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Colonialism Alive and Well, Better Say as Bad as Ever! Part 1 – Der Kolonialismus lebt und feiert fröhliche Urständ! Teil 1”:

Colonialism Alive and Well, Better Say as Bad as Ever! Part 2

Soon the Monroe_Doctrine was interpreted by the US Power Elite the way: “all of the Americas belongs to the US (Power Elite)! Almost all countries of the Double-Continent experienced that interpretation, leaving even aside that one third of the US territory was stolen from Mexico. Especially the countries with a high majority of Indigenous Americans or Black people like in Haiti or Grenada got the least formal respect for their sovereignity. Haiti has been ruined not only by the US including the US directed UN but also by the Clinton_Foundation.


Killing_Hope” was and still is the principle of the US Power Elite in general towards the global South but in particular to Latin America. The “Shock_Doctrine” is reigning. Cuba gained independence from US Neocolonialism and preserved it since Castro. Let´s hope they´ll not find a deadly embracement now. The US have waged a “Roll Back” in the recent years, including some sort of Coup d´Etat in Brazil.


Venezuela: „Syria 2.0” Ahead?

Of very special interest to the US Power Elite is Venezuela. The first CIA inspired coup attempt against Chavez was turned down by a mass_uprising in 2002. Even the New York Times admitted the “CIA_knew_of_a_coup_plot”. In 2014 Counterpunch stated that Venezuela was under US attack again. And can you believe, in 2015 the “US_declared_Venezuela_a_national_security_threat”! And in deed obviously the_attack_is_stepped_up! Actually the question doesn´t appear absurd: Could Venezuela become a “Syria 2.0”? But this question put by “International_Policy_Digest” appears a bit fishy, like a “Prophecy” expressed saying neither who really brought the mess to Syria nor saying who´s behind the turmoil in Venezuela!

And, what do you think is to be found in Venezuela? The Worlds_biggest_oil_reserves!

At the core of all this: globalized Capitalism! The forces representing it also fear Venezuela to become an example for other parts of the world, especially in Africa.

Andreas Schlüter

One Thing Must be Clear to the World: The US Power Elite Regards the Whole Globe as Their Colony!“:

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Der Kolonialismus lebt und feiert fröhliche Urständ! Teil 2

Sehr bald wurde die Monroe-Doktrin so verstanden: ganz Amerika der US-Macht (Elite)! Fast alle Länder des Doppelkontinents mussten diese Erfahrung machen, Lateinamerika wurde_zum dauernden_US-Terroropfer! Besonders die Länder mit einem großen indigenen Bevölkerungsanteil oder mit mehrheitlich schwarzer Bevölkerung wie Haiti oder Grenada haben nicht einmal formalen Respekt vor ihrer Souveränität zu erwarten. Übrigens spielen die Clintons auch in Haiti eine unselige, besser gesagt, verbrecherische Rolle.


Killing_Hope” (die Hoffnung zerstören) ist die Maxime der US-Macht, auch hervorragend in “Die_Schock-Strategie” von Naomi Klein beschrieben. Kuba hat sich durch Castro und seine Revolution aus diesem Zustand befreit, abzuwarten ist, ob das Land nun nicht in eine “tödliche Umarmung” durch die USA gerät. Vielleicht bewahrt Trumps “Getrumpel” davor. Tatsächlich ist das große “Roll Back” der linken Entwicklung durch die USA in gange, wie auch der “Putsch” in Brasilien gezeigt hat.


Venezuela: „Syrien 2.0” in Sicht?

Seit der “Bolivarischen Revolution” unter der Führung von Hugo_Chavez befindet sich Venezuela im Fadenkreuz der US-Machtelite. Schon 2002 unternahmen die USA einen gescheiterten Putschversuch_gegen_Chavez. Der_Krieg_gegen_Venezuela geht unvermindert weiter. Dies ist auch ein Handels- und Finanzkrieg gegen das Land, um die Bevölkerung “mürbe” zu machen, die Unzufriedenheit zu schüren und die Regierung zu vermehrter Repression gegen die Konterrevolution zu zwingen. Die westlichen Medien sind dabei “verlässliche” Helfer. Dies erinnert fatal daran, wie die US-Machtelite mit ihren europäischen Vasallen zusammen den Krieg in Syrien vorbereitet hat.

Und, was mag wohl in Venezuela zu finden sein? Wahrscheinlich die weltweit größten Reserven an Erdöl in einem einzelnen Land!

Und niemals vergessen, im Kern dieser furchtbaren Entwicklungen: der globalisierte Kapitalismus!

Andreas Schlüter


No doubt, having read Marx´s “Capital” is a great help to understand Capitalism and its modern neoliberal variant (which is much of early untamed Capitalism). But as someone who wants to understand present day world politics a number of books is indispensable reading stuff. Some of them I would like to recommend here:

I) William Blum, “Killing Hope, US military and CIA Interventions since World War II”

The most powerful actor in World Politics is the United States of America. Not only during the Cold War they were and are practically in most parts of the World intervening. Not to “make the World a better place” for the majority of the people, but literally to kill the hopes of the masses. Even moderate efforts by politicians in office to let the “common man” or woman get a little bit more justice and a fairer part of what they work for are reason enough for the Empire (US) to remove them by media manipulation, bribery, instigating treason or civil war or simple murder. This book gives a voluminous account of most of the deeds coming from the land that calls itself “the Land of the Free”. 

II) Naomi Klein, “The Shock Doctrine”

What the US Empire is really after, is well explained by Naomi Klein: they want to push the common people into a state of shock, being unable to realize what is done to them, dictate to their representatives the conditions and let them pay for their own suppression. The blueprint to this is coming from US techniques of individual manipulation of people by “stone age” psychiatric methods like electro shocks. The economic aims were formulated by Milton Friedman and his “Chicago Boys”. 

III) C. Wright Mills, “The Power Elite”

Behind the pseudo democratic curtain there are the real decision makers, the Power Elite. Together with the economic power, now coming from a highly concentrated industry, the heads of the political and military sphere make up the Power Elite, in which the economic power has the greatest saying.

 IV) Russ Baker, “Family of Secrets”

An insight into one of the “ruling” families and their activities allows this voluminous book, thoroughly researched. You might possibly be astonished to read that grandfather Bush (Prescott) was involved in getting the Nazis into power and to learn how “close” father Bush (“Poppy”) was to Kennedy´s assassination. Not only that he was around during the time of the Dallas shooting but his close friend de Mohrenschild had taken care of Lee Harvey Oswald (the “Patsy”) as a fatherly friend. The involvement of Poppy Bush into the events around Kennedy´s assassination is so scandalous that it´s hard to believe. You´ll also read how that son George W. who doesn´t hesitate to send his country´s sons and daughters into battle in order to kill thousands of other people and possibly die themselves was sneaking away when it came to his own military service!

 V) Noam Chomsky, “Media Control”

If you want to know how all such frightening things could be hidden to the public, how crimes against Humanity, against human right and international law could be turned into the opposite in public eyes, then this book of the “Grand Seigneur” of political Analysis is very helpful.

It appears almost impossible to leave these books aside when trying to understand present day politics.

Andreas Schlüter

For a better understanding of today´s world and the “human condition” I recommend these Books and links:

Karl Marx:

Reading Marx´s Capital with David Harvey:

Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite:

Russ Baker, Family of Secrets:

William Blum, Killing Hope:

Daniele Ganser about “Nine Eleven”:


When being tired oft the tuff stuff:

Andreas Schlüter