposition. But the story was too weird inasfar there was this idiotic trace of the substance through half of Europe. How could Russian agents be that careless while they have more „elegant“ means to „put someone off“? So I contemplated deeper about all aspects of the whole story. The conclusions I published in the district newsletter of the German Left (DIE LINKE) called „DIE LUPE“ in January 2007 (2). My conclusion was based on the old question „Cui Bono“, to whose advantage?

What if the story was a „setup“ by another side? True, most of world´s Polonium is produced in Russia but most of that is exported to the US (3). The US Power Elite is stricken by the fear for a closer get together of its technology competitor West Europe and the energy giant Russia. To spread fear for Russia is a strategic aim for them. If Russia appears spreading that dangerous substance through half of Europe it´s to the ends of the US. Moreover the coming in of radioactive substances makes it easier to spread fear for Iran in the absence of proven nuclear armament. So one can say that circles in the West highly profited from the story to the dissatvantage of Russia. And when the aspect of Iran comes in also the MOSSAD could have had an interest. I didn´t claim to have a proof but demanded if speculation starts one should look at the full scope!


Arafat´s Death Most Likely Caused by Polonium, the Clue to the Litvinenko Case?

Yasser Arafat died on the 11th of November 2004 under mysterious circumstances in a Paris hospital. Speculations about the involvement of Israel´s government and secret sercices were widespread. Finally there was a close inspection of Arafats remains letting it now appear very probable that the Palestinian leader was murdered (4) as long before anounced by Ariel Sharon (5). The poison was obviously Polonium. Having been very much convinced from the onset that he was murdered by Israel´s „intelligence“ the Polonium case gave me now the clue to Litvinenko´s case. In the said article from 2007 I stated that the MOSSAD could also have been involved into the murder of Litvinenko. What we see now is giving that idea a big push. If a strong critic of the Russian president is murdered almost everyone points to exactly that one. The way the media presented the case hardly anybody thought in a different direction. The setup is most likely and has served the demonization of the Russian regime „well“.

The fact that those Russians who had contact with Litvineneko, former KGB agents Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, and who were named as suspects in the murder case were not extradicted was presented by some media as a proof of Kremlin´s involvement. But what was put forward was rather meager the more since Lugovoi had himself symptoms of contamination (which a professional murderer would by all means have avoided, just like the broad trail through Europe). In fact Litvinenko´s father accuses two other man of having murdered his son: the Oligarch Boris Berezovsky and his close associate Alex Goldfarb, the later in fact being a Russian-American Microbiologist.

Anyway, if Polonium was used „sucessfully“ and without being detected for quite some time in the case of Arafat by Israel´s secret services – most probably with the the help of a Palestinian traitor – why not use it for a clever setup, might have been the idea. One can hardly count on a proof for the connection of the two cases but it appears quite legitimate to talk about these assumptions. Nevertheless it can not be ruled out, that one day we stumble over another event giving harder evidence to the proposed connection.

Andreas Schlüter


  2. (scroling page down)




  1. […] services and their allies stage one False Flag after the other. Years ago they started with the Litvinenko_operation. Now we had the Skripal_operation, even “doubled”, smeared against all logic on Russia. Then […]

  2. […] services and their allies stage one False Flag after the other. Years ago they started with the Litvinenko_operation. Now we had the Skripal_operation, even “doubled”, smeared against all logic on Russia. Then […]

  3. […] Everyone can check what “thinkers” in the US are ready to apply against opponents by having a look at the planned “Operation_Northwoods”, which was stopped by Kennedy (that might have contributed to his “death sentence”). Well known is the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”. Notorious are the (Neocon) Think Tanks with their ideas and concepts even ready to to_wage_bio_warfare against parts of the world. People without dubious affiliations to the existing powers who have studied Nine Eleven in detail have no doubts about it being an “inside job”. The “Deep_State” of the US has no morals. They have no problems with sacrificing their own assets, either because those ones are in danger to run out of order, or their death could be blamed on opponents. The actual case is almost a one to one copy of_what_they_did_to_Litvinenko. […]

  4. […] with a „low“ dose of polonium and they´ll blame it on Russia and Putin like in the case of Litvinenko. It would then be declared a hostile attack. The ground was already prepared by the media […]

  5. […] Arafat and Litvinenko: an Interesting Turn to a Mysterious Story! […]

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