Netanyahu: Anti-Semite No 1 „Rewrites“ History, or so!

Veröffentlicht: Oktober 22, 2015 in Politik, Wissenschaft
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In deed at times new things are found which force one to reconsider historical facts. But also at times people come up with brazen fakes! So does the Anti-Semite No 1, Benjamin Netanyahu!

Not enough, that hardly anybody hates the majority of the Semites, the Arabs, more than Netanyahu does, not enough that his (and his clique´s) claim to represent the Jews of the world is highly detrimental to Jewish reputation, now he tries to „rewrite History“ by his comment, Hitler only decided to murder six million Jews by the inspiration of Jerusalem´s Mufti!

Nobody would have been surprised if the new Nazis in Germany would have come up with such a weird claim, but from that one, who instrumantalizes the Shoa anytime it seems useful to him, to give almost a „pardon“ to the mass murderer Hitler, is astonishing – or – maybe not really.

More shame on the violator of Human Rights and of International Law, and on the perpetrator of war crimes and colonial Repression: Netanyahu!


When Netanyahu claimed that Hitler wasn´t originally planning the total extinction of Europe´s Jewish population but had been convinced to do so by Jerusalem´s Mufti, the absurd smearing of a Palestinian who could hardly have had such influence on the Nazi No 1, might have covered another cabal. The close contact of Dulles and his like with high ranking Nazis in Switzerland might have had its influence on the Nazis perception of US politics towards the European war theatre. The Dulles brothers hated the FDR administration and their New Deal policy, which had a whole number of Jewish supporters. They might have tried a lot to make the Nazis believe that it was the “Jewish influence” that made the US supporting Great Britain and the Soviet Union and prevent Germany´s victory over them. The Dulles Brothers and their associates could thus keep their good business relations with big German companies which in fact prevailed during the war almost to the end. That this might have had a strengthening and fatal influence on the monstrous Nazi extinction agenda is much more likely than Netanyahu´s absurd allegations of the Mufti.

Andreas Schlüter


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  1. […] extinction of Europe´s Jewish population but had been convinced to do so by Jerusalem´s Mufti (, the absurd smearing of a Palestinian who could hardly have had such influence on the Nazi No 1, […]

  2. kk16085 sagt:

    Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, is in the deepest conflict since its birth, unable to come out as the seed of #Socialism in its womb is matured and waiting its birth, most probably through caesarean, a violent move to counter equally or worse violent reactions of the dying beast!
    Changing history, to counter the emergence of a new society, a class less and exploitation less society, is most ‚desirable‘ tool in hands of henchmen, the paid intelligentsia!
    Unemployed, hungry Billions of humans will not be lured by such absurd ‚praise‘ of Hitler, Gandhi’s murderer Godse or Fascism! Yes, the working class, peasants are divided on unnecessary agendas, like religion, nationality, etc but positively heading for a historical unity, for a proletarian dictatorship, for abolition of private property, for a Scientific Socialism to end all forms of exploitation for once and for ever!

  3. onnovocks sagt:

    History is always being rewritten, and in this case at least part of Netanyahu’s statement is correct. A Ship loaded with Jews was allowed to leave Germany, but returned since they weren’t allowed to come ashore anywhere. If I can find a source for that story, I’ll return to this post to add it. Even if the Mufti made that suggestion, it does not absolve Hitler from his crimes. Greetings.

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