Africa 50 Years ago: the Founding of the OAU

Veröffentlicht: Mai 25, 2013 in Politik
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25th May 1963


50 years ago the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was formed with the perspective to free the continent from the claws of Western plundering and domination. Essential element was the insight that this could only happen with a high grade of unity. Sadly the West has managed to keep this aspiration by and large a dream; there´s even the impression that Western policy under the guidance of the US is marching back to patterns of the 19th Century ( In July 2002 the African Union substituted the OAU.

The special symbol of the revived colonial policy is AFRICOMUnited States Africa Command – with its headquarter Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany. On this colonial institution GRILAGroup for Research and Initiatives for the Liberation of Africa – has given a declaration which should be supported by all anti-imperialist, democratic and anti-racist groups!

Declaration by GRILA – click here

After Centuries of Slavery, Colonialism and Neocolonialism and the terrible wars everyone being aware of Imperialism and Racism should endorse this declaration! Endorsements should be send either to or with the necessary details. Important with the coming about of this declaration was Aziz Fall (, well known to Anti-Imperialists ( and also having given important contributions in connection with AfricAvenir (

We all should join on this day of commemorating the call for an

End to Colonialism and Colonial Institutions:


Andreas Schlüter

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