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All what is seen now in Egypt pretty much looks like another proof of the fierce struggle between the two fractions of the US Power Elite ( The real US Power Elite can be estimated to include hardly more than 100 people, maybe 150. Behind the common aim of keeping or gaining total control over this world there´s a fierce struggle going on over the strategy. The fractions differing strategies are manifested in their two political “schools”, so called “Soft Power” (which is an Orwellian name, since they´re not shy to let their “Economic Hitmen” ( destroy whole national economies) and the notorious Neocons.

Neocons versus “Soft Power”

The big difference lies in the role the two “schools” have for the Islamic world in their struggle against their “long term targets”: Russia, India and China. The Soft Power fraction´s theoretical exponent is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski stands for integrating part of the Islamic World into the US´s struggle against their main “enemies” which doesn´t go together with a too one sided approach to the Near East conflict. They also fear military “overstretching” and were formerly dubbed the “Traders”. They like to do things indirectly and have strong ties into Finance Capitalism. The fraction of the Neocons is more for direct action done by the US military, thus formerly dubbed the “Warriors”. They want “the boot on the ground” and tend to crush the Islamic World totally before finally turning to the “main enemy”. They are closest to Israel´s Power Elite and their dream of “having the whole cake” which means the perspective of the Palestinians “Transfer” over the Jordan. They made American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) their political watch dog. Those super rich WASPs didn´t originally do so out of Philo-Semitism but counting on the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” Israel. Possibly this fraction steered itself into a total dependency on Israel´s Power Elite by the insight of Israel´s intelligence services into Nine Eleven (see also

There can only be one “Best Friend” of the US in Near East (except Saudi Arabia): Israel!

The “Soft Power fraction” whose man in office is Obama was counting on Erdogan in Turkey and Mursi in Egypt. Mursi on his side was also engaged in the destabilization of Syria ( The Muslim Brothers not only in Egypt but also in Syria have long lasting ties to the West ( They fit very well into the concept of the “Soft Power” fraction. But after all the Neocon fraction and their Zionist allies can´t live with an “Islamic” solution including Islamist tendencies because that would necessarily mean concessions to the Palestinians. For the “Soft Power” fraction the Muslim Brothers were a good means against a secular civil but also nationalist development in Egypt (for which the Muslim Brothers were initiated decades ago). They are the “ideal” candidates for Brzezinski´s concept. For Israel´s policy in Near East it looks different: only Arab militaries hanging at US strings are acceptable with the exception of the Saudi monarchy (being far enough away and of no to little attraction to the common people in the Arab world). And Israel´s hard core Zionists are sitting on the neck of the Neocons.

The Neocon-Saudi Connection

The victory of the “Soft Power” over the Neocons manifested in the kicking of Petraeus and other high ranking US militaries (see was obviously a short term affair. The neocon ties into the US military and the ties of those to the Egyptian military gave the clue. The democratically elected Mursi government was ousted by the Egyptian generals. But that military coup could have been countered by the Obama administration if not the Saudis would also support the Egyptian Junta. And they do so! The Saudi regime is good friend of the Bush Clan (, they consequently step in and compensate Western financial aid ( In deed that might not really pacify the situation, the danger is high, that Egypt might face a long ongoing civil war like Algeria passed through after a military coup preventing the Islamic party from taking office after elections won. After all the Neocons surely won´t care, one might think of “Seven Countries in Fife Years” (, the famous interview with ret. US General Wesley Clarke. After all the enormous recourses of gas and oil in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea are the general reason for fierce US influence in the region as well as Geo-Strategy, but also Israel´s desire to trigger an “all out war” in the region for the desired “Transfer”.

The Egyptians as well as the Syrians and others are the ones paying the price for that strategy and the conflict over particular strategies, but Egyptians are especially the victims of a Proxy war between the two important fractions of the US Power Elite, more will follow!

Andreas Schlüter

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Following Edward Snowden’s “departure” from “Big Brother´s” spying apparatus the hubris of the US power appears unchained! Surely the annoyance about his revelations of the unlimited US spying games like PRISM and Tempora must be great, but the demands towards the Russian Government and others are simply ridiculous! How many people defecting either from the Soviet Union or Russia or from other political opponent countries have they ever “returned”?

The only explanation is that the US regime is today to a certain extend helpless in such cases and a sort of panic coming from dwindling economic power. In former times the guy would have had an accident or got sick like Chavez and other “unfriendly” Latin American politicians, but the worldwide interest in Bradley Manning and Julian Assange and the fast flow of information in the internet make such “solutions” very “problematic”. With their fierce demands they give even more importance to what he´ll reveal furthermore.

In a way this is a positive symptom for those parts of the world which do not want to be an US vassal. But it also reminds of a wounded Rhino being totally deranged and about to act like mad. Is this the opening for the revival of the madman theory?

Andreas Schlüter