A bloody murder of a British soldier ( ) took place and to Westerners it might appear cynical to relate it to the hundred thousands of innocent victims of the cynically called “War on Terror”, but surely not so to the people being affected by that global colonial war. At the same time for anyone from those regions having his or her senses alright it must be clear now that all acts of individual “blood revenge” especially inside Western countries on Westerners reach the opposite. They are “well used” by the Power Elite to gain more support for those colonial wars and police measures to “secure state security”! Every act of that sort gains more public identification of Westerners with their regimes.

So: Cui Bono?

Knowing these effects quite well the staging of false flag operations as well as the hidden inspiration of confused people without orientation to spectacular assaults has culminated in what can be called “Synthetic Terror” in which the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for example with Operation Gladio as well as Project MKULTRA were outstanding. Famous is also Operation Northwoods, designed to get public support for a war against Cuba, which was stopped by Kennedy (who didn´t survive that decision for long). Underlying is the “strategy of tension” either for support of wars or to legitimize repressive projects against the own population or minorities or leftist socialist movements. Especially the last incidents like the Aurora Shooting involving James Eagan Holmes, the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Boston Marathon bombingshelping authorities to put up a “Police State”turn the eye of a “skeptic” observer again on Project MKULTRA. All the time the “New Enemy” was portrayed “Arab” and “Muslim” to support the Western concept of getting “our oil under their sands”, but now it seems that a “Black Bogeyman” is on the screen!

What for?

As far as recourses are concerned Africa is as important to the West as the Arabic and Muslim World! A new colonial war is also going on there ( with United States Africa Command as its symbol. In fact, it started already since the so called “Independence” of the African states ( For quite some time the Western Power Elites thought Human Rights and Moral Imperialism would do to get support from their people for Africa´s plunder. As the Neocon fraction of the US Power Elite is gaining ground again ( it appears they could now count on portraying Africans as a threat to Western safety as they do all the time with the Muslim World, and chances are “good” as there many historical links between the two. We have to ask questions: who recruited these „useful Idiots“? Who inspired them or who manipulated them?


The cruel death of a British Soldier surely will not prevent people who still believe in Democracy, Humanism, Equality and Justice to demand and shout:

Stop Colonial Wars!

Stop the Plunder of Africa and the Southern Hemisphere!

Down with Imperialism and Racism!

Andreas Schlüter

  1. klaus janich sagt:

    hallo andreas !

    da ich der englischen sprache nicht mächtig bin gebe ich hier ein statement ins blaue ab:
    die täter sind nichts anderes als „nützliche idioten“ !

    gruss! klaus

    • Schlüter sagt:

      Lieber Klaus, tut mir leid, dass ich nicht immer dazu komme, Artikel in beiden Sprachen einzustellen, aber den letzten über die OAU und AFRICOM habe ich zweisprachig auf den Blog gestellt. Übrigens hast Du das Wesentliche erfasst, Frage dazu: wer rekrutierte und manipulierte die „nützlichen Idioten“? Einen schönen Sonntag und herzliche Grüße, Andreas

  2. moorbey sagt:

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