Hugo Chavez dead! I´m Asking a Question!

Veröffentlicht: März 5, 2013 in Politik
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Today Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, leader of the Venezuelan People and their real liberation, who gave hope to millions of people especially in the Southern Hemisphere, died! It is from historical experience that a question comes to my mind: has “Big Brother”, the intelligence apparatus of the US Empire had a hand in it? Don´t call me mad! Those circles surely didn´t love Chavez more than they loved Lumumba! And those days they´ve sent Sidney Gottlieb, the CIA´s “Chemical Specialist”, “to solve the problem” ( which was then done in another way. The man surely isn´t active any more but definitely had his apprentices! Also many US attempts on Castro are proven.

And another question: wasn´t Arafat´s death to be investigated on again? Months ago material was taken, but no results yet!

Andreas Schlüter

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  1. Schlüter sagt:

    Thanks for the echoe!

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